Missing Egyptian Exchange Students

Breaking news from Fox:

FBI Warns Law Enforcement to Look Out for 11 Missing Egyptian Exchange Students

The FBI alerted state and local authorities Monday to be on the lookout for 11 Egyptian exchange students who arrived in the U.S. last month but never showed up for class.

The men, who range in age from 18 to 22, were scheduled to attend a month-long program in U.S. history and culture, plus English language instruction, at Montana State University along with six other students. The group flew from Cairo and arrived in the U.S. on July 29. All entered the U.S. legally, but officials said the no-shows violated the terms of their visas and that the government would likely send them home once they turn up.

And the obligatory disclaimer:

FBI Special Agent Richard Kolko emphasized that there was no indication that the men were involved in any illicit activity.

Here’s the part I like best – something in the post-9/11 security systems apparently is working right:

Montana State has tried repeatedly to contact the students, university spokeswoman Cathy Conover said. When that failed, the school notified Homeland Security officials and registered the Egyptians as “no-shows” in the system developed after Sept. 11 to track foreign students.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this story.

7 thoughts on “Missing Egyptian Exchange Students

  1. Here is another example of how our leaders “Just don’t get it”. Why were these students allowed into our country?
    Orwell’s “Protective Stupidity” has become “Insane Stupidity”!

  2. While we do need to find them, lets be liberal about this. They could have been enticed by our American beauties in tightey whities on the way to school.

    I can relate as that happened to me once, long ago, and as I recall, I not only didn’t make it to school that day, I didn’t make it there for a whole week.

    The only reason I went back to school is because I was utterly exausted and needed to escape.

    American Women, there is nothing else like them on this whole wide world!

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  3. Its all related, here or in europe.
    Boston, Dearborn, The IRA and Hezbollah:

    If you grow up in the Boston area in the late 60s and early 70s you know about the IRA/Boston connection. You also had best friends, girlfriends and all the other good stuff that Ireland gave this nation too. I love the Irish and wont bother waxing about all the benefits we have here in the US because of them, it would take a mighty tome. But the Irish in Boston did have something else. I say did have ‘cause they dropped it (sorry) like a hot potato. That’s their support of the IRA.

    As any one here knows, to live in and around Southie (south Boston) meant knowing someone or knowing someone who knew someone who was connected in some distant way with the “struggle”. In my case a school friends cousin who raised money for the IRAs political wing. I always thought of them as terrorist and so did my friend but we kept our opinions at the time to ourselves.
    In fact most Boston Irish knew that the IRA was a terror group. A lot however didn’t mind since they wanted the British to leave Northern Ireland.
    Those who did support the IRA have long ago stooped. The final straw was the Omagh bombing. It capped a long evolution in the eyes of American Irish of the IRA going… the rest at my site

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