Fourth Sunday of Advent, 2017

“E’en So Lord Jesus, Quickly Come”

Paul Manz and his wife wrote this Advent hymn when their young son was very ill and it was thought he might not survive. He did live, though, and today has the original of this work.

Manz died in 2009.

The words are adapted from Revelations. The motet is Manz’ own composition.

8 thoughts on “Fourth Sunday of Advent, 2017

  1. A reminder to Catholics. Sunday mass today and Christmas Mass or TWO distinct days of obligation.

    • Not this time. Evening or midnight Mass takes care of both.

      I loved singing in the choir at Midnight Mass. For one thing, we got to stay up deliciously late. For another, you could get a bit buzzy yourself breathing in all the alcohol fumes that wafted up to the choir loft from the parishioners in the pews below us.

      Sister Marie Therese always had a special surprise for those nodding off in the warmth of their seats. Before Communion, we’d sing “O Holy Night”. When we came to “Fall on your knees!”, we were to sing it con brio, forte, and sure enough those dozy drunks would jump up, startled by our voices.

      What a woman was Marie Therese! She entered the convent as a postulant the year I was born and lived till 2016…still driving around the state and singing to the end.

  2. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and good health and strength to continue our fight for a better world!

  3. Let’s say the Lord’s Prayer together: Our Father who art in heaven …

    Those words simple but forceful words are not earthly, they were sent down to us.
    What has happened to Real Christmas? Drowned in commercialism, it brings no merriment or joy, but rubbish gifts that we open and gush the gift giver with insincere praise, until we drop a few tears for the wonderful gifts, which will be thrown into the garbage two weeks later because there is no room to store them.

    Do we really need $30.00 gifts ? Gifts should be sent to those who are fighting to preserve the heritage and faith of the West.

    If those receivers of Nobel Peace Prizes remember the True Christmas, they would gather go to the Vatican, take Pope along with them, and go to North Korea and ask Pres. Kim what he wants. Listen to his demands and suggestions. What is his demands are legitimate. What if his suggestions are reasonable. We must stop calling others dictators. We must stop telling others how bad they are when we are as bad. We must stop telling others to be reasonable when we are the worst in everything.

    Make peace in a practical way. You must know the intentions, the goals, the history, the actions, past and present, of those who want to destroy us, and stop fooling ourselves and get drunk in arrogance after being elected.

    No country is worse worse that those countries that fool themselves, send planes to lift up fake refugees, in reality jihadis, and slaughter us using vehicles or any other means, and then listen to the horror of justifying or denying it.

    |Try to understand your “enemy” Don’t ignore your real enemy. You cannot import serpents and scorpions into your home. You know for the last 1400 years that they are harmful, treacherous and baleful.

    Have we become so blind as not to distinguish between Eid and Christmas. Oh Traitors mention Eid and its “merits” with their full mouth. While Christmas is shunned and has become Holiday Season. Only yesterday a a UK church is going to remove the pews to make room for hordes of muslims to invade it and celebrate muslim memories of slaughtering the kuffar.

    Traitors would EVEN become Christian if they would be elected. Now the more they get far from Christianity they better their chances to lead the muslims in these countries and the third class citizens / the infidels.

    • And the same to you, though here it is still Christmas Eve. The B and I will decorate the tree tonight. We observe the 12 days of Christmas – i.e., no decorations before the vigil of Christmas, and they all come down on the 12th day. Over the years, I have given away the old decorations and just use lots of birds in the branches. Plus lights, of course.

  4. Please remember what Madeleine L’Engle called “The Glorious Impossible” and may we know the Gift we have been given, if we but believe and accept.

    • I didn’t remember that title, but here it is:

      The Glorious Impossible [Illustrated with Frescoes from the Scrovegni Chapel by Giotto]

      It would make a wonderful Christmas gift. And there *are* 12 Days of Christmas after all 😉

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