Laban Interred in Chaos!

Laban Begravet i KaosSwedish reader LN emailed me the image at right, showing the front page of today’s Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet. The newspaper evidently provides an account of Abu Laban’s festive departure for his rendezvous with the 72 black-eyed ones, but its website makes the accompanying article available only to subscribers, so I can’t tell you anything about the story, even if I could read Danish.

LN tanslates the headline Laban begravet i kaos as “Chaotic burial of Laban”, but I gloss it as “Laban interred in chaos”. Our Danish friends are welcome to correct either or both of us.

If anybody has details of the news story itself, feel free to send them along. But not in Dansk, please! I can make my way painstakingly through Hans Christian Andersen, but modern colloquial Danish is beyond me.

Steen of Snaphanen sent the photos shown below — which he took himself — of Abu Laban back in those halcyon days before he shuffled off this mortal coil.

Abu Laban

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10 thoughts on “Laban Interred in Chaos!

  1. It went similarly with Khomeini.

    They are so blind in their hatred, that they can’t do things right. They can’t possibly win, but we can still lose.

  2. I haven’t read the account from Ekstra Bladet, but from other accounts in Berlingske Tidende and Jyllands-Posten, nothing signifies that there was any chaos in the burial. There was some very emotional imams and muslims, who insisted that he was a martyr, with tears welling up in their eyes. And some Danish dhimmies that insisted that he was a moderating force in the Danish-Islam relations. Oh and of course the fact that the whole burial ceremony was conducted in good ol’ Danish rain!

    So as far as I can see nothing out of the ordinary, muslims mourns, some dhimmis mourn and the rest keeps more or less quiet, since it wasn’t such a loss.

  3. Baron, LN is right : Laban begravet in kaos = “Chaotic burial of Laban”.

    BTW : take a look at the top headline of that front page from Ekstrabladet. It reads “Jeg er Fogh Tro” alongside a photo of one Karen Jespersen. The words mean “I’m loyal to Fogh [Rasmussen]”, our PM. That story could turn up being a lot more important than Laban’s encounter with Lucifer. Karen Jespersen entered her political career as a prominent member of a communist faction (VS) some thirty years ago. She later joined the ruling Social Democratic Party [Labour Party to you] where she advanced quickly and ended up as minister of Social Affairs and minister of the Interior. In those positions she became extremely popular, especially due to her stance on immigration. At one point she suggested to isolate so-called “refugees” on an abandoned island fortress [Middelgrundsfort] in order to keep the criminal elements out. She left the party in frustration and kept a low profile for a few years.

    During that period she – together with her husband, the political commenter Ralf Pittelkow authored a best-selling book titled “Islamists & Naïvists” – one of the most important books in contemporary Denmark.

    Last week she suddenly announced her membership of the ruling party Venstre. That’s the party of PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen of Motoon fame. Supported by a coalition party, the Conservative People’s Party and The Danish People’s Party this administration is our guarantee against Dhimmitude, Swedish style. Most Danes expect the conversion of Karen Jespersen to have a significant impact upon the upcoming elections in 2009 – especially if she’s appointed to office once again.

    Personally, I think Karen Jespersen‘s journey illustrates a quite typical trend over here. Including my own – albeit with different starting- and endpoints.

  4. Karen Jespersen entered her political career as a prominent member of a communist faction (VS) some thirty years ago.

    I wonder if she is one of those rare birds on the left, motivated authentically by progressive ideals rather than reflexive hatred of Western civilization – people like Chrisopher Hitchens. They see the threat Islamism poses to all they have fought for, and thus reject the reflexive multiculturalism that is so much a part of the Western left.

  5. kepiblanc —

    I went to J-P and couldn’t find any stories on Karen Jespersen that weren’t in Danish. If you find an English-language story about her “conversion”, please send the URL along to me.

  6. Baron

    Both you and NL are right, the headline has a dobble meening and can be translated both ways.

    Sorry kepiblanc, but it can.

    Caotic burrial of Laban or Laban covered in Caos.

    I thought it was sort of funny.

  7. Evan is 100% on track here. She describes herself as “Roedstroempe” [suffragette] and has from the very beginning defended womens rights and the equality of the sexes. Her heart beats “warmly for the poor and weak”, the outcasts and the little, hard-working family. What distinguishes her in my eyes is her fierce opposition to the EU – she carried that stance along from her communist days up until now – might give rise to a looming conflict with her new party…

    Baron, neither could I find MSM articles in English, but I found something far better, namely or own Zonka on Karen Jespersen

  8. Phanarath, you’re right, it can be interpreted both ways, but I don’t think the journalist intended so. Ok, being a journalist these days doesn’t mean you have to know the language. Ar any language for that matter.

  9. “I went to J-P and couldn’t find any stories on Karen Jespersen that weren’t in Danish. If you find an English-language story about her “conversion”, please send the URL along to me.”

    Their book will be out this month in Germany and Fance.

    There was a review in Internatinal Herald Tribune a cuple of months ago. Ill try and find it.

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