Cyber-Mujahideen Attack Swedish Websites

Our Swedish correspondent Carpenter writes that, according to today’s Expressen, jihadi internet hackers have managed to close down Swedish websites in retaliation for the drawings by Lars Vilks depicting Mohammed as a Rondellhund.

Here is his translation of the full article:

Swedish sites are now being hacked

The rage against Lars Vilks’ Mohammed-drawings strikes a series of Swedish websites. can reveal that several Swedish websites have been attacked and closed down by aggressive hackers, and that several sites have been threatened. “Attack Sweden! Down with Sweden!” it reads on a blog with ties to the cyber-terrorists.

Hacked site

Artist Lars Vilks’ drawing of Mohammed as a roundabout dog has caused disturbances all around the world. For instance, in Pakistan, where a doll depicting prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt was burned by a group of extremists. Several Swedish companies, organizations and private persons are now struck by the rage triggered by the drawing. struck

During the last few days, an aggressive group of hackers has attacked several Swedish websites. Earlier this week, the technology site was struck. Among the other sites that were struck are a fan club site, a gambling site and a site belonging to a female artiste.

Demanding apology

A blog with connections to the cyber-terrorists has the headline “Attack Sweden — damn with! Down with Sweden!” Then, following is read, in Turkish:

“The crisis in Denmark — now there’s the same crisis in Sweden. We’ve forced Denmark to apologize, and they have done so [sic!]. We know how to force Sweden to apologize. We’ve initiated an attack through internet sites.”

– – – – – – – –

The targeted Swedish site isn’t available to visit. Instead, visitors come to another site with black background, on which it, for instance, is read in Turkish:

“We want to announce that we are descendants of the Ottoman empire. […] I’m a witness that Mohammed is the last prophet of God”


According to, the group has connections to two persons who managed to close down parts of the UN’s website. Fredrik Bernsel is in charge of the

“The attack didn’t impact us seriously, since it was a subordinate page that got attacked, thank goodness. It wasn’t good either, but no catastrophe, really.”

How does it feel to get involved in this?

“I don’t think we’re involved in the conflict, it is haphazard which sites getting attacked.”

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9 thoughts on “Cyber-Mujahideen Attack Swedish Websites

  1. Teach retrograde imbeciles how to use technology you get retrograde uses of technology.

    Give a psychopath a chain saw and he only cuts your head off that much faster.

    We sell them rope and are surprised when they try to hang us?

  2. There is no real mystery to the current events in Sweden.

    Lars Vilks is an established artistic force in Sweden. When he acts, the establishment has to react. Vilks has played a brilliant political game of openly challenging the cowardly arts establishment and its fear of Islam. In doing so he has simply forced the Swedish mass media to react and to print his works of art.This has brought the old feelings from “Motoons1” to the surface, including, I would guess, a wee bit of unstated guilt over the failure to support Denmark.

    Another factor is the new Swedish conservative government. When “Motoons1” was raging, Sweden was still under the dhimmified and openly islamophile leftist cabinet of Goran Persson. Today we have a new conservative coalition cabinet, which means slightly more cultural backbone and slightly less appeasement. The old leftist cabinet was openly supporting Islamic terror groups.

    A third point to remember is that the actions of the government and mass media are not in any way, shape or form representative of the Swedish people. Statistics show that Swedes are some of the most islamocritical populations in Europe. Thus, the problem lies not with the Swedish people per se, but with its government history of social democrat, near-totalitarian welfare policies, soft censorship and multiculturalism.

  3. This cyber-attack sounds pretty pathetic. Unlike Russians, Islamists generally lack the IQ to be effective cyber-warriors. Russian median IQ is around 98 (would probably be 100+ if not for vodka), Muslim countries average around 80-85.

  4. The Modoggies have been fun but we should not insult our best friends by depicting Mohammed the Terrorist False Prophet as a dog.

    How about some MoPiggies?

  5. I had a name for Mo in a post called Elvis and Allah, but I like these names much better. Every one of them are great.

    The structure which teaches people to support those leftists who import and empower the jihadists is the real problem. Media and leftist professors reinforce the attitudes already taught. There should be no discussion of caving to the antics of Mo-hemmo-roids. If the opinion was solid they would not try their intimidations and threats, at least within our own countries.

    Just to let you know, I linked this article in a posting.

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