Philippe de Villiers: “We Are Faced With a Demographic Conquest”

Philippe de Villiers is a French author, historian, and former politician. He is an anomaly in Modern Multicultural France: an intellectual who is also a conservative Catholic. Atheism is the only faith that is considered acceptable by the French intellectual establishment.

The following interview with Mr. de Villiers was conducted recently by the French commercial radio network RTL on the occasion of the publication of his new book. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A previous interview with Philippe de Villiers is available here.


00:04   7:46 Elisabeth Martichoux talked to Philippe de Villiers this morning.
00:08   Good morning, Philippe de Villiers. —Good morning. —Thank you for being with us this morning
00:12   in the studio. You published a new book today, a pamphlet against Islam.
00:16   Three hundred pages, entitled “Tomorrow, Will the Bells Still Toll?”
00:20   by Albin Michel. This question contains all your anxiety
00:24   about our churches being replaced by mosques. But first the luck
00:28   of the calendar: we discover this morning François Hollande talking about Islam,
00:32   and in the excerpts from the book of the journalists Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme
00:36   from Le Monde [quotidian] I’m citing:
00:40   “There’s too many arrivals by immigrants who shouldn’t be here; there’s a problem
00:44   with Islam, it’s true, because Islam asks for an acknowledged place; it wants
00:48   to assert itself as the religion of the Republic.” Does it surprise you,
00:51   coming from François Hollande? —He also says the future Marianne… —We’ll talk about it later.
00:56   …will be a veiled woman, well. —Not exactly, but we’ll talk about it later.
01:00   François Hollande is a part of the political generation
01:04   that accepted the conquest, the colonization.
01:08   And which has before its eyes now — because they have
01:12   as much intelligence as we do, and perhaps more, more no doubt —
01:16   which has before its eyes a France, where the French sometimes feel
01:20   like foreigners in their own country, with more and more numerous patches of territory…
01:24   Well we’ll talk about it, it’s all the demonstration…—Wait!
01:28   The more and more numerous populations that have separated and are separating themselves,
01:32   that live with their religion, with their customs,
01:36   with their ideals, with their heroes, who aren’t our heroes,
01:40   a people within the people. —Well, you anticipate a bit of the questions that I wanted to ask you.
01:45   but does it surprise you, coming from François Hollande, making such a confession?
01:49   Is it a taboo that he broke? —Well, I don’t know
01:53   what he wants to say, because he said the contrary a little earlier,
01:57   before; but what is certain:
02:01   this political generation,
02:05   Sarkozy, Hollande, since Giscard [d’Estaing] in fact,
02:09   for me they have blood on their hands —Well, that’s what
02:13   you wrote… —Because, for two reasons. First because
02:17   they disarmed the borders, and then, despite warnings,
02:21   warnings of the attacks, they kept the Schengen
02:25   rather than protect the French people. And second, because
02:29   they installed in the heart of our nation
02:33   a super-nation called the Ummah, meaning the community of believers of Islam
02:37   and now we are confronted with a counter-society,
02:41   the Islamic counter-society, that is of course causing serious problems.
02:45   —Your, accusations are very grave, but you’re saying that François Hollande is saying
02:49   “a veiled woman will be the Marianne of tomorrow.” It’s not exactly in the sense you said it,
02:53   and — no doubt — all the difference lies with you: what the president wants to say is,
02:57   that if the Republic manages to offer conditions
03:01   that allow those women who are veiled today to blossom, then she’ll free herself from the veil.
03:05   The Republic, in other words, says François Hollande,
03:09   has to help her to leave what he recognizes as being servitude.
03:13   “We need to extend a hand towards her” he says. Do you agree?
03:17   But I thought that Islam is incompatible with the Republic, incompatible with
03:21   French civilization, incompatible with equality, for example.
03:25   Equality between men and women.
03:29   incompatible with freedom, with freedom of changing one’s religion…
03:33   Should we extend a hand…? —…incompatible with fraternity, because in history…
03:37   Forbid the Shariah, in Islam, wait, in Islam fraternity stops inside the community of
03:41   the believers, meaning Muslims themselves, so… —You say that
03:46   as a religion, Islam as religion…—In Islam there are three key elements.
03:50   Alas, the politicians don’t read the Qur’an and
03:54   the sunnah. I did. There’s jihad, so that
03:58   all of humanity will submit to Allah.
04:02   There’s the Ummah, the famous community of believers, meaning
04:06   a nation that is superior to all other forms of nationalities. And there is the Shariah,
04:10   meaning the law, the law that is of divine origin.
04:14   The difference between the Republic and Islam is
04:18   that in the Republic it’s the representatives of the nation that make the laws,
04:22   and in Islam it’s God, it’s Allah who’s imposing his law.
04:26   So in your book you’re trying to demonstrate that France is Islamized.
04:30   Today the voice of the muezzin, Philippe de Villiers, isn’t reverberating in French villages.
04:34   We’ll therefore try to see and understand where your anxiety is coming from. For you there is,
04:38   you said it at the beginning, there are already patches of France, neighborhoods,
04:42   towns, that are Islamized. —I’m going to tell you why I am so anxious: it’s because —
04:46   No, but tell me, on that question: which ones? —Of course, but they’re everywhere, because…
04:50   I’m citing them. —Which ones? —But it’s not me who says it, it’s Mr Kanner, the minister,
04:54   the minister, when he said there are a hundred… —Kanner?
04:58   a hundred Molenbeeks, Viry-Châtillon, it’s what? [suburbs of Paris]
05:02   They called them “wildlings”, those aren’t “wildlings” they are savages, colonizers,
05:06   little colonizers, and who applied the principle
05:10   of the assassin of the police officers in Magnanville, who said
05:14   they have to start the “taff”, meaning the work of elimination; they will eliminate the kuffar,
05:18   and the kuffar, it’s first of all the police officers. —Is it possible to re-conquer
05:22   those neighborhoods, Philippe de Villiers, those are the stakes? —Yes, absolutely! —How?
05:26   Because if we’re following your scenario, and it’s a book of 300 pages,
05:31   and you are trying to demonstrate it, how long will the process of Islamization take?
05:35   Well, we are faced with a demographic conquest,
05:39   with a UN plan, applied by EurIslam, meaning a project of Europe,
05:43   applied by OECD [Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development]
05:47   in the service of large post-national companies, because the globalization
05:51   needs cheep labor, and this project, I unveil it in my book,
05:55   is what I’m calling “the secret project of the elites”, it’s called
05:59   the Migration of Replacement, that’s how it’s described.
06:03   And with the [unintelligible] I mean the acclimatizing
06:07   of France to Islam. This demographic conquest
06:11   is also an ideological conquest which
06:15   we don’t know how to stand up to today, because we refuse
06:19   the diagnosis. —Yes you make a list of the setbacks of the Republic, of Europe,
06:23   we will return to something very concrete, we talked about here,
06:27   you went back to the Christmas crèche story. When one reads your book, forbidding
06:31   Christmas crèches in the town hall or departments councils, means sucking up to jihadists!
06:35   What do you mean? —I mean that if we don’t defend our civilization,
06:39   our customs, our way of life, our vital heritage, nobody will do it for us.
06:43   Isn’t a bit of a short cut to say that…—A people —Yes, then…
06:47   Still about the Christmas crèches, I would like… —The state council is going to rule before
06:50   the end of the year, we said it… — I want to answer about the crèches. Either we have,
06:55   we choose a secularism
06:59   that is in accordance with our traditions,
07:03   and the Christian tradition is a tradition
07:07   of an old Christian land — it’s not, France isn’t the oldest daughter of Islam —
07:11   or we choose a secularism
07:15   that opens itself to a cosmic fraternity and that
07:19   wants to be a total neutrality, and in that case it’s
07:23   a secularism of the void and the void will be filled by the Islamists.
07:27   So you, I know that you will be awaiting impatiently the opinion of the state council
07:31   if they forbid crèches in this type of institution.
07:36   Moreover, to be more concrete, Gérald Darmanin, who is the campaign chief for Nicolas Sarkozy,
07:40   who knows Islam very well, is proposing
07:44   a concordat: redefine the rules to allow assimilation.
07:48   He’s looking for solutions, which your book is lacking, because you are diagnosing, but
07:52   how to overcome this difficulty,
07:56   true, sometimes, of living with Islam? —Well, I believe
08:00   you haven’t finished the book, but it’s normal, because you got it only recently,
08:04   because it’s the essential part of the book: I explain,
08:08   voilà, there are several solutions.
08:12   There aren’t a thousand solutions. There are those
08:16   among the Muslims who are on national territory and
08:20   don’t want to stay here, or despise us; those need to leave. —So…
08:24   but French Muslims… —and there are those who will be attracted… Muslims, we have to
08:29   deport them? They’re French, Philippe de Villiers! —Wait, wait, it’s not me who says that, it’s…
08:32   they are paper French … —But, I’m asking you… you need to be French in your heart. And I say,
08:37   I’m saying to… —They need to be deported to the land of their ancestors, when they are French?
08:40   — …and I’m saying to all the Muslims on French territory: you are in France,
08:44   so, you adopt France, you make her enter your heart.
08:48   This is why I am talking about a national novel
08:52   that would be a love novel, so that tomorrow every little French person
08:56   by origin or by desire, could enter life with imaginary luggage
09:00   that would embellish his dreams. —Philippe de Villiers, you said at the start of this interview:
09:04   Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande have blood on their hands. It’s a very serious accusation.
09:08   It’s extremely serious, but it’s the facts that are extremely serious,
09:12   because for years and years they refused
09:17   to see the reality, meaning to understand
09:21   that there is no possible compromise with Islam.
09:25   There are moderate Muslims; there’s no moderate Islam!
09:29   But blood on their hands is beyond just saying that they were possibly incompetent
09:33   concerning, for example, the protection of the borders; it’s beyond that.
09:37   —Well, listen, the attacks were caused by something. We let terrorists enter our country
09:41   together with the refugees. If we had closed the borders after the Bataclan,
09:45   we wouldn’t have… —But there are border controls again, since…
09:49   … Bataclan, when [Interior Minister] Bernard Cazeneuve…
09:53   But today the big doctrine is Schengen, they keep talking about Schengen,
09:57   which means that French border is protected by Greece.
10:01   It’s not serious. —Do you have a candidate for 2017 [for president] in one word?
10:05   No, I think that the election, alas, is an election for nothing, because in the evening
10:09   of the primaries the leading candidate on the right
10:13   and the leading candidate on the left will ally against Marine Le Pen.
10:17   Voilà , the alarm rang by Philippe de Villiers in this book: “Tomorrow, Will the Bells Still Toll?”
10:21   No possible compromise — with the moderate Muslims, yes, but not with Islam,
10:25   Philippe de Villiers just told us. The interview is on the site RTL.

19 thoughts on “Philippe de Villiers: “We Are Faced With a Demographic Conquest”

  1. I was intrigued to hear what his solutions would be, which he had started outlining but the interviewer jumoed in an swerved it back to Hollande & Sarkozy complicity in the attacks which they were told were coming. Everywhere journalists lie & lie in supprt of elite sellouts. The media is now the main enemy of the people.

      • The interviewer kept interrupting FV and would not allow him to finish his sentences/thoughts in an accusatory way. She got on my nerves. Terrible interviewer, she is a veiled defender of the elites

    • Earth is already overpopulated. I think natural decrease in population is normal. What is not normal the out of control breeding in the Muslim countries and Africa. That is out of control!

      • MENA population growth is out of control because they have received the benefits of Western agriculture and medicine. These benefits have worked to suppress mortality due to natural causes such as disease and famine that worked to limit these populations in the past.

      • Over populated? So what’s your magical earth sustainability number? I would argue, some countries might be overpopulated but many regions of the world are not. Both India and China can feed their own populations and when did you last read of famine in the news? Don’t give me “climate change” as an answer.

      • The more educated and advanced regions of this planet are not having babies to replace the parents. Only the uneducated regions are having more babies than they can feed and educate. The left has been brainwashing the public about over population so they can get cheap labor
        and votes.

    • Quality instead of quantity. One cannot outbreed muslims; I would say they breed like rats, only the expression is more correct when turned around to say rats breed like muslims…

      Of course, that makes each Western life far more dear and valuable than those of the teeming hordes from the cesspits of the islamic world. And this is shown by how little they value life and how they think nothing of indiscriminately killing one another and us. This has always been the case; a poem by Rudyard Kipling, “Arithmetic on the Frontier” always comes to my mind regarding the relative value of life in the West vs the East.

      A GREAT and glorious thing it is
      To learn, for seven years or so,
      The Lord knows what of that and this,
      Ere reckoned fit to face the foe –
      The flying bullet down the Pass,
      That whistles clear: “All flesh is grass.”

      Three hundred pounds per annum spent
      On making brain and body meeter
      For all the murderous intent
      Comprised in “villainous saltpetre”.
      And after?- Ask the Yusufzaies
      What comes of all our ‘ologies.

      A scrimmage in a Border Station-
      A canter down some dark defile
      Two thousand pounds of education
      Drops to a ten-rupee jezail.
      The Crammer’s boast, the Squadron’s pride,
      Shot like a rabbit in a ride!

      No proposition Euclid wrote
      No formulae the text-books know,
      Will turn the bullet from your coat,
      Or ward the tulwar’s downward blow.
      Strike hard who cares – shoot straight who can
      The odds are on the cheaper man.

      One sword-knot stolen from the camp
      Will pay for all the school expenses
      Of any Kurrum Valley scamp
      Who knows no word of moods and tenses,
      But, being blessed with perfect sight,
      Picks off our messmates left and right.

      With home-bred hordes the hillsides teem.
      The troopships bring us one by one,
      At vast expense of time and steam,
      To slay Afridis where they run.
      The “captives of our bow and spear”
      Are cheap, alas! as we are dear.

  2. All kidding aside, people shouldn’t feel guilty about posting solutions to current problems here.

    If it were possible, the Ummah would liquidate the West and not lose a wink of sleep over it.

  3. “The Muslim nation is one nation to the exclusion of all others”,
    placard in Oxford Street march.
    (www.ThinkAfricaPress –
    Sharia march and Interview Oxford St March 25 at 0.31).

  4. Lost in translation. Demographic conquest. We used to call it genocide, or maybe it’s democide since it actually is the government who is carrying out this pogrom at the behest of their unknown masters. It’s Amorphous Warfare being carried out on nations by its own governments. But as long as you prefer to use the politically correct and approved words to describe it the population can remain unaware of their own impending doom. And in that vein Europe is pretty much doomed. Again.

  5. At 6.03, [unintelligible] sounds like “mutuelle accommodation”, so that the transcript should read

    “Well, we are faced with a demographic conquest, with a UN plan, applied by EurIslam, meaning a project of Europe, applied by OECD [Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development] in the service of large post-national companies, because the globalization needs cheep labor, and this project, I unveil it in my book, is what I’m calling “the secret project of the elites”, it’s called the Migration of Replacement, that’s how it’s described. And with [“mutual accommodation”, or “agreement”, or “collusion”,] I mean the acclimatizing of France to Islam. This demographic conquest is also an ideological conquest which we don’t know how to stand up to today, because we refuse the diagnosis.”

    I think de Villiers is saying that an internatioal elite is colluding in the demographic replacement of the French people, not to mention indigenous populations elsewhere in Europe. It sounds like a bizarre conspiracy, but I think it’s accurate. I think it’s motivated by hatred of Christianity.

  6. Philippe de Villiers a tout a fait raison. En plein dans le Mille. Seulement voila, Philippe de Villiers, étant Catholique, cela lui empêche d’assener le coup fatal a ce mouvement européen pro-islamiste, que la vaste majorité semble accepter:
    C’est que Philippe de Villiers, fidèle au Catholicisme, ne peut pas, malheureusement, signaler du doit, de dénoncer, d’accuser, a son église catholique, comme la “force” qui impulse ce mouvement pro-islamiste, traître et anti-Chrétien.
    Car vous devez savoir que le Catholicisme a laissé propager le GRAND MENSONGE: de faire croire au gens, A TORT, que le dieu des musulmans serait le même que YAHWEH, Dieu d’Abraham, D’Isaac et de Jacob. Mensonge! Voila, ce terrible et grand mensonge, qui a trompé le monde entier.
    Sachez le bien: allah, le dieu des musulmans, N’EST PAS YAHWEH, le Vrai Dieu Tout Puissant, le Créateur de L’univers, Père de Notre Seigneur Jésus Christ, le Sauveur du Monde.
    Alors, qui est ce allah, dieu des musulmans? C’est cet esprit vil et immonde, connu comme Satan, qui se déguise comme Ange de Lumière, qui usurpe le Nom de Dieu, et qui a trompé le Monde Entier. Chretiens: réagissez!

    [Machine translation:

    Philippe de Villiers is quite right. Right in the target. Only Philippe de Villiers, being a Catholic, prevented him from assailing the fatal blow to this pro-Islamist European movement, which the vast majority seemed to accept:
    It is that Philippe de Villiers, faithful to Catholicism, can not, unfortunately, point out the fact, to denounce, to accuse, to his Catholic church, as the “force” that impels this pro-Islamist movement, traitor and anti -Christian.
    For you must know that Catholicism has allowed the BIG LIE to be propagated: to make people believe, TO TORT, that the god of the Muslims would be the same as YAHWEH, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Lie! This is a terrible and great lie which has deceived the whole world.
    Know the good: Allah, the god of the Muslims, IS NOT YAHWEH, the True Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe, Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World.
    So, who is this Allah, god of the Muslims? It is that vile and unclean spirit, known as Satan, who disguises himself as the Angel of Light, who usurps the Name of God, and who has deceived the Whole World. Christians: React!

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

    • Hmmm…my French is totally self-taught (no, you will not EVER hear me speak it) and yet I found myself able to understand this comment. Hey, want escargots with that?

      Max, if you can read English, I strongly recommend Steve Coughlin’s “Bridge Building” to Nowhere: The Catholic Church’s Case Study in Interfaith Delusion (Civilization Jihad Reader Series) (Volume 6)

      It’s less than 100 pages and part of an important series on the ramifications of civilizational jihad.

      …a frank and insightful look at how jihadist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation take calculated advantage of liberal mindsets among Catholics-from the lay faithful through the clerical hierarchy and all the way to the Vatican itself. Such mindsets are often all too ready to surrender steadfast adherence to doctrinal Church teaching in order to win approval from cynical Islamic suitors whose true (but well-disguised) purpose is neutralization of Catholic opposition to their shariah agenda.

      It’s a book by a practicing Catholic, a man whose career was obliterated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Thus, Catholics who are sick of Pope Frankie the Foolish will be interested in this push-back.

      In a similar though more ‘artful’ vein, one of my favorite bloggers, a NY Catholic artist whose dislikes (Hillary, Pope Francis) often align with my own, constructed a delightful post, here:

      In between wonderful illustrations she lays out her case against Pope Frankie:

      Charity is a theological virtue, not an emotional state. It requires me to love him which, after a fashion, I can honestly say I do. I want only good for the man himself. I wish him no harm, neither in this world nor the next. I would not consign him to hell, nor to a Calais-style migrant camp on the Italian periphery. Not even to a dingy flat in Mott Haven. Nonetheless, I am not obligated to like him.

      Much as I dislike his leftism, I am even more disinclined toward his sanctimony and his demagogic pretenses to humility. His crafted merry-old-soul image is the most dishonest thing about him. Bergoglio is a hard-line autocrat who incarnates the pit-falls of papal absolutism.

      His modus operandi—willful and persistent misuse of power (e.g. hostile takeover of the Knights of Malta); canny refusal to answer the dubia; sidling embrace of abortion apostle Jeffrey Sachs or degraded Latin American honchos—is morally offensive. It offends on the very grounds a Christian conscience is formed. Good conscience entails humility before the objective truth of things. Francis turns conscience on its head by making it a matter of feelings, his own in particular.

      Sometimes our strongest alliances come not from what we mutually admire but from our strong dislikes…

    • I agree with this comment. And the traitor pope francis is at the front of this movement, washing the feet of muslims and calling for bridges with the muslim world and telling people to take in refugees as charity, favoring muslims over christians. Muslims who will cut off his head as they have a chance and put the islamic flag over the vatican as they already say that’s their intention.

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