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A 14-year-old boy has been arrested in Chicago for being one of about six teenagers who participated in the gang-rape of a young girl and live-streamed the atrocity on Facebook. The suspect’s name can’t be released because he is a minor. One of the peculiar aspects of the story is that he is being charged with making and distributing child pornography, yet he is actually younger than the girl he victimized.

In other news, a woman and her child were denied access to a playgroup at a public facility in Sydney because it was reserved for “multicultural” residents, and she admitted to being a “fourth-generation Australian” — i.e. a white person.

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Financial Crisis
» Media Admits: Obama Was Terrible for Economic Growth
» This Economy is Ruined for Many Americans
» Cesar Chavez Holiday — Honoring an American Hero
» Chicago Police Arrest Gang Rape Suspect
» Dead Criminal’s Family Complains Victim’s AR-15 Made the Fight Unfair
» Germany’s Haribo to Produce Gummy Bears in USA
» New Security Measures for Disney’s Magic Kingdom Start Monday
» New Study Finds That Six Jobs Are Lost for Every Robot Added to the Workforce
» Obama Spying Looks Even Worse Than Trump Claimed
» Trumping Climate Hysteria With Facts: Heartland’s D.C. Climate Conference
» What Our Politicians Have Done to America, Part 13
» China May Import Its Workers to Canada as it Seeks “Total Access” To Canadian Market
Europe and the EU
» Britain to Create ‘Jihadi Jail’ To Stop Islamists Radicalising Fellow Inmates
» Britain Will Get Money Back From the EU Instead of Paying to Leave Under Plans Being Considered by Ministers
» ‘Doomsday’ Library Joins Seed Vault in Arctic Norway
» Enel to Invest 329 Mln in Romania by 2018
» Facebook Italia Critical of Trump Protectionism
» French Election: Marine Le Pen Vows to Pull France Out of the Eurozone
» German Police Accused of Covering Up What They Knew About Christmas Market Killer
» Greece: Car Sales Increased by 43.1% in February
» Italy: Bon Voyage Friends Says Salvini on Brexit
» Italy: Motion to Sack CONSIP Execs to be Discussed
» Italy: Jihadis Wanted to Reach Paradise by Targetting Venice ‘Unbelievers’ — Wiretaps
» Merkel: Serbia Fulfils the Standards in EU Accession Process
» Netherlands on ‘High Alert’ After Erdogan Supporters Stab Kurdish Voters in Belgium
» Poles in Italy: Increasingly Educated and Skilled
» Pope to Receive 4 British Imams
» Several Injured in ‘Riots’ At Turkish Embassy in Brussels
» Swexit? Swedish Politician Says His Country Will be Next to Ditch European Union
» The Muslim Brotherhood Swoops Into Sweden
» Two Teenaged Girls Arrested in France Over ‘Plotting Terror Attack’
» U.S. Tariffs Proof of EU ‘Utility’ — Alfano
Middle East
» State Dept Official: Saudi Arabia & Israel Created ISIS With CIA — Dr Steve Pieczenik
» Former USSR Debts Will be Paid Within 45 Days
» Guam Meeting: Ukraine PM Expects a Free Trade Area
South Asia
» Mother Shaves Daughter Who Refused Islamic Veil
Australia — Pacific
» Miranda Devine: Mother Denied Access to Alexandria Park Community Centre Multicultural Playgroup for Being Australian
Sub-Saharan Africa
» Pope ‘Not a Marxist’ Says Turkson
» South Africa: Murder Rate for These White Farmers 20 Times International Average
Latin America
» Julian Assange Safe as Leftist Moreno Defeats Banker Lasso; Recount Demanded
» Austria to Implement Tight Border Control at Brenner Pass
» Canadians Fed Up With Being Asylum-Seekers’ Patsies
» Central Europe’s Leaders Reject EU’s Relocation of Migrants
» Jordan: Germany Sign Accord to Fund Projects for Refugees
» Le Pen Slams Macron for ‘Defending the Burkini’ In Latest Jibe
» Sanctuary Cities Free 253 Illegal-Alien Criminals in 2 Weeks
» Small Town Attack: ‘African, Arab’ Men Use Stolen Tools to Terrorize Locals
» Surge in Child Refugees Trying to Reach UK Creates ‘Terrifying New Market’ For People Traffickers
» UK: Mother, Son Who ‘Gave Shelter to Homeless Man’ Stabbed to Death

Media Admits: Obama Was Terrible for Economic Growth

Last economic numbers in from Obama era

On Thursday we closed the book on the Obama economic “miracle” — and it’s a miracle we are not in a recession.

Last week the Commerce Department released its third revision for fourth-quarter 2016 gross domestic product. The number came in at a paltry 2.1 percent, meaning that growth during President Obama’s final year in office — the end of an “Error of Hope” — landed with a big thud at just 1.6 percent.

That low-water mark puts the Obama presidency in last place among all the post-World War II presidents when it comes to economic growth.

[Comment: A failure for the Republic, but a winner for the communists.]

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This Economy is Ruined for Many Americans

Here’s a mystery: Has this “wealth-effect” economy that the Fed so beautifully engineered since the Financial Crisis gotten a lot riskier, scarier, and uglier in some profound ways for lower-income Americans, those making $30,000 or less a year?

One of the questions that Gallup posed was this:

Next, I’m going to read a list of problems facing the country. For each one, please tell me if you personally worry about this problem a great deal, a fair amount, only a little, or not at all? First, how much do you personally worry about –

Then came 13 issues, including “hunger and homelessness.”

Turns out, among Americans making $30,000 or less a year, 67% worry “a great deal” about hunger and homelessness! Food and shelter, two of the most basic human needs. That’s the highest percentage ever in Gallup’s data series on this question going back to 2001.

It’s up from 52% in 2001/2004; up from 56% in 2007/2008; and up from 51% in 2010/2011.

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Cesar Chavez Holiday — Honoring an American Hero

“I am convinced that the truest act of courage, the strongest act of manliness, is to sacrifice for others in a totally nonviolent struggle for justice. To be a man is to suffer for others. God help us to be men!” -Cesar Chavez

March 31 is an official State holiday in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and is observed in several other States, in honor of the birth on March 31, 1937, of an extraordinary American — Cesar Estrada Chavez, the late co-founder and president of the United Farm Workers of America who became a legend in his own time in the civil rights era.

But there are many Americans today who are unaware there is a Cesar Chavez Day (the major media ignore it), or why there should be a holiday honoring him. There are also malicious myths tainting the life and the memory of Cesar Chavez that need to be repudiated, most particularly the lies that he was not an American but a Mexican national, and that he was a “Communist,” both of which were first promulgated by the John Birch Society. They are utterly false.

I worked with Cesar Chavez for some twenty years, starting in 1973, when I was a long haul trucker participating in a nationwide strike in protest against escalating fuel costs in the so-called “Arab Oil Embargo.”

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Chicago Police Arrest Gang Rape Suspect

Chicago authorities arrested a 14-year-old boy Saturday night for allegedly sexually assaulting a young girl over a Facebook live stream.

The young teen is said to be one of about six individuals who gang-raped a 15-year-old girl last month and streamed it over Facebook, reports NBC News.

The boy now faces felony charges of aggravated criminal sexual assault, manufacturing of child pornography and dissemination of child pornography, police announced. Chicago police will not release the boy’s name because he is a minor.

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Dead Criminal’s Family Complains Victim’s AR-15 Made the Fight Unfair

In case you haven’t already heard, a 23-year-old man from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma made headlines this week when he shot and killed three teenage home invaders. The three teens had robbed the garage earlier that day, then returned to try the main house. They awoke Zach Peters, the homeowner’s son, who grabbed his AR-15 and defended himself against 3 armed and masked intruders. Max Cook, 19; Jacob Redfearn, 17; and Jake Woodruff, 16, were shot and killed. Cook’s 21-year-old girlfriend, get-away driver, and “robbery mastermind” Elizabeth Rodriguez was arrested and charged with three counts of both first degree murder and burglary. Her murder charges come from the felony murder rule which charges anyone involved in a felony with murder if a death occurs during or due to the felonious act.

Now the family of one of the deceased criminals is complaining. They don’t believe it was fair that Peters was allowed to defend himself with an AR-15 when the criminals were only armed with knives and brass knuckles.

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Germany’s Haribo to Produce Gummy Bears in USA

217 million euros factory is expected to create 400 jobs

(ANSA) — BERLIN — Germany’s iconic gummy bear will soon be “Made in USA.” Bonn-based Haribo, which invented the gummy bear nearly a century ago, said Friday it would open a U.S. factory in Wisconsin in 2020, according to AP.

Haribo, founded in 1920, has been in the U.S. since 1982 with a sales operation, and is already the top seller of gummy bears in the country, but saysit wants to grow further.

Company head Hans Guido Riegel says “Haribo of America is the fastest growing confectionary company in the U.S.A., therefore the step of starting our own production there from 2020 is important for us.” The $242 million (217 mln euros) factory near Kenosha is expected to create 400 jobs. Haribo employs 7,000 people worldwide and produces 100 million gummy bears daily at 16factories in ten countries.

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New Security Measures for Disney’s Magic Kingdom Start Monday

Metal detectors and bag checks

Visitors to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will go through metal detectors and get bags checked at the Transportation and Ticket Center starting Monday.

The center, commonly known as the TTC, is a major hub for Magic Kingdom visitors. People driving to the Magic Kingdom park at TTC, then board monorails or ferries to cross Seven Seas Lagoon and reach the attraction.

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New Study Finds That Six Jobs Are Lost for Every Robot Added to the Workforce

Few subjects are quite as divisive right now as the potential impact of automation on employment. Some, like U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, believe we needn’t be concerned, while others assert that we are already at the start of the biggest workforce upheaval since the Industrial Revolution.

Now, a new paper released by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) puts an actual number to the threat of automation: each industrial robot introduced in the workforce between 1990 and 2007 coincided with the elimination of 6.2 jobs within the commute area. Wages also saw a slight drop of between .25 and .50 percent per 1,000 employees when one or more robots was added to their workforce.

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Obama Spying Looks Even Worse Than Trump Claimed

The spying by the Obama administration on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump reportedly was even worse than what he has alleged.

And it had nothing to do with Russia but everything to do with politics.

Sources in the intelligence community claim the potentially illegal revealing of names, or unmasking, of people in the Trump camp who were under surveillance was done purely “for political purposes” to “hurt and embarrass (candidate) Trump and his team.”

The bombshell revelations come from rank and file members of the intelligence community who are fighting back against a stonewall by the leaders at the nation’s spy agencies, according to Fox News.

Reporter Adam Housley said the sources are “not Trump” people but are “frustrated with the politics that is taking place in these (intelligence) agencies.”

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Trumping Climate Hysteria With Facts: Heartland’s D.C. Climate Conference

“Global expenditures to ‘stop global warming’ already exceeded $1.5 trillion a year in 2015, or approximately $4 billion a day,” says Joe Bast, president and CEO of the Heartland Institute. And the “progressives” who are leading the global warming alarmist campaign and promoting the climate hysteria, he charges, are doing so “not to protect the environment, but to wage war on capitalism.”

On March 23 and 24, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington, D.C., Heartland sponsored the 12th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-12), its latest effort in an on-going endeavor to provide a platform for distinguished scientists, economists, and climate policy experts who challenge the fearmongering and statist proposals of the climate alarm lobby.

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What Our Politicians Have Done to America, Part 13

As we continue our look at the goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030 we see that the ‘goals’ are named to make them sound good as if they are goals that are supposed to benefit all mankind when in reality the steps taken to achieve these ‘goals’ on insures that the elite stay in power and complete control.

Looking at Goal #9 they claim that they want to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. Notice they use the word sustainable again. Bottom line is government will control all industry. Keep in mind that money is at the root of all of this. Government wants to control all currency, trade, and what is manufactured, grown or developed. Even though history has proven when the government is in control of these things, it ALWAYS ends in complete failure, ALWAYS. For those of you that can remember back in the 1950’s through the early 1980’s, when the USSR was still a contender on the world scene, their total control of everything kept the majority of their population in abject poverty. The elites did very well but there were no incentives for the common man to be able to better himself. If you could never better yourself, you had no hope.

During those years America continued to have a bigger presence on the world’s markets. We allow our citizens the right to be innovative for our personal benefit. Best example is Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. These two men changed how the world operated. Why did they do it? Because they were guaranteed to benefit financially in doing so. The development of the personal computer revolutionized the lives of all humans. This type of activity in the USSR was discouraged and even if you did do something that in America you would have become wealthy, in Russia the government benefitted from your innovation. You got nothing.

During those years the United States had 6% of the farmable land in the world. The USSR had 30%. The United States fed the world and the USSR couldn’t feed themselves. The reason? Government control of industry that would not reward a person who improved the system. This is what Goal #9 will do. Government will put nations into debt with the World Bank building their infrastructures using corrupt companies keeping nations in endless spiral if debt. See the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins to understand the details of how this scheme has been repeated countless times over the last several decades.

[Comment: Recommended reading.]

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China May Import Its Workers to Canada as it Seeks “Total Access” To Canadian Market

China’s ambassador to Canada, Lu Shaye, told the Globe and Mail that Beijing is seeking full access to Canada’s economy ahead of free trade talks, a move that could result in Chinese state-owned companies bringing their own employees to work on projects in Canada. Charles Burton, an associate political science professor at Brock University, said bringing their own workers abroad is “normal practice” for Chinese companies. “It’s not as if [the Chinese] would be asking something of Canada that they don’t expect from other countries,” he said.

Earlier this year, Canadian and Chinese officials held exploratory talks on a free trade deal and another meeting is set to take place this month, Lu told the Globe, just as the US prepares to renegotiate NAFTA with Canada and Mexico.

Lu said that his government wants to avoid discussions of human rights issues, fearing it could become a “bargaining chip” in negotiations. Additionally, anticipating what has become an increasingly regular response by sovereign governments to China’s money-laundering disguised as M&A ambitions, the ambassador said China’s government would interpreted any attempt by Ottawa to block takeovers of Canadian companies on national security grounds as protectionism.

“Investment is investment. We should not take too much political considerations into the investment,” he said. “Just like the negotiations of the (Canada-U.S.) FTA, we should not let political factors into this process. Otherwise, it would be very difficult.”

Meanwhile, Canada’s ambassador to China, John McCallum, told the CBC that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “is very clear that we want to pursue stronger ties with China. We think that in the medium term this will lead to more Canadian jobs.”

[Comment: Liberals will get played. Either they are really stupid or traitors.]

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Britain to Create ‘Jihadi Jail’ To Stop Islamists Radicalising Fellow Inmates

Britain’s most dangerous Islamists will be housed in a special unit to stop them converting their fellow inmates.

The Times reports work is currently under way at HMP Frankland near Durham, which will have a “prison within a prison” to keep Islamic extremists away from other prisoners.

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Britain Will Get Money Back From the EU Instead of Paying to Leave Under Plans Being Considered by Ministers

Britain will get money back from the European Union instead of paying to leave under plans being considered by Cabinet ministers.

European leaders have warned the UK that it will face a divorce bill of up to £50million for outstanding commitments and pension liabilities.

However The Telegraph understands that officials are currently drawing up a register of the UK’s assets in the European Union as part of negotiations.

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‘Doomsday’ Library Joins Seed Vault in Arctic Norway

The so-called doomsday seed vault located underground on a remote island in the Arctic Ocean has gained a neighbor, and the new vault, opened March 27, will act as a digital archive for the world’s data.

The underground Svalbard Global Seed Vault was built in 2008, about 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) from the North Pole. The frozen-storage facility houses the world’s most important crop seeds, acting as a backup for gene banks around the world and protecting the valuable genetic material from natural disasters, equipment malfunctions, war and other problems, according to Cary Fowler, a scientist, conservationist and biodiversity advocate who first envisioned the vault . Thus, the moniker “doomsday vault.”

This new vault shares the same mountain as the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, and will do for the world’s digital heritage what the Global Seed Vault has done for plants, according to Piql, the Norwegian tech company leading the new vault project.

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Enel to Invest 329 Mln in Romania by 2018

Smart metering systems available to almost 80% consumers by 2020

(ANSA) — BUCHAREST — Italian Enel Group has planned investments of EUR 329 million in Romania for the current regulatory cycle ending in 2018, of which over EUR 151 million in 2017 and EUR 178 million in 2018, Georgios Stassis, Country Manager of Enel in Romania, announced on Thursday in a press release.

Thus, the company continues the investment programme, which reached over EUR 3 billion since it entered the domestic market.

Out of the EUR 151 million investment scheduled for this year in Romania, EUR 139 million are aimed at distribution networks and from the investment planned for 2018 of EUR 178 million, EUR 168 million are to improve grid performance.

Georgios Stassis announced that Romania can reach its target required at European level to install smart meters by 2020 at 80 percent of electricity consumers. Moreover, it’s also possible that all users to benefit from smart metering systems by 2023.

Overall, the company has 2.7 million consumers in Romania.

Globally, the Italian group has installed already about 35 million smart meters in the countries where it operates.


Questa email è stata esaminata alla ricerca di virus da AVG.

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Facebook Italia Critical of Trump Protectionism

‘Doesn’t make sense’

(ANSA) — Rome, March 30 — Facebook Italia country manager Luca Colombo on Thursday was critical of US President Donald Trump for threatening punitive tariffs on European goods including Italy’s Vespa scooters and San Pellegrino mineral water in what would be a tit-for-tat move following an EU No to US hormone-boosted beef.

Speaking at an ANSA forum, Colombo said “protectionism for us is a semi-disaster, it’s in Facebook’s mission to make the world open and connected.

Colombo said protectionism “doesn’t make sense for the many actors in this sector and the many digital platforms”.

The ANSA forum, also featuring the youth section chief of influential industrial employers group Confindustria, discussed the challenges and opportunities afforded by the digital economy. Confindustria deputy executive chairman Marco Gay, head of the youth section of the employers group, underscored at the ANSA forum that “ideas come before the business plan. Ideas first, always. When you begin with human capital, then everything else can be developed.” He added that the business incubator Digital Magic receives about 1,500 requests per year for innovative start-ups, and that it “brings into being about 10 to 15 enterprises per year” with a “peak of 20”. Thus, hesaid, it is not a war between traditional enterprises and innovative start-ups, but rather a “win-win contest. Both the traditional enterprise that innovates and the start-up entering the market win.” Colombo, the country manager of Facebook Italia, stressed at the forum that “data management is important both for enterprises and users, and education is needed on these issues”.

“Enterprises must understand the regulations and manage personal data correctly, otherwise they will pay the price over the long term,” he added. Colombo said that consumers are shifting ever more to digital means and that “the revolution is hard, but repaid with the advantages it brings with it”. “In the European digitalization rankings, Italy is in 25th place out of 28. This is a position that absolutely does not reflect the intensity and will of a world that wants to use digitalization as a lever for the economy,” Gay said, noting that this is an “absurd contradiction. Because we are the second top country in manufacturing in Europe but the third to the last in digitalization.” Calling it the “first real industrial policy plan in 20 years,” Gay said that the Industry 4.0 — the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies is leading to “a different vision” looking towards the medium-long term, and that there is greater attention to training. This, in his view, is a positive development and “a direction in which the entire continent is going. One speaks of European Industry 4.0 and of raising Europe’s value in the manufacturing field, with Italy being able to take on a key role due to the skills it has.” He added that the challenges of the digital economy redistributes jobs and does not eliminate them, but that it depends on “those engaging in it, since you are either subjected to change or you manage it. Digitalisation needs to be managed better than other challenges have been, such as globalization.” “Today over22% of the jobs available in Italy cannot be filled because they can’t find qualified personnel”, while “The EU estimates that there will be 500,00 new jobs available over the next three years for those with digital skills,”he said.

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French Election: Marine Le Pen Vows to Pull France Out of the Eurozone

MARINE Le Pen branded the euro “a knife stuck in the ribs of the French people” as she vowed to take France out of the eurozone if she wins the forthcoming presidential election.

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German Police Accused of Covering Up What They Knew About Christmas Market Killer

Local State Criminal Police Office considered the bogus asylum seeker an increasing threat to public safety

New documents suggest that the German police knew more about the threat posed by Tunisian terrorist Anis Amri than claimed, according to reports.

On December 19th 2016 Amri murdered a Polish haulier and stole his vehicle, which he later drove into a busting Christmas market in the German capital.

The Tunisian, who used multiple identities as he gamed the system in Germany, had already had his asylum application rejected and had even been subject to a deportation order before he committed his attack.

He has also been linked to radical Islam and multiple crimes — but the police ended their undercover surveillance of the migrant in September 2016, claiming they had not found evidence of a threat.

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Greece: Car Sales Increased by 43.1% in February

Motorcycles decreased by 52.2%

(ANSA) — TRIESTE — Car sales in Greece increased by 43.1% in February compared to the same month in 2016, according to the Hellenic statistical Authority. Elstat reported that 10,006 vehicles (new and used from abroad) were sold, compared to 6,990 in February 2016. The number of new cars was 5,763 compared to 3,595 (+60.03%). According to Elstat, in the first two months of2017, 23,102 new cars were registered (new and used from abroad) against 17,655 in the same period in 2016 (+30.9%). The brand new cars were 12,909 versus 9,843 in 2016.

Regarding new motorcycles (new or used from abroad) larger than 50 cc, in February there were 1,066 sold against 2,229 in the same month of 2016 (-52.2%). In the first two months of 2017, 2,129 new motorcycles were sold, versus 3,942 in the corresponding period of 2016 (-46%).

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Italy: Bon Voyage Friends Says Salvini on Brexit

Pride and strength from you

(ANSA) — Rome, March 29 — Anti-euro and anti-immigrant Northern League leader Matteo Salvini said on Brexit Wednesday “bon voyage British friends, youhad the intelligence, anger and pride to free yourselves from the cage of Brussels. You used the strength of reason to become masters of your future again, and all the economic data are saying you were right, no matter what nay-sayers and doom-mongers say. See you soon, I’m sure, as free men!”

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Italy: Motion to Sack CONSIP Execs to be Discussed

73 opposition Senators sign it

(ANSA) — Rome, March 28 — A motion to discuss the dismissal of the heads ofthe civil-service procurement agency CONSIP amid a graft probe was approved by the Senate after 73 opposition Senators signed it Tuesday.

Economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan recently said CONSIP CEO Luigi Marroni’s job was safe despite the probe, and Sports Minister Luca Lotti survived a no-confidence vote for his alleged role in tipping off Marroni to the probe.

The father of ex-premier Matteo Renzi, Tiziano, is also under investigation in the probe, for alleged influence peddling.

The elder Renzi allegedly got promises of money in monthly instalments along with a pharmaceuticals businessman, Carlo Russo.

A high-profile Campanian businessman, Alfredo Romeo, has been arrested on suspicion of bribing CONSIP managers in order to get contracts.

One of the managers, Marco Gasparri, has been placed under investigation for allegedly taking bribes from Romeo.

Carabinieri and finance police also conducted a series searches relatedto Italo Bocchino, a former lawmaker for the now-defunct centre-right People of Freedom Party (PdL).

Marroni was handpicked by Renzi when he was premier.

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Italy: Jihadis Wanted to Reach Paradise by Targetting Venice ‘Unbelievers’ — Wiretaps

Islamists considered blowing up Rialto Bridge

(By Denis Greenan). (ANSA) — Rome, March 31 — Italian police on Thursday busted a Venice terror cell that was allegedly planning to blow up the lagooncity’s iconic Rialto Bridge.

Two of the four Kosovars in the suspected terror cell were caught on tape saying “in Venice you immediately earn paradise because of the number ofunbelievers here. Put a bomb on the Rialto Bridge”. The wiretap remark wasreported by interim Venice chief prosecutor Adelchi D’Ippolito at a press conference. The magistrate underscored that the four Kosovars — three adults and a minor — were engaged “in a full-blown activity of self-training in order to prepare to carry out criminal activities and terror attacks on theone hand through physical exercises and on the other by viewing videos of ISIS fundamentalists who explained how to use knives, how you kill with a knife”. It has also been established, Adelchi said, that the four carried out simulations to build home-made explosives. “On the part of all the members there was a great adherence to the ISIS ideology and support for the recent attacks, in particular the one in London on March 22 which received great backing and appreciation”, he added.

In the operation, Venice anti-mafia and anti-terror units worked in “close liaison” with Italian police and Carabinieri, and moved in after “blanket” surveillance of the alleged cell, police said. Three people were arrested and a minor detained in the operation, all originally from Kosovo and regularly resident in Italy. Twelve raids were carried out: 10 in Venice’s historic centre, one in nearby Mestre and one in Treviso to the north, policesaid. The operation succeeded in “reconstructing the relationship dynamicsand the religious radicalisation of the various individuals as well as theplaces they frequented,” police said.

Central terror prevention staff, Carabinieri sniffer-dog units, bomb squads and forensics police also took part in the operation. Also taking partwere special units of Italy’s security police belonging to the Polizia di Stato and the Carabinieri, the NOCS and GIS units respectively. The jihadi cell was busted in the small hours of the night when raids were carried outin the homes of those under investigation, police said. Police are now examining material seized during the raids.

Italy has upped security against jihadi cells following the Westminsterattack in which a lone wolf killed four people.

Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro complimented police on a “brilliant operation that has smashed an extremely dangerous groups”.

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Merkel: Serbia Fulfils the Standards in EU Accession Process

German chancellor stressed importance of media freedom

(ANSA) — TRIESTE — “Serbia fulfils the standards, and newly opened chapters(in accession process) prove that”. German chancellor Angela Merkel emphasized Berlin’s support to Serbian efforts in accession process with the Eu after meeting with prime minister Aleksandar Vucic in Berlin, Ibna said.

“Serbian economic growth shows that reforms are going well”, Merkel affirmed, but she stressed the importance of media freedom. “It’s not just something that European Union imposes; it’s in the interest of Serbia. I want to encourage Vucic to continue with the efforts in the rule of law domain because it is at the focus of the negotiations. He should do that alongside withcivil society which is very active in Serbia. In that context the freedom of media and opinion is important”, German chancellor said.

Merkel recalled that new Eu conference on the Balkans, within the so-calledBerlin process, would be organized in Trieste later this year. All WesternBalkan countries have European perspective, she said.

German chancellor praised Vucic for his standing for the “peaceful and reasonable” development in the Western Balkans.

“When it comes to Kosovo, this is an important issue and we have witnessed improvements regardless of the problems”, Merkel stated adding her expectation that the tensions in the region will be overcome. Vucic thanked Merkel for her “tremendous role in calming down the tensions in the Western Balkans. Serbia is the confident partner of Germany and the Eu and was never deceiving others. I think we deserve respect in that regard”, Vucic said.

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Netherlands on ‘High Alert’ After Erdogan Supporters Stab Kurdish Voters in Belgium

The Netherlands is on high alert after a number of Kurds were attacked and stabbed outside the Turkish consulate in Brussels while trying to cast their votes in a referendum on increasing the powers of President Erdogan.

Supporters of the Islamist leader carrying Turkish flags attacked and wounded multiple people a stone’s throw away from the office of the Belgian prime minister and the headquarters buildings of the European Union, according to reports.

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Poles in Italy: Increasingly Educated and Skilled

Survey by Idos outlines situation, 120,000 people

(ANSA) — ROME — About 100,000 Polish citizens reside in Italy, 120,000 whentaking into account all those of Polish origin, a number which has doubledsince Poland’s accession into to the EU in 2004. They are skilled workers with a high level of education (11% of the total), and many women work in the field of household and care activities. These data come from the latest study carried out by the Embassy of Poland in Italy, in collaboration with the Idos Study and Research Centre, “The Poles in Italy. Current features,changes and prospects” which will be presented Thursday, March 9 in the headquarters of the Polish embassy in Rome. The report, the promoters say, helps to take into account different aspects, including school and university, qualifications of Polish youth, entrepreneurship issues, associations, multilingualism and the specificities of some local contexts (Milan, Rome and Naples). A useful volume “to tie Poles both to Poland and Italy, and to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding”, said the Polish ambassador,Tomasz Orlowski.

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Pope to Receive 4 British Imams

Accompanied by Cardinal Nichols on April 5

(ANSA) — Vatican City, March 29 — Pope Francis will receive four British imams in a private audience on Wednesday April 5 following the recent Westminster terror attack, the Bishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols, who will accompany them, told the SIR news agency today. “Next week I will bring four Muslim leaders of Britain to Pope Francis to say that religious leaders wantand are committed to building relations”, Nichols said.

Nichols said the terror attack, which killed four people, “has nothing to do with borders.” He said “the attacker was a man born in Britain, who gew up in Britain. “He spent a brief period in Saudi Arabia and became a Muslim.

But we must also say that he was a man with a long history of violence.He was in prison five or six times, and those who knew him speak of a veryangry man. “This incident must therefore be seen and interpreted in all its aspects”. For the future, Nichols said, “there is a very important thing to learn and that is not allowing communities to isolate themselves. “I think that people of faith have a lot to offer. The dialogue between people who believe in God creates a common space. “And from this standpoint it is a duty for religious leaders to speak to one another, meet, explore common solutions together, address the question of religious belief that begets extremism and violence.

“But pay attention to relegating faith to a private sphere because thatcontributes still more to the isolation of communities and does not help the construction of an inclusive society.”

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Several Injured in ‘Riots’ At Turkish Embassy in Brussels

A riot has broken out between pro and anti-government groups in front of the Turkish embassy in Brussels. The incident comes as European countries warn of spillover from a polarizing referendum in Turkey.

[Comment: The article is dated March 30, 2017.]

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Swexit? Swedish Politician Says His Country Will be Next to Ditch European Union

Peter Lundgren — a right-wing politician of the Sweden Democrats party who hailed Article 50 “a breath of fresh air” — says his homeland is next in line for its very own “Swexit”.

Speaking to The Express, Mr Lundgren said: “The British people have shown the rest of Europe it’s possible to leave.

“At last we have a breath of fresh air.”

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The Muslim Brotherhood Swoops Into Sweden

A recent report has revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is well established in Sweden. The report — written at the behest of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and commissioned precisely because of a lack of research on the MB in Sweden — caused an outcryagainst the authors. Twenty Swedish academics, who specialize in Islam and Muslims, protested the report[1]. They called it “substandard work”, which did not take account of “the extensive research available about Islam and Muslims in Sweden”.

According to the report, the MB has been operating in Sweden since the late 1970s in the guise of a number of Muslim-Swedish organizations, all centered around the Islamic Association in Sweden (IFIS), which itself was established in the mid-1990s as an organizational front for the MB.

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Two Teenaged Girls Arrested in France Over ‘Plotting Terror Attack’

Two teenage girls have been arrested in southern France on suspicion of plotting a terror attack.

The pair, aged 14 and 15, were taken in for questioning by the anti-terrorism prosecution service after a search of both girls’ homes turned up evidence suggesting they could have been planning an attack, a judicial source said.

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U.S. Tariffs Proof of EU ‘Utility’ — Alfano

Better being European than just Italian

(ANSA) — Brussels, March 31 — United States President Donald Trump’s reported mulling of punitive tariffs on a range of European Union goods as a reprisal against an EU ban on US hormone-boosted beef is “further proof of how useful Europe is,” Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said Friday.

“One thing is defending onself against tariffs as Italy, but it’s another thing to defend oneself as a political and institutional continent, with500 million inhabitants, consumers, and ‘heavy’ subjects on the market,” Alfano said on the sidelines of a NATO foreign ministers meeting.

“This is confirmation that on defensive occasions, but also offensive ones, it is better to be European that only Italian”.

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State Dept Official: Saudi Arabia & Israel Created ISIS With CIA — Dr Steve Pieczenik

Dr Steve Pieczenik — “Today we are supporting the very countries that in fact have created ISIS. Saudi Arabia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Israel, were all part of this amalgam that created the nonsensical group called AlQaeda and ISIS. We are in fact fighting our own creation, and we are spending too much money and too much time”

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Former USSR Debts Will be Paid Within 45 Days

About 125mn USD to Bosnia and Herzegovina

(ANSA) — MOSCOW — The Soviet Union’s foreign debt will be fully paid withina few weeks, when Moscow will pay 125mn Usd that Russia is expected to give to Bosnia-Herzegovina, said the Russian Ministry of Finance cited by RT. According to Deputy Minister Sergey Storchak, this debt will be paid within”45 days”. The debt to the former Yugoslav republics of Croatia, Serbia,Montenegro, Slovenia and Macedonia had been paid by Russia between 2011 and 2016. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation inherited about 66bn Usd of USSR foreign debt, compared to a few billion available in the state coffers. Russia, however, could claim credits from many other countries generously subsidized by the Soviet Union. But these claims are very difficult to collect. As a matter of fact, in recent years, Moscow has cancelled billions of dollars of debt for a lot of countries in Africa, Asia and Central America. In 2013 Russia has almost completely cancelled the $32bn debt for Cuba. According to Russia’s Ministry of Finance, the credits that the former Soviet Union has not collected amounted to about 34bn dollars, money that Russia probably will never see again.

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Guam Meeting: Ukraine PM Expects a Free Trade Area

Groysman and Filp had a bilateral discussion

(ANSA) — TRIESTE — Heads of governments of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan andMoldova took part at the reunion of the Guam Organization for democracy and economic development in Kyiv, said. The Prime Ministers discussed about cooperation, economic development and regional security. The Guam Organization is a regional organization of the four post-Soviet states created in 1997 and officially institutionalized with the headquarters in Kyiv in 2006.

The main topic of the forum was the opportunity of creating a Free trade area and a facilitated customs regime between the four states. Ukraine’s Pm, Volodymyr Groysman, underlined the need to conclude the formation of the Guam Free trade area in 2017: “I would like to urge economy ministries of ourcountries to be more resolute”.

The Moldovan Pm, Pavel Filip, called on investors to come to his country. Filip lauded his Government for reducing by 70% the number of control institutions and by 60% the number of required documents and permits.

Filip and Volodymyr had a bilateral discussion, in which they reiterated about coordinating necessary actions for the joint control at some checkpoints. They also discussed subjects like the reciprocal recognition of land ownership, frontier demarcation and the conditions of exploitation of the Hidroenergetic Complex on Nistru. The parties agreed to sign a joint letter to the European Commission asking for assistance in identifying advantageous solutions regarding the exploitation of Nistru river.

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Mother Shaves Daughter Who Refused Islamic Veil

A woman living in Bologna, Italy, shaved the head of her 14-years-old daughter because the girl had refused to wear the Muslim veil. The story was reported by the local newspaper Il Resto del Carlino.

According to the daily the girl, originally from Bangladesh but living in Italy, told her teachers that she refused to wear the veil. The girl was used to taking it off while at school. When the mother discovered her habit she decided to punish her by shaving the daughter’s head.

The dean of the institute informed the police. The couple has been reportedfor abuse. According to the reports, the parents allegedly forbade the girl to go out or to talk to boys. The police are investigating the parents’ relationships with their children to determine whether there were other abuses.

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Miranda Devine: Mother Denied Access to Alexandria Park Community Centre Multicultural Playgroup for Being Australian

IF you don’t think that multiculturalism and the politics of identity have become instruments of division in Australia, then you need to hear Tara Coverdale’s story.

Like most mothers with young children, Coverdale enjoys opportunities to socialise with other mothers of children the same age while on maternity leave, especially in her neighbourhood in inner-city Sydney.

So when a Russian-born friend mentioned a playgroup on Thursdays, at the Alexandria Park Community Centre, she was enthusiastic.

Two weeks ago, on a humid Thursday morning, she bundled her eight-month-old baby in the pram and walked with her four-year-old son the short distance to the community centre.

When she arrived, her red-haired son raced off to play while she looked around for her friend.

That was when a staff member approached and asked if it was her first day. Coverdale thought how nice that she was so attentive.

“I’m sorry you can’t come here. It’s a multicultural playgroup.”

But then the woman said: “Can I ask what your cultural background is?”

Taken aback, Coverdale, who has blonde hair and freckles, said: “I’m Australian”.

Immediately, the woman said: “I’m sorry, you can’t come here. It’s for multicultural families and people who speak languages other than English at home.”

Coverdale stood her ground: “I said ‘I’m not leaving’. My kids were playing. My older son was having such a good time with his buddy, and I thought, ‘Why should I leave?’“

But then the centre “facilitator”, aka manager, Jo Fletcher, confronted her: “Can I just ask what your cultural background is.”

When Coverdale said she was fourth-generation Australian, Fletcher said: “I’m sorry you can’t come here. It’s a multicultural playgroup.”

“We’re in a pretty progressive area,” says Coverdale. “It’s very accepting of all people. But I feel like I’m excluded.”

This conversation is an account from Coverdale’s recollection. Fletcher did not respond to phone calls and a text message last week, but she confirmed to the NSW Department of Education, which funds the centre, that such a conversation had taken place…

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Pope ‘Not a Marxist’ Says Turkson

Backs market economy ‘in service of Man’ says cardinal

(ANSA) — Vatican City, March 30 — Pope Francis is not a Marxist, the head of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Integral Human Development, Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, said on Thursday.

Turkson said Francis was not against the market economy but wanted an “economy at the service of Man”.

Turkson said “they say the pope criticises capitalism, but if you look at his documents, the word capitalism isn’t used in any of them”.

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South Africa: Murder Rate for These White Farmers 20 Times International Average

South African minority facing genocide incited by government

Over a two-year time span, South African Claudine Van Wyk lost three beloved family members in a series of gruesome farm attacks in the troubled African nation.

Her story is hardly unique.

The horrendous violence that has become so common in South Africa is a terror that even cross-border violence or irrational violence against a religious minority doesn’t approach.

And the attacks are viewed by many experts as the signs of genocide, warning top government officials are inciting, if not participating directly in it.

The trigger for the latest murder and mayhem against whites is the land owned by descendants of Europeans who arrived generations ago and built up what is now becoming known as “Rainbow Nation.”

Among those ramping up the hatred is South African President Jacob Zuma, who sings a song about genocide and is now seeking to expropriate white-owned farms without even providing compensation.

Here’s Zuma singing the genocide song:…

[comment: Highly recommended reading!]

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Julian Assange Safe as Leftist Moreno Defeats Banker Lasso; Recount Demanded

Update: according to Telesur, Lenin Moreno has won the Ecuadorian presidential election Sunday. With 94 percent of the vote counted, Lenin defeated former banker Guillermo Lasso, candidate for the right-wing alliance with 51.15 percent to 48.85 percent, according to results issued by the country’s National Electoral Council on Sunday at 8:20 p.m. The CNE said it was a transparent and successful election process. A victory for Moreno means that Assange will be safe from expulsion from Ecuador’s London embassy for the immediate future.

Meanwhile, Lasso has disputed the result and asked for a recount, setting the stage for potential protests in the historically turbulent Andean nation.

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Austria to Implement Tight Border Control at Brenner Pass

On special platform of Brennersee train station

(ANSAmed) — BOLZANO, MARCH 29 — Austria will check all trains at the Brenner pass in the Brennersee train station, where a special platform will be set up to prevent the slowing down of international traffic. The announcementwas made by Tyrol Governor Günther Platter.

The situation at the Italian-Austrian border crossing is at the moment “relatively calm thanks to current checks and good collaboration with Italian and German authorities.” In case of need, the barrier “can be activated at any time”, Platter said. The works in the Brennersee station, which is near the border with Austria, will cost a total of about a million euros. One third is expected to be paid by the OEBB Austrian railways, Platter announced. The new platform in Brennersee is expected to lighten the burden on the Brennero and Innsbruck stations, where checks are currently conducted. “We must be vigilant,” the governor of Tyrol was quoted by APA as saying, inreference to the growing number of arrivals in Italy. “Fortunately,” he added, “we have the tool” of border management, meaning tight control at the border crossing.

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Canadians Fed Up With Being Asylum-Seekers’ Patsies

A new Ipsos poll Wednesday commissioned by Global News shows over 90% of Canadians believe the Liberals’ approach to dealing with asylum seekers is in dire need of changes.

As Ipsos CEO Darrell Bricker put it, “For Canadians it’s not either a discussion about compassion or a discussion about security, it’s a discussion about rules.

“Regardless of your views on immigration in general, there’s an overall perspective among Canadians that rules must make sense, and they must be followed.”

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Central Europe’s Leaders Reject EU’s Relocation of Migrants

Orban, block access. Serracchiani, respect of deals

(ANSA) — WARSAW, Poland — Leaders from Central Europe said Tuesday they reject a European Union policy that calls for all member states to receive migrants, protesting suggestions that the level of their compliance could be linked to the availability of EU funds to them, as reported by AP.

A meeting in Warsaw of the so-called Visegrad Group brought together Poland’s Prime Minister Beata Szydlo and her counterparts from Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic for talks including EU’s migrant policies and a planof sharing some 160,000 migrants among member states to ease the migrant wave pressure on Greece and Italy.

The EU recently warned of financial consequences to those who do not comply.

Central European leaders said they reject the relocation plan and will not yield under the financial pressure, which they called an attempt at blackmail. Poland’s government is citing security concerns among the reasons behind its refusal to take in people. Szydlo said at a joint news conference that EU’s migration policy should result from a true compromise among member states that would take into account especially sensitive issues. “The Visegrad Group, including Poland, will never agree to blackmail and will never agree to conditions being dictated to them,” Szydlo said.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said his country was further sealing its borders and tightening regulations to block access to any more migrants, saying that serves the security of all of Europe. The Visegrad Group aspires to have a greater role in EU policies while at the same time makes a point of criticizing the bloc’s decisions. MONIKA SCISLOWSKA.

TRIESTE — ‘There are countries that want to back out of the obligation to mutual solidarity, but this requirement is not negotiable because the cohesion of the Union is based on the respect of agreements”, according to FVG president Debora Serracchiani, who commented on the positions of some countries against the migrant relocation plan.

“We can understand that Austria is still under pressure — he continued -, since it has already received a substantial flow of migrants in respect of its population, even though the redistribution plan includes small numbers for this country. The situation of some other countries is quite different:even though they continue to benefit from substantial EU funds for cohesion and integration, they have done almost nothing so far to give relief to those who are at the forefront”.

According to Serracchiani “we must seriously face this issue: there is a group of new EU member countries that find it hard to give the same importance to privileges and obligations arising from being EU members”.


Questa email è stata esaminata alla ricerca di virus da AVG.

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Jordan: Germany Sign Accord to Fund Projects for Refugees

Includes health centers and service providers in Syrian camps

(ANSAmed) — DEAD SEA, MARCH 29 — Jordan and Germany cosigned a 44-million-euro grant agreement to fund energy projects for Syrian refugees and host communities, according to a Planning and International Cooperation Ministry statement. The project aims to reduce electricity costs by generating electricity from solar energy at a 30-35megawatt capacity, Planning and International Cooperation Minister Imad Fakhoury said in an official statement.

The money will be used in funding a solar energy system, connecting the network, consultation services and additional measures, added Fakhouri.

Institutions that will take advantage of the project include hospitals, health centres and water service providers in refugees host communities, and in refugee camps, he added.

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Le Pen Slams Macron for ‘Defending the Burkini’ In Latest Jibe

MARINE Le Pen blasted her fellow election hopeful Emmanuel Macron for having “no solution” to “mass immigration” and for “defending the burkini”.

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Sanctuary Cities Free 253 Illegal-Alien Criminals in 2 Weeks

Outlaws becoming ‘main beneficiaries’ of non-cooperation policies

ICE routinely issues detainers to state and local law enforcement agencies to notify them of its intent to assume custody of an illegal alien currently being detained in state or local custody on criminal charges.

The detainer requests that the law enforcement agency notify ICE as early as possible, ideally at least 48 hours in advance, before a deportable alien is released from custody. It also asks the state or local jurisdiction to hold onto the alien for up to 48 hours so Department of Homeland Security agents have time to get there and take the alien into custody.

However, many law enforcement agencies refuse to comply with ICE detainers, instead releasing deportable criminal aliens back into their communities. Some simply snub ICE, while others are bound by state or local ordinances or policies that restrict or prohibit cooperation with ICE. Such policies are only one type of “sanctuary policy” that help define a jurisdiction as a sanctuary city or sanctuary county.

ICE lists 152 jurisdictions that have explicitly enacted policies limiting their cooperation with ICE detainers. ICE emphasizes the list is based on public announcements, news report statements and publicly disclosed policies, so there may be more jurisdictions that do not cooperate with ICE.

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Small Town Attack: ‘African, Arab’ Men Use Stolen Tools to Terrorize Locals

Police in the small German town of Bad Sobernheim have reported a group of men described as being “African or Arabic origin” who broke into a construction site, stole tools, and used them to attack locals.

The attack, which was reported to have taken place over the weekend of the 25th of March saw a gang of migrants roam around the small town which has a population of only six and a half thousand and attack passers-by.

Police say that the men had broken into a construction site in the town earlier that evening, stealing various tools which they used to torment the people in the town according to a press release from the force.

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Surge in Child Refugees Trying to Reach UK Creates ‘Terrifying New Market’ For People Traffickers

Smuggling networks in northern France manipulating children into taking illegal routes involving large debts and exploitation, charities warn

A surge in child refugees returning to Calais and Dunkirk in a bid to reach the UK is generating a new “consumer base” for smugglers and people traffickers in the region, The Independent has learnt.

Charities have warned that the closure of legal routes to Britain and an absence of child safeguarding services in the region have provided smuggling networks with a “terrifying new market” that involves coercing children into taking illegal routes involving large debts or exploitation.

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UK: Mother, Son Who ‘Gave Shelter to Homeless Man’ Stabbed to Death

‘I can’t believe your act of kindness had ended this way’

(London Independent) A woman and her teenaged son who were stabbed to death had reportedly taken the man charged with their murder into the family home.

Tracey Wilkinson, 50 and son Pierce, 13, died and husband, Peter, 47, was left fighting for his life following the triple stabbing in the West Midlands town of Stourbridge.

The family is believed to have answered the door to a man at 8am on Thursday morning shortly before the attack…

Officers confirmed Aaron Barley, 23, was arrested after taking Mr Wilkinson’s Land Rover which he crashed during a police chase. He has since been charged with two counts of murder and one of attempted murder.

Shocked neighbours in the leafy suburban street of Greyhound Lane told reporters the couple were “good Samaritans” with “hearts of gold” and had offered sanctuary to a young homeless man with drug problems around Christmas in 2015.

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13 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/2/2017

  1. Re: the Canada article …

    Your comment posed it as an either/or situation, but it is a matter of “both” :

    Liberals are really stupid traitors.

  2. Big MISTAKE Serbia in joining the EU which is disintegrating, and that process should be obvious to everyone who values the shirt on their back. Does Mutte Merkel truly believe everything she utters to those who are only too willing to drag their country into an ‘economic’ system that will bleed them dry?

    Serbia’s roots are with Russia, not Germany. Another bunch of sheeple to the EU slaughterhouse!

  3. Let’s keep the genocide against Caucasians in Zuma’s South Africa a secret, OK?

    • Good point. He will be as ruthless as Mugabe has been in Zimbabwe
      Given half the chance and he turned the bread basket of Africa into the basket case of Africa in less than a decade!
      I would like to think that Europe would give refugee status to any
      Fleeing white South Africans but I am not to hopeful really!

  4. Explosion in St. Petersburg, Russia in the subway. At least 10 dead, Mohammed coefficient so far unknown.

  5. The news disgusts me. Especially when I compare today to yesterday (meaning years ago when there actually WERE standards). When will people wake up? When do we get to stop reading about 15-year-old whores? Or disgusting murders? Okay, maybe all this took place 50 years ago but I do not recall reading about it, so it has to be that it didn’t happen or the “news” didn’t report it.

    Which is it?

  6. “One of the peculiar aspects of the story is that he is being charged with making and distributing child pornography, yet he is actually younger than the girl he victimized.”

    You’re running a bit behind the times. Girls have been arrested for posting selfies.

    • Not just arrested, but convicted and put on the sex offender registry! That behavior is disgusting and should result in some serious consequences, but putting them on the registry is too much. The purpose of the registry is to provide the public with information about people near them who are known to pose a threat. A dopey teen who took photos of herself isn’t going to hurt her neighbors. Now, those gang rapists on the other hand….

  7. Ref the Chicago rapes and child porn…

    It doesn’t matter here in the US if the sender is a minor, or even younger than the minor victim, or even a disturbed child posting pics of her/ his own nude body, child porn is child porn.

  8. Re the Broken Arrow Oklahoma incident, and the family of one of the teenage complaining the home-owner’s son had a huge advantage using an AR 15; incredible as this sounds, they are only following the reasoning of some governments–in particular, the British!

    For many years now the British government has sided with the thieves and vandals who break into British homes, to the point where the criminal has nearly all the rights! Nor is Canada any better, we homeowners must not use more force than the criminal, and guns are a no-no; we are told we must ‘restrain’ the criminal, but just how an elderly man, often incapacitated or on medication, can ‘restrain and hold’ a big, powerful young man, has still not been explained…

  9. Re “Doomsday Library” in Norway: no-one knows how long digital media will last. Audio CDs are estimated to be good for a century, but I’ve had some fail much earlier. Good old analogue LPs, on the other hand, should last for centuries.

    Not that I’ll be around to care, but future generations, if any, may!

  10. That’s so horrible about that family who took in that homeless man being killed. I genuinely feel for people who wind up homeless because of happenstance, especially since it’s so hard to differentiate them from the majority who end up that way through mental illness, drug addiction, or an inability or refusal to engage with society. Well, I genuinely feel for the mentally ill, too, it’s just that it’s dicey trying to interact with them from a personal safety standpoint. Junkies and the pathologically anti-social can go hang, though.

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