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Reader Patrik Ingelmo sent us the following note, with our permission to post it. His first reference to what I wrote is actually referring to Fjordman’s post about Sweden.

Dear Baron Bodissey,

Halmstad, SwedenI am from Sweden, Halmstad to be more precise, not too far south of Gothenburg. I lived there until July 2005 when I moved to Michigan, USA where I have been living since.

I must say your article made my stomach turn. I can easily discard what many bloggers responded to your article with, as I have seen a lot of what you wrote with my own eyes. I am 20 years old and even I can say that when I was younger Sweden was a better place, the last 10 years have brought a new wave of “civilization” there.

Posing with a Swedish flag, singing the National Anthem or discussing immigration is labeled as “racism”, not only by immigrants, but by the Swedish media as well. Aftonbladet is probably the Swedish biggest newspaper, and not too long ago they presented pictures of people involved with nationalistic parties, including their home address, phone number and other information. Yet when 5 Arabic boys between 16 and 21 raped a 14 year old girl, they showed only blackened profile pictures and no other information, not even a first name.

I can say I have really seen the negative impact of the immigration. The USA may have a lot of immigrants but the US Government does not play sissy games as Sweden does. The immigrants in Sweden take full advantage of what they can, and no one says it’s enough, that when you move to a country, you have to adapt to it. I am not saying to disband your culture or beliefs, not at all, but enforcing it and disregarding the culture of the citizens of the actual country you come to is beyond disrepectful.

As you stated, we were once the Vikings, the pride of the North and now we have gone in reverse and are beyond polite and weak in determination.

I hope your article does not go unnoticed, though I am fairly sure it will to the people who actually handle the current situation in Sweden.

We had a saying during World War II, “en Svensk tiger”, which basicly means that a Swede keeps silent. Since they Germans took over Norway and wanted to build a railroad through Sweden we let them, since we had no army to fight it. The saying basically is that you are free to think what you want, just do not say it out loud. This still lingers, this is how we are brought up. Think what you will, discuss it in the home, within closed walls where no one else can hear you except those like you. In public you don’t; you don’t misbehave in public. Most Swedish people do not even send their food back in resturants if it is bad, since it is considered rude. We are polite, even though we do not want to be. We smile and nod, accept it then lash out when we are home, out of reach of the ears of others. This is the way I was brought up as well, this is the way the people from Sweden that I know behave.

We are a nation of weaklings who won’t speak up or stand up for ourselves, and when you don’t stand up, you get stomped on and that is what is happening.

Sweden still is not overall bad, but it is changing for the worse; it has been. We took on immigration in the 70’s because our factories needed workers, now even the Swedish people can’t get a job, let alone immigrants. It is frustrating, seeing your country fall apart. Frankly I have no hope for Sweden, not that long ago I used to read all this weird crazy stuff happening everywhere else; now all of a sudden it is happening all the time in Sweden, rapes, murders and whatnot, sickening it is. I cast my vote for the Nationalistic Parties, not because I am a racist, not because I am against immigration, in fact I am an immigrant in the USA myself, but because things are only good or useful in healthy doses, be it fast food or immigration — too much has its consequences.

Thank you for a very well written article, I appreciate an honest view on the current situation in a country that once was mine.

Patrik Ingelmo

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  1. Patrick,

    Best of luck in America!

    Immigration only makes sense when it strengthens a land.

    And when the people coming to that country do it out an impulse to both improve their own lives and to enrich their new home.

    And not merely as a form of disguised “colonization”, which has been Islam’s intention since Mohammad and his homicidal hordes spread their intolerant creed from the poisonous nest of Medina. (And now stretch their tyrannical theocratic shadow from Fez to Jakarta.)

    I guess it will soon be considered “racist” in Scadinavia to have locks on your doors. (And then to even have doors on your houses.)

    This self-defeating social/political attitude is a kind of spiritual/philosophical AIDS, silently undermining the intellectual/cultural immune system of the region. And Europe, at large.

    The people on the Continent have to ask themselves:

    what do the Muslims bring? What do they add? Where are the enriching inventions, the refreshing art, the stimulating literature, or surprising medical breakthroughs?

    Is there anything positive coming from Islam being in Europe?

    (Merely demonstrating the weakness of your native ‘immune system’ hardly rises to a ‘positive’.)

  2. I remain astonished that Europeans thought that they could take on immigrants from outside Europe. It’s like expecting China to take on immigrants from Europe…and consider them all Chinese.

    American, Australia, Canada, are all European, and, not without reason, Anglo, cultures that have been able to absorb immigrants. Our identity is not essentially ethnic. But most countries in the world are not like us. What brilliant group decided that you could make a Pakistani into a Swede? The hubris of it is breathtaking. And the outcome grim.

  3. Interesting principles are emerging from all this.

    Elsewhere, someone has suggested that – in the context of ceasefires, peace treaties, etc. – it’s only negotiation if both sides desire peace. If one side prefers war, it’s appeasement.

    Here: it’s only immigration if the entrants respect, and hopefully wish to emulate, the values of ‘their new country’. If they place their own values above the host country’s, or worse want to replace the host country’s values with theirs, it’s reverse colonization.

    It’s sad about Sweden. Much as Swedes would detest the thought: they have a lot to learn from the Danes.

  4. Its very sad. The swedes are a kind and polite people.

    But eventualy we will still have to close that bridge 🙁

    heh.. I remember the good old days, where the worst problem we had with “Non-danes”, where the drunken swedes lying in the streets (Sweden has very strikt alcohol rules). Back then people would say: “Keep the city clean, take a sweede to the boat”

    I miss those days.

  5. profitsbeard:
    The people on the Continent have to ask themselves–
    Hold it right there, Mr. Islamophobe! Asking questions implies that the prevailing system is not perfect, and that, in turn, implies that there’s something wrong with allowing Muslims into Sweden! Please report to your personal Cultural Sensitivity Training Officer for re-education.

  6. JC Supercop, indeed there are some striking similarities with the PRC of the Cultural Revolution, the ‘Kampuchea’ of Noam Ch.., er, Pol Pot, and the North Korea of Kim Jong Il, and the democracy-in-name-mostly of Swedistan. No death camps, though. Yet.

  7. Patrick —

    If you’re interested in keeping in touch with Swedish affairs let me recommend :
    Snaphanen. Steen and Scantiger are Danes with a great and profound love of Sweden, but not Swedistan – like me.

  8. Sweeden saved Jews in WWII!

    Well besides that they probably discovered agriculture, singing and cloths they help keep civilization moving forward by constantly keeping us men motivated to work. Let me explain further.

    I believe that if not for the fairer sex most men (me included) would wear the same clothes till they rotted off our backs. Most men would probably not mind living in a tent or cave someplace in the woods, fishing and foraging enough to get by. Our highest level of technological innovation would probably

    Read the rest at


  9. RubenRussell asked…
    “Is there no blog site in all of Sweden, not even one, that can publish Fjordman’s articles in Swedish? If not, why not? “

    All of Fjordman’s personal blog articles remain online and be retrieved from his archive at

    Some are Artikler på norsk
    (I’m guessing that means Norwegian articles)and those links are in right hand column.

    Although not Swedish, try News from Norway.

  10. Something that’s confused me about Sweden, actually. What I recall of scandnavian culture in gneeral is that women were, if not exactly equal, then differently superior. When I was married in Sweden we marched up the aisle together. A fairly recent innovation I think, but it’s less surprising in a country like Sweden where the idea of a man owning women is anathaema… now the frankish lands are different. Men did own their women, as hey were owned by their landlord, and even today that attitude still prevails in some small way throughout most of southern europe. The very act of a father giving away the bride at a wedding is a highly romanticised version of what really took place in what was more often than not a business deal.

    DIgressing, sorry, My point is that Sweden, Norway and the other scandanavian countries, more than anywhere else, are about as culturally opposite Islam as can possibly be. Certainly they’re acquisent at the moment but, I think, once they realise what’s happening they’ll react very powerfully. Sweden perhaps the most powerfully. I offer no evidence of this but my faith that it is so.

  11. Phanarath yes I miss those time as well, it used to get very lively in Copenhagen, between 2 and 6 in the morning when the boats stopped running. Working as a barman in an all night cafe we used to stack them outside in the summer and by the door in the winter. Now even the doormen are attacked and stabbed and it is not even safe to walk down Stroget in day light now. I weep for that beautiful city of Copenhagen and the beautiful people that used to live there. By the way most Swedes Norwegians and Danes can read each others language because the words are very similar only they are pronounced differently and spoken differently. With a little practice most can understand and hold a conversation in there own languages without any problem. The Swedes will have no problem in finding Bloggs in Norwegian or Danish where they can get the truth.

  12. Dear Patrik Ingelmo!

    Med till visshet gränsande sannolikhet – THAT IS, with probability mounting almost to certainty – I suggest that you are a fake! You are a construction – maybe out of Baron
    Bodissey´s fantasy – we all know that he is a clever guy with pencils –
    OR you are made up by somebody quite else, regarding him/herself the big jester.

    But you, Patrik, surfaces very conveniently in these days of faked photos from al-Reuter.

    How do I know that you are a fake?

    Because the letter of yours most probabely could not be written by a 20 years old swedish male having lived and gone to school in Sweden up till the age of 19 in the year of 2005
    and then having sufficient go-ahead spirit to immigrate and live in the USA.

    The letter is puerile. It contains factual faults, absurd assertions, no obvious swenglicisms but other english language faults that seem to be constructed from an english viewpoint and which a swedish writer certainly would not make – just one example: not beeing able to separate between hom/at home. I know schooling these days is bad – but not that bad.
    “I cast my vote for the Nationalistic Parties”.

    Do you? – last election in 2002 you were too young to vote – and this time in september – you ‘cast’ or ‘will cast’ your vote on which “Nationalistic Parties”??
    “We had a saying during World War II, “en Svensk tiger”, which basicly means that a Swede keeps silent…”
    “…The saying basically is that you are free to think what you want, just do not say it out loud.”

    The explanation is wrong and stupid.
    It was not a saying NB – it was a poster warning against spyes, aginst having a loose tongue in wartime – ‘because german spyes were supposed to be hanging around everywhere’.

    I made this pun known to the Baron – and he used it, see end of Fjordman’s post about Sweden. – but in spite of far-reaching pedagogical efforts from my side the Baron had some difficulties
    grasping this pun, however, in the end it became right.

    Did YOU see it for the first time in your life on ‘Gates of Vienna’?Snappade du ordleken? – should you most unprobabely be swedish you are no Swede but a ‘kålrot'(swede).
    “Since they Germans took over Norway” – do you remember when?

    – “and wanted to build a railroad through Sweden we let them, since we had no army to fight it.”

    Did we? This is tooo stupid! You can not be that wet behind your ears.
    It was about transportation of unarmed german soldiers on leave beetween Norway and Finland on NB existing and available railway network.
    “…since we had no army to fight it. “

    “only good or useful in healthy doses, be it fast food or immigration — too much has its consequences”

    Precocious fiddelsticks!
    etcetera, etcetera,

    the picture in the letter was pinched here:

    And what besserwisser am I?

    I am that chap LN from Sweden who has occurred a few times on “Gates of Vienna”.
    I have lived in Sweden more than 70 years and I am quite proficient in the swedish lingo.
    And let me tell you – the situation in Sweden is bad – especially in certain places: Tensta,
    Rosengård etc but not yet as bad as in Holland/Belgium, GB, Marseille or Dearborn, Michigan.

  13. Well, down goes the gauntlet.

    solipsist: Some of your criticisms are nit-picky. Taking someone to task for referring to an event they are too young to remember personally is a bit much. Beating someone up over their grammar in a second language is petty.

    The picture of Halmstad is ‘pinched’? You found it easily enough. I think The Baron also had little trouble finding the same picture.

    Your greatest criticism seems to be that a man so young would not have the ambition to emigrate. Hardly proof of fakery.

    Patrik, Baron? You guys out there?

  14. Dear Solipsist,

    I am astonished to see how low one is enable to sink. Exactly, Lunarstorm is nothing but a meeting place for wimsy teenagers between the age of 12-16.

    My profile there is created entirely as a joke, and some friends and me use it as sort of a running gag.
    I asked the Baron to remove the link as it serves to purpose, that profile gives no information other than a humours aspect (I am assuming you *do* have a sense of humor).

    I sent you an email, I suggest you read it, it might have been hasty but it should clear some things out.
    I suggest you get off Wikipedia or wherever you get your information and do some real research on the matter, you will see just how “wrong” I am.

    If you are trying to be witty you failed miserably, not only did you first off the bat jump to the conclusion that I was a fake, you lead on with it to confirm your lost theory.

    All I have seen is you talking out of your ass, not to mention making one out of yourself. If you want a serious conversation then I am all up for it, but if you wish to spit your senseless ramblings then by all means go do it to people who might appreciate you bitter style.


  15. Patrik asked me to remove my comment with the link, so I did. That was dumb — since I couldn’t read it, why put it up? Sorry, Patrik.

    I’ll preserve here the part of Solipsist’s comment that will help any newcomers make sense of what Patrik said:

    solipsist said…


    OK – I was wrong, it was no fake. It was no joke! It was worse!
    And it was certainly no swedish Ben Shapiro (22) who peeped out.

    It was just a sensation-seeking, uninformed kid (20 years!) being
    very go-ahead – and the Baron had the bad judgement to push him forward.

    I find it astaunding that 14 readers who delivered more or less serious comments – and the Baron – without deliberateness swallowed hook, sinker and line in one ~thoughtless~ gulp.

    Is it that easy (for 12 sworn citisens, for an exemple) to join in on a death-sentence in the USA?

    Sweden seems to be the choosen whipping-boy tonight!

  16. I got a kind e-mail from Patrik Ingelmo this morning.

    “…The mail I wrote to the Baron was a rush job, I wrote it in haste, I did not at all reflect on getting it published but the Baron insisted on getting my permission to publish…and of course you do not say ‘no-thank-you’ to such an offer.”

    “…I am certainly no fake – however, I guess the Baron has got one or two false ideas – I did not move to the USA because of immigrants or muslims… – but the fact remains that immigration is a problem in Sweden. Certainly I do not think immigration is any good in the USA, but there is a serious difference between the two.”

    Above all Patrik is cross with me for having taken the liberty to doubt his existence.
    “It is an insult that you – and I quote:”KNOWS” that I do not exist” – says he.

    Let me establish – I am convinced that Patric Ingelmo exists, but that does not nock any holes in my arguments.

    I opened my comment with an assumption: With probability mounting almost to certainty (med till visshet gränsande sannolikhet…) – I suggest that you are a fake!

    Gentlemen, and you Patrik – what about some increased reading comprehension?

    Under his funny (in Swedish) signature “pingelmo”, Patrik Ingelmo in the meantime has appeared here in his obviously real persona. Certainly this person exists and he has now unblushingly presented his real ego.

  17. Ha – the barony’s internal veracity department seems dilligently be remodelling the truth – that is, eliminating all continuity in the
    “Letter from a Swede”-case!

  18. You need to work on your translation skills mate..

    If you are going to translate it, translate all, and do it correct.
    Taking bits and pieces out of context to fit your needs is not right.

    I cannot see how the Baron has remodelled the truth, he edited out a site that is up as a mere gag, I am fairly sure that type of humor does not apply to you so just discard it, as I said, it is beyond unserious.

    You cut pieces of my email and worded it in English as I did not in Swedish, I might translate and post the letter with a correct translation if I find time during the weekend.

  19. (Sorry about the above post, I made a mistake with the comment interface.)

    A real translation to the letter I sent to “solipsist”.

    Please do compare your translation to mine, then read the letter again and work on your skills, you are clearing taking part out of context.

    There are some parts where I added text within (added: text) simply to reference the matter I am talking about, since yes, it was written in haste.



    Unfortunately I cannot greet you with a name since you did not state any (or if I overlooked it, in which case excuse me).
    I am writing this to you as an answer to your comment on the gatesofvienna blog.
    I am no active blogger or active within any area as such, I just read the article by Fjordman and there was a lot I could relate to.

    I am for sure not a “fake”, I believe though that the Baron might have misunderstood me a bit as I did not move to the USA because of immigrants or Muslims, I moved here for completely different reasons but the fact still remains that immigration is a problem in Sweden.
    Neither am I saying that the immigration in the USA is better, more of the opposite, however there is a huge difference between the two.

    (Here I was going to elaborate how USA deals more with ILLEGAL immigrants who gets NO benefits while Sweden allows close to anyone to become a legal immigrant and get full benefits (benefits that are way greater than USA’s as well) however it slipped my mind at the time).

    In any way, I assume you just wanted an excuse to pick on what I wrote, or to be precise what you thought the Baron wrote using my name.
    It is an insult that you, and I quote, “KNOW” that I do not “exist”.
    Something I will happily prove as wrong if you are willing to spend a phone-call to the states.
    I have lived my entire life, up until last year in Halmstad, one of Sweden’s pearls if I may say so myself.
    It is a lot about the city and the country you do not appreciate until you get away from it and get some different perspectives.
    I lived recently fairly close to Detroit, something that did not work out for my part, crime and a lot more other things that are happening is something I do not want to live close to, I am now in an area higher up (forgot to add, “in Michigan”) that is a lot more nice.
    I know very well about the bad areas here and I do not live in one now so it is all good for my part.

    There are still subjects that concern the country, in this case immigration was it and according to me Sweden is out on thin ice, we have accepted more immigrants that we can possible handle, available jobs gets fewer and fewer and we already pay the highest taxes in the world.
    Take a good look at Germany and their immigration, Sweden are not far away from the same state.

    No matter where you go there will be worries/problems, the thing is tho that this (added: USA immigration) does not affect me in the same way as with Sweden, even if I become an American citizen it is still Sweden I come from, it is Sweden I was born and raised in and it is Sweden I lived the greater part of my life in.

    I do not know how YOU were raised, but what I am writing is true from my point of view, that was how I was raised and taught, it is how my friends and the people I know are. Americans as you are probably well aware of are very “forward”, something that makes me uncomfortable with, that is way I was brought up.
    The railroad through Sweden was certainly built-on by the Germans during World War II, since I have relatives (added: had might be the word) who worked with it I can surely say that was the case. They did not build a completely new railroad, I never stated so either.

    The mail I wrote to the Baron was written in haste, I had no thoughts on publishing it but it was him that asked me if he could have permission to and I said yes, there was a number of spelling-errors that he also asked if he could correct if it should now be published and no one would say no to that.
    (added: as a reference to your concerns about my spelling)

    If you want I can give you the original version I sent to the Baron, all you have to do is ask.

    Surely there is something I missed in this respond to you, but the fact still remains that you do not write in a way that is kindly, especially not when you assume things that are not true and then self-confirm them as so.

    This mail is also done in haste, do as you will, think what you will but if you have any type of honor you should remove that you know that I do not “exist” in your post, that is all I ask.

    /Patrik Ingelmo

  20. I visited Sweden 15 years ago. It ws normal then. Its not over yet though. You still outnumber the bastards maybe 15 or 20 to one. Stand up and fight.

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