Takin’ it to the Streets of Copenhagen

Rioters after Ungdomshuset riots

It’s ’68 all over again in Denmark. I can dig it, man.

A reader wrote to us tonight asking about our take on recent events in Denmark. The police raid on Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen on Thursday sparked a violent protest by young leftists, with the usual barricades, burning of cars, throwing rocks at the pigs, etc. I haven’t been posting about the events, since they’re not jihad-related and I’m very pressed for time.

However: go to Zonka for the best information in English; he was live-blogging it on the big day when it all happened.

Steen is the best in Danish (I presume, although I can’t read most of it), and he has lots of high-quality photos.

Photo ©2007 Snaphanen.

Update: Steen has supplied two direct links to his Ungdomshuset riot posts, with their photos. Which is good, because our image server is down as I write this…

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13 thoughts on “Takin’ it to the Streets of Copenhagen

  1. “This is not Gaza, kids. So you cannot have an independent state, where Danish law doesn’t matter, and where the police aren’t allowed to enter”, La Kimpolina wrote about the riots in Copenhagen.

    Gaza, no, these events are hardly jihad-related. Strange that people put so much effort on a luxury problem. Ungdomshuset collected 15 million crowns to buy the house but the owner refused to sell. Why didn’t they buy a new house?

    Because of prestige and hurt feelings. But then it looks like Gaza all the same. There the people aren’t satisfied that the occupation is over, they want the whole country. They want power and prestige and respect and honour. Too many feelings, exactly as in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

  2. Well, unlike the French police the Danish police is quite capable of handling these punks / thugs / cretins / druggies / losers / babies / etc…. Just as I’m typing this more than 600 of the idiots have been grabbed by the cops and placed in jail to cool of for 4 weeks – for starters. And the citizens are beginning to strike back, trapping the fools in backyards and giving them a good going-over. He… some lady opened her window and hosed them with cold water from her shower – and it’s winter here…

    Anyway, this has nothing to do with Jihad. Of course some Muzzies blended in with the filth – just for the fun of it. And I doubt the trash from the “Youth House” could say “All at the Snackbar” – even if they tried…

  3. http://www.dr.dk/Nyheder/Indland/2007/03/04/095120.htm
    Neighbor Organisations want Squatters out of Noerrebro
    Drop your fascist methods and leave your self-inflicted martyrdom!”

    That’s the message to the ‘autonomes’ from two of Noerrebro’s neighbor groups.
    The groups “Union of Noerrebro” and Neighbors of Noerrebro” are placing posters all over that part of Copenhagen , protesting the recent riots.

    Sick and Tired
    We are so sick and tired of the ‘autonomes’ and their supporters that we cannot anymore see how to make room for them here in Noerrebro, says Majken Munck Jeppesen from “Union of Noerrebro”.

    “Union of Noerrebro” was founded when there were talks about “The Youth House” purchasing a Scool at Stevnsgade. It’s the oldest of the Noerrebro groups.

  4. I can see that this might look bad from abroad, as if things are getting out of control here. As I see it, these are very old problems that are finally being taking care of. It looks bad and it would be prettier, on the surface, to keep ignoring these problems.

    People have had enough of these leftish scum. And now they are showing themselves as the Fascists they are. Locally people have started to fight back. Mostly by putting out fires and removing blockades, but also, as Kepi said, by confiscating trousers 🙂

    A lot of Danes are these days thinking; “FINALLY”

  5. It’s the old ‘something for nothing and no desire to get up off the backside’ syndrome again. Genuine need is something different.

  6. Thank you Kepiblanc,
    that was like a vitamin injection for me, a great link, I loved it. typical no nonsense Danish approach none of the mealy mouthed pc words that tend to be used here in the English speaking parts of the world, like enhanced and outreach. I have taken the opportunity and translated a couple of the commentators comment so that we English readers can get a feel for what is being said because I am certain they wont understand a word that is being spoken.

    They didn’t get what they wanted, so they used violence, and that is classical fascist, and that shows, we can’t accept that now.

    By the way Kepi my dear friend what is decent Danish, flat hellerup Danish or Glistups Borholmske or that delightful dialect that come from Nykobing in your neck of the woods.

  7. Knute, you said,

    “Gaza, no, these events are hardly jihad-related.”

    Yet there is a relation. An ideological one. A cultural one. A social one. An educational one.

    Gaza has taught many people that violence and terrorism pays. That, in the lawless world of today, the law-abiding and the non-violent will be trodden underfoot, while the only way to make yourself heard and your demands met is to resort to bullying.

    What good is the mother teaching her kid not to cave in to the threats of the bullies at school, when that kid can see with his own eyes (and perceptive ones they are–more perceptive than any adult can imagine) his society make all manner of concessions to Islamic terrorism? Land concessions in Israel and cultural concessions in Britain are one and the same. So it is only natural for some people to say to themselves, “Hey, look what the Muslims are getting with their way. Why not us do it too?” And thus the snowball of anarchy gets rolling. Bakunin laughs his maniacal laughter.

  8. knute said that

    “This is not Gaza kids.”

    No, but perhaps deporting these Communist thugs to Gaza would be a fair punishment.

  9. Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is an “Ungsdomshuset”? I assume that it’s a youth hostel for young folks travelling Europe on the cheap. Is this correct?

    Reminds me of an event at my Alma Mater some years back. The University announced that they would no longer allow alcohol at a certain location, so the students protested. By getting drunk and rioting in the streets. Because that’ll show people that it’s okay to allow alcohol on campus!

  10. gun-totin-wacko – “Ungdomshuset” is a ramshackle building formerly owned by the municipality. Seven years ago the city sold it to a Christian sect, but by then it was occupied by punks, filth and trash – including the spoiled children of wealthy families. By no means a youth hostel. Not even the hippies at the Christiania ‘township’ would tolerate them.

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