The Muslim World Should Boycott Sweden

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has apparently been insufficiently submissive.

Below is an editorial from today’s Khaleej Times urging a boycott of Swedish goods similar to the one called against Denmark last year. There are several interesting things to notice in this little screed:

  • It was written by an American “revert”, presumably a woman who married a Kuwaiti.
  • She confuses Denmark with Sweden, possibly as a result of an American secondary education.
  • She asserts that the boycott of Danish goods was a success, when it in fact was a monumental failure, stimulating the admirers of Denmark to increase their purchases of Danish goods and thus more than make up for the boycott.
  • She refers to death and injury of Muslims in the Motoon riots, failing to note that they were killed or injured by other Muslims. I’m not aware of a single Muslim who was killed by the kuffar due to the Motoons.
  • She has increased the rhetorically inflated number of Muslims to 1.6 billion. That number has been rising over the last few days, going from 1.3 billion through 1.5 billion before reaching its current height. Extrapolating from this trend, by the beginning of November the entire population of the world (except for Lars Vilks, of course) will be made up of offended Muslims.
  • She calls the publication of the Modoggies a deliberate provocation. This assertion has been seen a lot recently in the Muslim press, part of the sinister process of issuing veiled threats.

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Yet another attack against Islam’s Prophet
by Sumayyah Meehan

A ModoggieOnce again the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been degraded in yet another Danish cartoon. This time Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks targetted the noble Prophet in the most disgusting fashion.

The Swedish newspaper, Nerikes Allehanda, claims that they were just exercising their right to freedom of expression and refuses to apologise.

But freedom of expression does not mean that you insult the most beloved Prophet of Islam and slap the faces of over 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide. This latest insult is not freedom of expression. It is an all-out provocation.

The symbolism of the dog is a deliberate attempt to infuriate Muslims. The dog is considered an impure creature in Islam and is not even welcome in the Muslim home because angels are afraid of it and will not enter. Muslims really should blame themselves for the latest cartoon degradation. This is not the first time that the Prophet has been insulted in caricature. Denmark did it in September 2005. And the Muslim reaction was outrage and violent protests in several Islamic nations. Several Muslims died and were injured.

There was also a Middle East boycott of Danish goods that literally crippled the Danish industry in a matter of days. They lost millions if not billions in revenue. But the boycott only lasted for a few months.
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Slowly, but surely, the Danish goods began to hit the shelves where they remain today. And Muslims are once again buying them and supporting a country that never even apologised for the insults. The message that Muslims as a whole sent was that our reaction is only temporary and proved that the Ummah is a ‘soft-target’. The Swedes came out with their own cartoon because they do not fear the Muslim reaction. They know if we boycott them it will only be temporary and they will not lose much if anything. The Muslim world has proven to be weak in its hunger for consumer goods whereas we should be strong in boycotting companies that insult our Prophet and our religion.

Once the first boycott began it never should have ended. There are alternative to Danish, and Swedish, goods. Our enemies claim they have a right to ‘express themselves’. That’s fine. Muslims have the right to decide where to spend their money.

The enemies of Islam and Muslims continuously perpetrate the image that Muslims are uncivilised beasts. President Bush, himself, was recently quoted as saying, “The region would be dramatically transformed in a way that could imperil the civilised world.”

The context of his statement was in terms of the US troops being pulled out of Iraq but Bush’s sentiment is crystal clear; Muslims are uncivilised brutes. Just look at the violent protests and rampages that occurred after the last cartoons. I remember seeing one news report of a violent protest in Afghanistan where the flag of Denmark was burned. Muslims were shown on TV with angry faces, gaping mouths, and were videotaped destroying property.

The newscaster chimed in that the Muslim reaction was ‘uncivilised’ and ‘destructive’. I firmly believe that Muslims had the right to be angry in 2005 as they do now.

But by engaging in unlawful and destructive protests Muslims really set themselves up for looking just like what our enemies call us, ‘uncivilised’. It is utterly a self-fulfilling prophecy that all Muslims should be proactive in warding off.

The Muslim reaction over the latest cartoon slur against Muhammad (peace be upon him) should be firm and peaceful. There is no need for violence and it only makes us look bad in the global audience. Muslims should complain to the Swedish Embassy in their respective country and should most assuredly boycott Swedish goods unless a formal apology is received. Granted, the Swedish government will distance itself from the Nerikes Allehanda newspaper and say that they have no control over it and are not to blame. But the government itself must be held accountable. They control the licensing for the paper and could revoke it at their will.

If Muslims decided to unite and boycott Swedish goods it should not be a limited boycott like the Danish one was. It should be a permanent lifelong commitment to avoid all Swedish products. It should be something you teach your children to do and even your grandchildren.

It’s easy for the enemies of Islam to insult our religion and our Prophet but it’s even easier for us to not support them with our dirhams and dinars. The quickest way to bring any nation to its’ knees is to hit them where it hurts…their wallet.

Sumayyah Meehan is a Kuwait-based American writer who embraced Islam. She can be reached at

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8 thoughts on “The Muslim World Should Boycott Sweden

  1. First off, how mant Danish products are actually sold in the middle east that would actually interest them? Besides hight tech stuff which they cant make or invent themselves I cant see much that would interest them. Maybe a high quality Danish woodstove for those cold Kuwaiti nights? I own one, it works great. The other point is that I thought most muslims were to poor to buy anything because of us dreaded westerners exploiting the umma? Unless you are fortunate to be swimming in petro dollars of course. I say we keep on offending. Then they will have to boycot everything made by the infidels. They will be left with tents and a lot of sand and will no longer be a threat to anyone. Viva Lars vilks.

  2. I also suppose this tard would rather Kuwait was in the hands of Saddam Hussein. I bet she wasnt there during the invasion. And if she was I will almost bet my life that both she and her husband were waving American flags at liberation. The infidels were acceptable then werent they. If she is an American ex-pat Kuwait is welcome to her.

  3. This Sumayyah Meehan is an idiot who knows nothing about the religion she had convert to. Did she know in Islam she is worth half a man or less?

    Who has reasons to feel ofended is Lars Vils. That ignorant, also idiot by convertied to a religion she knows nothing, called him a cartonist.

  4. In worrying about how showing their anger in demonstrations makes Muslims look bad, this woman fails to reckon with the Qur’anic imperative to “make ready your strength to the utmost of your power … to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies, of God and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom God doth know” (8:60), and Allah’s pledge that “I will strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” (8:12). The goal of Muslim demonstrations is not to persuade but to intimidate.

    Actually, some Muslims were killed by kuffar during last year’s cartoon jihad – in Nigeria, where, when Muslims staged a pogrom against Christians, the latter responded with one of their own. This internecine strife was likely exacerbated by tribal enmity.

    LGF has a link to a Slate article exploring why so many of the jihadist enemy are converts to Islam. Worth a read.

  5. Dammit, does this mean I’m going to have to shop at Ikea, just to support Sweden? I hate Ikea.

    Cris, the dog thing supports my theory that Mohammed actually had obsessive-complusive disorder. In addition to the enforced repetitive activities and the insistence on perfect lock-step uniformity in prayers (or they won’t be “accepted” by Allah), think about it: dogs are relatively dirty. They lick their “parts” and then try to lick people, they eat their own vomit if given an opportunity, some will eat shit, they’re kind of gross in a way that would give someone with OCD a major case of the heebie-jeebies. I don’t think it’s that the Muslims are afraid of dogs as much as they are religiously required to be repulsed by them.


    Dear Ms. Meehan,

    I’m writing in regards to the article about the new Motoon situation. I applaud you for recommending a boycott. Although I am of the complete opposite end of the spectrum and do not share your values, please read this letter and consider my arguments. It is important!
    It would be great if more media sources in the Middle East would encourage a Muslim boycott, of not only Sweden but the entire West. There is a growing mutual dislike, because people here have become increasingly tired of the whiny babies of Mr. Mo. Speaking for millions of Europeans, we do not want your kind of civilization consisting of intolerant people who claim to know the truth about God, but at the same time think angels are afraid of dogs.
    After the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt met with Muslim ambassadors, the rapidly growing political party Sverigedemokraterna published the drawings on their website in protest. Please see:
    It would be great if you could please get the Arab news to cover this, so the Muslim world hopefully will boycott the west, on a continuing basis, while also start killing off other muslims again. The dead muslims last time were hardly killed by Christians. You see it wasn’t Jesus who was the Charles Manson of the “stone age”.
    Again, please write more articles about this! Please feel free to quote me too. Long live a boycott!!! If not, imagine the money the West makes by Muslims’ consumption habits, and which finances the degenerate pop culture that poisons Islam! Only a boycott can stop that! And to really put the money where the mouth is, how about cutting off the oil from the West. That’ll definitely have great impact, not only on Western culture but also on the environment! You rock!
    Sincerely, Holger Danske

  7. Who has reasons to feel ofended [sic] is Lars Vils. That ignorant, also idiot by convertied [sic] to a religion she knows nothing, called him a cartonist. [sic]

    A man who draws cartoons should be offended at being called a cartoonist?

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