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A “French” teenager has become the youngest mujahid to be killed fighting for the Islamic State. Abu Bakr al-Faransi (= “the Frenchy”) was 13 years old when he was killed. Two of his brothers have reportedly also been killed.

In other news, in response to last month’s terror attack in Copenhagen, Danish municipalities are putting together plans to prevent “youths” from being radicalized and turning into kinetic activists.

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Financial Crisis
» Goldman Sachs Has a Stunning New Forecast for the Euro
» IMF Approves New USD 17.5 B Funding Plan for Ukraine
» Italy: Abi Warns Bad Loans Still on the Increase
» ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Target White Diners Eating Brunch
» California is Turning Back Into a Desert and There Are No Contingency Plans
» Dems Demand ATF Use “Existing Authority” To Outlaw AR-15 Ammo
» Fact-Checker Takes Obama to Task for Gun Claims
» Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Scandal May Hurt Obama and the Globalists
» Kerry Compares Himself to Churchill & Lincoln; Scorn Follows
» OSU Researchers Create Fast Robot Modeled After Birds — Video
» Report: Obama Adviser Behind Leak of Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal
» Robert Durst: US Millionaire Held After Saying He ‘Killed Them All’
» RCMP’s Draft Plan for Towns Declaring a State of Local Emergency
Europe and the EU
» #RosettaWatch: New Clues About the Origin of Comet 67P
» Danish Supermarket Sells Insects — For Two Days
» Danish Researchers Debunk Greenland’s Norse Settler Myth
» Denmark: Municipalities Developing Anti-Radicalisation Plans Following Copenhagen Attacks
» Denmark: Grandfather Attempts to Justify Courtroom Killing
» ISIS Releases Another Nasheed in French: “We Must Strike France… We Want to See Suffering and Deaths by the Thousand”
» Italy: Graft Suspect ‘Got Minister’s Son Jobs’
» UK: Ben Kingsley Among Actors in Movie Written by ISIS’ Jihadi John Apologist Group Member
» UK: Emma Webb Spared Jail for Sex With Pupils as She’d Already Served Time for Seducing Others
» UK: Firms’ Fury at Plan by Labour to Make Them Share Profits
» UK: Families of Runaway ISIS Schoolgirls Issue New Appeal for ‘Beloved’ Daughters to Return Home From Syria
» UK: Trevor Phillips is a Man Who Dares to Tell the Truth About Race
» Fate of 525 People in Kosovo Still Unknown
Mediterranean Union
» EU-Maghreb-Africa, More Support for Dialogue, Cooperation
North Africa
» Egypt Court Sentences to Death Top Leader of Muslim Brotherhood Group, 13 Others Over Violence
» Egypt: Sharm Conference Generates 60 Bln Dlrs Business
Israel and the Palestinians
» Netanyahu, Trailing in Polls, Promises No Palestinian State if Elected
Middle East
» Cautious Optimism as Iran and US Edge Closer to a Deal
» Iran Fighting ISIS — Is it Really a Problem?
» ISIS’ Dark Agenda: Terror Group’s Tweets Show More Destruction of Sacred Christian Sites
» Jordan Detains Journalist Rula Amin Without Charges Over Custody Battle
» Norwegian PM Solberg Not Attending Armenian Commemorations, Citing Importance of Relations With Turkey
» Smashed Antiquities Not Real: ISIS a Propaganda Op for War
» The Faustian Pact Between Obama and Iran
» Turkey Stops 16 Indonesian Citizens Headed to Syria to Join the Islamic State
» Youngest ISIS Member “Killed in Action”
» EU Unlikely to Impose New Economic Sancions Against Russia
» Vladimir Putin Says Russia Was Preparing to Use Nuclear Weapons ‘If Necessary’
South Asia
» Afghanistan: the Man Who Helped Blow Up the Bamiyan Buddhas
» MEPs Chide India on Italian Marines Case
» UN and Russia Worry at Reports That Islamic State Has Established a Foothold in Afghanistan
Far East
» China Edges Out Germany to Become the World’s Third Largest Arms Exporter
» Move Over Mao: Beloved ‘Papa Xi’ Awes China
Sub-Saharan Africa
» Hunted in the Sahel Desert, Jihadists Target Urban Areas
Latin America
» Luis Fleischman: Latin American Backlash to U.S. Sanctions on Venezuela
» Gentiloni Complains EU Must Beef up Triton
» Mexico’s Gulf Cartel Made $38 Million in a Few Months During Last Year’s Immigration Surge
» Renzi ‘Should Quit Over Migration Spending,’ Salvini Says
Culture Wars
» Communists Conceived Women’s Liberation Movement
» Italy: Dolce & Gabbana Face Boycott After Elton John Kids Row
» Ontario’s Angry Sex-Ed Parents Should Not Just Boo Bas Balkissoon But Boot Him Out of Office
» Orwellian Nightmare Unleashed on Schoolkids
» Struck by Lightning and the Tools of the Narrative Burn
» Should the Jews Leave?

Goldman Sachs Has a Stunning New Forecast for the Euro

In six months, Goldman Sachs thinks the euro will reach parity with the US dollar.

In currency markets, “parity” is when two currencies have the same value, or a 1:1 exchange rate.

The euro has fallen considerably over the last year and is currently at around 1.05 to the dollar. The euro hasn’t been at parity with the dollar since late 2002.

In a note to clients on Friday, Goldman’s Robin Brooks wrote that while the euro went “sideways” against the dollar following the ECB’s QE announcement, the firm sees the impending change in US monetary policy and portfolio outflows from Euro area residents as drivers of the latest leg lower in the euro against the dollar.

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IMF Approves New USD 17.5 B Funding Plan for Ukraine

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved a new USD 17.5 B financial aid package for Ukraine to help the country stave off collapse of its economy.

The new funding plan replaces the existing two-year USD 17 B aid programme from April 2014 that proved inadequate to stabilize Ukraine’s finances as the country fights an insurgency by pro-Russian rebels in its eastern regions, home to a great portion of its industrial base.

The IMF’s executive board gave the go-ahead for the four-year reform programme agreed with Ukraine’s government , Managing Director Christine Lagarde announced in a statement on Wednesday.

“This new four-year extended arrangement will support immediate economic stabilization in Ukraine,” Lagarde said.

The new aid package “involves risks, notably those stemming from the conflict in the east of the country,” but it “will provide more funding, more time, more flexibility, and better financing terms for Ukraine.

Lagarde said last week that the success of financial support for Kiev hinges on the stability of the truce in eastern Ukraine.

The IMF funds are part of a total aid of over USD 40 B for war-torn and cash-strapped Ukraine. The EU has pledged EUR a 2.2 B loan and the US have guaranteed USD 2 B in Eurobonds. Canada, Germany and Japan have also pledged financial assistance.

In return for the IMF bailout, Ukraine’s government has launched a series of reforms including unpopular steps such as cutting pensions and increasing the retirement age, eliminating gas price subsidies and reducing budget spending.

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Italy: Abi Warns Bad Loans Still on the Increase

Banking association says debt recovery taking longer

(ANSA) — Rome, March 16 — The size of bad loans continues to rise in Italy, reaching nearly 185.5 billion euros in January compared with 183.7 billion euros in December, the Italian Banking Association (ABI) said Monday. It said that the length of time for debt recovery was also stretching, averaging seven year with a peak of 20 years in Messina. Problems with the rising value of bad loans are weighing on Italian banks and have been blamed for a slowdown in credit from institutions.

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‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Target White Diners Eating Brunch

Demonstrators compel nervous onlookers to raise hands in support of Michael Brown.

The demonstration took place just days after the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, an attack carried out by a ‘Black Lives Matter’ supporter.

The protesters marched into the restaurant before reading out a list of names of black people killed by police, including Mike Brown, subsequently chanting, “Which side are you on friends, which side are you on? Justice for Mike Brown is justice for us all, and we will fight for freedom until this war is won.”

The diners looked nervous throughout the spectacle before one of the demonstrators said, “Please raise your hands and stand with us if you stand for black lives.” The onlookers responded by half-heartedly raising their hands, while others stood. The clip shows young children, who couldn’t possibly understand the nature of the issue, also raising their hands.

By making Michael Brown the focus of the protest, the demonstrators only succeeded in illustrating their own colossal ignorance of the events that led up to the shooting death of the 18-year-old.

Earlier this month, the Justice Department found that the claim Michael Brown had his hands up before he was shot by Officer Darren Wilson was “inconsistent with the physical and forensic evidence” and that “witnesses have acknowledged their initial accounts were untrue” (ie they lied), completely discrediting the entire foundation of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

Brown had just robbed a convenience store before trying to grab Officer Darren Wilson’s gun, punching him in the face and then charging him. To claim he was an innocent victim of racially-driven police brutality is clearly erroneous.

[Comment: Communist goal is to foment racial division. Note the raised fist — classic symbol of communism.]

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California is Turning Back Into a Desert and There Are No Contingency Plans

Once upon a time, much of the state of California was a barren desert. And now, thanks to the worst drought in modern American history, much of the state is turning back into one. Scientists tell us that the 20th century was the wettest century that the state of California had seen in 1000 years. But now weather patterns are reverting back to historical norms, and California is rapidly running out of water. It is being reported that the state only has approximately a one year supply of water left in the reservoirs, and when the water is all gone there are no contingency plans. Back in early 2014, California Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency for the entire state, but since that time water usage has only dropped by 9 percent. That is not nearly enough. The state of California has been losing more than 12 million acre-feet of total water a year since 2011, and we are quickly heading toward an extremely painful water crisis unlike anything that any of us have ever seen before.

But don’t take my word for it. According to the Los Angeles Times, Jay Famiglietti “is the senior water scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech and a professor of Earth system science at UC Irvine”. What he has to say about the horrific drought in California is extremely sobering…


Perhaps you don’t care about what happens to California.

Perhaps you believe that they are just getting what they deserve.

And you might be right about that.

But the truth is that this is a crisis for all of us, because an enormous amount of our fresh produce is grown in the state.

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Dems Demand ATF Use “Existing Authority” To Outlaw AR-15 Ammo

New proposed law would outlaw the M855 outright.

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Fact-Checker Takes Obama to Task for Gun Claims

President Obama is under fire from The Washington Post’s fact-checker over a series of recent far-fetched gun claims, including suggesting the country’s homicide rate is higher than that of other industrialized nations “by like a mile.”

The comments, made during a stop in South Carolina last week, earned the president three out of four “Pinocchios” — the fact-checker’s scale for measuring inaccuracy.

The first fact-check involved a comment Obama made — at a town hall at South Carolina’s Benedict College — where he said, “What we have to recognize is, is that our homicide rates are so much higher than other industrial countries. I mean by like a mile.”

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Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Scandal May Hurt Obama and the Globalists

Once again, President Barack Obama claims he first discovered a potential political firestorm involving his administration from what he’s read and heard in news reports. This time he was making that shopworn claim regarding evidence that his former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton used a private, non- governmental email account that would include communications about the Benghazi terrorist attack in 2012, according to his interview on CBS News on Saturday.

During that interview Obama claimed that he’s delighted that Clinton has requested those emails about her interactions during and after the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi be disclosed. Obama also showed another example of his chutzpah when he reiterated that his administration remains “the most transparent administration ever, said several current and former police officers, as well as former military special forces operative.

What many believe is going to hurt Obama and his White House the most is that the story about Clinton’s emails and lack of transparency will be what investigators manage to uncover…

In addition, The father of the former Navy SEAL who was savagely murdered in the Benghazi terrorist attack told a public-interest group investigating and exposing Mrs. Clinton’s alleged cover-up that he wasn’t surprised to learn that State Department documents — obtained last week by Judicial Watch — had revealed that Hillary Clinton’s top aides knew from the very beginning that the U.S. diplomatic mission attacked by Islamic terrorists. “She knew damn well this wasn’t some out-of-control protestors who were upset over a video that denigrates Islam,” said former police detective and Marine intelligence officer Jonathan Grimaldi.

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Kerry Compares Himself to Churchill & Lincoln; Scorn Follows

“My heroes are people who dared to take on great challenges without knowing for certain what the outcome would be…”

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OSU Researchers Create Fast Robot Modeled After Birds — Video

“When this robot gets up to speed for walking… it will be the fastest bipedal robot in the world.”

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Report: Obama Adviser Behind Leak of Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal

Sources claim Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett leaked Clinton email scandal to the press.

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Robert Durst: US Millionaire Held After Saying He ‘Killed Them All’

An American millionaire from a prominent New York family has been arrested on suspicion of murder after appearing to admit to several killings.

Robert Durst was recorded saying in private that he had “killed them all”, soon after being asked in an interview about the death of a friend in 2000.

The 71-year-old has always maintained his innocence in Susan Berman’s murder.

Mr Durst agreed to be transferred from New Orleans to Los Angeles, where he will face a first-degree murder charge.

Prosecutors are also reportedly tying the case to the unsolved disappearance of his first wife, Kathleen, in 1982.

She went missing after spending the weekend at their country home in New York State and was eventually pronounced legally dead.

In 2001, Mr Durst was acquitted of murder. He convinced a Texas jury that he had shot and killed elderly neighbour Morris Black in an act of self-defence.

Mr Durst admitted to dismembering his body and dumping it in Galveston Bay.

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RCMP’s Draft Plan for Towns Declaring a State of Local Emergency

Commentary #3 — RCMP High River Report — Do you want a repeat of what the RCMP did in High River for your town?

In June of 2014, the RCMP had already started revising their Emergency/Evacuations policy for Alberta communities. A draft copy of the RCMP “K” Division Operations Manual Chapter 13.100 Evacuations was sent to me in response to one of my 42 Access to Information Act requests regarding the High River forced entries, unwarranted searches and seizures.

In High River the RCMP kicked in “more than 754 doors,” entered 4,666 homes (at least twice) without warrant, seized more than 600 firearms, seized and destroyed between 400,000 and 450,000 rounds of ammunition (most without any paperwork proving the destruction was necessary or authorized by the owners), and seized other private property, all without warrants. The RCMP have repeatedly stated that their authority for conducting this mayhem in High River was, and will be in the future, Section 19 of the Alberta Emergency Management Act (AEMA). The RCMP Public Complaints Commission High River report concurred. The Alberta Property Rights Advocate disagreed and sixty-seven percent of the people in High River thought the RCMP’s actions were not “appropriate”. Trust in the RCMP is so bad in High River that fifty-three percent of residents polled last August indicated they would be prepared to refuse an evacuation order in the event of another emergency.

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#RosettaWatch: New Clues About the Origin of Comet 67P

Philae, the European Space Agency probe that landed on and then bounced across the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov—Gerasimenko in November, has provided researchers with a wealth of data that they are now eagerly digging through. But they are also desperate for the probe to wake up again, because their findings have left them with as many questions as answers.

Philae’s mothership, Rosetta, is currently in the middle of a week-long search for Philae, but so far hasn’t found anything. “At the moment we’re simply listening for it,” says Rosetta mission scientist Matt Taylor, but he thinks the spacecraft is unlikely to be warm enough to wake up until May, when the seasons change on 67P and the comet’s dark side becomes illuminated — Philae is thought to be just on the wrong side of the dividing line.

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Danish Supermarket Sells Insects — For Two Days

An Irma location in Copenhagen was the first in the country to sell edible insects to customers but the grasshoppers and meal worms only remained on shelves for two days before being pulled.

With the global population expected to hit nine billion by the year 2050, many food and agriculture experts have warned that we need to find new ways to feed our growing planet.

One solution that has been bandied about is to get Western cultures to embrace the idea of eating insects.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, around two billion people worldwide regularly incorporate insects into their diet.

Aside from a few headline-generating attempts, such as ‘world’s best restaurant’ Noma serving live ants, the West has been hesitant to embrace the idea of chowing down on a handful of creepy crawlies.

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Danish Researchers Debunk Greenland’s Norse Settler Myth

A new comprehensive Danish research project has debunked the myth that Norse settlers were forced to abandon Greenland because of the adverse climate conditions.

The research by Christian Koch Madsen, a PhD student at the National Museum of Denmark, showed that the Norsemen actually stayed on the island for as much as 200 years longer, despite living in a hostile environment that continued to get colder.

“The stories we’ve heard until now — about the Vikings leaving because the climate worsened — are simply not correct,” Koch told the science website “They actually stayed there a long time and were far better at acclimatising that we previously believed.”

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Denmark: Municipalities Developing Anti-Radicalisation Plans Following Copenhagen Attacks

Until last month’s terrorist attack in Copenhagen, many municipalities had no plan in place to try and prevent young people in their area from taking the same route as Omar El-Hussein. However, a survey by Jyllands-Posten now shows that many are beginning to develop anti-radicalisation plans for their region.

“We are seeing small signs that we need to be doing something,” Karen Marie Nielsen, the head of a local integration group in Hedensted Municipality, told Jyllands-Posten. “Residents have expressed concern about the socialisation of some families, and the attacks in Copenhagen are bringing things into sharp focus.”

Some 69 municipalities participated in the survey, and 39 said they have not taken any anti-radicalisation steps. Over one quarter of those said they have no employees trained in anti-radicalisation techniques

Vejle Municipality is expanding its efforts against radicalisation, especially for parents who are worried that their children might travel to Syria.

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Denmark: Grandfather Attempts to Justify Courtroom Killing

The man who shot two people over a parental visitation rights dispute blamed his actions on one of his victims and the judge in the case.

The 67-year-old man who opened fire in a Copenhagen courtroom in September, killing a lawyer and seriously wounding his former son-in-law, attempted to explain his actions in court Monday.

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ISIS Releases Another Nasheed in French: “We Must Strike France… We Want to See Suffering and Deaths by the Thousand”

On March 15, 2015, Al-Hayat Media, the official media wing of the Islamic State (ISIS), released an audio-recording of a new nasheed (religious song) in French via a new official Twitter account (@fr__alhayat12). This is the second nasheed in French released by ISIS.

The lyrics of the song, titled “We Will Not Let Ourselves Be Beaten Down,” praise and justify the attack on Charlie Hebdo, urge additional attacks on French soil and warn that the “battle has begun”. The last verse declares that ISIS shall dominate and shall spread Islam by the sword.

Such songs, distributed widely online, play an important role in the organization’s indoctrination and recruitment process and in maintaining morale among its fighters.

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Italy: Graft Suspect ‘Got Minister’s Son Jobs’

Perrotti ‘hired Luca Lupi’, son of Maurizio

(ANSA) — Florence, March 16 — One of the suspects in a wide-ranging corruption probe “procured jobs for Luca Lupi”, the son of Tranport Minister Maurizio Lupi, prosecutors said Monday.

Businessman Stefano Perrotti was arrested earlier in the day along with Ercole Incalza, a former top manager for the public works ministry who now works as a consultant, and two others.

According to a wiretap obtained by the media, Perrotti hired Luca Lupi as a “steady supervisor” on a jobs site even though he already had 17 people supervising the work there.

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UK: Ben Kingsley Among Actors in Movie Written by ISIS’ Jihadi John Apologist Group Member

Sir Ben Kingsley and Emily Watson will be working alongside an award-winning team in ‘The Secret Evidence’, a film reportedly co-written by Cage spokesman Cerie Bullivant.

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UK: Emma Webb Spared Jail for Sex With Pupils as She’d Already Served Time for Seducing Others

Emma Webb, 44, had sex with the two teenagers in a ‘disgraceful’ abuse of power. The mother-of-two also encouraged them to skip class so she could perform oral sex on them in empty classrooms.

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UK: Firms’ Fury at Plan by Labour to Make Them Share Profits

Labour is said to be considering proposals to make firms with more than 50 staff set up a profit-sharing scheme. Workers would then get a regular sum based on employers’ financial position.

Businesses attacked Labour last night over plans to force companies to share profits with employees.

Senior party figures are said to be considering a proposal to oblige all firms with more than 50 staff to set up a profit-sharing scheme.

Workers would then be handed a regular cash sum based on their employers’ financial position.

Labour last night said the idea was not official policy, although a shadow minister said it was being considered at the top of the party.

But senior business leaders warned the plan would encourage employers not to take on staff. It is the latest in a string of damaging clashes between Labour and business leaders — who have lined up to predict that Ed Miliband is a potential ‘catastrophe’ for the country…

The Labour policy would mirror the situation in economically feeble France, where companies with more than 50 employees have extra obligations, such as the establishment of a workers’ council. It has been reported that such burdens are costing 140,000 jobs, and President Francois Hollande wants to repeal them.

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UK: Families of Runaway ISIS Schoolgirls Issue New Appeal for ‘Beloved’ Daughters to Return Home From Syria

Describing their loss as ‘more acute’ on Mother’s Day, the families of Shamima Begum, Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana, said they were praying for the ‘immediate, safe return’ of their children.

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UK: Trevor Phillips is a Man Who Dares to Tell the Truth About Race

In a devastating critique of a culture of misguided political correctness, Trevor Phillips said far too many people felt unable to speak their minds because they feared being branded racist.

In a hard-hitting article ahead of a TV documentary on race issues to be aired later this week, Mr Phillips attacked the ‘racket’ of multiculturalism which took root under Tony Blair’s government. He said: The inability to discuss racial issues contributed to child grooming scandals in cities such as Rotherham and Rochdale, because authorities ‘turned a blind eye’; Silence on racial issues led to the failure to take action to save Victoria Climbie; A film commissioned to warn young people of the dangers of grooming was suppressed because it featured an Asian perpetrator abusing white girls; He was accused of being ‘fatuous’ by senior New Labour figures when he warned of the dangers of multiculturalism; Multiculturalism has become a ‘racket’ in many parts of the country, with self-styled community leaders battling for funds which prop up their authority and entrench segregation.

Mr Phillips was for a decade the chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality and its successor, the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

However, in the same TV documentary Tony Blair refused to admit that his decision to open the doors to EU migration in 2004 was a mistake.

The former prime minister said the influx would have ‘happened anyway’ and it ‘made sense at the time’ to open our borders when France and Germany kept their controls.

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Fate of 525 People in Kosovo Still Unknown

The representatives of the Serb Association of the families of kidnapped and missing persons in Kosovo and Metohija have stated that even after 17 years the fate of some 525 people is still unknown, while to this day 361 have been buried but nobody has been held responsible for their murders.

There can be no true reconciliation until the perpetrators are convicted for their crimes, the destiny of the kidnapped and missing persons is revealed, and all the people expelled from Kosovo return to their homes, underlined president of the association Verica Tomanovic.

At the press conference on the occasion of 15 years of that association’s work she said that this organization remains committed to finding the members of their families.

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EU-Maghreb-Africa, More Support for Dialogue, Cooperation

(ANSAmed) — DAKHLA (MOROCCO), MARCH 16 — Dialogue between Europe, Maghreb and Africa needs new impulse in order to boost cooperation and confront crises which do not concern a single country anymore but everyone — regardless of whether they are about Islamist terror, the economic crisis or immigration.

This issue was at the center of the second and last day of work at a congress organized by the Crans Montana Forum in cooperation with Isesco (Islamic Educational scientific and Cultural Organization), in Dakhla, in the heart of Western Sahara.

The event, sponsored by King Mohammed VI, saw 300 heads of State, ministers and former cabinet members, as well as diplomats, NGOs, companies and individuals from 112 countries including 36 African States gather with, at the center of the agenda, the need to take a new path in relations between Europe, Maghreb and Africa.

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Egypt Court Sentences to Death Top Leader of Muslim Brotherhood Group, 13 Others Over Violence

Egypt’s official news agency says a criminal court has sentenced 14 people, including the leader of the country’s banned Muslim Brotherhood, to death.

The Giza Criminal Court issued its decision on Monday, however the court set an April 11 date to formally issue the ruling after consulting with the country’s grand mufti; the mufti reviews all death penalty cases, but his ruling is not binding.

The case is rooted in violence that swept the country after the military-led ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, whose supporters set up large protest encampments in Cairo.

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Egypt: Sharm Conference Generates 60 Bln Dlrs Business

Country signs agreements, loans. Accords with Italy for 7.5 bln

(ANSAmed) — ROME, MARCH 16 — Egypt obtained a ‘treasure’ worth 60 billion dollars in direct investments and assisted loans following a conference on economic development that wrapped up Sunday in Sharm el Sheikh. The forum gathered 1,800 delegations from over 70 countries and saw the Egyptian government play all its cards in an attempt to retake the country on the path of development and growth.

Dozens of agreements were signed in key strategic sectors across three days. The agreements, stressed Premier Ibrahim Mahlab in final statements, “will have a positive impact on the Egyptian people and economy”.

Egypt gave itself a timetable to reach its objectives under the slogan “stability, investments and growth”.

“Our government is engaged in implementing policies able to lead to sustainable growth and create a business climate that is competitive and certain”. The agenda honed by the cabinet is “clear and is aimed at fostering investments while bringing inclusive growth, creating jobs”, he added. The future is mostly for the young, on which the country is investing a lot, as President Abdel Fatah El Sisi stressed at the end of the conference, calling on the stand some young participants who took part in the organization of the event, which will become an annual gathering. “There are 35 million young people in a country that is waking up again”, said the head of State.

Fifty heads of State and business leaders were in the Red Sea resort to attend the conference. “A new era is beginning in Egypt”, assured the premier.

Major economic partners are again betting on the country, contributing to its reconstruction — starting with the Italians, as recalled by the deputy minister for economic development, Carlo Calenda, who worked on agreements overall worth some 2.5 billion euros, as well as Eni’s accord worth 5 billion dollars.

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Netanyahu, Trailing in Polls, Promises No Palestinian State if Elected

Faced with a tight race for his political life, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stepped up the nationalist rhetoric on the eve of parliamentary elections, vowing a Palestinian state will not be established on his watch if he’s re-elected.

In an interview published Monday in the nrg news website, Netahyahu said withdrawing from occupied areas to make way for a Palestinian state would only ensure that territory will be taken over by Islamic extremists. When asked if that means a Palestinian state will not be established if he is elected, Netanyahu said “indeed.”

It was the latest — and clearest — attempt by Netanyahu to disavow his earlier support for Palestinian independence, which he first laid out in a landmark 2009 speech.

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Cautious Optimism as Iran and US Edge Closer to a Deal

Iran’s foreign minister has said that he and his US counterpart John Kerry have came closer to making an agreement. A Saudi prince warned, however, that a deal could spark a nuclear technology race across the region.

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Iran Fighting ISIS — Is it Really a Problem?

As Iran continues to take an active role in helping Iraq fight ISIS, many US neocons are upset that the US military is not over there on the ground doing the fighting.

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ISIS’ Dark Agenda: Terror Group’s Tweets Show More Destruction of Sacred Christian Sites

Chilling new images released Monday show ISIS thugs advancing the Islamist army’s dark agenda of eradicating Christianity from Iraq by smashing crosses, toppling statues and destroying sacred relics that have been in place for thousands of years.

The latest batch of photos, culled from the Internet by watchdog Middle East Media Research Institute, show ISIS members in the heart of Iraq’s once-thriving Assyrian Christian community of Nineveh, destroying symbols the Islamist terror group considers polytheistic and idolatrous. The images show the men removing crosses from atop churches and replacing them with the black ISIS banner, destroying crosses at other locations such as atop doorways and gravestones, and destroying icons and statues inside and outside churches. The sickening images are just the latest evidence of ISIS’ ongoing effort to cleanse its so-called caliphate of its Christian heritage.

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Jordan Detains Journalist Rula Amin Without Charges Over Custody Battle

A journalist has been detained in Jordan after she refused to give up her daughter following the overturning of a custody decision in her favour.

Rula Amin, an Al-Jazeera correspondent who has previously worked with CNN, won a year-long court battle against her former husband in late 2014 for custody of their five-year-old daughter.

However, she was picked up by Jordanian police on Monday after a sharia court reversed the decision earlier this month.

Amin refused to give the child up, reportedly telling police that they had “no legal reason” to take the child back.

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Norwegian PM Solberg Not Attending Armenian Commemorations, Citing Importance of Relations With Turkey

The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has announced that she will not be attending the commemorations in Armenia organized for the 100th anniversary of the so-called Armenian Genocide, highlighting that Norway puts value on relations with Turkey.

Solber stated that Norwegian executives, including herself and members of the Foreign Ministry, will not be represented at the commemoration ceremonies and only the ambassador will be able to participate.

According to a statement by the Foreign Ministry, it was highlighted that the “Genocide allegations which were supposedly committed by the Ottoman Empire in 1915 are internationally disputed” and that the ministry would state their opinion on the matter later on.

Baard Glad Pedersen, the Undersecretary of the Norwegian Prime Minister’s Office, said that conclusions regarding historical incidents should be left for the discretion of historians, while noting that UN resolutions outline what can be considered as genocide or not. “This issue has been hotly debated in the recent years” Pedersen said.

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Smashed Antiquities Not Real: ISIS a Propaganda Op for War

More evidence feared terror army is stage handled

Fawzye al-Mahdi, head of the antiquity department in Iraq’s cultural heritage authority, has told Deutsche Welle in Germany the statues and other antiquities jackhammered and smashed by the Islamic State last month were replicas.

“They were copies,” al-Mahdi said. “None of the artifacts destroyed in the video were originals.”

While Deutsche Welle, Al Arabiya News and Iraqi officials would have us believe ISIS was clueless of this fact, the admission provides further evidence that much of ISIS’ destructive rampage and possibly many of its reported atrocities are in fact orchestrated fakes design to outrage Americans and Europeans and drum up support for a full-fledged invasion of Iraq and particularly Syria where the government of Bashar al-Assad remains in power and has scored a number of victories against the “moderate” proxy mercenary armies funded by the Gulf emirates and trained and armed by the West.

These “moderates” are in fact radical jihadis, increasing aligned with al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and ISIS.

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The Faustian Pact Between Obama and Iran

As the Democrats scream “Traitor!” and are off on another black is white, up is down tirade after the letter signed by 47 US Senators, all Republicans, was sent to Iran pointing out the minor detail that any agreement made between Obama and Iran without approval by the Senate is unconstitutional, Obama readies a deal nevertheless that he claims he will explain to America after it has been reached. How very dictatorial. How very suicidal for America and Israel.

Let’s get this straight… the traitors here are Barack Obama and any on the Marxist Left who cut a deal with Iran for nuclear capabilities without Congressional approval, by skirting constitutional law and by seeking UN intervention. You don’t get to redefine ‘treason’ as you see fit. I think you have the words ‘patriot’ and ‘traitor’ confused. The first rule of treason is to call the other guy a traitor. You see the true treasonous responses in President Obama’s own reply to the letter which encouraged all this loose talk about treason. “It’s somewhat ironic to see some members of Congress wanting to make common cause with the hardliners in Iran,” he told reporters. “It’s an unusual coalition.” And what would be an act of treachery without the Queen of Transparency, Hillary Clinton, who held a press conference ostensibly to explain why she hid her work product at the State Department and then made similar statements

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Turkey Stops 16 Indonesian Citizens Headed to Syria to Join the Islamic State

The group included three families from the province of East Java. Initial reports indicate that those arrested were mostly women and children who had entered Turkey as part of an organised tourist group in order to reach husbands and fathers who had joined the Islamic State group.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) — Turkish authorities have taken into custody at least 16 Indonesians who tried to enter Syria to join the Islamic State group after entering the country as part of a tourist group.

Turkish and Indonesian authorities have remained very discreet about the case; however, some reports confirm a broader pattern of Malaysian and Indonesian nationals trying to join the Islamic State group fighting in Iraq and Syria.

What is known so far is that Turkish intelligence detained the group of 16 Indonesians — mostly women and children — as they tried to cross the border into Syria.

Most of the detainees belong to three families from East Java who travelled in an organised tour. However, after their entry into Turkey, they left the tourist group and went missing.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi confirmed the arrest of Indonesian citizens, but declined to reveal their identity or the reasons for their trip to Syria.

Police Chief General Bradotin Haiti declined to go into details as well, but confirmed that several women and children were detained, probably seeking to join husbands and fathers members of the Islamic State.

Retired Police General Ansyaad Mbai, a former chief of the anti-terror desk in the Ministry of Political, Security and Legal Affairs, noted that “Six of these people have close ties with terrorist groups [in Indonesia]”.

In view of the situation, he noted that more decisive measures need to be taken to stop the slide towards fundamentalism, like stripping the citizenship of those who join the IS group.

As previously reported by AsiaNews, fundamentalist movements and local Muslim leaders have found inspiration in the exploits of Sunni fighters. Many support the fight for the creation of the Islamic Caliphate, which now reaches across Asia.

Extremist cells and recruiters already operate in Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, as well as in neighbouring Malaysia. Many are known to be preparing attacks on pubs, discos and bars, “dreaming of the Islamic caliphate.”

There are no official figures with regards to the number of Indonesians in Jihadist ranks in Iraq and Syria. However, police estimate that at least 30 are fighting with the terrorists, most of whom “ex-convicts and criminals”.

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Youngest ISIS Member “Killed in Action”

A 13-year-old Abu Bakr al-Faransi, originally from Strasbourg, France, is believed to be the youngest to die fighting for ISIS in Syria, Al-Alam reports.

According to a French journalist, al-Faransi died two months ago. Two of his brothers are believed to have been killed in the fighting in Syria.

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EU Unlikely to Impose New Economic Sancions Against Russia

European Union (EU) leaders are unlikely to reach an agreement on the prolongation of economic sanctions against Russia at their forthcoming summit next week.

The current sanctions, which are expiring in July, are not likely to be extended as long as the Minsk ceasefire in eastern Ukraine is observed, EurActiv reports.

However some member states had insisted on the extension of sanctions on Russia’s financial, energy and defence sectors.

While EU leaders will likely discuss sanctions at the forthcoming summit, it is expected that most of them will postpone discussions for their renewal until July.

In order for sanctions to be imposed they have to be approved unanimously by all 28 member states.

Meanwhile, Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico said on Friday that new or renewed EU sanctions against Russia will not be beneficial for the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.

Fico had previously criticised sanctions as “meaningless and counterproductive”, which shows their divisive nature among member states.

Slovakia’s Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak revealed that the predominant view in the EU was that sanctions “should remain in place in their current form for the time being”.

EU member states agreed on Friday to extend sanctions against Ukrainian and Russian citizens and companies accused of compromising Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence.

The asset freezes and travel bans on 150 people and 37 companies were extended for another six months and will last until September.

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Vladimir Putin Says Russia Was Preparing to Use Nuclear Weapons ‘If Necessary’

Blames US for Ukraine crisis.

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Afghanistan: the Man Who Helped Blow Up the Bamiyan Buddhas

Mirza Hussain was 26 when Taliban commanders ordered him to plant explosives on the famous Buddha statues in his home province, Bamiyan.

The ancient sandstone carvings, once the world’s tallest Buddhas, were annihilated in an act of destruction that shocked the world, and helped set a precedent for the recent vandalism of Iraqi heritage sites by Islamic State fighters.

A lot has happened in Afghanistan in the 14 years since the Buddhas were destroyed, but for Mirza Hussain the memory is still vivid.

“First they fired at the Buddhas with tanks and artillery shells,” he says. “But when that was ineffective, they planted explosives to try to destroy them.”

At this point, he says, he was drafted in along with other local men being held by the Taliban.

Mr Hussain, like most people in Bamiyan city, is a Shia Muslim and therefore was regarded as an enemy — or even an infidel — by the Sunni Taliban.

They took control of the mountainous province in May 1999 after many months of fighting. The locals either fled or were taken captive.

Bombs on sticks

“I was among 25 prisoners,” Mr Hussain says. “There were no civilians, it was all Taliban fighters in the city. We were chosen because there was nobody else. We were prisoners and we were treated like people who could be disposed of at any time.”

Speaking against the backdrop of Bamiyan’s majestic sandstone cliffs, once home to the giant statues, Mr Hussain says the Taliban brought in dynamite and weapons to finish the job.

“They brought in the explosives by truck,” he says. “Then we carried them on our back or in our arms to the statues, or we tied big bombs to long sticks to carry them to the site.”

Working in the cold air of the early spring of 2001, he says the men were prepared for death at any moment, either in a blast or at the hands of the guards.

“Once I witnessed one of the men who had a bad leg and couldn’t carry the explosives any more,” he says. “The Taliban shot him on the spot and gave the body to another prisoner to dispose of.”

According to Mr Hussain’s account, the men spent three days planting explosives around the statues. Then wires were laid all the way to a nearby mosque from where the charges were detonated amid shouts of “Allah Akbar”…

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MEPs Chide India on Italian Marines Case

Indian procedure in fishermen case ‘little bit too long’

(ANSA) — New Delhi, March 16 — A European parliament delegation on Monday criticised India’s judicial system in the case of two Italian marines accused of murdering Indian fishermen more than three years ago, saying it is “a little bit too long”.

Geoffrey Van Orden, president of the European parliament Delegation for relations with Italy said during a visit to New Delhi that Brussels respects India’s judicial system and the affair of the two marines “ought not to be an obstacle to bilateral “Indian European” relations but “it seems to us that the trial to which the Italian Navy fusiliers are subjected is a little bit too long”.

“Obviously we give importance in any circumstances to the conditions of our citizens in difficulty abroad,” he added, and “the case of the Italian military is one of those”.

The delegation was made up of MEPs from Britain, Netherlands, Slovacchia, Slovenia and Germany.

Last Thursday the special tribunal in New Delhi tasked with examining the case of the marines who allegedly killed two Indian fishermen during an anti-piracy mission on February 15, 2012, scheduled its next hearing for July 1 to allow the Supreme Court to examine a related appeal.

The decision came after the registrar of India’s top tribunal on Tuesday ordered the petition by Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone against the handling of their case by NIA anti-terrorism prosecutors to return to the court for examination.

The supreme court is expected to schedule a hearing within the next two-three weeks.

The servicemen are appealing against the involvement of the NIA on grounds that it is beyond their jurisdiction after New Delhi agreed to drop the application of a severe anti-terrorism and anti-piracy law in February 2014.

Italian authorities had argued that its application would have equated Italy with a terrorist state.

The date of July 1 set by the special tribunal for the resumption of proceedings also took into account the judicial recess in India from May 17 to June 30.

The case of the marines has caused major diplomatic tension between the two countries, with Italy arguing that it is not in India’s jurisdiction as the incident took place outside the country’s territorial waters.

Rome also says the marines should be exempt from prosecution in India because they are servicemen who were working on an anti-piracy mission, and allowed to return home.

Latorre is currently in Italy recovering from heart surgery but he is due to return to India in April.

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UN and Russia Worry at Reports That Islamic State Has Established a Foothold in Afghanistan

The top U.N. envoy in Afghanistan says recent reports indicate the Islamic State group has established a foothold in Afghanistan, a view echoed by Russia which urged the Security Council to stop the extremists’ expansion.

Nicholas Haysom told the council Monday the U.N. mission’s assessment is that the Islamic State hasn’t stuck “firm roots” in Afghanistan, but it has the potential “to offer an alternative flagpole to which otherwise isolated insurgent splinter groups can rally.”

Russia’s Deputy U.N. Ambassador Vladimir Safronkov said Moscow is worried about the rise of the terrorist threat in Afghanistan, especially in the formerly quiet north bordering countries that are its friends and allies.

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China Edges Out Germany to Become the World’s Third Largest Arms Exporter

China’s exports of weapons rose by a 143% between 2010 and 2014, making the world’s second largest economy the third largest arms exporter behind Russia and top dog the U.S.

The Asian superpower rose above Germany, which had held third place until 2010 but saw its exports reduce by 43% over the same period, according to a report Monday from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

China also remains one of the top 10 importers of arms, but saw that number decrease by 42% over the past decade, the report said. The most significant jump in arms exports came among nations in the Gulf and the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia becoming the second largest importer of major weapons worldwide.

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Move Over Mao: Beloved ‘Papa Xi’ Awes China

The must-see tourist sights of the Chinese capital form a grandiose circuit: the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and, for early birds willing to brave long lines, the mausoleum of Mao Zedong.

But there is a new stop on Beijing’s sightseeing loop: an unassuming fast-food restaurant on the west side that has become a pilgrimage destination for fans of the president, Xi Jinping. It was here last year that Mr. Xi riveted the nation after he made a seemingly off-the-cuff visit to the Qingfeng Steamed Bun Shop, paid his own way and then carried his tray to one of the restaurant’s cheap folding tables.

“We’re following in the footsteps of our great leader,” Bai Henglin, a 29-year-old chauffeur, gushed as he took a selfie with his $3.50 Presidential Combo meal (steamed buns and a bowl of pig liver stew). “Out-of-town visitors who come to Beijing and don’t stop here will regret it.”

The restaurant’s morning-till-night crowds are just one barometer of the adulation directed at Mr. Xi since he assumed power in 2012.

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Hunted in the Sahel Desert, Jihadists Target Urban Areas

Concerns are rising that a deadly jihadist attack on a popular nightclub in Mali’s capital may foreshadow moves by extremist groups that have been routed in the desert to sneak operatives into towns to mount strikes.

Responsibility for the March 7 nightclub attack in Bamako by a heavily-armed gunmen that left three Malians, one French national and a Belgian dead was claimed by al-Murabitoun, a jihadist group run by Algerian militant Mokhtar Belmokhtar, whose fighters were pushed from northern Mali into the barren Sahel by the French-led military intervention launched in 2013.

But while that campaign was credited with decimating jihadist militias and driving them far from populated regions they formerly controlled, the Bamako strike has some experts worried the extremists are now changing tactics.

Rather than relying in their numbers to impose blanket brutality on areas they hold, far-flung extremist leaders may be preparing to dispatch attackers into urban zones to stage surprise strikes…

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Luis Fleischman: Latin American Backlash to U.S. Sanctions on Venezuela

On March 9th President Obama issued an executive order implementing The Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act of 2014, which he signed last December 18th. This measure blocks the property and interests in property of seven top Venezuelan government officials and would also block the property and interests in property of any person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State.

The presidential order has imposed sanctions on mostly the top echelon of the state security apparatus in charge of the repression during the 2014 anti- government demonstrations.

Although, this executive order is a good first step, it omits to punish the president, his cabinet and his closest civilian aides. Likewise, punitive measures are not being applied to lower ranking officers who have committed human right violations despite the fact that human rights organizations have provided names and details about these individuals and their transgressions.

Yet, president Obama’s executive order is the most positive element in a series of events inside Venezuela that have been more than dishonorable…

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Gentiloni Complains EU Must Beef up Triton

Would be ‘a mistake’ to send European army into Libya

(ANSA) — Brussels, March 16 — Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said Monday that the EU must do “much more to strengthen” Operation Triton, a project of the EU’s Frontex border security agency.

He said that “for now” more money has been added and other measures are being discussed.

Critics have said that Operation Triton has too limited a mandate and budget.

Late last year, it replaced Italy’s Mare Nostrum search and rescue program.

Meanwhile, Gentiloni said it would be “a mistake” to send a European army into Libya but the EU could instead assist Libya’s government with training and support for an electoral process.

Speaking after a meeting of foreign ministers, Gentiloni said an “interventionist military mission” in the unstable North African nation would send a dangerous signal.

While rival parliaments in Libya struggle for control, Islamic State (ISIS) militants are gaining ground. Instead, Europe must offer support in other ways, including aid in assisting the country work out an effective electoral process, monitoring missions if a ceasefire among factions can be reached, and training for security forces.

Libya has struggled to find a stable government since the fall of longtime director Muammar Gaddafi.

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Mexico’s Gulf Cartel Made $38 Million in a Few Months During Last Year’s Immigration Surge

The Gulf Cartel made $38 million smuggling illegal aliens during last year’s immigration surge, taking advantage of the situation to smuggle tons of drugs with little intervention by authorities. The quantification of the cartel’s involvement was made in a report by the top law enforcement agency in Texas.

As previously reported by Breitbart Texas, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) had prepared the report to inform lawmakers about the border surge, the potential for terrorists, and the funding needs of the agency. The report had initially been leaked by the Houston Chronicle; however that publication mainly focused on the cost of having an increased number of troopers in South Texas instead of the scores of criminal activities listed in it

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Renzi ‘Should Quit Over Migration Spending,’ Salvini Says

League leader says asylum centre discriminates against Italians

(ANSA) Mineo (Catania) March 16 — Northern League leader Matteo Salvini called on Premier Matteo Renzi and Interior Minister Angelino Alfano to resign Monday over a migrants’ reception centre that “discriminates against Italians”.

“Renzi and Alfano should resign,” over the Cara reception centre for asylum seekers at Mineo in the Sicilian province of Catania, Salvini told reporters. The centre has been placed under investigation by prosecutors amid charges of widespread overspending.

“The Cara at Mineo was created to deal with an emergency situation but now we are in year four and this structure can only contain 4,000 people and discriminate Italians” Salvini claimed after visiting the centre.

“There are people getting pre-paid phone cards, playing football, listening to music or having school lessons”.

“There are 160-square-metre homes where an average of 7-8 people live — they were homes for the American military — these are solutions that many Italians would like to have”.

Salvini underlined that “the premier must reply personally about this shame”.

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Communists Conceived Women’s Liberation Movement

“Rape is an expression of … male supremacy … the age-old economic, political and cultural exploitation of women by men.”

Does this sound like a modern radical feminist? Guess again. It is from a American Communist Party pamphlet from 1948 entitled “Woman Against Myth”by Mary Inman.

In a 2002 book, Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women’s Liberation, feminist historian Kate Weigand states: “ideas, activists and traditions that emanated from the Communist movement of the forties and fifties continued to shape the direction of the new women’s movement of the 1960s and later.”(154)

In fact, Weigand, a lecturer at Smith College, shows that modern feminism is a direct outgrowth of American Communism. There is nothing that feminists said or did in the 1960’s-1980’s that wasn’t prefigured in the CPUSA of the 1940’s and 1950’s. Many second-wave feminist leaders were “red diaper babies,” the children of Communists.

Communists pioneered the political and cultural analysis of woman’s oppression. They originated “women’s studies,” and advocated public daycare, birth control, abortion and even children’s rights. They forged key feminist concepts such as “the personal is the political” and techniques such as “consciousness raising.”

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Italy: Dolce & Gabbana Face Boycott After Elton John Kids Row

Dolce says of interview ‘I spoke for myself’

(ANSA) — Rome, March 16 — Domenico Dolce on Monday responded to the firestorm that erupted at the weekend after Elton John initiated a boycott against Dolce and Gabbana, following Dolce’s comments that children born from in vitro fertilization were “chemical children” and “synthetic”, and that surrogate mothers were “rented uteruses”.

“I’m Sicilian and I grew up with a traditional family model, made up of a mother, father and children. I grew up this way, but that doesn’t mean I don’t approve of other choices. I spoke for myself, without judging the choices of others,” Dolce said in a statement from Thailand where he is vacationing with his business partner Stefano Gabbana.

The media controversy blew up at the weekend following comments Dolce made in an interview with Italian weekly newsmagazine Panorama, where he said “the only family is a traditional family”, which he defined as a child born from a mother and a father without IVF or a surrogate mother.

Elton John launched a boycott of the label in a post from his Instagram account, in which he said, “How dare you refer to my beautiful children as “synthetic”. And shame on you for wagging your judgmental little fingers at IVF — a miracle that has allowed legions of loving people, both straight and gay, to fulfil their dream of having children. Your archaic thinking is out of step with the times, just like your fashions. I shall never wear Dolce and Gabbana ever again. #BoycottDolceGabbana”.

Other celebrities including Ricky Martin, who has twin sons born from a surrogate mother, and Martina Navratilova, who recently wed her girlfriend, also joined the outcry with tweets in support of Elton John’s boycott.

Courtney Love tweeted that she wanted to burn all her D&G clothes.

Stefano Gabbana, responding on his Instagram account Monday morning, called the boycott “craziness” and an example of intolerance.

“It’s as if I’d boycott Elton John because he had two children with in vitro!! I’m not an idiot!!!” Gabbana wrote on his Instagram page.

Dolce and Gabbana have touted their idea of the traditional family in their recent runway shows, featuring a pregnant model in one and launching a campaign with the hashtag #DGfamily.

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Ontario’s Angry Sex-Ed Parents Should Not Just Boo Bas Balkissoon But Boot Him Out of Office

When you’re a high-flying Liberal politician whose son, Tony, just happens to be married to Barack Obama power-tripper Valerie Jarrett’s daughter, Laura, you can get away with rudely slamming the door on parents who don’t want their 10 and 11-year-old kids taught about anal and oral sex in school.

At his meetings people will follow his rules, Ontario Liberal MPP Bas Balkissoon told about 200 angry parents chanting “We say no!” as he was showing them the door

Arrogant, high-handed ‘society guy’ Bas Balkissoon, whose son Tony’s wedding to Valerie Jarrett’s daughter, Laura, was attended by Barack Obama, is the self-appointed shill for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government sex-ed curriculum that introduces graphic sexual content to underage children.

Incredibly, it is thought that convicted child pornographer Benjamin Levin—former deputy education minister for both Ontario and Manitoba and part of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s transition team—was involved in developing the sex-ed curriculum which advocates the teaching of oral and anal sex to 10 and 11-year-old school children.

Not only did the haughty Balkissoon shut concerned parents down one hour into into a so-called ‘information session’ he called, he accused the parents of having “hijacked the meeting”.

The indoctrination of school children in the U.S. is called Common Core. What Liberals, who want 6 year olds to be taught about condoms, are doing to Ontario education could easily be called ‘Common Corruption’.

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Orwellian Nightmare Unleashed on Schoolkids

Parents and students have been “opting out” of high-stakes testing in record numbers over the past year, saying the standardized tests waste valuable instruction time, cause undue stress and often measure “skills” that have nothing to do with academic knowledge.

Rather than merely asking for a right or wrong answer to a math, history or science question, the new assessment industry is capable of boring into a child’s attitudes, values, opinions and beliefs, all of which parents and privacy advocates say is no business of the government’s.

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Struck by Lightning and the Tools of the Narrative Burn

We live in the Scientific Dictatorship that Aldous Huxley spoke of in 1962 at the University of California in Berkeley, “And men and women have learned to love their servitude.” In fact, they love their servitude so much that the feminist movement has acted as the midwife to “Fifty Shades of Grey” lovemaking where woman actually find sexual pleasure in bondage. To the feminists who nowadays act like Hare Krishna’s in leather, “You’ve come a long way baby!” They’ve found satisfaction in being chained, whipped, tortured and bound. Aldous Huxley was right, in the Scientific Dictatorship men and women will truly love their servitude!

What then is the “narrative?” The narrative is the meta-programming that neuroscientists like Dr. John C. Lilly referred to as he left this dimension. Through deep tank sensory deprivation and taking heavy doses of the psychedelic Ketamine he spoke to interdimensional beings that told him to transcend his programming. Dr. John C. Lilly’s life was portrayed in the movies, “The Day of the Dolphin” and “Altered States of Consciousness.” The “narrative” is the subtext or meta-programming aka the scientific mind control programming code that flows from the Alpha wave neuro-transmission of the television screen, and the Delta, Theta and Gamma wave programming from films, television, music videos and Big Brother news programs that broadcast the Orwellian message, “Freedom is Slavery.” That is why bondage or being a sex slave is the new freedom. Make no mistake about it; this is the coding embedded in what is called the “narrative.” However, what is called the “narrative,” is simply the programming of MK-ULTRA and scientific mind control.

It should be remembered that Aldous Huxley, author of “Brave New World,” was a leader in the cult of Dionysus and a neuro-disciple of the Great Satanist Aleister Crowley.

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Should the Jews Leave?

by Phyllis Chesler

Given the hot and relentless nature of anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism today, should the world’s Jews simply pack up and leave wherever they are on Planet Earth? Should they go to Israel or to America? Given all the genocidal threats made against the Jewish state, should Israel pioneer space travel so that those Jews (and our allies) who believe that wherever we are has become “Egypt” can leave a world in which Jew-hatred has become the signature calling card of Islamic terrorism and anti-Western barbarism?

Dr. Iddo Netanyahu, in his play, A Happy End, is asking precisely this question. By setting his affluent, assimilated, and successful Jewish characters in Berlin, circa 1932-1933, he may hope to influence our thinking about this question today.

In a talkback after the New York City performance, Netanyahu said: “There is a great advantage to raising things in the past. Current political views allow people to close themselves off.”

As we know, it is politically incorrect—a real Thought Crime—to view Islamic terrorism as a radical threat or to fail to parrot the views of the left-driven “Pravda”s that circulate disinformation on the subject in every language, every day, all day.

One of the main characters in A Happy End is Leah Erdmann, who is played by South-African-Israeli Carmit Levité. Leah—who is blonde and dresses glamorously—absolutely refuses to leave Germany. She loves its cafes and cabarets, its thriving culture of classical music concerts and theater and her privileged life, which (recently) includes a non-Jewish German lover. Leah is married to Mark Erdmann, a physicist (played by Curzon Dobell) who is the head of the Atomic Lab at the University of Berlin. They have one son, Hans, who is a teenage poet.

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  3. On Clinton’s email and Benghazi scandal in which; “The irresponsibility of Hilary Clinton is almost unimaginable” – I’d go one step further in that description of Clinton’s ‘irresponsibility’ and upgrade it to criminality because she knew exactly what she was doing.

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