Sing Along: “Not Me and Georgie B.”

It’s not often that you find a perfect parody of a song. When you do, it’s your task to spread the music. With that obligation in mind, here is Scarmouche’s riff on Bobby McGee. Title supplied by Dymphna.

Sing along with the moonbats:

     Not Me and Georgie B.
Busted flat in Baton Rouge.
Headed to D.C.
FEMA Chief’s
Been stripped of his command.
George has started taking stock.
Throwin’ out dead wood.
Big Easy’s drying out its soggy land.
They’ve started pointin’ fingers
At the Texan they all hate,
And saying things
They’re never takin’ back.
Like “Bush controls the weather”
And “he loathes you if you’re poor”
And “Katrina is exactly like Iraq”.
Freedom’s just another word for
“Let’s pile on dumb old Bush.
The neocons control him anyway.
He stole that first election
From our man, Albert Gore.
And now we’re glad
We’ll finally make him pay.”
Repeat Chorus:
Oh, they’ve started pointin’ fingers
At the Texan they all hate…

This may be the rallying song for both the Reality-Based Community (aka the Moonbat Left) and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. The Left could sing with deeply-felt sincerity behind the words while VRWC bellowed with rich irony.

It works for everybody.

6 thoughts on “Sing Along: “Not Me and Georgie B.”

  1. Bush has repealed the Davis Bacon Act for the Hurricane devestated area so now contractors can pay less then the prevailing wage during the new building boom. Somehow I doubt that the HOMEOWNERS will be getting any discounts. Me oh my, just where will all that money saved on average Joe wages go?

    Not to mention that illegal immigrants (estimated 145,000) will not be asked for documentation either for assistance OR WHEN APPLYING FOR JOBS. Jobs that the now out of work locals should have first dibs on, followed by other US CITIZENS.

    I voted for the man, but am begining to eye my parent’s Kerry for President bumper sticker with more then a little regret….

  2. > Somehow I doubt that the HOMEOWNERS will be getting any discounts.

    No. The HOMEOWNERS will be getting their houses repaired much more quickly

    If they want DISCOUNTS they can wait for a couple years until the building boom has passed and things have returned to normal.

    If you have no clue whatsoever about economics, you REALLY should avoid spouting off about things economic. You sound like a complete fool.

    …But if you’re eyeing a Kerry sticker wishfully then that’s likely a commonly expected resonation.

  3. Sure, lowering wages always encourages MORE workers to apply for the job.

    As for the rest of your comments, I suggest that you apply figures and facts rather then relying on personal comments.

    It doesn’t say much for your ability to sustain an argument.

    For example, you could have provided a rationale as to WHY this is a good thing.

    However, if you choose to insult rather then educate, don’t expect me to pay any attention to you.

    And if you believe that GB’s policy towards illegal immigration is a good thing and that it hasn’t put this nation at risk, I strongly suggest that you do additional research.

    Otherwise, I see a dunce cap looming in YOUR future.

  4. You know, thinking on what the media’s been saying about Katrina — maybe they’ve got a point. We should try to understand their point of view:

    It’s all Bush’s fault. If he had not invaded Iraq, or had signed the Kyoto accords, all this could have been avoided.

    Now is the time for the healing to begin. Let us all remember that this week.

    Bush, when filling the vacancies on the Supreme Court, should move to unite, and not to divide. To conciliate, not to conflagrate. In making his selections, Bush should consider the interests of all the people, not only here, but the hopes of peace-loving people world wide. Bush must pick persons best reflecting the wisdom of the great center of the American people; who best reflect our country in all its diversity; who best express the dreams and aspirations of all the people of the beautiful mosaic of our diverse land; and who are true and authentic reflections of the hopes of Palestinian-Americans, African-Americans, seniors, Native-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Pacific Islanders, Asian-Americans, the working people, people of non-traditional sexual preferences, those of underrepresnted non-traditional religions, secular Americans, the differently abled; the poor.

    There is a crying need today for true centerists, who can be counted on to “grow” in their jobs, and respect the views of the traditionally oppressed and the marginalized, particularly as they are articulated by the New York Times editorial board, and will not be a slave to the big oil, big military, religious extremist interests represented by the extremist Republican Party. Rather than the same dull racist, sexist, anti-gay white men given us by the monied interests, we need hopeful idealists of the stripe of Cindy Sheehan. As Maya Angelou truly says, “How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!”

    If only Bush respects the desire of peaceful people everywhere for healing, and recognizes the crying need of the whole country to move away from extremeism, and embrace a politics of caring and inclusiveness, our country’s wounds can be bound up, sealed in a gorgeous tapestry like our flag — our true flag, the Rainbow Flag of Red, Brown, Green Yellow, Blue and Purple. Truly, our country, and the whole world, will then be enriched by the Katrina experience.

    Think on this as you sing “Kumbaya” or “We Shall Overcome” to your children tonight; eat your all-natural rainforest crunch for breakfast (with organic milk) car-pool them to school in your Union-made Hybrid, enjoy your organic salad lunch, and give up your evenings to organize a sit-in to free Mumia.

    And if you believe any of this…you probably think Osama is hopelessly misunderstood and a man of peace.

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