A Window to the Soul

I’m off to get the second treatment for my left eye. It’s an injection into the vitreous humor to halt and/or reverse wet macular degeneration.

I experienced significant improvement after the first treatment, so I’m very optimistic. However, the process is unpleasant, and will sideline me for most of the day.

With luck I should be able to post the news feed tonight. But I’m not sure if there will anything else before tomorrow.

Update: I got home a little while ago, but took a rest with both eyes covered before attempting anything as strenuous as looking at a computer monitor.

Everything went according to plan, and the new scans confirm the easing of my condition brought about by the first treatment. The doctor is optimistic about my prospects for additional improvement.

It’s a grueling experience, but somehow didn’t seem as bad as last month, probably because I was familiar with the drill, and knew exactly what to expect. A needle in the eye isn’t my idea of fun, but it beats the heck out of the symptoms of macular degeneration.

Many thanks for your good wishes. There will be more posts later this evening.

17 thoughts on “A Window to the Soul

  1. How’s that for understatement??

    “The process is unpleasant and will sideline me for most of the day”

    Good lord, it’s a freakin’ needle into the center of his eye! How about a little perspective here?? Well, just because the Baron is playing this so totally English-style, complete with this bloody stiff upper lipped insouciance, don’t expect me to follow suit.

    OMG! Please, please…get him home safe. I promise I’ll be good forever. Just send him home with two eyes intact…

    …oh shit. Now where did I misplace that bottle of essential oil mixture which is supposed to be calming? Where’s the damned scotch?? Deep breaths, Dymphna.

    Yeah. I know I’m breaking the rules. But they stick a needle in your eye?

    Remember Ecclesiastes 3 ? Here’s an additional one:

    “A time for blessing and a time for cursing”. This is the latter.

    Now if he comes home looking hale and hearty and able to see, that will be the time for blessing, all right. Scotch goes back with the smelling salts until the next round…

    I sure hope someone comes on this comment thread and wishes him well. I’m creeped out that no one responded here…I’ll tell you what – let’s pretend this is about the Russians or the Jews or ugly Americans. You know, those interminable comment threads…and just leave your well wishes instead.

    Thank you.
    The Management

    • Of course Mrs. Judenlieber and I wish him well. I’ve just been trying to think of something witty to say about needles and eyeballs, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there ain’t no such thing. Let us know if we can help.

    • I wish the Baron well (under this and other names, long forgotten).

  2. Of course I do wish him well, as you know I’ve had some rather unusual medical procedures done this last twelve months, had all sorts of people poking around my equipment, & it’s the done thing to laugh & joke about it not because it isn’t serious, but because it is.

    For example, one of my good friends had to have a scope a couple of years ago when he was ill & I asked him, what down your throat or up from the other end. It was the latter, and when I grimaced a bit, he just laughed and said what could you do, so long as he only felt one of the doctor’s hands on his shoulder he’d be fine, then with a typical glint in his eye, he added, “If I feel both his hands, then I’ll start to get worried …”

  3. I don’t usually contribute, only read, but I had to chip in and say all the best Baron. I’m an optimist and feel sure it will go well. One just has to get through this sort of thing – you will!

  4. Hello there…..

    Forgive the pedestrian and vexatious nature of what follows….but……

    In reference to:

    “Good lord, it’s a freakin’ needle into the center of his eye!”…….

    I have pondered long and loud for a more effective alternative to the rigorous aspects of waterboarding whilst maintaining or elevating the same levels of efficacy regarding the elicitation of information……..

    Now, thanks to the fretting of Dymphna…….I have it……

    My apologies to the Baron…..but “in every cloud a silver lining’……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

    “Somewhere between here and there……….”

  5. I only read GoV at night, so I am just now able to comment. I, too, lurk far more than I comment, but I wanted to let you know that every time I see a personal issue presented, I pray for your (that’s a “both-of-you” ‘your’) well-being. You are appreciated, not only for your counter-jihad chops, but also for your continued existence.

  6. Lieber Herr Baron,

    Perhaps a little sweetener for your night cap would be that little post on one of the more courageous sites in today’s France. (That, of course, comes with I don’t know how many fatwas hanging over the head of the woman behind this site (Christine Tasin) and her Partners at Riposte Laique * who are fighting I don’t know how many prosecutions by the sad joke that is “Justice” in France these days, for having the temerity to criticise the galloping islamisation of that once proud Republique.

    You will find the post here:

    La victoire contre l’islam est possible, par Apocalyptus
    (victory against islam is possible, by Apocalyptus)

    Il existe un site anglophone qui s’appelle GATES OF VIENNA (Portes de Vienne)
    There exists an Anglophone site which is called GATES OF VIENNA. (+link)

    Il porte en sous-titre:
    It has as sub-title:

    Au siège de Vienne en 1683 l’islam s’apprêtait à envahir l’Europe chrétienne. Nous sommes dans une nouvelle phase d’une très vieille guerre.

    ^^^ French version of your “letter head”

    Pour ne pas perdre courage, gardons en tête ces dates victorieuses de l’Europe chrétienne contre les Sarrazins, Ottomans, Barbaresques, Musulmans.

    In order not to lose courage, lets remember the victorious dates of Christian Europe against the Sarrazins, Ottomans, Barbaresques, Muslims.

    * en 732 à Poitiers, grâce à Charles Martel.
    * en 1565 à Malte.
    * en 1571 à Lépante.
    * en 1683 à Vienne.

    I didn’t translate the obvious 🙂

    So, in France too you are being read! And deservedly so!

    (*) Riposte Laique (the brother site of Resistance Republicaine) http://ripostelaique.com/

  7. Relieved that you are doing well after you were stuck in the eye (the eye, of all places!!).

    Hang in there. We know you’re tough and you’re not gonna do the Jihadist world any favors…

  8. Thank you, Rita! That is indeed cheery news.

    I know some of those people — I’ve had the privilege of meeting them at various conferences in Europe.

  9. Very best wishes for your recovery!
    I am on eye-drops to treat glaucoma so I can definitely relate to anyone with eye problems.

    Maybe in 50 or 60 years time, the boffins will have made bioprinters so good that they are able to slowly “print” an entire eye. That would be *amazing*.

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