Canada Goose Redux

Last week I wrote about the depredations of the geese around my workplace, about how a protected species had become an obnoxious pest. Well, yesterday I had my camera with me at work when the geese showed up.

Here is a flock of the actual perps:

We’re taking over.
They had just arrived, so there isn’t much crap visible yet on the sidewalk and parking lot.

Fred and EthelHere’s a closeup of a pair of the evil honkers.

Death to geese! I’m recommending a return to the tradition of the Christmas goose…

11 thoughts on “Canada Goose Redux

  1. Some people here call them “flying rats.” I live in Michigan and the ones in my hometown don’t even leave in the winter. They find enough food to stay.

  2. This seems an appropriate place to tell ya’ll about my plans for “Moonbat Friday” this coming Friday, the 13th, over at my blog.

    It’s time to indulge the inner leftist in all of us. For everybody who wants to get out the bong, shout slogans, avoid baths, and indulge the little EuroCommie/North Korean/Cuban propagandist in each of us, Moonbat Friday is for you.

    Hope to come up with some truly inspired ravings by Friday (and Friday ONLY), and that some of you stop by.

  3. In 1995 a bunch of these honkers brought down a US Air Force AWACS aircraft killing a couple dozen service men. This occured in Anchorage, Alaska when numerous geese were sucked into two of the four engines of the AWACS during take-off.

    The amount of effort required in coordinating with ‘wildlife’ experts to prevent a subsequent occurance was amazing. Shooting the geese that congregated on the airfield was the absolute last resort – in order to protect a bird that stops over in Anchorage only because of the man-made pasture-like meadows that are otherwise rare in the area.

  4. Goose fat makes a good insulator if you happen to be swimming in cold water. Rare, I know, but any excuse will do eh?

    This isn’t a problem limited to your side of the atlantic. We get these geese parading up and down the canal that runs through my home town, which was only rebuilt in the last 5 or so years. The path along one sside is virtually unusuable because there are so many of them, and they leave their crap everywhere. Fortunately there aren’t *too* many, though they seem to have scared off the swan that used to pay us a visit…

  5. Harrison, NY was sued by EPA and PETA when they tried to feed geese to their homeless. There really is no reason to call the Canada Goose endangered.

  6. Baron,

    Try getting your boss to declare a ‘Bring Your .22 To Work Day’.

    As for geese and the homeless, the other day while driving I took a freeway off-ramp and in the field next to the freeway there was a horde (gaggle?) of a few dozen geese. Standing by the intersection was your typical off-ramp homeless guy with a cardboard sign. The sign read: ‘Will Catch You Geese For Money’

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