Abu Laban, R.I.P.

Abu LabanZonka notifies us that Abu Laban, the imfamous Danish imam, the noted apostle of the Religion of Provocation, has died of lung cancer. The funeral will take place at the Muslim burial place at Brødbyøstervej 180, Brøndby, about ten minutes after this post goes up.

We’ve written about Abu Laban previously. It’s not good form to speak ill of the dead, so let’s just say that he’ll be missed by those who loved him.

I’m not certain how many Danes would be included in that latter group.

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13 thoughts on “Abu Laban, R.I.P.

  1. Funny I posted this comment a couple of articles further down, but it seems that Zonker beat me too it.

    Just a little something that might be appreciated here, it is completely OT. Abu Laban, does anybody remember the name? He was one of the two Imams who started the cartoon riots around the world against Denmark by traveling around the ME with the cartoons and a few doctored ones. Well according to several Bloggers in Denmark this son of Satan died last night of Lung Cancer in the central hospital in Copenhagen. I have not yet been able to find a reference in the main Danish papers, if it is so then he must have died during the night after the last editions came off the press. The other son of Satan by the way left Denmark last month to go back too his sand pit complaining bitterly how the Danes didn’t appreciate his message of love and peace. If this does turn out to be correct then I am going to pour myself a very very large glass of single malt scotch whiskey tonight and wish him well on his way to hell. If he does manage to wheedle his way into heaven, I hope all his virgins have slow punctures and he doesn’t have a repair kit.

    By the way Baron it might not be Jolly good form to speak ill of the dead but in this case it is extremely satisfying. I have also decided in deference to the highly esteemed Danish readers of this blogg, that I will be commiserating with them on the death of one their spiritual leaders by drinking my toast not in Scotch Whiskey as stated above but with a very large glass of ice cold RØD AALBORG, several glasses of which will help reconcile me to our collective loss.

  2. May he ultimately rest in peace.

    And I think that is the difference between (much of) Islam and (what) Christianity (is supposed to be): The Muslims firmly believe that many are destined for Hell, and can’t wait to send us there. We know that the Son of God hung on that cross for Abu Laban, too.

    Heaven wouldn’t be heaven if this guy got in there preaching his hatred. And our desire for his kind to get a taste of the meaning their words is understandable. That’s what facing Supreme Justice in the next world is all about.

  3. Thank you Zonka, I have just popped over the Boarder into Germany to buy my RØD AALBORG, it is now in the freezer. I reckon in another hour it should have attained the correct temperature. May I also at this moment in time extend my heart felt condolences to you and the rest of the Danish population at the lose of such a paragon of Islamic virtue (hopefully two) whose contribution to Danish Culture has enlightened the Danes in a way they never intended. I just can’t wait until the snaps gets cold enough.

  4. I wouldn’t worry about not speaking ill of the dead, at least not in this case. I didn’t like the man when he was alive and I’m glad for Denmark to be free of him. Good bloody riddance.

    I hope the hateful b.st.rd rots in hell.

    (I hope that’s PG13 correct, Baron.)

  5. Yorkshireminer,

    Would you drink whisky straight out of the freezer? Why destroy the taste of snaps (even Rød Aalborg) by putting it in the freezer? Now the real way to drink snaps or akvavit is at room temperature, just like all other Aqua Vitæ like uisge beatha (“Water of Life” — Whisky) SKÅL and Cheers mate…

  6. Dear Zonka,
    you must think me a barbarian, I certainly do not always drink my snaps cold, but today in celebration I also bought myself a jar of “silde” for the uninitiated pickled herring in Madeira sauce and a six pack of Tuborg. My ex-wifes father turned me on to eating pickled herring on black bread with ice cold snaps followed by a couple of cold Tuborgs, I highly recommend it. My ex-wifes grandmother who came from Langeland taught me another way of drinking snaps fill a cup half full with coffee and then top it up with snaps until you can see the bottom also highly recommended. I must admit I never quiet got used to that delightful 75 year old drinking her snaps coffee night cap. I think it must have been the cigar she always smoked. She had a tick in her left eye which meant that she kept winking all the time. I was the only one who used to wink back, she used to laugh. I used to say to her that she was 75 going on 20 and if she had been a little bit older I would have been after her like a shot. I have no doubt that if we had been the same age, I would have failed miserable. Her husband who I only met once died from a heart attack while driving his motor bike, and I mean a motor bike, through the back lanes of Langeland. He was nearly 80. I have now finished my pickled fish, drunk my ice cold snaps, wished Laban in Hell, and I am on my second cold Tuborg. I am totally, and utterly unrepentant. I am now going to switch off my computer, and get down to a little bit of reading, Shelby Foote’s “THE CIVIL WAR” I think that there are four volumes, by the way Baron, the best book I have read over the American civil war, I highly recommend it. Days like this can’t get much better.

  7. Yorkshireminer

    You are a delightfull person. And I dought Zonka thinks you are a Barbarian. As far as I know, the only ones who dont drink their Snaps cold, are snapsnerds – just inventet that word – people who use spices and gather herbs in the forrest to make different kinds of snaps.

    Not going to say anything bad about the dead here. If we compare Abu Laban to some of the Imams in the undercover moske movie and others like them, he realy wasnt that bad. From his perspective and in his own way I think he did try to find some commen ground between muslim and non-muslim in Denmark.

    Anyway, may he get what he deserve.


  8. Yorkshireminer,

    I do not think you’re a barbarian, I just think that you’re cheating yourself and your tastebuds from a better experience… The reason many Danes drink snaps from the freezer, is that they go for the effect rather than the taste, and at freezing temperature most of the taste is gone!

    Anyway pickled herring on black ryebread and snaps goes very well together and a couple of good beer afterwards is making for a relaxed and satisfied customer 😉

  9. Yorkshireminer, I think I’ll join you in that whisky and since it’s sitting next to my computer at the moment, it looks like it’ll be the Auchentoshan. Yum.

    God forgive me, but I would so like to see someone dancing on this man’s grave…

  10. Please someone tell me where this creep is buried…

    I got a bottle of bacon bits to sprinkle on it…

    I don’t talk ill of nice people when they are gone…

    I don’t talk ill of even assholes when they are gone…

    However, I do reserve a place to talk, act and fell ill to scum like this when they are gone!

    viva purium…

    arafat, haman, almaleck, hitler, and now this piece of crap.

    rot in hell jackass….

  11. On the note of burial of this evil man, whose conduct was indeed designed to inflict massive damage on Denmark, the Danes and freedom of speech, if I were a Dane, I would demand that his body not be granted burial in Denmark for a very sound reason. To Moslems, whatever land they have ever ‘occupied,’ living OR DEAD, becomes ‘theirs’ and, since Moslems do not permit cremation, even their dead are used as an assertion of their ownership of other lands. (No, “There is a foreign field that is forever England” does not in the least imply the same attitude or intention.)

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