Hell Hath No Fury Like a Democrat Scorned

George Bush has been in office for six years now. And ever since he was elected we’ve been hearing rumors of impeachment. That is, before he was even sworn in. Or, as some of the disloyal opposition still insist, “before he stole the office.”

Now a purportedly reputable magazine is excited about the idea. The Nation (no, I don’t provide links to essays such as this) is exulting in the notion that the rumors and whispers can be shouted from the housetops.

Right. Like exactly when were they ever just whispers? I saw my first “Impeach Bush” bumper sticker in 2001. Or do bumper stickers count as whispers to a Leftie? Their behavior is often so rude and over the top, their speech so jaw-droppingly slanderous, that perhaps just talking in normal tones amounts to a “whisper” for them.

Austin Bay discusses it in exactly the terms that came to mind when I saw the headline:

1. This is history repeating itself. Just as the Copperheads (Northern Democrats) denigrated (am I allowed to use that word?) Lincoln regarding the progress of the War, so this group belittles Bush at every turn. As it was with Lincoln, the attacks on Bush are often ad hominem and amazingly vitriolic. His opponents so often sound like nothing more than furious kindergartners in the throes of a major meltdown tantrum.

2. Bush’s opponents are hoping to more successfully repeat history by making Iraq nothing more than “Vietnam Redux.” They’ve been beating this drum since boots first hit the ground in Afghanistan and they wailed like sirens about the “bitter Afghan winter,” the coming famine, the refugees. As it turned out, exiled Afghanis came home. People were fed as usual, and the Taliban has been reduced to raids from the Pakistani border. Iraq’s “quagmire” never happened though the Left pretends to itself that it has.

Both themes are old and shopworn. No matter how they dust off these ideas and trick them out in new clothes, they amount to little more than revenge for winning. They have neither substance nor integrity and are merely a reaction to having become the Left Behind in the world of new ideas.

So far, nothing has worked — not even the demand that the White House and Pentagon appear before the Congress and get their report card. As Bill Roggio notes, President Bush put out a progress report on Iraq the other day. Bill calls it “clear, concise, and honest.” I call it just another opportunity for the angry, venomous losers to mount an attack on this administration and for the MSM to follow in lockstep, repeating any attack they make.

Austin Bay says that the “chief source [of the demands for impeachment] appears to be the angry daydreams of angry leftists.” I would add that any success on the part of the Bush administration is a source of Democratic nightmares and the fears which arise from their growing marginalization. Unfortunately for the political process in this country, they are in a downward spiral they don’t seem to be able to halt.

Hell hath no fury like a Democrat scorned.