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A major DDoS attack brought down a substantial portion of the Internet on the East Coast of the United States today. The attack was directed at Dyn, a cloud-based provider, and affected Twitter, Spotify, and a number of other major websites.

In other news, due to the housing shortage in Germany, an elderly couple in the city of Bonn are now faced with the choice of living in a refugee home with asylum seekers, or becoming homeless.

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» Caught in the Act! Massive Voter Fraud for Hillary
» Clinton Aide Asks if Hillary “Should Return the Money” to Banks if She Loses Badly
» Donald Trump Roasts Hillary Clinton, Triggers Media at Al Smith Charity Dinner
» Donald Trump: ‘I Would Accept a Clear Election Result, But Reserve My Right to Contest in the Case of a Questionable Result
» Evidence That the Silencing of Assange Connects Directly to the Clinton Camp
» FCC Approves Foreign Takeover of U.S. Broadcasters
» Former Top-FBI Official Endorses Trump
» Gutting America’s Socialism
» Hillary Clinton Tops Islamic Money List
» Hillary Released “Extremely Sensitive and Thus Highly Classified” Material on National Television: “Should Result in Her Immediate Arrest”
» Hillary Clinton: America’s Most Dangerous Enemy Within
» Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks Urges Supporters to Stop Hacking After Shock Twitter Crash
» Left Incites Violence at Trump Rallies — DNC and Clinton Campaign Complicit
» Massive Internet Outage Hits Major Websites
» Michigan Democrats Are Coming for Your Guns…
» No, Trump Should Not Accept the Results of a Possibly Stolen Election
» O’Keefe: Mainstream Media Losing Power to Stop Trump
» Rigging the Election — Mass Voter Fraud
» She Compromised Way More Than Just Emails: Security Agent Tells “What Hillary is Really Like”
» The Trump Treatment for a Campus Conservative
» Trump Unchained, “Distorted Media Pushing Crooked Hillary”
» Trump vs Clinton: Why You Shouldn’t Necessarily Trust the Polls
» Unrest and Martial Law? Leaked Military Drill Anticipates “No Rule of Law” After Election Results
» WikiLeaks Presents First of Obama’s Secret Emails: “Could There be Corruption?”
» WikiLeaks Taunts Democrats, Tweets “It Has a Surprise in Store” For Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile
» WikiLeaks: ‘Corrupt Ruling Power Factions’ Are Going to Win the Election
» Canada Says European Union Trade Pact Now Looks ‘Impossible’
» Ranked Ballots Would Weaken the Competitiveness of Canadian Elections
» The EU-Canada CETA Trade Agreement is Both Illegal and Immoral: Paul Hellyer’s Western Canada Speaking Tour Stop Ceta! Reform Canadian Banking System!
Europe and the EU
» French Police Defy Government in Growing Protest Movement Over Lawlessness
» The Great CETA Swindle — Signing of Trade Deal Hits Last Minute Glitch
Middle East
» Most Important Russian Battleships Headed to Syria for Showdown: “This Will be It”
» The Mosul Offensive’s Many Unknowns
» The Coming War With Russia
Sub-Saharan Africa
» Sudan’s Extremist Islamist Regime Uses Chemical Weapons in Darfur Genocide
Latin America
» Sorry Bond Lords, Venezuela is a Dictatorship Now
» Calais Child Refugee Row Explodes on This Morning With Eamonn Holmes
» Germans Leave Germany ‘In Droves’ as Backlash Over Merkel’s Migrant Policy Continues
» German Pensioner Couple Forced to Live in Migrant Accommodation
» Hillary Clinton Embraces George Soros’ ‘Radical’ Vision of Open-Border World
» Immigration Officials Erect 15ft Fence to Hide ‘Child’ Migrants
» The Elites and Open Borders
» Up to 90% of Rejected Asylum Seekers Cannot be Deported From Austria — Defense Minister
Culture Wars
» Feminists: The Misandrists of Marxism

Caught in the Act! Massive Voter Fraud for Hillary

WikiLeaks emails and leaked footage bring Democratic party to its knees

Hillary Clinton accused the Russians of espionage and said Putin is hacking American websites to swing the vote in favor of Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, WikiLeaks documents and hidden camera footage from Project Veritas reveal that it’s the Clinton Campaign that is plotting massive voter fraud in the upcoming election.

Darrin McBreen reports.

[Comment: Pure lies from the Demoncrat machine. Don’t forget about that leftist postal worker who was boasting about tearing up mail-in ballots that were voting for Trump.]

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Clinton Aide Asks if Hillary “Should Return the Money” to Banks if She Loses Badly

In the latest, 13th daily Podesta email release, one particular email sticks out: on February 7, 2016 Neera Tanden, a close confidante of Hillary Clinton and according to many one of the key masterminds of her campaign strategy, asks John Podesta a question which may be interpreted that banker money received by Hillary can be deemed equivalent to a bribe.

Specifically, Tanden asks Podesta that “speaking at the banks… don’t shoot me but if we lose badly maybe she should just return the money.” To which she then adds “say she gets the anger and moves on. Feels a little like an open wound.”

The exchange may be one of the more clear indications of a tentative “quid-pro-quo” arrangement, in which cash is provided in exchange for ‘services’ which naturally would not be rendered if Hillary were to “lose badly.”

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Donald Trump Roasts Hillary Clinton, Triggers Media at Al Smith Charity Dinner

Donald Trump burned Hillary Clinton and the ruling elite in an epic comedy routine delivered at tonight’s Alfred Smith charity dinner in New York.

At one point, the media hacks in the audience got so triggered they decided to make a scene by booing, LOL!

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Donald Trump: ‘I Would Accept a Clear Election Result, But Reserve My Right to Contest in the Case of a Questionable Result

“I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election — if I win.”

“Of course I would accept a clear election result, but I would also reserve my right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a questionable result,” he continued.

“I will follow and abide by all the rules and traditions of all of the many candidates who came before me, always,” he added.

“Bottom line,” he concluded, “we’re going to win.”

Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, and her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, however, claimed Thursday that reserving his “right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a questionable result” was contrary to American political tradition, despite her own vigorous support for Al Gore’s exercise of that right in the contested 2000 Presidential election.

[Comment: Good call. If it’s close, he definitly should contest the massive fraud Demoncrats will perpetrate to put their globalist puppet in the white house.]

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Evidence That the Silencing of Assange Connects Directly to the Clinton Camp

Fingerprints of Fabrication — More Effective than a Drone Strike: Exposing the Anatomy of a Take-Down

Julian Assange, the man behind Wikileaks and a threat to the criminal cabal of globalists working inside of the U.S. government, is the subject of multiple investigations, including two most recent, extremely serious and very curiously timed charges. In fact, it is suggested that these charges served, at least in part, as the basis for Assange recently losing his internet access.

A press release dated 18 October 2016 from Wikileaks details the charges, summarized as follows: “An unknown entity posing as an internet dating agency prepared an elaborate plot to falsely claim that Julian Assange received US$1 million from the Russian government and a second plot to frame him sexually molesting an eight year old girl.” Both are heavy duty accusations, to be sure.

In society and especially within prison systems (well, except for some Middle Eastern countries), pedophiles do not fare well. Mere accusations are often sufficient to make one a very poor life insurance risk. Accusations of espionage, including and especially to such levels of enrichment, can also be a death sentence.

Why not just drone the guy, one might ask? Well, that could work, too, however, the mere stigma from accusations of espionage and pedophilia might well be considered the “daily double” of professional extermination, without the property destruction and bloodshed. Such charges are far more convenient and effective than a drone strike, as no tears are shed for such societal dregs. As an added benefit, there’s a whole lot less explaining that needs to be done.

It is important to note here that the American public has been inundated with accusations that the nation state of Russia is behind the Podesta and DNC hacks. Recall that Hillary Clinton asserts that all of our intelligence agencies are pointing to Russia as the culprits behind the digital break-ins, involving Assange by association with the Russian operation. How utterly convenient, then, to see charges levied against Assange that he is the intended recipient of one million dollars. For the mindless spectators listening to the media pundits, case closed.

For the independent thinkers among us, not so fast…

Now with regard to the charges against Assange, my investigation revealed that all is not what it appears. It is, in fact worse. If proven correct, the charges are not only spurious, but can be traced to political operatives inside the inner circle of Hillary Clinton campaign and equally important, intelligence operatives within that same circle. Simply put, Hillary Clinton, along with her inner circle of political and intelligence operatives appear to be present at the epicenter of both the Benghazi cover-up and the Assange accusations.

I do not write this lightly and understand the implications by publishing my analysis. I am therefore relieved upon finding the research of citizen journalists posting to Reddit, who appear to be arriving at similar conclusions. It was during my broadcast last evening when a listener sent me the link to the same Reddit thread I found earlier, giving me a bit of comfort knowing that others are beginning to take notice.

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FCC Approves Foreign Takeover of U.S. Broadcasters

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on September 29th did something worse than give up control of the Internet. They voted unanimously to put America’s entire broadcast industry on the fast track to a foreign takeover by Chinese, Russian or Muslim Brotherhood front corporations.

This new FCC rule gives foreign interests the long sought-after tools they need to shape U.S. public opinion and to censor the opposition.

Once a foreign corporation scoops up a media business, such as a chain of radio stations, it can eliminate national and local programming and substitute its own government’s propaganda. That means that conservative talkers could find themselves off the air.

Citing the need for “change” from the old “vintage” laws, Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel declared that “laws that govern broadcast investment can get in the way.”

So, rather than respect the law and Congress, the FCC decided in a 5 to 0 vote to decree a new “rule” that effectively guts a law that protected Americans from foreign interests and their propaganda. The new rule assumes that any foreign owner of a TV or radio broadcaster will be acceptable unless someone can prove otherwise.

[Comment: Abolish the FCC.]

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Former Top-FBI Official Endorses Trump

(Independent Journal Review) With the election only a few weeks out, James Kallstrom, the former Assistant Director of the FBI, has decided to endorse Trump.

In an interview on Fox News, Kallstrom started out by making it clear that he has a “low opinion of all politicians, except for a few.”

Then, he said:

“I’m endorsing Donald Trump. I’ve know him 40 years. I’ve never endorsed a candidate. He’s a good human being. He’s a generous person.

He’s got a big heart. He’s done hundreds and hundreds of things for people without fanfare. He’s a good guy. He’s a patriot of this country.”

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Gutting America’s Socialism

“The key to destroying socialism is not to fight it. It is to starve it.”

The Affordable Care Act, unthinkable in the 90s, is now embedded in the United States. As we watch its engineered failure, we are only months away from Obamacare’s collapse into federally run socialized medicine.

Common Core nationalized our educational system, even though three congressional laws forbid federal involvement in local learning.

HUD’s newest partnership with the Departments of Education and Transportation enables those agencies to dictate where our children will go to school, who will be in their classrooms, and which socioeconomic brackets will fill our neighborhoods.

In many ways, we have devolved beyond a socialist’s dream.

The government can now exert sufficient financial pressure to control whom your neighbors will be, the size of your community lots, and to annex communities into regions ultimately operated by unelected councils over whom you have no say.

In spite of the tentacles of a powerful government snaking into our towns, counties and states, it is not only possible to reverse socialism; the trend has already started in communities across America.

The key to destroying socialism is not to fight it; it is to starve it. To understand how, we must first understand how that contemptible model took foothold in a country that prides itself on freedom.

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Hillary Clinton Tops Islamic Money List

The Middle East Forum’s “Islamist Money in Politics” (IMIP) project is releasing the names of the top-ten recipients of 2015-16 campaign contributions from individuals who subscribe to the same Islamic supremacism as Khomeini, Bin Laden, and ISIS, its most recent press release announced.

According to the report, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton tops the list, raking in $41,165 from prominent Islamists. This includes $19,249 from senior officials of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), declared a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates on November 15, 2014.

For example, Clinton has accepted $3,900 from former CAIR vice-chairman Ahmad Al-Akhras, who has defended numerous Islamists in Ohio indicted — and later convicted — on terrorism charges.

Among other current presidential candidates, Jill Stein has accepted $250. Donald Trump and Gary Johnson have not received any Islamist money.

Other top recent recipients of money from Islamists include Rep. Keith Ellison ($17,370) and Rep. Andre Carson ($13,225). The top-ten list includes nine Democrats, one independent (Sen. Bernie Sanders accepted $9,285), and no Republicans…

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Hillary Released “Extremely Sensitive and Thus Highly Classified” Material on National Television: “Should Result in Her Immediate Arrest”

All military powers have secrets. Some of them are more-serious than others, in that the harm done if they’re revealed varies. When it comes to the modern age information about our nuclear weapons programs is some of the most-secret, and with good reason — you never want an adversary to know what you’re capable of and you especially don’t want them to know both what you can do and how long it will take you to do it.

Hillary said the following in the debate last night:

“But here’s the deal. The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed. There’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.”

Hillary probably knows exactly what those timing constraints are because as Secretary of State she had to know. But such information is extremely sensitive and thus highly classified, almost-certainly at an SAP level (that is, “beyond top secret” as is claimed in the referenced article) because it would give an adversary critical data on our response to a potential attack and allow them to know what they must achieve to get inside our “OODA” loop. If an adversary gets inside that loop in a fight for your life you usually die.

“OODA” stands for “observe”, “orient”, “decide” and “act”. It is the basic principle on which essentially all combat decisions rest. In order to make wise decisions in combat you must perform all four steps, in order, for each offensive or defensive act you take.

All of these steps take time.

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Hillary Clinton: America’s Most Dangerous Enemy Within

– From Florida, I flew out to Reno to entertain at the 2016 Nevada Women’s Expo. In between my shows, I made pit-stops in my hotel room. Folks, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Every news TV channel I turned to was beating the crap out of Trump trying to brand him an abuser of women. Leaked Hillary emails have revealed that the mainstream media gets its marching orders from the Clinton campaign.

Thus, the media fix is in: portray Trump in a red hoodie with a pitchfork; portray wicked-crooked Hillary as angelic, wearing a pure white flowing gown. Never have I seen such a shock-and-awe orchestrated media campaign to demonize a candidate…

Folks, it is beyond repulsive and stomach turning watching our Leftist enemies deceptively promoting this evil woman as an angel of light.

During the extremely rough flight into Reno for the Women’s Expo (my wife Mary’s nails pressed firmly into my thigh), I watched a DVD of Trevor Loudon’s extremely scary, compelling and yet hopeful new movie, Enemies Within.

Trevor’s movie brings home the reality that Communism and Sharia Law could become the law of the land in America. I realize that sounds “far-out”, as we said in the 70s. However, Trevor gives documented evidence to prove his point…

The good news is Trevor’s movie, Enemies Within, offers solutions. Folks, find out how you can stop our enemies’ evil takeover. Please visit

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Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks Urges Supporters to Stop Hacking After Shock Twitter Crash

WHISTLEBLOWING website WikiLeaks last night called on its followers to “stop taking down the US internet” after a co-ordinated cyber attack shut down a handful of major websites.

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Left Incites Violence at Trump Rallies — DNC and Clinton Campaign Complicit

Well, this certainly doesn’ t surprise me. It would seem, according to James O’ Keefe of Project Veritas, that Democrats are using provocateurs to gin up violence at Trump rallies. They want the chaos and anarchy that produces and to make Trump supporters look violent. They used similar tactics against the Tea Party. I’ ve heard the term “ bird-dogging” before and I would say they are definitely using it to attack the Trump campaign.

Robert Creamer, a blatant Chicago communist and activist, is behind a lot of this. It’ s nothing new for him. He’ s a convicted felon who came up with the political strategy for Obamacare. And now this. Creamer admits on one video that Clinton is aware of “all” of his work and that Democracy Partners has a daily telephone call with the Clinton campaign to coordinate efforts. That’ s pretty damning all by itself.

– From Breitbart:…

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Massive Internet Outage Hits Major Websites

(TECHCRUNCH) A number of popular sites and services are down right now for many users, including Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify and Shopify. The cause appears to be a sweeping outage of DNS provider Dyn, as a result of a DDOS attack, according to a post on Hacker News.

We’re tracking the outage and will let you know if we discover anything further about outage length, cause or sites affected.

Other sites experiencing issues include Github, Airbnb, Reddit, Freshbooks, Heroku and Vox Media properties. Users accessing these sites might have more or less success depending on where they’re located, as some European and Asian users seem not to be encountering these issues.

[Comment: This is the reason for the ICANN tranfer. Banksters want to censor and throttle the information flow — who better than China who has been doing it for years to their own people. ICANN headquarters is now in Beijing.]

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Michigan Democrats Are Coming for Your Guns…

Michigan Democrats have introduced a package of bills meant to reduce gun violence including one targeting assault weapons, according to a news release from the lawmakers.

State Representative Robert Wittenberg, D-Oak Park, and other caucus members, introduced the gun legislation Wednesday, Oct. 19.

The bill to prohibit and provide penalties for the manufacturing, purchasing, possessing, selling and transferring assault weapons was sponsored by Rep. Wittenberg and Rep. Jim Townsend, D-Royal Oak.

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No, Trump Should Not Accept the Results of a Possibly Stolen Election

One of the most talked about parts of last night’s final presidential debate was Donald Trump’s statement that he’d let us know on election night if he’d accept the balloting results. An NBC commentator expressed her bubble-headed opinion that the statement lost him the election. Worse still, “conservative” commentator John Podhoretz wrote that Trump’s comment was “a shocking and cravenly irresponsible thing to say, the sort of thing that threatens to rend our national fabric, and for that alone, Trump has earned his place in the history of American ignominy.” But Podhoretz’ criticism is what’s shocking and cravenly irresponsible-and reflective of profound ignorance.

Are some of us living in an alternate-reality universe? We just saw NYC’s Democrat election commissioner, Alan Schulkin, caught on video admitting “there’s a lot of vote fraud,” as he talked about how people are “bussed” around to vote illegally. This was followed by a Project Veritas sting video showing a Democrat operative slug named Scott Foval giving advice on how to commit the fraud, saying that it has been going on for 50 years and that it “doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this m****rf****r.” There was also the WikiLeaks released email showing that Clinton allies, also Democrats, presumably, believe that Obama forces committed vote fraud in 2008. Then there’s another WikiLeaks email in which Clinton campaign manager John Podesta wrote that “if you show up on Election Day with a drivers [sic] license with a picture [and 12 states and D.C. allow illegals to get licenses], attest that you are a citizen, you have a right to vote in Federal elections.” Add to this the 2012 Pew study showing that approximately “24 million-one of every eight-voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate. More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters. [And] [a]pproximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state,” and what does it add up to?

That the John Podhoretzes of the world are, through their cowardice and sins of omission, hurting our republic.

Reality # 1: There is vote fraud.

Reality # 2: Since there’s vote fraud, it’s possible an election-especially a close one-could be stolen.

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O’Keefe: Mainstream Media Losing Power to Stop Trump

The establishment can’t win

Citizen journalism and social media has overpowered the collapsing, discredited mainstream media, says Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe.

“You are seeing social media and the grassroots in this country become more powerful than the mainstream media,” O’Keefe said on The Alex Jones Show Thursday. “We’re the social media barbarians at the gates.”

Because the bombshell Project Veritas videos are receiving enormous online attention, the mainstream media is now forced to do their job and cover it after Republican nominee Donald Trump brought them up at the final presidential debate and people “flooded their inboxes.”

He explained how the first undercover video reveals a “dark money” conspiracy to induce violence at Trump rallies, showing Democratic operative Bob Creamer — – who’s resigned since the video’s release — taking credit for the violence and explaining how their orders came from a chain of command connected to the White House.

The second explosive videos shows Democratic operative Scott Foval talking about how they’ve been using dirty tricks and shady strategies to fix elections for the last fifty years.

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Rigging the Election — Mass Voter Fraud

In this second investigative video, Project Veritas sends an undercover reporter in pretending to be a Democratic Party donor brainstorming an elaborate voter fraud scheme to fraudulently register people to vote in various states using the lax voter registration policies currently in place. Robert Creamer also stars in this video with his colleague Scott Foval, who was summarily fired yesterday from Americans United for Change because of O’ Keefe’ s investigative work. Also of note, Foval worked for People for the American Way. I’ m sure you will be shocked to know they are primarily funded by George Soros.

In the preface to the second video, O’Keefe states that the first video “blew up on social media, but sources have told us that several large corporate media outlets are afraid to cover our discoveries for fear of future retribution from a Hillary Clinton administration. Truth is dangerous especially when it challenges power.”

Foval states his adoration for Creamer in the second video:

Bob Creamer is diabolical and I love him for it. I have learned so much from that man over the last twenty years, I can’t even tell you. And he calls me to be his firefighter a lot of the time, because there are people who in our movement will not do what it takes to get shit done. And I’m not that person. I’m the one they send when everything has gone to shit. And so he spends a lot of time on the phone with my boss asking me to go places that I don’t wish to go.

Well, if you call learning at the knee of a felon, committed communist and radical activist who envisioned Obamacare the kind of person you idolize, then you are pretty much the scum of the earth. In the second video you get to see Foval and the undercover reporter brainstorming over voter fraud, however O’ Keefe notes that “Creamer hesitated to help our ‘donor’ pull off the voter fraud scheme that Foval crafted.” He must have smelled a trap because this is the kind of thing that is right up Creamer’ s alley. Never one to give up what he thinks is a brilliant scheme, Foval then went to Cesar Vargas.

[Comment: Soros funded, again…]

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She Compromised Way More Than Just Emails: Security Agent Tells “What Hillary is Really Like”

While there have been recent narratives by security agents detailing what life was like working closely with Hillary Clinton as their boss, most of these have made it to the public in book format, and as such one assumes they took certain liberties to embellish the narrative and spicy up the plot. One such example is Ronald Kessler who has written several books about the Secret Service, even though claims about Clinton mistreating agents in private are numerous.

However, today for the first time, courtesy of the latest release of 100 pages of FBI “302” documents, we now have an on the record interview with a former, unnamed female member of Hillary security detail who belonged to the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and who reveals a truly “deplorable” picture of what having Hillary Clinton as your boss was like.

According to the agent’s testimony, Clinton didn’t just treat agents poorly. She reportedly disrespected U.S. ambassadors with her routine breaches of diplomatic protocol.

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The Trump Treatment for a Campus Conservative

I was disinvited from a college debate on the campus of the State University of New York in New Paltz last March. Left-wing professors didn’t want to hear me debate a left-winger on media coverage of the elections. It was the first time in academic history, to my knowledge, that an actual debate was cancelled because of faculty objections to one side of the debate.

The ban proved to be embarrassing to the president of the university. Reminded in a letter from me that his campus website proclaims a devotion to free speech, he invited me back on October 20. Security was demanded and will be provided.

Before my rescheduled appearance, however, psychologist Dr. Jonathan Haidt was brought to SUNY New Paltz to discuss the controversy over the cancellation, in the context of whether “trigger warnings” should now be used to warn students of speech that may offend them. It looks like he got paid $10,000 for a couple hours’ work, to counsel students about the trauma from a debate that didn’t take place. Those assembled for his lecture then discussed whether a university can be for truth and social justice at the same time.

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Trump Unchained, “Distorted Media Pushing Crooked Hillary”

“For any minimally conscious American citizen, it is absolutely evident that Donald Trump is not only facing the mammoth Clinton political machine, but, also the combined forces of the viciously dishonest Mainstream Media.” -Boyd D. Cathey, “The Tape, the Conspiracy, and the Death of the Old Politics”, Unz Review

“The election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing Crooked Hillary.” -Donald Trump, Twitter

When was the last time the media threw 100% of its support behind one party’s presidential candidate? What does that say about the media?

Do you feel comfortable with the idea that a handful of TV and print-news executives are inserting themselves into the process and choosing our leaders for us? Is that the way democracy is supposed to work?

Check out this blurb from The Hill:

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Trump vs Clinton: Why You Shouldn’t Necessarily Trust the Polls

ACTUARIAL REVIEW: Analysis of Recent Polls Shows Trump Win and Possible Landslide

Gateway Pundit The mainstream media always use polls to push their agenda. Polls can be skewed by selecting an unreasonable sample size, by asking lead up questions or by selecting more of a sample population of one side of an issue to achieve a desired result. Main stream media skews polls to discourage potential voters from voting and has done it for years.

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Unrest and Martial Law? Leaked Military Drill Anticipates “No Rule of Law” After Election Results

This tip came through the back channels; its implications are astounding.

If there is any truth to it, the 2016 election could be a kick-off for total tyranny.

According to an unnamed source — who has provided accurate intel in the past — – an unannounced military drill is scheduled to take place during a period leading up to the election and throughout the month after.

It appears that the system is gearing up to handle outbreaks of violence, chaotic rallies and poll stations, and the possibility that the people of the United States may become very dissatisfied with the outcome by using military force and martial law.

The drill could, of course, go live at any time; Homeland Security and the military are prepared to contend with a period of unrest, and restore order to a divided and broken country — regardless of whether people like their new leader or not.

As you know, DHS is already monitoring this election and prepared to take over its ‘critical infrastructure’. The scope of this drill would, of course, take things much further:…

The email also noted that this same source provided information which was covered by Shephard Ambellas and Infowars exposing that a mock American town had been constructed for urban warfare training under SPECWAR and DHS:…

They are training to take on Americans after an economic collapse, an election upset, or an attack by an enemy… and the photos (via are chilling.

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WikiLeaks Presents First of Obama’s Secret Emails: “Could There be Corruption?”

Just when it seemed we could not get any more email leak excitement, here comes Wikileaks with what it claims is the first batch of emails obtained from a secret address used by president Barack Obama (

WikiLeaks reveals first batch of US president Barack Obama emails sent via secret address

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) October 20, 2016

The emails appear to all have been released previously, however Wikileaks has filtered the set of emails which have the “bobama” term in the email address.

Here are some of the emails in the initial bucket:…

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WikiLeaks Taunts Democrats, Tweets “It Has a Surprise in Store” For Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile

First, earlier this afternoon, Wikileaks surprised observers when its released in addition to the daily trove of Podesta email, a handful of what appear to be emails sent from Obama’s heretofore secret email address; then, moments ago, in a tweet that suggests the vendetta between Julian Assange — who we now know is being pressured by the Ecuadorian government in its London embassy under notice from the US State Department — and Democrats has gotten serious, Wikileaks tweeted that “we have a surprise in store for Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile.”

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WikiLeaks: ‘Corrupt Ruling Power Factions’ Are Going to Win the Election

“This is, in effect, a power consolidation exercise.”

WikiLeaks suggested in several tweets Thursday that the 2016 election for president of the United States is rigged.

In response to criticism from blogger Dan Gillmor that WikiLeaks recent leaks have outed it as picking a side and playing partisan politics in the presidential election, WikiLeaks tweeted back, “You are not a fan of publishing true information about corrupt ruling power factions who will take power on Jan 20?”

WikiLeaks then hinted that the outcome of the election was obvious from the outset: “What election? It has been clear from the beginning who is going to win. This is, in effect, a power consolidation exercise.”

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Canada Says European Union Trade Pact Now Looks ‘Impossible’

Talks to salvage a trade pact between the European Union and Canada seemed all but over, with the Canadian minister walking out while European officials say they still hope to reach a deal.

Canadian Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland fought back tears as she spoke to reporters Friday in Namur, Belgium after talks with European and Belgian officials ended. The French-speaking southern Belgian region of Wallonia is the holdout in approving the deal.

[Comment: And this is another example why the European Union should vanish off the face of the Earth. If there was no European Union, then Canada can make trade deals with European countries on a one-by-one basis.]

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Ranked Ballots Would Weaken the Competitiveness of Canadian Elections

TORONTO-Replacing Canada’s first-past-the-post electoral system with an alternative vote model-also known as ranked ballots-could severely weaken the competitiveness of federal elections, according to a new essay released as part of a book on electoral reform released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank. “Competitive elections where multiple parties have a legitimate chance to form government remain a staple of democracies around the world. Changing the system to favour one party over the others doesn’t increase legitimacy-it reduces it,” said Lydia Miljan, a Fraser Institute senior fellow, associate professor of political science at the University of Windsor and editor of Counting Votes: Essays on Electoral Reform.

[Comment: The “electoral reform” critics are proposing are designed to try to get more communists in positions of power. Better to leave the system the way it is currently.]

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The EU-Canada CETA Trade Agreement is Both Illegal and Immoral: Paul Hellyer’s Western Canada Speaking Tour Stop Ceta! Reform Canadian Banking System!

Do you know that the Parliament Of Canada has the power to create all of the money necessary to meet our country’s legitimate needs for healthcare, education, the arts and infrastructure but stubbornly refuses to use that power? Come and Hear THE HONOURABLE PAUL HELLYER, Former minister of national defense, explains how the Canadian prosperity train came off the rails, and exactly how to put it back on again.

Western Canada Tour Dates:

  • Winnipeg: October 20, 7:00PM
  • U of W Campus Centennial Hall (EG Hall-3rd Flr)
  • 515 Portage Ave Calgary: October 24, 7:00PM
  • John Dutton Theatre Library
  • 616 Macleod Trail SE Edmonton: October 26, 7:00PM
  • Central Lions Recreation
  • 11113 113 Street Victoria: October 28
  • 7:00PM
  • Camosun College Lansdowne Campus (Fisher 100)
  • 3100 Foul Bay Road Vancouver: November 1
  • 7:00PM UBC Campus (Buchanan A201)
  • 1866 Main Mall

For additional inquires regarding the tour, please email and we will try our best to respond to you promptly. Stop the Press!

Our government wants to sign CETA at a CANADA-EU summit on OCT. 27, 2016

That will be the kiss of death for any worthwhile banking reform that would make Canada prosperous again, and prevent us from using the Bank of Canada creatively as we did from 1939 to 1974 with such amazing success.

CETA is both illegal and immoral because it unilaterally transfers power from parliament to international bankers and transnational corporations, and reverses a thousand years of progress in establishing government of by and for the people since the Magna Carta was signed).

Listen to this urgent message from Paul Hellyer:

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French Police Defy Government in Growing Protest Movement Over Lawlessness

French President François Hollande said Friday he would meet disgruntled police officers who have been protesting in Paris and other cities to denounce what they say are insufficient resources to fight mounting lawlessness.

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The Great CETA Swindle — Signing of Trade Deal Hits Last Minute Glitch

Today, Belgium followed a ‘no’ vote by two of its regional Parliaments on the controversial EU-Canada trade deal CETA, temporarily blocking the first step towards the treaty’s ratification in a meeting of EU trade ministers. A close look at the CETA — and a recent declaration designed by Brussels and Ottawa to reassure critics and gain support for its ratification — shows that concerns over CETA are well-founded.

Behind the PR attempts by the Canadian Government and the European Commission to sell CETA as a progressive agreement, it remains what it always has been: an attack on democracy, workers, and the environment.

As the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada has entered the ratification process, the controversial deal has faced massive waves of protest. A record 3.5 million people across Europe signed a petition against CETA and its twin agreement TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). More than half a million took to the streets in opposition. And European and Canadian trade unions, as well as consumer, environmental and public health groups have called for the rejection of CETA.

The controversy has also reached governments and parliaments. More than 2,000 local and regional governments in 13 EU countries have declared themselves TTIP/CETA free zones, often in cross-party resolutions. National and regional parliaments, too, worry about CETA, for example in Belgium, France, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Last week, two Belgian Parliaments denied their federal government the authorisation to sign CETA, mentioning a long list of concerns ranging from threats to farmers and banking regulation to public services (see here and here). This is why Belgium could not sign CETA in today’s meeting of EU trade ministers as had been planned. For now, this puts the symbolic CETA signing, which was planned for next week’s EU-Canada summit, in limbo.

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Most Important Russian Battleships Headed to Syria for Showdown: “This Will be It”

This article was written by Superstation 95 and originally published on their website.

Editor’s Comment: This disturbing report, if true, should have every American asking why their leaders are pushing for war in the middle east. People haven’t been told even a fraction of the truth about the situation in Syria, and the Obama Administration is quickly escalating things; with Hillary, it will mean war for certain.

Putin and his Russian cohorts have responded in kind; they have grown tired of the hypocrisy and arrogance of the U.S. pattern of regime change. Whether you agree with Russia or not on this matter, there is a time and place to stand up to bullies and aggression, and Putin has vowed to stand by his allies in the Assad Regime and even in Iran. Nevertheless, Hillary and her shadow advisors are only too eager to push things into oblivion.

After all, the greater the path of destruction, the more pages she can fill up in the history books.

CONFIRMED: Russia Is Deploying Its ENTIRE Northern Fleet to Syria for Battle — – This Will Be “It”

by Superstation 95

NAT officials are now confirming what SuperStation95 first reported five days ago — in the latest escalation involving Syria, the Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov was now sailing past Norway on its way to Syria, where it is expected to arrive in just under 2 weeks. As part of the carrier naval group, Russia also deployed an escort of seven other Russian ships, which we dubbed the “most powerful Russian naval task force to sail in northern Europe since 2014” according to Russia’s Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily reports.

– — Senior Nato Diplomat Says Russia Is Deploying All of Northern Fleet and Part of Baltic Fleet to Reinforce Syria Campaign — – Deployment Is Russia’s Largest Naval Deployment Since End of Cold War — Nato Diplomat — – Deployment Will Increase Number of Russian Fighter Bombers in Syria, Moscow May Launch Final Air Assault on Aleppo in Two Weeks — Nato Diplomat

It turns out it was more than this and as Reuters reported second ago, citing a NATO diplomat, Russia is in fact deploying the largest naval force since end of Cold War to reinforce its Syria campaign…

Here’s the rub: The US is bound and determined to oust President Assad, to clear the way for a natural gas pipeline from QATAR, to supply natural gas to Europe. The US and NATO want this pipeline because Europe is so reliant upon Russia for natural gas. That gives the Russians power and influence over Europe which the US and Europe don’t like.

So when QATAR first proposed this new pipeline in the year 2011, and Syrian President Assad said “NO,” that’s when all this nonsense about him being a ruthless dictator started flowing. That’s when “freedom fighters” (from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and the rest of those Sunni Muslim countries) started “arriving” in Syria to “help” the Syrian people . . . . half a million of whom are now DEAD thanks to that “help.”

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The Mosul Offensive’s Many Unknowns

by Srdja Trifkovic

The much-heralded offensive against ISIS in Mosul by the Iraqi army, Kurdish Peshmerga and Shiite militias may succeed in capturing Iraq’s second largest city. It is unlikely to result in the destruction of the Islamic State’s fighting capacity, however. It is even less likely to lead to the establishment of stable and permanent government control over Iraq’s Sunni Triangle, which has Mosul at its northern tip.

The importance of Mosul is clear. It is a major population center of over two million (before the war) and the pivot that intersects the east-west line of communication from the Syrian border to the north-south axis that leads to Baghdad, 250 miles to the south. The first question, which has not been adequately considered in mainstream media reports, concerns the battle readiness of government forces. In June 2014 the Iraqi army collapsed and fled without a fight when ISIS attacked Mosul, although it was vastly superior to the attackers in numbers and equipment. The high command in Baghdad was unable to maintain any semblance of command and control, even though the U.S. had spent some 20 billion dollars on arming, training and equipping it in preceding years. Its mostly Shiite soldiers were uninterested in fighting for Sunni-majority areas which they did not regard as their own. It was unable to develop any sense of loyalty or common purpose among its non-Shia recruits, who deserted en masse

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The Coming War With Russia

It certainly sounds alarmist to predict a war with Russia. However, members of this administration are following policies that can lead to only that result. They are following belligerent policies on two fronts: cyberspace and Syria. These policies are based on a farrago of mendacity and incompetence.

The cyberspace conflict arose as a result of suspicion that the Russians are interfering in the U.S. election through WikiLeaks. The Russians firmly deny that they have any involvement in the hacking. The Office of Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement: “These thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the U.S. election process. We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, that only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.”

It should be noted that this assertion is based upon a “belief.” The administration has provided no proof. Any foreign intelligence service with a budget over $129 could have access to the secretary of state’s email. In the face of this grave threat, the administration has enlisted the awe-inspiring intellect of Vice President Joe Biden.

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Sudan’s Extremist Islamist Regime Uses Chemical Weapons in Darfur Genocide

by Lieutenant General Abakar Mahamat Abdallah, Chairman Sudan United Movement

In the midst of the final stretch of the rancorous 2016 Presidential campaign, we keep a watching brief on important issues of international concern. That is why two days ago when long term Sudan hand Deborah Martin received this compelling article about the use of prohibited CW by the genocidal regime of President Bashir of Sudan from Lt. Gen. Abakar Mahamat Abdallah of the Sudan Unity Movement (SUM), we swung into action editing and preparing for publication in the current October edition of the New English Review. Who is Gen.Abdallah? Lt. Gen Abakar Mahamat Abdalah is a native of North Darfur who joined the Sudan Liberation People’s Army (SPLA) in 1984 and became active in the Nuba Hills and Darfurian resistance. In 1989 he joined the Patriotic Salvation Movement in neighboring Chad based in Darfur. He served as an officer in the Chadian army for 23 years in intelligence and counterterrorism posts including as Coordinator of the Multi-National Joint Task Force of Nigeria, Chad and Niger.. He is a Graduate of the Intelligence Officers’ Advanced and Combating Terrorism Courses, US Army Intelligence Center and Schools, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, December, 2002. He was a Graduate Terrorism Fellow and is a Graduate of the College of International Security Affairs, National Defense University, Washington, DC, 2005. He was an International Fellow and Graduate of the US Army War College, Class of 2008. Consider Gen. Abdallah in the mold of fabled British Christian Zionist Orde Wingate, who had his early exposure to Sudan slavers, went to free Ethiopia in 1941 from Italian Fascists with his famed Gideon Column and his considered by many as the spiritual father of the Israeli Defense Force, when he trained the Special Night Squads fighting Arab Jihadists in the pre-State of Israel yishuv during the late 1930’s from whose ranks Haganah and early IDF commanders arose. Gen. Abdallah’s involvement in resistance fighting in Darfur, the Blue Nile, Nuba Hills and Kordofan regions against the Sudanese national army and janjaweed Islamist mercenaries is legendary. We heard some of that on the former Lisa Benson Radio Show last summer when we interviewed Faith J. Hooper McDonnell of the Institute of Religion and Democracy and colleague Deborah Martin.

I had the opportunity to speak and email Gen. Abdallah this past summer which resulted in publication of an NER/Iconoclast article: “The Sudan Government Covers up Recruitment of Foreign Jihadists, “ SEE:…/m/7/y/2016. What was particularly concerning in this latest report from Ge. Abdallah were: (1) The Sudan regime indiscriminate use of prohibited chemical weapons across several conflict areas in the Sudan with the well documented incident by Eric Reeves of Amnesty International in Jebel Marra in January 2016 published on September 30, 2016; (2) the destruction of villages in Jeberl Marra region of Darfur by Janjaweed militia involving slaughter of men and boys, rape of women and girls, expropriation of property; 3) the recruitment of Jihadist mercenaries for the Janjaweed militias from ‘veterans’ of Mali Islamists, Boko Haram, the Lord’s Resistance Army; 4) training and equipping of hundreds of Libyan Daesh Islamist fighters; continuing bi-lateral discussion by the Obama Administration with the Bashir regime in Khartoum, despite an outstanding ICC indictment and warrant for his arrest for commiting crimes against humanity; 5) payment by major EU countries to the Bashir regime to intercept illegal immigrants from transiting to the Mediterranean coast using the Islamist Janjaweed mercenaries. It should not be lost that the Sudan was one of the seven OIC members who drafted the nefarious UNESCO resolution, passed by its Executive Board on Tuesday debying the ancient Jewish and Christian provenance to the precinct of the Temple Mount. Here is what Gen. Abdallah is seeking:

In conclusion, the situation in Darfur is dire because the militias continue their deadly

attacks as well as plunder the innocent population to enrich themselves. The European

countries, United States, and the international community are pursuing their national interests with the genocidal regime. Therefore, they abandoned the people of Darfur enabling the Sudan government to kill them using all types of weapons including UN prohibited weapons of mass destruction. Women are raped, children are tortured and men are shot and killed. The Sudan United Movement (SUM) forces, with limited equipment, have been trying to protect and defend the vulnerable population. SUM needs aid and technical assistance in the form of weapons, military training, and logistic supplies to defend the people, disarm ISIS friendly RSF/Janjaweed militias, and ultimately, to achieve regime change in order to bring a true democracy in Sudan…

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Sorry Bond Lords, Venezuela is a Dictatorship Now

Venezuela is a dictatorship now.

The leftist government of Nicolas Maduro said Thursday that there will be no recall referendum to hold early elections. He also barred opposition leaders from leaving the country, in a move that some say may eventually lead to political persecution of his rivals.

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Calais Child Refugee Row Explodes on This Morning With Eamonn Holmes

Ruth Langsford struggled to keep the trio under control as they explosively rowed with each-other over whether or not one particular refugee — who has been accused by many of being older than a minor- should have been granted entry to the country.

“He’s probably in his 30s,” Nick, 57 — a popular LBC presenter — said. “I was furious [when I saw]. Genuinely needy cases of boys who are not being brought here… I’ve raised two boys, I know how you look as you run up the years.”

Comedian and activist Kate, 40, retorted: “I take this very radical view that I don’t think the best way to assess the age of a refugee from a war zone, who’s spent six months living in a refugee camp [is to look at them] — any of us would look 100 by the end.”

Eamonn, throwing impartiality out the window, countered: “A blind man on a galloping horse could see that’s not a child!”…

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Germans Leave Germany ‘In Droves’ as Backlash Over Merkel’s Migrant Policy Continues

Germans are leaving Germany ‘in droves’ amid backlash from Angela Merkel’s open door migrant policy

As more than one million migrants arrived in Germany in the last year, new data reveals 138,000 Germans left in 2015.

More than 1.5million Germans have left the country in the last decade, with many of them highly educated.

Academics and students are among the Germans deciding to move leaving holes in the local economy…

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German Pensioner Couple Forced to Live in Migrant Accommodation

A pensioner couple in Germany have been faced with the choice of either living in an asylum home with migrants or be made homeless due to the lack of housing in the city of Bonn.

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Hillary Clinton Embraces George Soros’ ‘Radical’ Vision of Open-Border World

“American exceptionalism” is not part of his agenda

Hillary Clinton has aligned herself closely with a vision for America laid out by her benefactor — left-wing financier George Soros, who talks of “international governance,” more open borders, increased Muslim immigration and diminished U.S. global power.

The phrase “American exceptionalism” is not part of his agenda. He wrote in 1998: “The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.”

“We need some global system of political decision-making. In short, we need a global society to support our global economy,” Mr. Soros wrote.

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Immigration Officials Erect 15ft Fence to Hide ‘Child’ Migrants

The entrance to the immigration centre welcoming busloads of ‘child’ migrants every day from Calais has been obscured by a 15ft high scaffolding and canvas fence, hiding the identities of new arrivals.

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The Elites and Open Borders

No one wants to leave his or her own family unprotected. There is no such thing as a true proponent of open borders. It is only a question of what the borders look like — and whom they are designed to protect.

When almost everyone believed in nationalism, or what we used to simply think of as patriotism, borders got drawn around the country as a whole. Nobody questioned it, or even thought about it. The border was defended by the military and the border patrol. America, the “national family” in the public mind, was defined by the people whom the border protected — the citizens of the United States. In the current, post-nationalist way of thinking that is the brainchild of progressives, the elites who advocate for open borders certainly don’t intend to let American riffraff into their neighborhoods — let alone the great unwashed of foreign shores. Their borders are the gated community, the homeowner’s association, the local police or private security, and, in the case of high government officials, the Secret Service. The polity are the political, media, and academic elites and their retainers. To them, what it is important to protect is no longer the nation, but rather the class.

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Up to 90% of Rejected Asylum Seekers Cannot be Deported From Austria — Defense Minister

Up to 90 percent of the asylum seekers that have had their applications rejected in Austria still remain, never having been deported, Austria’s defense minister said, adding that the majority of these migrants come from Africa.

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Feminists: The Misandrists of Marxism

“We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage,” said Robin Morgan, radical feminist prominent in the 1960s and 1970s, and founder of the radical feminist group W.I.T.C.H. (acronym for Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell).

Another radical feminist, Linda Gordon, once said, “The nuclear family must be destroyed… Whatever its’ ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process.” You know what else requires the destruction of the nuclear family? Cultural Marxism aka Communism.

Radical feminists call for intrinsic social engineering to eliminate important and obvious differences between the sexes. They rely on “gender discrimination” and “sexism” when they fail to succeed. The emasculation of men is their weapon of choice on their destructive road to their own “empowerment.”

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  1. Re. George Soros’ ‘Radical’ Vision of Open-Border World

    If one were to assume at least good intentions, Soros should try a lesson from Mahatma Gandhi who had a word or two to say about a multicultural society of which Islam is a part. Alone, he is likely beyond reach, and so histroy takes its course again.

  2. A great TV interview with Philippe De Villiers on his new book about the political situation in France with regards to Islam. Like his first book back in 2006, he has had access to much information from Intel agencies and as such able to disclose it. This is in the mainstream so that the French know and are aware of the extreme gravity of the situation.

    (Fr) only

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