Identity Politics: Terrorism is About Woman’s Place

I Could Scream: Examining the plight of women under Islam
Mark Steyn’s column was the first place I ran into this revision of history. And now New Sisyphus has a post on it, having also learned from Steyn the real truth that lay under the appearances the MSM was more than happy to let us run with.

Remember the 1989 massacre of the fourteen girls at the school in Montreal? We wondered if our American “gun violence” was beginning to spread to Canada. Somehow, America’s violent tendencies were to blame for the contagion in Montreal. Or so we were told. Just another notch in the belt of the Sarah Brady Gun Control bunch.

The story turns out to be horseshit. And there’s no horse anywhere near this manure pile to make the outcome smell any better.

This massacre by a Frenchman — who so obviously hated women, since he sent the men out from the classroom before he slaughtered the girls — turns out to be no such thing. The murderer, Marc Lepine, is in actuality the murderer, Gamril Gharbi. Yeah, he was a Canadian, a Canadian whose Algerian Muslim father was a violent wife-abusing SOB. This was one of those Islam-induced mass murders, but we didn’t have our terrorist eyeglasses back then, so we were permitted to see only the media’s “Marc Lepine.”

And if that wasn’t an outright lie or cover-up by the MSM then it was their guild’s ingrained sloppy sloth that prevented any of them from doing the slightest background checking into this psychopath’s history. Given what we know of the MSM now, you can bet that at least some of them knew what the real deal was. But even then Canada was so dhimmified that they couldn’t say the truth out loud. How sick is that?

So a bunch of mindless, superficial feminists, as ignorant of human biology and psychology as they are of history, decided to have a “Sneer-At-The-Men” annual bash remembrance of the fourteen women who died in that Montreal classroom. The men who meekly left the classroom at gunpoint are vilified. No mention of why the fourteen women didn’t rush this jerk and at least save of few of themselves.

Such conveniently clouded perspectives allow feminists to spout inane theories about women and give forth their special take on “inclusivity and the ability to change the world through the humanity that women…bring.” Women bring half a loaf to the table. That’s all. Men bring the other half — and at least one of the men will have a knife to cut the damn bread so we aren’t reduced to tearing off pieces with our teeth in order to get something to eat.

Are you sick unto death of this feminist ghetto claptrap? It’s literally killing us. If we don’t stop listening to their deathly siren songs, the human race is doomed. If someone had taught those fourteen women about self-defense, do you think they would’ve stood there like bloody sheep?

If someone had taught the men how to act true to their natures instead of how the nanny state tells them that “nice” men behave, do you think all of them would’ve left that classroom and those women?

Come to think of it, what do you suppose a Canadian version of Flight 93 would’ve been like? Do you think “Let’s Roll” would now be part of Canada’s history — a counterweight to the actions of the men in the Montreal classroom?

Women the world over are being sold like cattle, mutilated daily, and are dying by the hundreds of thousands. And all that our chronic hysterics can do is bleat endlessly about the perfidy of white, Western males. Only Western males aren’t the ones doing the killing, damn it. It’s the violent, anarchic and brutal Muslim males who are offing their women — and any other women unlucky enough to cross their paths.

Maybe that’s changing? The British police have finally decided to stand up instead of cringing in politically correct positions. They’re going to investigate the 120 suspicious deaths of British Muslim girls that they’d declined to look into because of “cultural sensitivities.” Amazing! Has someone in their state health system started passing out free spines to the police? What next? Truth serum for the journalists?

If I could, I’d muzzle every feminist in this country for two weeks — just for the blessed silence that would follow. It would allow us to think about the best way to raise our daughters so they don’t morph into whingeing, thin-skinned female supremacists. What a sick parody these “wymyn” have made of what was once a vital cultural movement — a necessary counterweight in an unbalanced world.

Now all we have left is a bunch of unbalanced shrews who wouldn’t know a fact if it came up and started talking to them. They have as much sense as Scarlett O’Hara and as much sensitivity as Lizzie Borden.

Patriarchy, my foot. What we’ve got here is cultural homicide by women who have rendered clinically insane from guzzling the p.c. Kool-Aid.

May God have mercy on their sons.

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  1. Wow. I will no doubt read this post several times over (just for my male mind to get all the nuances ;-D).

    I do not know how I would act in a situation where I am more or less mortally threatened (mugging or worse, as in the story you reference); I can only speculate and wait. I’ve had the luxury to grow up in a Shire-esque suburb of Chicago. The only conflict I knew growing up was the highly trained/funded network-centric police busting kids for drinking. When I read international news and your blog (especially the posts on the stateside Islamic deployments), I worry how I will act, should any of these scenarios play out such that I am confronted and must leave the beautiful functional communities our ancestors built in countless parts of the New World. After reading something so poignant as this post, it reminds me of the idea that some writing comes from a mysterious “heart,” rather than the drolly and awkwardly analytic head. (Not to say what you wrote wasn’t quite rational.)

    You not only remind me that instincts and beliefs I hold are not something to be ashamed of, or comically qualify, but that they are in fact, quite rational and communicable beyond my pomo ego-sphere to other pomo-ego-spheres. It is just such a “contagion” as your words that could revitalize enough of this side of the Meridian to avoid Steyn’s scenarios. Tragically, it looks like there were better propagating/marketed 9/11 coping mechanisms that got to the ego spheres first.

    To the narrow minded, your words are either simply a rant, or “too simplistic”. To the barbarians, it is merely an intrinsic red flag that you must be killed. It is people like you who will hopefully countervail the emergently suicidal tendencies of successful civilization. Let us hope we can win over enough spheres such that we needn’t amend our maps with a few less cities before we realize the nature of what threatens us.

  2. Dymphna, excellent post! I’m going to reccomend that you be nominated for the next Oriana Fallaci Ace of Spades Award for calling “spade a spade.”

    Keep up the great work. And it is work, what you and the Baron do.

  3. Wow. I had thought I was at my limit with the beheadings of the Christian schoolgirls last year by victorious muslims-for-Allah.

    But Islam keeps surprising me at each turn. My hatred of this murder-cult grows deeper than my perceived limits with every revelation of media cover-up of Islamic crimes.

    And still, supposedly “saner” heads on the left say we must understand Islam. Even a good majority of morons on the right claim that not all of Islam is bad and that we can’t declare war on a whole religion of 1.3 billion people.

    If China (over a billion people) declared war on us, would we say the same thing then? How can we fight a billion people? If numbers are all that matter, then we should all just give up right now, right? I mean, Islam’s goal is to be the only religion in the world. All non-Islamic lands are Dar al Harb or “the House of War.” So Islam is at war with us. All 1.3 billion of them.

    On those numbers, all of the left and many idiots on the right claim that 99.99999999999999999999% of muslims are peaceful and not terrorists.

    Well, I find that funny. If almost all of the 1.3 billion muslims are really peaceful, then where are the 1.3 billion outcries at the depredations in the name of Allah? Shouldn’t there be billion-man marches? How many can anyone count in the last year? Oh… none? Well, okay, maybe only half are peaceful. Fine. Where are the 650 million man marches against all this terrorism?

    Oh… none? So maybe only 10% of muslims are peaceful. Fine. Where are the ONE HUNDRED THIRTY MILLION protesting muslims?

    Oh… none? So maybe only ONE fucking percent of muslims are peaceful. Fine. Where are the THIRTEEN MILLION outcries?

    Oh… … Well how about 1/10th of 1%? I mean, come on. At least 1/10th of 1% of all the muslims in the world must want peace, right? Where are the 1.3 million outcries against murder?

    Oh… none.

    Do a google search. It’s pretty depressing. Most of the muslim outcries are against Israeli “atrocities.” Even MEMRI can only scratch together a half dozen protestors. Lessee…. a half dozen out of 1.3 billion.

    Would anyone say that 6 out of 1,300,000,000 is a “statistically insignificant” number? Well, I would.

    Islam is a political murder-cult disease that needs to be outlawed. Muslims need to be “cleansed” from out of the West and sent back to their own… the lands they already took from us.

    I have come to hate Islam and everyone that defends their sick “religion.”

  4. On a note to Canadians:

    I know a lot of Canadians cheer when Americans die. I can’t get into that scadenfreude crap.

    The only emotion that comes to mind is the burning hatred for what the muslims did to your Canadian women. My righteous anger prays that their deaths are avenged. My sympathies to all of Canada for this outrage. I hope to God that Canada wakes up to the Islamic threat, no, the war that has been declared on us.

    The killing will not end until we are all dead, or we fight them back.

    God bless the West and God damn Islam.

  5. Let’s look at some other Islamic murders, and attempted murders, the motivations for which the media has attempted to cloud:

    1) Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian Muslim killed Bobby Kennedy.

    2) Mehmet Ali Agca, a Turkish man, attempted to murder Pope John Paul II.

    3) The 1999 crash of EgyptAir 990, killing 217 – by a co-pilot not supposed to be near the aircraft’s controls at that time who repeated 11 times “I rely on God” as he wrenched the plane down – went unexplained by the National Transportation Safety Board.

    4) The 1990 murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane by the Islamist El Sayyid Nosair was initially ascribed by the police to “a prescription drug for or consistent with depression.”

    5) The 2002 purposeful crash of a small plane into a Tampa high-rise by bin Laden-sympathizer Charles Bishara Bishop went unexplained; the family chimed in by blaming the acne drug Accutane.

    6) The 2003 murder and near-decapitation in Houston of an Israeli by a former Saudi friend who had newly become an Islamist found the police unable to discern “any evidence” that the crime had anything to do with religion.

    7) The 1993 attack on foreign guests dining at the Semiramis Hotel in Cairo, killing five, accompanied by the Islamist cry “Allahu Akbar,” inspired the Egyptian government to dismiss the killer as insane.

    8) The 2000 attack on a bus of visibly Jewish schoolchildren near Paris by a hammer-wielding North African yelling “You’re not in Tel-Aviv!” prompted police to describe the assault as the result of a traffic incident.

    9) The 2003 fire that gutted the Merkaz HaTorah Jewish secondary school in a Paris suburb, requiring 100 firefighters to douse the flames, was described by the French minister of the interior as being merely of “criminal origin.”

    10) The 2004 murder of a Hasidic Jew with no criminal record as he walked an Antwerp street near a predominantly Muslim area left the Belgian authorities stumped: “There are no signs that racism was involved.”

    The list really goes on and on and on.

    And then, of course, we have the efforts of WND writer Jack Cashill to get the NTSA to pay attention to the witnesses of the TWA Flight 800 crash in the ocean off NYC. Over 100 witnesses testified seeing a light ascending towards the plane just before it exploded. The NTSA discounted the eyewitness testimony, and instead said the light they said they saw ascending was, in reality, descending.

    You see, because we common citizens don’t seem to know which way is up, and which way is down.

  6. I’ve read several stories about muslims that have tried to get away from their families and excape Islamic rule. I can’t think of one at the moment that was not found and killed or found and brought back to be tortured and kept imprisioned.

    And the people that did this were usually family.

    There is no doubt that Islam is the most destructive evil Cult ever placed on this planet.

    Next to them, the borg, look almost, just misguided..

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  7. Yeah, as always, very nice work. I think there are at least a fair number of Canadians who know the story by now that Lapin is a Muslim. I wrote about him on Dec. 6, the anniversary, as I recall.

    How feminism can also support whimmitude is beyond me. People must confuse women’s rights with feminism, thinking one is the same as the other.

    Regardless, I think it’s time for me to move again, these Canadians being so disgusting i can’t bear being here. They know it was a Muslim who murdered those girls, and yet the general population here don’t care. They refer to lie to themselves. I’m pretty sick of it.

    You do such lovely work. Always a pleasure to stop in.

  8. You madame are a powerful speaker – it’s a wonder you don’t seek a position in Parliment. This was a hard-hitting Post, excellent!

  9. goesh –

    She’d have to move to Canada first (not bloody likely)

    Dymphna – Canadian for “Let’s roll” is “Let’s roll over” (trnslated from the French, il va sans dire)

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