Reclaiming Our Brains

Prompted by yesterday’s translation about the cultural enrichment of public schools in Oslo, our Austrian correspondent AMT has written a call for her fellow Austrians to take back their country from the Multiculturalists who are leading it to destruction.

Ummah Austria

Managing Diversity
by AMT

As usual, it’s all about diversity management, integration, and migration background. That’s all it’s ever about. German president Joachim Gauck has recently appealed to Germans to show more enthusiasm towards migrants, to welcome them. Germans should also be aware of the enrichment emanating from migrants, “if only Germans would allow it.” Does this include allowing sharia law? As one commentator put it, “I am still of the opinion that I have the right to believe that some migrants are welcome and other are dangerous to our country and our freedom. This is my damned right, at least it was up until now. Or will our brains soon be implanted with chips?”

We, the people of our different nations in the realm of democracy, are supposed to be the ones making decisions via our elected officials. But we aren’t. We are merely riding shotgun in a car that is driving down the road to hell, a hell that is fast turning the majority into the minority. That is, the minority is reaping the rewards of the majority without returning much, if anything, to the majority. That’s what it should be all about, right? A give-and-take, solidarity, friendship. But if there are only a few givers and many takers, the so-called solidarity is nowhere to be found.

It is obvious that we, the soon-to-be minority, are no longer making any decisions, for if we were in fact in charge, we would have been asked if we agreed with the policies of uncontrolled immigration. We were not asked. Ever.

If we were in charge, we would be able to speak out about the pitfalls and dangers of some groups that are obviously are not interested in the values of Western liberal democracies, the equality of men and women before the law, or the principles of universal human rights. We are no longer able to discuss the negative aspects of the immigration of certain groups. We are immediately branded as “Nazis”, “racists”, “right-wing extremists”. We lose our jobs, our income, our livelihoods, sometimes, tragically, even our families.

If we, the majority, were in charge, we would not have to fund unlimited language studies for those migrants who are not even remotely interested in teaching their children rudimentary language skills, whose neglect thereby limits their children from participating in school and setting the stage for school drop-outs. Many of those children then go on to a career in thuggery, thievery and worse. The point here is that it is the parents, of whatever or no migration background, who still bear the primary responsibility for their children. They are the ones who are in charge of ensuring their children’s language skills. They should also be compelled to pay for their kids’ acquisition of these skills.

If we were truly in charge, we would not allow the judiciary to exhibit leniency towards criminals and murderers “with a migration background” due to “cultural sensitivities.” Men and women, regardless of background, religion, economic status, are to be dealt with according to the law. But in many instances we cannot even criticize the decisions of the courts without being called derogatory names.

If we were truly in charge, we would make sure that primary schools, such as those in Vienna and Oslo and elsewhere, would not have to deal with the consequences of having more than 50% of students with immigrant background. Most of those students do not have the necessary language skills, which thus limits those students who do and who are able to follow the curriculum.

But we are no longer allowed to criticize this situation, for all of this is subsumed in “diversity”. It is diversity for the majority to be left behind as the minority struggles to keep up.

We, the taxpayers, have the privilege of funding those migrants who refuse to do their part. We are not asked whether we agree with all of this.

The goodies are mind-boggling:

  • Ten million euros per year for language support in kindergartens. Prior to approximately 1990, none of this was needed.
  • Free language courses for migrants. Hello! These courses are not free! They are paid for by the taxpayer!
  • Mentoring in and by the Chamber of Commerce. Who will mentor the majority?
  • Dialog Forum Islam. Imams are to be trained in Austria and in German. Fine, but what about the suras calling for the death of apostates and non-Muslims? What difference does it make if this is taught in German? Official Austria still does not know the teachings of Islam. Until then, the taxpayer still gets to fund the religious education of Muslim students.

Day after day, we are told that our countries would cease to function without migrants, that they are subjected to nonstop discrimination, and that their lives are hell.

If their lives in their new country are indeed hell, as they claim, then why on earth are they here? Could there be an ulterior motive?

Let us reclaim the driver’s seat. Let us speak up and call a spade a spade.

We do not want sharia law in our freedom-loving societies. Never.

We do not want our children to be held back by those who refuse to learn German.

We do not want uncontrolled immigration.

Our countries offer opportunities. We, the majority, reject the exploitation of opportunities, for they come at a cost.

To our elected officials: Do not tell us that diversity and migrants are just great when reality shows us that this is far from true. Stop humiliating those migrants who are well-integrated, who pay taxes and whose children and grandchildren speak fluent German and who feel, who are Austrian or German. In short, those migrants who are no longer migrants but hardworking and loyal additions to Austria or Germany.

This is actually a no-brainer.

Let us reclaim our brains. Let’s wake up.

5 thoughts on “Reclaiming Our Brains

  1. And whether you care to admit it or not, Hitler was fighting the same enemy as we now are. The White Race is really an endangered species, and always has been. Individually we are easy to pick off, together we are almost unbeatable. But our number one enemy is not other peoples, it is
    lethargy. We live in societies where generally speaking most people lead productive and satisfied lives, and we have a relaxed attitude. At least we did until the present era when our pleasant lands were invaded by inept, crude, violent and unproductive social retards.But are we interested enough or
    determined enough to make the sacrifices and take the risks to
    restire what we believe we had ?
    Our parents made those sacrifices for us, will we do the same for our children ?

  2. This is a good article and I don’t write this in a critical mode – yet “Reclaiming Our Brains” mean a lot more than managing diversity, even in the context of “Diversity” alone , even in Austria alone. Let’s put these two phenomena-concepts together.

    “Diversity” is not a permanent feature of our societies that we must only manage. Diversity is a horrible self-injected pox, an acid dissolving social capital, ties and mores that we must end.

    Austria could not manage diversity even when it was limited only to the Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Ukrainians, Croats, Serbs, Italians, Jews and Gypsies. And though it approached this issue badly and oppressively for most of the time, under Franz Josef it hit the right note – yet it failed. So why not come out and say at the outset that even if the importation of foreign labor could be proved beneficial when the costs were honestly accounted for, the practice should be limited to people of European descent, grounding in European-Christian culture, and some familiarity with German?

    Aha; here we are already in the realm of a second “Brain has been lost” category – racism. True racism was indeed an Austrian pox, but now we are dealing with “racism” – i.e. any attempt to note dysfunctional differences and incompatibilities between races, cultures and religions, and to act on the relevant signals from Reality. And to shut off Reality in this way is sheer madness.

    What about the brain pox of Socialism? “Austrian” economics has shown decisively that Socialism cannot possibly work, that it leads inevitably to impoverishment and serfdom. Yet the Austrian economic system is a modified form of socialism.

    What about “democracy”? The West has reached the point where the marginal utility of democracy is not only declining but in negative territory. In response, instead of devolving power to the local level and limiting the voting franchise to the mature Austrian contributor — but not the tax looter domestic or imported – Austria managed to reduce democracy by going the other way: delegating vast powers to unaccountable Eurocrats. Is that a healthy brain that would do it?

    What about tightening the vise on real Austrians, especially the normal ones, while disarming them (and most of Europe, now attempted in the US), while opening the flood gates for practically any bizarrerie that ersatz Austrians commit, and deviate Austrians too.

    To paraphrase Pastor Martin Niemoller, “First they came for Helmut G. the yodeller… etc.“

    [This written by a son of a woman who spent two years in a concentration camp commanded by an Austrian–from-hell, but that doesn’t change anything relative to the above analysis]
    Takuan Seiyo

  3. Anonymous said…
    And whether you care to admit it or not, Hitler was fighting the same enemy as we now are.

    Actually no, Hitler was on the side of the Islamists, both had a common enemy: the Jews.

    Both had a common goal: World domination.

    Both had a common line: MyJihad/MeinKampf

    Both despised atheists.

    Both worked together and were wiling to kill for their beliefs.
    We are not even willing to die for ours.

    If the majority are against the islamization of the Deutschsprachigenraum, why don’t they vote for the Freedom Party, or the FPÖ?

  4. The dumbest thing Europeans have ever done is try to turn Europe into the Americas.
    IN the Western Hempsphere, diversity and its “management” are historical paradigms.
    To believe that the American narrative could be played out back in the Old World is sheer lunacy.
    History has parallels, but it does not, cannot, repeat itself.
    Professional historians know this.
    Self-deluding multiculturalists do not.

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