The Sad Shape of California – No, Not Immigration

Bill whittle finally got married. His wife is Russian and, as he mentions later in this video made yesterday, she is shocked by the state of the roads in a place that was fabled around the world as golden.

We all remember that California. It no longer exists.

No longer the leader, California has become the example of what not to do. As Bill Whittle says, it’s a kleptocracy. Another fiscal nightmare Democrat stronghold, where the kids not in private schools are way below average.

California is so deeply blue that I don’t think Donald Trump even bothered campaigning there.

Meanwhile, Hollywood has been exposed for the depraved, decadent sex-cesspool place it always was. That’s yet another swamp but one that will turn out to be self-draining as the power balance shifts to independent film-makers and post-MSM entertainment.

Gates of Vienna has California donors, some of them possibly in danger from the spreading wildfires. I can’t imagine what people are going through as the Santa Ana winds – very high this year – whip up the frenzy.

Despite the calls for a Calexit, and there are many voices raised to say they don’t need no stinkin’ USA, you can bet the farm on Governor Brown’s demands for FEMA funds. Funny how that works.

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  1. The Santa Ana winds are the result of Global Cooling. The pacific ocean where we get our rain from is going through a La Nina this year and so far this year it is an especially cool one. The Santa Ana winds are the product of the very cold and heavy Arctic air that has borne down upon the mid-section of this country pushing the ambient air out of the way and over the mountains and down the passes. Cajon Pass above San Bernardino has had winds in excess of 45mph and is all but closed to truck traffic with several overturned truck at last report. The jets have also been coming in backwards for the past two-three days. We are accustomed to this but not the fires.
    The fires are the result of a misbegotten land and forestry maintenance policy that has prohibited the grazing of cattle and sheep and the clearing of dead trees for the past 40 years dues to ‘environmental’ concerns. Never mind that this practice of ‘mowing’ the grass and clearing the debris has been practiced as far back as anyone can remember, the native Chumash, Tongvan, and Morongo included.
    In short, California has done it to its own self and the weather has simply helped it along. Hollywood appears to won the state so there doesn’t appear to be any hope for substantive change on the horizon.

  2. Bill, the best roads I’ve been on are in Port Hueneme.

    Dymphna, I’ve got the car packed to go, but so far I’m about a mile south of a voluntary evacuation zone. To be honest it was greatly relieving when I could no longer see the hills to the north burning from my driveway.

  3. I read in one of the books of my favorite author Douglas Campbell Coupland, that autobahns in the US are no longer being repaired.

    • Some of them are. The ones in Virginia (at least the parts I travel through) are mostly in pretty good shape.

      Highway repair, even for the interstates, is the responsibility of the individual states. So if California’s are falling apart, it’s because California has directed its money elsewhere.

      • The dough is going to mass transit, a legacy of Gianturco and Moonbeam ver. 1.0. We have been rebuilding as much as we can but the truck traffic is beating the roads to death and the teamsters and trucking companies have apparently bought off the legislature to the point that we motorists are paying for the road repairs that they cause.

        The whole of us were hit with a $0.17 per gallon surcharge that is supposed to go to road maintenance, but our efforts at having the funds subjected to independent auditing were turned back. We are in court and on the ballot to clean up the mess the demoncrats gave us. (BTW, some of them have been quoted as openly worshipping Satan, Jennifer Lawrence, starlet is one of the worse examples).

      • California must have raised the fuel tax recently to replenish over-drawn Sacramento slush funds used to defend Democrat elected officials from sexual harrassment law suits brought by other Democrats.

    • The state departments of transportation really are quite separate. Where a highway is designated as an “interstate” they still have to take care of it on a state-by-state basis, though with those roads, there is no doubt some federal monies directly involved.

      California has more wealth than any other state; its budget is larger than some small countries. But a lot of it goes on pie-in-the-sky ideas like that train – “mass” transit, my eye. Or to welfare entitlements for illegal immigrants. It *is* a sanctuary state, after all.

      The Dem-controlled legislature is bought and paid for by so many special interests that the only way change happens is when a group manages to get a ballot initiative before the voters…there are several floating around for secession from the U.S., but if they do that and the overdue earthquakes start…what then? Not to mention the complicated, byzantine water “rights” – especially in Southern California, which is naturally a semi-arid environment.

      • As for mass transit, the freeways here in SoCal would be impassable without commuter rail. What LA is trying to accomplish is the one-upping of New York. While NY built up we built out. Due to the geology of the alluvial fan that we’ve built upon, five story building height is about the limit. You remember what the Lord said about building on sand; well, we have, except for DTLA which is sandstone. Sandstone was previously ocean sea floor now raised to the Nth. You can play pogo stick on it with a 60 pound jack hammer, but overload it and it will crumble like so much…sand.
        It wasn’t always this way. We grew the finest oranges in the world and even served them up to Queen Victoria on her birthday in her Jubilee Year. We have Nixon, Howard Hughes, and the military industrial establishment to thank for plowing up the orange groves, vineyards, and cattle ranches and replacing them with factoring housing shacks that have now become over-priced ghettos. Milton wrote about Paradise Lost, this is paradise after the developers and special interests got through with it and then took their money and profits elsewhere. Quite frankly, I miss what I grew up in and I am waiting for the Millennium when everything will be restored and t he trees will clap their hands for joy (I gotta see that!).

  4. I don’t drive, but when my acquaintances who do, complain about subsidies for public transport, I like to point out that road users receive a huge subsidy in that the cost of accidents is paid by taxes and insurance premiums.

    Roll on (so to speak) cars controlled by computers; they’re the reason so few aircraft crash.

  5. I live in northern California in a very affluent area–and yet the homeless, tent population has mushroomed just in the last year of Obama’s reign. California has a state-wide housing shortage and both rentals and house prices in the urban areas are enormous–thus increasing the homeless population. Developers who want to build more have often been stopped by the NIMBY attitude (“not in my back yard”) and the horrendous regulations, environmental and otherwise. This may be changing just a bit, but not enough.

    It’s a matter of priorities–where you put your money. For example nstead of preparing for the next periodic drought by building desalinization plants (using the new, much cheaper technology), the politicians are putting the money into a high speed rail system between San Francisco and LA which will be fun and very sexy, but is not a critical need like water. Meanwhile, anyone who wants to walk across the border (and makes it) is welcome, regardless of the housing crisis and the lower wages for the working class that they bring–not to mention the huge drain on the failing schools and the welfare system and medical system. But I’m sure some big donors will get very rich with the high speed rail which will cost 3 or 4 times as much as projected and take 3 times as long to build.

    I’ve read a number of articles which state that–if you take into account the high cost of living, including housing–California has the highest poverty rate in the nation. The highest rate of poverty in the nation. It’s becoming a state of the rich and the poor with the middle class disappearing. And California is supposed to lead the nation.

    Thank God for Trump. The whole country was going down this path.

    Just one minor point, Hollywood was probably not always a cesspool. The original founders of the industry, people like Golden and Mayer, trended conservative in their thinking. And there was something called the Catholic League of Decency (if I have the name right). It was a different time.

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