A Danish Muslim Gives Free Speech Lessons

Queen MargretheA Danish Muslim politician wants to build a bridge of understanding between Muslims and persons of Danish background while educating his co-religionists. He has decided to celebrate the Danish tradition of free speech as he reaches out to Muslims everywhere.

And what tactic has he chosen?

Why, to insult Queen Margrethe, of course!

Our Danish correspondent CG has translated this article from today’s Avisen.dk:

Social Democrat: Freedom of Speech is the Queen as a Whore!

In an open letter to all the Muslims in the world the Danish-Moroccan politician explains that it is perfectly legal to portray our queen as a whore and a porn star.

Hamid El Mousti has started his own campaign of information in which he describes what freedom of speech is all about. He wants to spread it to every Muslim in the world [all 4.65 billion trillion of them — translator].

He explains what freedom of speech means in Denmark:

  • “It’s allowed to portray the Queen as a whore.”
  • “Porn stars are elected to the Danish parliament.”
  • “Religion does not play much of a role among Danes.”
  • “Pedophiles are allowed in Denmark.”
  • “Nazis are allowed in Denmark.”

– – – – – – – –

“I just want to tell all Muslims in the world how it is to live in a country like Denmark. They don’t know s**t about freedom of speech so we, the Danish Muslims, should teach them how to create mutual understanding. And what I write here is the truth. Isn’t it?”

He agrees that this is not a picture of nuance, but that is not the goal, he says.

“I definitely did not write this to provoke, but I have no reason to wrap it up in a long article. I have chosen the form that in very short terms explains how it is to live in the West. It is pure enlightenment, which is meant to prevent Muslims all over the world from getting upset again when they see the Prophet depicted as a dog,” Mousti explains to Avisen.dk

“Oh, and by the way — sild tastes like camel dung, Danish beer tastes like cold goat urine, and København smells like an open sewer.

“What’s a little free speech among friends, right?”

12 thoughts on “A Danish Muslim Gives Free Speech Lessons

  1. So he knows what cold goat urine tastes like? Hey, to each his own. I too am a believer in free speech. And to show support for the Swedes I posted my own Mo-Dog cartoons. (Here and here.)

    Everyone should get in on the act so that when jihadists search for Muhammad dog cartoons there will be millions to offended their delicate sensibilities.

  2. Is it me, or does he sound like he’s advertising? The “paedophile” and the “nazi” jibe would appeal to a large segment of certain muslim populations, especially the latter… remember Yasser Arafat’s uncle? And if what I’ve been hearing about Arafat recently turns out to be true, well…

  3. Freedom of speech is unconditional, even when people say something stupid or offensive.
    This principle must apply to everybody, including porn stars, nazis etc.

    However, I doubt that the actual practice of pedophilia or nazism is legal in Denmark. (After all, european laws aren’t based on the Qur’anic “sharia law”, where slavery, rape and genocide are justified.)

  4. To clear things up: pedophiles and possibly some sort of organization among them do exist in Denmark, but that’s not illegal per se. The act of pedophilia certainly is. Likewise, the “Danish National Socialist Worker’s Party” – DNSAP, some 100 members – isn’t illegal. What’s illegal is nazi actions such as harassing Jews, violence etc..(presently their “führer”, Jonni Hansen is in jail for attacking a cop). Nor is Islam illegal, but practicing core Islamic values, such as beheadings, rape,dismembering, genital mutilation, polygamy etc.. certainly is.

    So, Archonix is right: pedophilia and nazism may sound attractive to the world’s Muslims, but I guess they’ll find it very hard to practice their faith in full here.

    Mr.Hamid El Mousti somehow forgot to mention it….

  5. They still don’t get it, and are trying to make a parody out of it.

    Slander is illegal, as is fraud and complicity in crime. While noone is banished in advance from saying what ever they like, some kinds of speech are still punishable under the law.

    But only after the fact, and that’s vital.

  6. Actually, he should mention that Islamic hate crime orgs are legal in Denmark, too.

    Somehow I don’t expect that to happen…

  7. This looks like an old joke of cold war time.
    In the end a russian told to an american, about free speech:
    – We also, in Russia, are allowed to criticise US governement. In fact, it is convenient to criticise it.

    To henrik:
    They will never get it.

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