The Status of Malmö

Last weekend, prompted by the request of a UCLA student for information about the town of Lund in Sweden, I posted my correspondence with Fjordman and the student.

When a Swede named Anders commented on the post, quite an argument developed about the extent of Muslim lawlessness in Malmö. An analogy to Anders’ arguments is that he was saying to an astronomer, “You’ve never been to Mars, so how can you know anything about it? Besides, it’s obvious that you prefer Venus to Mars, so all your observations are worthless.”

In addition, I always mistrust arguments that begin with one person calling another person’s position “bullshit.” That generally means that a dearly-held emotional issue has been broached, one that is not amenable to reasoned discussion.

In any case, the full three-way argument among the Scandinavians is reproduced below. I have cleaned up the spelling, punctuation, and capitalization, without changing any of the wording:

Anders: What a lot of bullshit. I live in Malmö and know the city much better than any Norwegian blogger. Muslims in Malmö are a threat to nobody. There is a big mosque in Malmö which cooperates very well with Christian congregations as well as with the civilian society. There are some small Muslim groups that stick very much to themselves and are not politically active at all. I have heard of no actions against society from any Muslim group in Malmö and I should know because I work as a journalist and we tend to hear a lot of what is going on. No matter how islamophobic you are you can feel completely safe in Malmö and Lund. But, as in all cities, you have to be careful in Malmö, not because of it’s Muslims but because you might meet someone in the street late at night who will want to have your money or your mobile phone.
Anders in Malmö
Fjordman: Anders: I wouldn’t flaunt the fact that I am a Swedish journalist if I were you. Sweden is a nightmare of Political Correctness. Malmö is beyond doubt the one city in northern Europe with the highest percentage of Muslim immigrants, and also probably the one with the highest crime rates. Could there be a connection? How come foreign journalists see this when you don’t?
Sweden’s rising Muslim tide
“I’m afraid the same thing will happen here as in Paris,” says Mr. Becirov, a Macedonian immigrant who opened Scandinavia’s first mosque in this city in southern Sweden in 1984. Malmö, which has one of the highest percentage of Muslims of any western European city, illustrates the challenges facing a continent whose native population is increasingly wary of a rapidly expanding and often discontented Muslim population.
Another Arson Attack on Malmö Mosque
Another arson attack on the mosque in Malmö, just a month after the previous one. Will we see more retaliatory attacks, as Sweden’s third largest city continues its spiral into religious clashes?
Jihad in Swedish Schools
Violence and threats pose such a big problem in high schools in Malmö, that the local school board wants to install surveillance cameras and security guards in the buildings. The city’s education director Matz Nilsson said unruly and aggressive students had become a more common sight in the high schools of Malmö, the home of some of Scandinavia’s biggest and roughest slums.
Anders: Some reflections on the answers to my posting.
It is interesting that those who seem to know a lot about the situation in Malmö don’t live even close to the city. Have they ever been there? From where do they get their information?
As for Fjordman it seems that you get your information from Swedish newspapers. Like when you quote Mr. Becirov, head of the biggest Mosque in Malmö, or Mr. Nilsson, education director in Malmö. So how come you quote Swedish newspapers if Swedish journalists are not to be trusted? And what do you mean by “Malmö, the home of some of Scandinavia’s biggest and roughest slums.”? Have you been in any of the “slum” areas in Malmö? If you have been in a real “slum” area anywhere in the world you would know that there is no slum in Malmö unless you completely redefine the meaning of the word.
Anders in Malmö
Fjordman: Anders: Swedish media rarely tell the full story about immigration, but it may be possible to use pieces of information from different articles and put them together. That’s what I have done here:
Anders: Fjordman, you have a political agenda and quote what serves you political purposes. You fail to mention that rapes in Sweden are predominantly committed by nice Swedish men who know their victims, that is, by partners or ex-partners or by male friends. Most rapes are also committed in the perpetrator’s or the victim’s home.
The number of rapes committed by men who don’t know their victims is small relative to the number of rapes where the perpetrator and the victim know each other. The number of rapes committed by Muslim men who don’t know their victim is even smaller. And the number of Muslim perpetrators is very small relative to the number of Muslim men as a whole.
Yet you manage to create a picture where lots of Swedish women are raped by lots of Muslim men who rape for religious reasons. That picture simply is false. Swedish journalists know that and I believe that deep in your heart you know that too.
NoDhimmitude: OK Anders, since you seem to be so concerned about the comments being made by fellow Scandinavians not living in Malmö, allow me to assist then.
I spent my childhood in Malmö, and an additional 6 years in my twenties. I moved out of Sweden 19th of December 1997, and return 2-3 times every year, my father, 2 brothers and a sister still lives there, and I have almost daily contact with many friends still living there. Does this qualify me for speaking of the situation?
Fjordman is 100% correct in his assessments, and if you really are a journalist, then you know this to be true as well. if you have not “no actions against society from any Muslim group”, then you sure as hell can’t be reading the news a lot either, a bit strange since you claim to be a journalist. Sydsvenskan has published numerous articles about bus lines to Rosengard, police escort for firefighters and ambulance services, police fearing to leave the police cars unsupervised(!), not to mention the 3 robberies in daylight average per day(!) In Triangelen (I lived 5-600m from there by the way). You have obviously also missed the “exodus” of young couples out of the city when they get children…
If you say you feel completely safe in Malmö, you must truly live an isolated life, since any evening out walking Gagatan, Torggatan, not to speak of the streets around Mollevangstorget are indeed something that should be done with open eyes. I’ve never seen, experienced (1st hand…) or heard of more violence, and brutal violence at that, mostly blind violence, then in Malmö. Are you trying to tell me you never heard “Ey, killen, vad glor du pa?”? Have you ever tried walking “alone” in Kungsparken in the night? or the paths around Hermodsdal, Nydala and beyond? try…. especially during Malmö Festivalen? And do you think Malmö is spared for Sweden’s 7 rapes a day official reality?
But, just for the heck of it, since Malmö is so safe, do you have wife? girlfriend? daughter? children at all? Which school do your children go to? Rosengard? Hermodsdal? Oh, let me guess, you live in a very different part of town, yes? Or at least, you send your children there… would you let your daughter walk alone in Nydala at night?
Oh, I forgot, you are a journalist, a Swedish journalist. That means that for you, 4 Somalian rapists are actually just 2 Swedish, 1 Finnish and 1 African, that you actually and willfully work to legalize political oppression (sd), Behrufsverbot (the teacher who got fired for his membership in a legal political party), and you are a proud member of a country whose press is rated as less than free by most international press organizations…. doesn’t that tell you something?
Put your money where your mouth is, and move to Hermodsdal, Nydala or Rosengard, have children grow up there, then speak to me about these things will you?
Oh, and yes, those areas do fit the description of slums if by slum you mean “run down housing projects” (million projektet), “socially dysfunctional”, i.e.; high crime rates, high unemployment etc, etc.
NoDhimmitude: Just a few more comments and questions to Anders that comes to mind:
How do you feel about that in the proud city of Malmö, Al-Aqsa, Hamas fundraisers, are legally active? Raising money to blow up buses, cafés and kill civilian women and children?
As for your answer to Fjordman as to who perpetrates (numerically I assume) most rapes, let me pose the following questions then:
a) Is Sweden completely different from France, Germany, Denmark and Norway ? Because in all these countries, (and if I remember Swedish BRAs stats as well), we see the same huuuuuge overrepresentation of “non-western” (and funny thing, something tells me that they were not Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists…) immigrants in rape, murder assault, armed robbery ?
b) I understand your wish to portray Ali, Mohamed and Mustafa as Swedish whenever they go about their “business”, but don’t you think its a stretch to call them (and count them) as Swedish just because they were born there, in a discussion regarding immigrant crime?
Besides, your answer to Fjordman was ad hominem, his political agenda is irrelevant for the facts presented.

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