Islamophobic Pencils

Reader LN, after seeing Dymphna’s post about our tip cup (and my attempts to sell my graphics), sent me this image to torment me. It’s evidently from some online German merchandising outfit.

Those little things you see over my head are wingèd dollar bills, flying away…

Islamophobe cup
Islamophobic and proud of it!
Tasse, aus Keramik, weiß
Artikelnummer 2909566

One thought on “Islamophobic Pencils

  1. Dood, you’ll never make money selling bits – they just get copied. get smart and sell stuff – coffee mugs, shirts, hats, bumper stickers and buttons. It’s easy to get your custom designs imprinted on quality items(and copyrighted) and easy to sell them on the web. Your sense of design, artistic talent, and your ideological focus are your market discriminators. Do it! maybe take you-know-who (just turned 47 this week) as a partner.

    ps – use a drop shipper.

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