Emperor Barack Hussein Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine was a character in several of the Star Wars movies, including the dreadful three-part “prequel” that was made many years after the original trilogy. Fortunately for me, I can’t remember much from Parts I-III — just a sith falling into a big hole and people jumping out of air cars.

And the emperor, of course. For readers who are unfamiliar with Star Wars, Palpatine begins as a senator in the Galactic Republic and ascends to the position of Supreme Chancellor. His political machinations lead to the dissolution of the Republic, and he eventually declares himself Emperor of the new Galactic Empire.

There’s no need to belabor the obvious parallels.

In the movies, Emperor Palpatine comes to a bad end and earns his just deserts. Alas, that’s just in a fantasy world.

Interestingly enough, Robert Tracinski has been thinking along the same lines. I began photoshopping the Obama-Palpatine image last night, and this morning “President Palpatine” arrived in Mr. Tracinski’s email newsletter. So Palpatine seems to be in the air these days…

All hail the Emperor!

12 thoughts on “Emperor Barack Hussein Palpatine

  1. Oh, I feel the hate alright.

    For a lying sack of swine excrement using his slimy gift of gladhanding deceit to engineer a path of ruin for a nation that he has been taught to despise from his red diaper cradle to the corrupted White House he infests like a 6 foot termite.

    Osama could never have dreamed of achieving what Obama has managed to accomplish for global instability and the goals of the Jihad.

    The aim of Utopian socialism and Islam converge on the destruction of the West.

    After that, Islam will exterminate its allies on the Left.

    Unless they conveniently “convert”.

    And why wouldn’t they, having no belief themselves but naked power; the same, ultimately, as Islam.

    • I have great contempt for the supposedly learned people — some pretending to be conservatives or at least reasonable moderates — who not only failed to look seriously into Obama’s past and his worldview but averted their gaze from some bright red flags and scolded anyone who dared to take notice of them. Not just scolded — ridiculed all those who saw the truth about Obama back in 2008 and are being proven correct every day.

    • I think there is precedent for that, no? Something about the commies that helped the Iranian revolution proceed in the late 70s? Weren’t they all rounded up afterwards and executed?

  2. Clearly the actions of one who was given refuge in a radical East African Jesus church with core beliefs that should I say are definitely not mainstream and somewhat if not entirely anti White America. Maybe he just couldn’t help himself. The sword is mightier than the pen?

  3. An unfortunate trendency in the Counter-Jihad toward indulging in conspiracy theory seems to play on a more or less implied theme confluent with Trutherism (or at least with its overarching logic), grooved into a scenario where future and present through fantasist speculation meld into one: Toward the end of his second (and legally last) term, Obama and his dastardly forces will play the card they have been machinating for years: a terror attack (or, better yet, a series of terror attacks) on American soil so horrific that the majority of Americans and Congress and the Supreme Court will acquiesce to Martial Law (and, of course, an indefinite extension of his extra-Constitutional powers and regime).

    Et cetera.

    Two assumptions lurk among the lines of this theme: 1) Muslims are not really the problem; they are pawns manipulated by the “real” problem: 2) a nefarious crypto-totalitarian West, whose good substance of yore survives now only in a Mad Max Remnant of Ordinary Non-Elites.

    Et cetera.

    • Gosh Hesp, I find myself agreeing with you, not for the first time. I must go and lie down…

  4. Amazing how Captain Zero does like to stick to the narrative (his) I’ll just call him UniBama for short.

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