4 thoughts on “Juzzie Smith: The Sun Shines on Oz

  1. Thanks for this musical interlude.

    A question or two about seasonal music in the Southern Hemisphere. Christmas is celebrated on December 25, so Christmas music must be played in Australia around this time, even if it refers to “the bleak midwinter”.

    When during the year do Australians hear winter (but not Christmas) songs like “Jingle Bells” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”? Right now is the time of year for songs like “Summertime, and the Livin’ Is Easy”.

  2. I saw Juzzie near Brisbane at a outdoor market in 2013. He was a kid then. Very talented. There is a plethora of one man bands in Oz. Everywhere you go, especially downtown shopping districts. Electronic technology enables their craft, but they still have to be able to play. Footnote, I play with my blues band tomorrow night at a Christmas gig. No computers allowed. Merry Christmas GoV!

    • Blues and Christmas?

      That’s quite a combo.

      Just goes to show how powerful the message or at least the depth of the cultural power Christmas has.

  3. Mark,

    Winter can be damn cold in the southern states – Tasmania and Victoria particularly. Lows of 1 or 2 at night and highs of 10 or 11. Antarctic systems move up into those states and the windchill becomes extreme quite often in winter(May through August).
    Christmas here is about beer, BBQs, ham, turkey and so on. We just enjoy all those things while wearing shorts, singlets and thongs – if you live in Qld as I do, or in casual pants and polos or shortsleeve shirts if part of the la-dee-da set in Melb or Sydney.

    We can ski in Tasmania, Victoria and NSW in Winter with quite good snow. Aussies spend millions skiing in Japan in their winter (over christmas).

    As to Jingle bells and so on, in the lead up to christmas we hear them every day on the radio. Houses are covered in christmas lights everywhere. Winter has nothing to do with christmas if you live in the Southern Hemisphere. All my christmas cards this year featured Santa claus in full suit surfing a wave.

    Have your next christmas here downunder mate! You will love it! We love chrissy here!

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