7 thoughts on “The Jihad Triangle

  1. Pretty good explanation, the only problem is that it leaves out the taqiyya aspect whereby one is intentionally deceptive about the knowledge or obedience aspects.

    Essentially, with knowledge of and belief in taqiyya doctrine, it then becomes more difficult to tell which factors are present because one may simply feign the absence of any of these three factors.

  2. ‘Knowledge’ and muslims? Don’t exactly go hand in hand; surely anyone with a modicum of knowledge would not be a muslim.

    • Well, it’s knowledge of what lies the serial killer pedophile Mahomet told people, not knowledge of what’s true in reality. So it would have been better elaborated as “knowledge of lies”, “belief in lies”, and “obedience to the entire false ideology”.

  3. An interresting analysis ,but he misses the main factors which have led to the current situation, ethnicity and mass immigration to the west.Group identity will always be reinforced when you are surrounded by your peers .So it is more a case of how extreme someones beliefs will be in an Islamic diaspora rather than whether they reject Islamic teachings.

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