Posting Will Be Light-Headed (Again!)

Just like Tiny Tim...Today has been an interesting day. This afternoon, while I was working here at the computer, Dymphna, the Baroness Bodissey, went outside to pick figs from the big tree by the side porch.

A while later our enormous cat Moe came meowing back to see me, rubbing my legs and acting like he does when he is hungry (which is always). I ignored him for a while, but then he meowed plaintively and trotted from the room, as if he were Lassie trying to lead me to Timmy.

At that moment I heard a muffled screaming coming from the side door. It turned out that Dymphna, foolishly descending the stepladder with both hands full of figs, had lost her balance and fallen. She caught her leg in the ladder and wrenched her knee, as well as hurting her hip and her elbow. She was unable to get up.

MoeShe lay on the ground and yelled for me for a while, to no avail. Every time she yelled, Moe (who was anxiously watching her from the storm door) would meow. Finally, she kept yelling while she painfully crawled to the steps and up to the side door. Evidently it became too much for poor Moe, so he came to get me. At that moment she was able to open the door, and I heard her.

To make a long story short, I was able to get her into the house and make her comfortable while we debated whether to go to the emergency room (35 miles away) or try to make it through to Monday. She determined that there was nothing broken, and we have a pair of crutches and a chair on wheels to help her move around when she has to.

So now she is resting, as comfortably as can be expected, with the help of hydrocodone. As soon as she can crawl to the keyboard she will resume blogging and commenting. Meanwhile, keep her in your prayers.

Until then, I will try to hold this spot for her…

21 thoughts on “Posting Will Be Light-Headed (Again!)

  1. Sorry about the fall, prayers offered. Although this probably comes across as flippant… the image that immediately flashed through my mind was the original TV commercial advertising the remote medical alert device (can’t remember the name) from which we get the immortal line: Help, I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up. Heh, I must be a really bad person!

    My mother also has a cat, named Moe, and he is always hungry. Coincidence?

  2. Greg — She sure did squash tem. Mostly on herself.

    She says that one of the causes of the debacle was the fact that hornets were competing with her for the figs, and she was trying to keep them off her stash.

    Right now she is lying in bed drinking coffee through a straw.

  3. Dypmphna: I know it’s wrong to compare but let me tell you about “it could have been worse.”

    A friend cleaning up after the Navarre Beach Hurricane fell into an empty swim pool backwards landed on his wrists and arms shattering them.

    Katrina damaged his roof so he was on a ladder repairing it. He fell. Didn’t want to break arms again, so took the whole fall with his legs. Yes. He broke both.

    So things could be worse, but I don’t wish to dimish empathy for your pain. Just wanted to tell you about Ken.

    Am praying for you both.


  4. Baron,
    Please extend my best wishes for a speedy return to normal (or what passes for normal around the blogosphere), to Dymphna. When we get to a certain age, we forget that we aren’t supposed to climb down ladders without holding on, like we could in our 20’s. Even if we fell off ladders in our (for me, at least) distant youth, we were much more elastic and tended to bounce harmlessly and mirthfully.
    Aging can be a real drag, but it still beats the alternative.
    Take care of your charge and give her ltos of TLC.

  5. Shrinkwrapped — Dymphna seems to be malingering, just in order to be waited on.

    She says to tell you that she has diagnosed her condition as “hostile dependency.”

  6. Dymphna

    Get well soon.

    BTW, I love flying planes and will do loops, chandelles etc with no fear, but am scared to go up ladders or trees. But wifey has no such fears, and clambers all over the various fruit tress we have in the garden, collecting for pies, and the leftovers for jam.

    I can tell you, that all this leaping about the branches by her, with me on the ground, leaves me in a state of complete mental exhaustion.

    Get well soon. And a saucer of cream to Moe.


  7. All the best to Mrs. D. .. No doubt that her knee will be a good weather barometer this winter.. Sending well wishes and hope for a speedy recovery.. She really should have a dog tho.. I cant even sit in the floor without my dog going crazy and barking up a storm.. Besides, I dont like cats.. Well, somtimes..

  8. Wild Bill, Dymphna reminds me to tell you that we do have a dog, sort of. She is Sandy, a mostly Brown Lab mongrel. However, she doesn’t really live here any more, having decided that our neighbor is more interesting, since she has several other dogs. Sandy spends 99.9% of her time up there.

    Moe is more loyal, but not as smart…

  9. I hope everything comes right for D.

    I have learned to listen to the kitties. Years ago Kitty Mom did the same thing to tell us that our adventurous First Child had wandered a little far afield. She was very upset and led us to him in a field around the corner. He had Biddy Kat performing overwatch duty. There was a certain feline smugness as they led us to the safety of home.

    Not the only instance of Kitty Koncern I have experienced.

  10. I am impressed by both Moe and the intrepid Dymphna- how she maintains such wit even from her invalid couch is a source of wonder and delight.
    My husband’s grandmother, who raised him, will be 90 in a few days. On one occasion when we went to visit her in her youth (I believe she was 80), she was up on a ladder cleaning out her rain gutters.
    She grumpily told us that she’d done told all her strong sons in law and grandsons that the gutters needed cleaning, but nobody had showed up. She hadn’t even given them 24 hours.
    I’m not so intrepid at less than half her age.

    Prayers for a quick return to comfort to Dymphna.

  11. To all commenters — Dymphna sends her thanks. We just got back from the doctor’s, and the Reaper has been kept at bay for now.

    If she doesn’t get online soon, I’ll have to post an update on her condition. With her permission, of course.

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