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An “Australian” man named Imran Hakimi was sentenced to three years in prison for attacking motorists with a machete in Canberra last year. The defense maintained that Mr. Hakimi, who was born in Afghanistan, was experiencing psychological difficulties due his years in immigrant detention camps. His conditions were said to include depression and possible post-traumatic stress disorder.

In other news, a teenaged girl was killed and three other people were wounded in a gun battle in Oakland last night that took place near a vigil for two teenagers who drowned in a reservoir on Memorial Day weekend. The shooting victims are thought to have been caught in a crossfire that may have resulted from an argument over a dice game.

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Financial Crisis
» Canada’s Debt Crisis: Debt-to-Income Level Stays Near Record High
» Clinton Under Fire for Earlier Remark That Muslims Had ‘Nothing’ To Do With Terrorism
» Deputies: Child Dragged Into Water by Gator Near Disney’s Grand Floridian
» DHS Secretary: Right-Wingers Pose Same Threat as Islamic Extremists
» Donald Trump: Concealed Carry Could Have Saved Lives in Orlando
» Huma Abedin, Daughter of Jihad
» Islamic Speaker Admits: Killing Gays is a Belief Held by ‘Moderate Muslims’
» It Was the Guns, The Christians, The Hate — Killings Have Nothing to Do With Radical Islam
» Local TV Station: Orlando Shooter Called During the Attack
» Meanwhile, California Fault Lines and the Area Around Yellowstone Are Shaking Like Crazy
» MSM Went Out of Their Way to Blame Whites, Guns But Never Islam
» Obama Seeks to Protect UN Climate Regime From a President Trump
» Orlando Shooter Did Not Use AR-15 Rifle — Despite False Media Reports
» Orlando Shooter Was a DHS Security Contractor: “Has ISIS Infiltrated Homeland Security?”
» Rolling Stone Demands Repeal of Second Amendment
» Teen Girl Killed, 3 Others Hurt in Downtown Oakland Shooting
» The Push for Disarmament Begins: “The Globalists Are Waiting in the Wings to Take Down America and Confiscate Firearms”
» Three People Shot, Teenager Killed at Vigil in Oakland
Europe and the EU
» There is an Incredible Theory That a Brexit Won’t Actually Happen Even if the Public Votes for it
South Asia
» Bangladesh College Lecturer Chopped by Islamists for His Remarks on Baghdadi Killing!
Australia — Pacific
» Machete-Wielding Man Who Attacked Passing Motorists in Canberra Jailed
» Geert Wilders on Orlando, Paris: ‘Ramadan is the Deadliest Time of the Year’
» German Minister Says Closing Borders Will Lead to Incest
» Germany: Christians Live in Fear, Hide Faith in Migrant Camps
Culture Wars
» Judge Dismisses Bogus Charge Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood
» The Left Chose Islam Over Gays. Now 100 People Are Dead or Maimed in Orlando
» Twitter Bans Gay Conservative Milo After Anti-Islam Tweets **update** Twitter Caves
» A Short History of Islam

Canada’s Debt Crisis: Debt-to-Income Level Stays Near Record High

Canadians from British Columbia to Nova Scotia are facing a personal debt crisis. In a low-rate environment and a weak national economy, Canadians are taking on too much debt, and the levels are nearing record highs.

According to new data from Statistics Canada, the debt-to-income ratio in the first quarter of 2016 was 165.3 percent. Simply put: households are $1.65 in debt for every dollar of disposable income. This is close to the 165.4 record high at the end of last year.

The net worth of Canadians declined 1.5 percent to $7.47 trillion…

Why are Canadians in so much debt? They’re taking on more mortgage debt — Canada’s housing market is skyrocketing, particularly in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

[Comment: Housing bubble is reaching insanity. When it pops it will be ugly. Does not help that pretty much all Canadian media and politics is communist. There is only one agenda ever presented — the globalist agenda.]

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Clinton Under Fire for Earlier Remark That Muslims Had ‘Nothing’ To Do With Terrorism

Hillary Clinton is coming under fire for a tweet last year in which she claimed Muslims have “nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”

However, on Monday the presumptive Democratic nominee acknowledged the threat of “radical Islamism,” one day after an apparent Islamic State sympathizer killed 49 people and wounded dozens of others inside an Orlando, Fla., nightclub.

“I have clearly said we have terrorist enemies who use Islam to justify slaughtering innocent people,” Clinton said on NBC’s “Today” show.

“To me, radical jihadism, radical Islamism, they mean the same thing. I’m happy to say either but that’s not the point.”

Her remarks were a departure from her tweet in November 2015, between the November 2015 Paris massacre and the December 2015 San Bernardino, Calif., terror attacks, both linked to ISIS.

“Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary,” Clinton tweeted. “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing to do whatsoever with terrorism.”

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Deputies: Child Dragged Into Water by Gator Near Disney’s Grand Floridian

A 2-year-old boy who was vacationing with his family was dragged by an alligator into the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14.

Deputies are using sonar today to search the Seven Seas Lagoon man made lake, with help from a helicopter and 10-person dive team, Williamson said.

Additional Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers will also be in boats searching.

Nick Wiley, executive director of FWC, said investigators aren’t giving up hope in their search, but the chances of a successful rescue fade the longer it goes on.

“Right now, all we’re doing is searching for a little boy to hopefully bring a family some closure,” Williamson said.

A trapper is on scene to catch any suspected gators, he said. They’re still examining the four caught overnight.

Splashing in the water caught the attention of guests, who realized the boy was grabbed…

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DHS Secretary: Right-Wingers Pose Same Threat as Islamic Extremists

“Secretary Johnson agreed and noted that CVE [Subcommittee on Combating Violent Extremism], by definition, is not solely focused on one religion.”

One month after the San Bernardino terrorist attack that left 14 innocent people dead, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told advisors that right wing extremists pose just as much of a threat to the country as Islamic extremists.

Johnson made the comments during the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s (HSAC) January meeting. City of Austin Mayor Art Acevedo, whom Johnson appointed to HSAC, shifted the discussion to the threat of right-wing extremists, according to the official meeting minutes.

“Member Acevedo reminded the Council that the threat from right-wing extremists domestically is just as real as the threat from Islamic extremism,” the minutes state.

Johnson echoed the sentiment. “Secretary Johnson agreed and noted that CVE [Subcommittee on Combating Violent Extremism], by definition, is not solely focused on one religion,” the minutes state.

[Comment: Put in charge of DHS to crush patriots, constitutionalist and other dissdents. Anyone who is against the bankster new world order and the destruction of the Republic of the USA.]

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Donald Trump: Concealed Carry Could Have Saved Lives in Orlando

During a June 15 speech in Atlanta presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump explained that concealed carry could have stopped or at least lessened the number of dead in the Pulse Orlando attack.

He explained that the Orlando nightclub was a gun-free zone, saying it “was full of innocent people and you had no guns on the other side.”

Trump said, “By the way, I’m going to save your Second Amendment.” And once the applause subsided he added:

If some of those great people that were in that club that night had guns strapped to their waist or strapped to their ankle—and if bullets were going in the other direction, aimed at that guy [for whom this was just] target practice—you would had a situation which would have always horrible, but nothing like the carnage that we as a people suffered this weekend.

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Huma Abedin, Daughter of Jihad

Hillary Clinton longtime lieutenant Huma Abedin’s exhaustively documented connections to Islamic terror are receiving renewed attention thanks to a new column written by political gadfly Roger Stone.

Abedin, now vice-chairman of Clinton’s campaign, is the person “closest to the most powerful woman in American politics and perhaps the next President,” Stone writes at Breitbart. “Huma has been described variously as Hillary’s ‘body woman,’ a sort of glorified go-to personal maid, gentle confidant, and by others as an Islamic spy.”

“She may be all of these things,” writes Stone, who is close to GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“Abedin was deeply involved with the establishment of Hillary’s private email server, which was used for all of her work as Secretary of State. Now, since we know Hillary had hundreds of classified or top-secret documents on her vulnerable server (despite her early lies saying she did not), any faith in Huma’s judgment-at the very least-has been demolished. You will soon ask yourself, ‘how did this woman get a security clearance?’“

Abedin’s background, including her suspect ties to Saudi Arabia, was previously examined by FrontPage but sounding the alarm about her connections to the Islamist underworld takes on a heightened urgency now that polls suggest Clinton is dangerously close to assuming the presidency. Abedin has been joined at the hip to Hillary for decades and would probably be a major figure such as policy director or chief of staff in the White House if she wins.

The power this daughter of jihad could-once again-wield over Americans and world affairs is truly frightening. For all we know, Abedin may have played a role in shutting down counter-terrorism measures that could have been useful in preventing Islamist attacks in the U.S. and abroad.

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Islamic Speaker Admits: Killing Gays is a Belief Held by ‘Moderate Muslims’

Yet the regressive left STILL defends Islam

In light of the massacre of dozens of people at a gay club in Orlando, it’s worth re-visiting the comments of Islamic speaker Fahad Qureshi, who admitted that the desire to see homosexuals killed was a belief held by so-called “moderate” Muslims.

During a conference held in May 2013, Qureshi complained that the media often frames views such as “the death penalty for homosexuals” or the subjugation of women as only being held by radical Muslims.

“I always try to tell them that…these are general views that every Muslim actually has…every Muslim believes in these things,” says Qureshi.

Qureshi then asks the audience of Muslim attendees — black, white and Arab — to raise their hands if they agree with gender segregation and stoning women for adultery, as taught by the Koran.

Virtually every single ‘moderate’ Muslim in the room raises their hand to agree with these positions.

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It Was the Guns, The Christians, The Hate — Killings Have Nothing to Do With Radical Islam

As usual the fiction narrative that Obama, Hillary and their leftist media throws out after any huge mass murder event is the same. Radical Islam is never the culprit. Assault weapons and other guns are along with Islam phobia and Christian hate.

DHS is already insisting on more gun control. Hillary screeched that we must get ‘guns of war’ off the streets. Included on the cause list of all these shootings are the bigoted mouths of Christians who create the environment of hate causing Muslims to lash out. Now it is so clear to me as to why radical Muslims round up women and children and burn them alive in cages while others rape, torture and behead others. We, the Christians who notice and hate their murderous behavior cause it all by not wanting more of these people in our country or speaking our concerns out loud.

Now we have an ACLU lawyer who has lashed out blaming Christians for the Orlando shooting. The evil bigoted Christians and their ‘Islam phobia’-hate is the real problem, not the radical psycho Islamic killer who was following the call to murderous jihad.

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Local TV Station: Orlando Shooter Called During the Attack

A local TV station in Orlando says the man who killed 49 people at a LGBTQ nightclub early Sunday called the station to claim responsibility for the attack before he died in a shootout with police.

The caller, who claimed to be the gunman, 29-year-old Omar Mateen, told the producer he spoke to that he committed the attack in the name of the terrorist group ISIS.

News 13 producer Matthew Gentili said he took the call about 45 minutes after the shooting started.

“It was at 2:45 a.m. when I had just received the phone call of someone claiming to be the Orlando shooter,” Gentili told News 13. “I answered the phone as I always do: ‘News 13, this is Matt.’ And on the other end, I heard, ‘Do you know about the shooting?’“

The caller then told Gentili: “I’m the shooter. It’s me. I am the shooter.”

He said he attacked the nightclub for ISIS. He then reportedly started speaking in a foreign language, thought to be Arabic, in which he sounded fluent, according to Gentili.

Gentili asked the caller to speak in English. The man then said, “I did it for ISIS. I did it for the Islamic State.”

When Gentili asked the caller who he was, the man replied that it was “none of [Gentili’s] [expletive] business.”

Gentili asked if there was anything else the caller wanted to say, and the man responded “no,” and then hung up.

After his shift ended, Gentili was interviewed by the FBI, he said. News 13’s managing editor reportedly traced the phone number the call came from back to Mateen.

Mateen also reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS (also known as the Islamic State, ISIL, or Daesh) in a 911 call placed during the attack. He reportedly expressed support for terrorists with Al Qaeda affiliations as well…

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Meanwhile, California Fault Lines and the Area Around Yellowstone Are Shaking Like Crazy

Scientists tell us that it is just a matter of time.

Over the past few days the mainstream media has been fixated on the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, but meanwhile there has been highly unusual seismic activity along major fault lines in California and near the Yellowstone supervolcano.

Let’s talk about Yellowstone first. In recent months, the big geysers have been behaving very strangely and this is something that my wife and I covered on our television show. And now, just over the past week there have been three very significant earthquakes in the region. On June 9th, there was a magnitude 3.7 earthquake, on June 13th there was a magnitude 4.3 earthquake and earlier today there was a magnitude 4.0 earthquake. Yes, the area around Yellowstone is hit by earthquakes all the time, but most of them are extremely small. For earthquakes of this size to be striking right around Yellowstone is highly unusual and more than just a little bit alarming.

The map below comes directly from the USGS, and it shows all of the earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 or greater that have hit the western portion of the United States over the last week. The three big earthquakes that struck southwestern Montana are visible on the map, although they are hard to see because the dots all overlap. But the main reason why I am showing you this map is because I want you to see all of the earthquakes that have been happening along the major fault lines in southern California in recent days…

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MSM Went Out of Their Way to Blame Whites, Guns But Never Islam

In the hours following the jihad attack on the Orlando nightclub, the mainstream media buzzed with conjecture, trying to get to the crux of why this mass shooting happened. Their conclusion? Anything but Islamic terror.

A montage of various news clips was posted to Facebook showcasing the egregious things pundits have been saying since the news broke, from blaming guns to comparing this violence to white supremacy. The clips show a local Orlando imam pleading with the country to avoid “sensation news and rushing to judgment.” Well, it was too late for that:

Before the blood of innocents could fully dry, the talking heads were bloviating all about how this could be the result of a “white hate movement.” Meanwhile, one eyewitness who played dead to survive was telling ABC News how the shooter was sparing all the black people, telling them, “I don’t have issue with the blacks:”

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Obama Seeks to Protect UN Climate Regime From a President Trump

Whether or not Donald Trump was serious when he threatened to “cancel” the United Nations climate agreement negotiated in Paris last year, the White House appears to be taking the threat very seriously.

According to media reports and statements by senior Obama “climate” officials, the administration is hard at work “Trump-proofing” the controversial global-warming pact. Regardless of the efforts, though, a President Trump could easily kill the UN scheme — especially because it is not even legally valid, since Obama has not presented it to the U.S. Senate for ratification as required for all treaties by the U.S. Constitution.

In a series of statements about the Paris Agreement, as the UN climate deal is known, Trump has indicated that, if and when he becomes president, the expensive scheme is toast. In fact, in a speech he gave in late May about energy policy, Trump blasted the “draconian climate rules” and vowed to “cancel” the pseudo-treaty as soon as he takes office. America should never give “foreign bureaucrats control over how much energy we use,” the GOP contender declared, promising to eliminate all U.S. taxpayer funding for UN “global warming” schemes. In the past, echoing numerous top scientists, Trump has repeatedly lambasted the increasingly discredited man-made global-warming theory as a “hoax.”

Blasting the EPA’s “totalitarian tactics,” Trump also promised to undo all of the Obama administration’s decrees on the subject — everything from executive orders purporting to regulate the gas of life (CO2) to Obama’s so-called “Clean Power Plan.” Because all of those actions are already unconstitutional and illegal, destroying them would be beyond easy. As The New American has documented, even when the Democrats controlled Congress it would not approve Obama’s climate agenda, meaning the White House had to impose all of its pledges made to the UN via executive decrees and regulations. That means the entire foundation of the UN’s climate regime is built on lies, fraud, and quicksand, as far as the United States is concerned.

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Orlando Shooter Did Not Use AR-15 Rifle — Despite False Media Reports

Shooter actually used Sig Sau… ah, who cares.

What is with the mainstream media’s obsession with the AR-15 rifle?

In the aftermath of Sunday’s shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Florida, Orlando Police Chief John Mina described the weapon suspect Omar Mateen used to kill 50 as an “AR-15 style rifle.”

Specifically, reports:

The rifle used by the Islamist terrorist in Orlando was instead a Sig Sauer MCX carbine, a modular, multi-caliber (able to swap to different calibers, including 5.56 NATO, 300 BLK, and 7.62×39) rifle system that sometimes utilizes STANAG magazines common to more than 60 different firearms, but otherwise has no major parts that interface with AR-15s in any way, shape or form.

But leave it to the leftist media to misconstrue the facts, then run with their distorted versions of reality.

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Orlando Shooter Was a DHS Security Contractor: “Has ISIS Infiltrated Homeland Security?”

Has Homeland Security been infiltrated?

There are clearly larger questions about the stunning mass shooting that took place at an Orlando nightclub, now considered the largest of its kind in U.S. history.

The accused assassin was a long-term government security contractor who had access to numerous compromising positions in the national security infrastructure.

Here are some of the stunning details that have already come out.

[Comment: When the head of DHS equates right wingers to Islamic terrortists — what does that tell you? DHS is the Gestapo for the globalists and the point agency for suppression of citizens to ensure globalists retain their hold on the USA.]

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Rolling Stone Demands Repeal of Second Amendment

Discredited magazine exploits ignorance of readers

Rolling Stone is promoting a “constitutional expert” who’s advocating the repeal of the Second Amendment.

The magazine, which was discredited after publishing fake rape allegations in 2015, published an op/ed by a “constitutional law teacher” who claims the Second Amendment is a “a threat to liberty.”

“…Sometimes we just have to acknowledge that the Founders and the Constitution are wrong,” David Cohen claimed. “This is one of those times.”

“We need to say loud and clear: The Second Amendment must be repealed.”

Cohen said he teaches “the Constitution for a living,” but his understanding of the document is questionable given many of the odd statements he made in the Rolling Stone piece.

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Teen Girl Killed, 3 Others Hurt in Downtown Oakland Shooting

A broad-daylight shooting in downtown Oakland on Tuesday killed a teen girl and injured three others as multiple gunshots rang out during the evening commute.

Police described a chaotic scene at 13th and Franklin streets, where the shooting occurred.

Witnesses reported two gunmen on foot who hit victims along half of a city block, said Lt. Carlos Gonzalez. Windows of businesses in the area were blown out by the gunfire.

The surviving victims, male and female ranging in age from mid-teens to early 20s, were all reportedly in stable condition, police said.

Witnesses said the 16-year-old girl who died had been shot in the neck.

The shooting happened near a large family gathering at an entertainment facility, Venue, on 14th Street. Dozens of people inside and outside the facility were there after attending a funeral for two Oakland teens who drowned in a Stanislaus County reservoir over Memorial Day weekend.

At least some of the victims were connected to the memorial event…

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The Push for Disarmament Begins: “The Globalists Are Waiting in the Wings to Take Down America and Confiscate Firearms”

The headlines and news networks are awash with the shooting that occurred on Sunday in Florida — 50 dead and 53 hospitalized in the largest single mass-shooting incident in the history of the U.S. History in the making, and as Rahm Emmanuel put it, never let a crisis go to waste. The governor of Florida quickly declared a state of emergency, and as the FBI is labeling it as a “terrorist incident,” undoubtedly the federal presence is going to increase.

All of the machinery is in place and has been in place for quite some time, now. The harbinger of things to come was already outlined by Obama, on January 14, 2014 in a White House Press Conference:

“…we are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help they need. I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone, and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward…”

-Barack Hussein Obama I

Now in case anyone hasn’t noticed, the tempo of “town hall” meetings has been picked up quite a bit, especially Obama’s push for more gun control. In between using taxpayer dollars to campaign for Hillary Clinton and vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard, Obama has “resurrected” the push for gun control. Coincidentally, this mass shooting occurs barely even a week after Obama met with his plants and puppets to “discuss” gun control policies. This on the heels of the 9th Circuit Court on which on June 9, 2016 struck down the right to carry concealed as a right given under the U.S. Constitution. Undoubtedly this one will run right up to the Supreme Court for a liberal “reinterpretation” of the Second Amendment…

The bottom line: they can’t take the U.S. down without taking the guns out of the hands of its citizens.

Don’t forget some of the other wonderful agreements, pacts, and statements of understanding Obama has drawn up with countries such as Canada, Russia, and others to bring their forces onto American soil to help “enforce order” if the President of the United States — Obama — is unable to enforce the laws under his administration. According to the UN, only “authorized state parties” (referring to the governments and their armed forces and police apparatuses) are to have any firearms.

[Comment: America, do not relinquish your 2nd amendment. Freedom from globalist evil, not just in America, but in the world depends on this. Globalists cannot fully take down the USA until the citizens have been disarmed. Without a free Republic of the USA the world will descend into tyranny. All foregin policy meddling of the US thus far is advanced by globalists within the US who are using US power for their own ends.]

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Three People Shot, Teenager Killed at Vigil in Oakland

Oakland authorities are reporting that three people have been shot and a 16-year-old teenager was killed at a vigil in downtown Oakland.

The number of people shot fluctuated throughout the evening. Oakland police initially said five people had been shot. The department then corrected the information to six people wounded, and finally said a total of four people had been shot, including the deceased victim.

The three victims who were shot, described as men and women aged from their mid-teens to early 20s, were all listed in stable condition. Three others received unspecified injuries, police said.

The shooting happened near a theater that was hosting a vigil for two teens that had drowned in a Stanislaus County reservoir during Memorial Day weekend.

Oakland Police Lt. Carlos Gonzalez told the paper that witnesses reported seeing two gunmen who opened fire along half of a city block.

A witness who requested anonymity told the paper that vigil attendees were caught in a crossfire…

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There is an Incredible Theory That a Brexit Won’t Actually Happen Even if the Public Votes for it

A really crucial detail about the upcoming EU referendum has gone virtually unmentioned and it is probably the most crucial detail: Parliament doesn’t actually have to bring Britain out of the EU if the public votes for it.

That is because the result of June 23 referendum on Britain’s EU membership is not legally binding. Instead, it is merely advisory, and, in theory, could be totally ignored by UK government.

This incredible detail is explained in a new blog post by Financial Times columnist and legal expert David Allen Green.

Green says that no legal provision was included in the EU referendum legislation that requires UK Parliament to act in accordance with the outcome of the EU referendum.

Instead, what will happen next if the public votes for a Brexit will be purely a matter of parliamentary politics.

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Bangladesh College Lecturer Chopped by Islamists for His Remarks on Baghdadi Killing!

Hindu College lecturer stabbed in Madaripur (Bangladesh) by fanatic Muslims, 1 held.

Atul Brahmachari | HENB | Dhaka | June 15, 2016:: A young Hindu college lecturer of Mathematics was critically injured by some fanatic Muslim criminals in Madaripur Sadar upazila this afternoon.

One of the brute attackers, Golam Faizullah, was caught by the locals while fleeing after the attack. He was later handed over to police, reports our Madaripur correspondent quoting police. (Perhaps, BD Police is trying hard to give the bail of the fanatic attacker!)

The injured Hindu fellow is identified as Ripan Chakraborty, a lecturer of Govt Nazimuddin University College in the district, our local correspondent reports quoting Ziaul Murshed, officer-in-charge of Madaripur Sadar Police Station.

A group of Muslim criminals knocked on the door of Ripan’s house near the college campus around 4:30pm and started indiscriminate stabbing on him when he opened the door, said Prof Hiten Chandra Mandal, principal of the college. The style of attacks resembles with the Jamiat-ul-Mujaheedin-Bangladesh (a local operative of Islamic state in Bangladesh) method of hacking the Kaffirs as believed…

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Machete-Wielding Man Who Attacked Passing Motorists in Canberra Jailed

A Canberra man who went on a rampage and attacked passing motorists with a machete last year has been sentenced to three years in jail.

Imran Hakimi, 32, was arrested in November after an attack in which two people were injured late at night on Chandler Street in Belconnen.

The court previously heard Hakimi had begun attacking cars as they passed on the major road, jumping into one car and holding the blade of the knife to a woman’s throat, breaking the skin.

He was eventually subdued by two men in a taxi he tried to enter.

Hakimi pleaded guilty to seven charges, including intentionally wounding, using an offensive weapon and property damage.

The ACT Supreme Court today heard Hakimi had sought psychological help less than a week before the incident and had been experiencing depression and possibly post-traumatic stress disorder.

Hakimi came to Australia as a 16-year-old after fleeing Afghanistan and spent four years in the Woomera Detention Centre…

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Geert Wilders on Orlando, Paris: ‘Ramadan is the Deadliest Time of the Year’

Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has slammed the French government for failing to prevent the Monday evening Paris terror killings and has squarely placed the blame at the feet of Islam.

The veteran anti-Islamisation and counter mass-migration politician, who, despite being an elected member of the Dutch parliament and a former MEP is presently being tried in court for his views spoke to Breitbart London in the wake of two bloody days.

Speaking of France’s inability to track and monitor Islamists, Mr. Wilders said of yesterday’s attack: “The Magnanville assassin was a known jihadist. He had earlier been convicted and after serving his sentence been released. He should have been robbed of his French nationality and expelled”.

Mr. Wilders is a vocal critic of the establishment’s quiet acceptance of the Islamisation of Western society. Clearly unafraid to focus directly on the root causes of many terror killings in Europe, Mr. Wilders said: “Ramadan is the deadliest time of the year. We should acknowledge that Islam is the problem. Islam and freedom are incompatible. We must de-Islamize our Western societies”.

Larossi Abballa, the 25-year-old killer told police and the wider world through his Facebook Live podcast that he had performed the killing in honour of Ramadan.

Echoing United States Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump who Mr. Wilders has supported since the earliest days of his candidacy, the Dutch politician called for strong leadership: “We must close our borders to every immigrant from Islamic countries, every asylum seeker and every terrorist. It is time for new and brave leaders who adopt these policies”.

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German Minister Says Closing Borders Will Lead to Incest

Editor’s Comment: We post this article for sheer comedy. From Minister Wolfgang’s comment to this article claiming that mass immigration doesn’t threaten German culture, it’s hilarious. They also make the laughable claim that “Muslims are an enrichment.” Just tell that to the 50 gays that were mass murdered Saturday night by a Muslim madman while dancing at a club. Bottom line, encouraging Germans to breed themselves out is genocidal. It is anti-diversity.

By the way, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has strong Zionist ties. Does he tell Israel if they do not open their borders, it will lead to incest? Ofcourse not. Could it be someone wants revenge on those ‘evil Germans’ who secretly want to gas all Jews?

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble told a German newspaper this week that closing Germany’s borders would lead to incest.

“Isolation is what would ruin us — it would lead us into incest,” the finance minister told Die Zeit, doing a good imitation of a doomsday preacher.

The comments were meant as a resolute defence of his government’s migration policies, against the hostile attitudes of many Germans towards the Muslim faith practised by many migrants who move to Germany.

“Muslims are an enrichment of our openness and our diversity,” he continued. “Look at the third generation of Turks, especially the women. That is an enormous innovation potential.”

[Comment: What’s the penalty for treason in Germnay? ]

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Germany: Christians Live in Fear, Hide Faith in Migrant Camps

Christians in migrant camps in Germany say they are forced to hide their faith from Muslim migrants who threaten and abuse them.

A migrant known as ‘Dena Kasravi’ from Iran fled to Germany to escape persecution for her Christian beliefs. After having spent years studying the bible and Christianity in secret illegal meetings in Iran she fled to Germany where she now finds herself in as much danger from her fellow Muslim migrants as she did back home, Die Zeit reports.

The Christian, who asked for her real name and the names and details of other converts not to be revealed, said her group of fellow Christians are under constant watch and scrutiny from Muslims in their Hamburg asylum home.

According to Ms. Kasravi, Muslims in the migrant camps would take matters into their own hands if they found out she was reading the bible and was a Christian convert. “If they find out, I will be fair game. Everyone will have the right to destroy me. Some Muslims even think it is their obligation,” she said, adding that she only feels safe because her bible studies are conducted in secret among her fellow converts. When the meetings are over and her fellow converts leave, “then comes the fear”.

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Judge Dismisses Bogus Charge Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood

Undercover investigator David Daleiden has been vindicated. Today, a Harris County, Texas judge dismissed the bogus misdemeanor charge against David Daleiden for allegedly trying to buy body parts from the Planned Parenthood abortion business he was exposing for selling them as a part of the Center for Medical Progress’ undercover investigation.

Daleiden has maintained from the beginning that he and the Center for Medical Progress followed all applicable laws in the course of its investigative journalism and that the indictments were politically motivated.

Read the judge’s order dropping the misdemeanor charge.

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The Left Chose Islam Over Gays. Now 100 People Are Dead or Maimed in Orlando

Over 100 people have been killed or maimed at a gay dance club in orlando by omar mateen, a muslim terrorist. how many more innocent gays need to die before we admit that america, and the world, has an islam problem?

I don’t mean a “radical Islam” problem or an “extremist Islam problem.” Violence is not the extreme in Islam any more: it’s the norm. The public’s patience for comments like the one below, from the dimwitted lesbian Sally Kohn, are wearing thin. As for mine, it’s long since run out.

Obama’s response to the tragedy today was similarly limp-wristed. He made no mention of Islam or Muslims, instead condemning “hate and terror” and taking a brazen swipe at gun rights activists by noting “how easy it is to let people get their hands on a weapon.”

He didn’t even address the uniquely homophobic character of the attack. What a good liberal!

There’s no more room for equivocating. The Orlando shooting isn’t just the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. shores since 9/11. It is also, by far, the worst act of violent homophobia in the nation’s history and the deadliest mass shooting in America ever.

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Twitter Bans Gay Conservative Milo After Anti-Islam Tweets **update** Twitter Caves

**UPDATE** Following tremendous backlash, Milo Yiannopoulos’ Twitter account has been restored.

Original story:

Conservative commentator and Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been suspended from Twitter ahead of a planned press conference in Orlando, Florida.

The timing of this suspension cannot be ignored. Yiannopoulos was planning to give a press conference today near the Pulse dance club in Orlando, the target of a deadly Muslim terrorist attack that left over 100 dead or wounded. The event is still scheduled to take place, outside the Christ Church Of Orlando at 2pm EDT. Full details for those wishing to attend can be found at the bottom of this article.

It comes as a number of other figures, great and small, have been censored on social media for being too outspoken about the threat of Islam in the wake of the shootings. Islam critic Pamela Geller was suspended on Facebook. A games developer who called for the surveillance of radical mosques was suspended on Twitter. Masses of users discussing the shooting were censored on Reddit. Jim Hoft, aka “The Gateway Pundit,” another gay conservative activists who recently called on LGBT people to acknowledge the homophobia of Islam and “come home to the Republican party,” was suspended on YouTube.

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A Short History of Islam

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.-George Santayana (1863-1952)

Question: What do all the following statements have in common?

Charles “The Hammer” Martel defeated the Moors as they advanced toward Paris in 732 AD.

Christian forces won a great victory over the Ottoman Navy in 1571.

The genocide of tens of millions of Hindus, mass rapes of Hindu women and the destruction of thousands of ancient Hindu/Buddhist temples and libraries by the Mughals is well documented.

Sultan Mehmed II’s army conquered and sacked (i.e. raped, pillaged, and burned) the Christian city of Constantinople (AKA, Byzantium, Istanbul) in 1453.

An army led by Polish king Jan III Sobieski defeated the invading Turkish army at the “Battle of Vienna” in 1683.

During the campaign of 1799 Napoleon sent a messenger under a flag of truce to the Mamelukes, who promptly killed the messenger and hoisted his head on a pole.

America’s first war against the Barbary Pirates lasted from 1801 to 1805, America’s 2nd Barbary War took place in 1815.

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    Asylumship with room for 1,800 new asylum seekers outside Härnösand reported to the police
    Published June 15, 2016 at 19:41
    By Mattias Albinsson ✉

    DOMESTIC. A cruise ship meant to be used as an asylum accommodation violate the law. Both politicians and individuals in the municipality notified the port police.

    In Utansjö north of Harnosand live around 200 inhabitants. But the inhabitants of the small community could increase tenfold thanks to the cruise ship M / S Ocean Gala which landed at the port. The plan is the fact that the ship will be accommodation for up to 1,800 asylum seekers.

    Härnösand has said no to the floating asylum accommodation.
    The opposition is led by the Mayor, Councillor Fred Nilsson (S).
    – I will make a report to the police the moment they land, he said in an interview with local newspaper yesterday.

    The port of Utansjö is now reported to the police for “violating the law on maritime security” because it lacks permission to receive such large vessels M / S Ocean Gala.

    Vessel owner US Shipbrokers in February signed an agreement with the Swedish Migration Board to hire out the luxury liner like a giant floating asylum accommodation. Although northern municipalities’ protests, the company has gone ahead with plans to try to find a port for the ship – not least because of the huge sums of money at stake.

    According to the Migration Board prepared to pay more than SEK 810 000 per day, or nearly SEK 300 million per year, for the liquid luxury habitat.

    As the contract will run for four years means a cost of nearly
    SEK 1.2 billion for Swedish taxpayers for lavish accommodation. As a comparison, the whole ship cost $ 100 million to build in 1982.

    • In the EU,USA and the UK many ‘well connected’ corporations and ‘charities’ are ca$hing in on the ‘refugee racket’, without regard to the long term damage and cost borne by to local populations, municipalities , school systems, justice system and the environment.

  2. This speach is absolutely a gem.

    It can (and should) be heard many times over.

    Robert Spencer on Hillary Clinton’s war against free speech

    Nix has got everything to do with nix
    even if the Swedish ‘homo demens’ while willingly practicing their ‘set of core values’ (värdegrund) have chosen to call human universel dignity:
    everybody’s equal value.


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