Explosions and Guns

There are reports of an explosion deep underground in Iran.

An earthquake you ask? Umm… guess again.

From World Net Daily:

An explosion deep within Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility has destroyed much of the installation and trapped about 240 personnel deep underground, according to a former intelligence officer of the Islamic regime.

The previously secret nuclear site has become a center for Iran’s nuclear activity because of the 2,700 centrifuges enriching uranium to the 20-percent level. A further enrichment to weapons grade would take only weeks, experts say…

“Experts” say more than their prayers. I look forward to further reports on this. I’m sure our leaders in Washington will be shoving one another to get to the microphones first.

Lots more at the link, and your guess is as good as mine. So guess away, within our normal living-room debate limits, of course.

Meanwhile, the ad below is quickly going viral. Again, lots of kibitzing around the neighborhood about this “girl’s” gun safety habits, but is sure is fun to watch. Don’t know which part I like best: the nifty gun safe under the bed or the cool way the bad guy faints.

This video is dedicated to the Lurker from Tulsa:

The views on this thing have gone up by ten thousand in the fifteen minutes since I first accessed it on You Tube.


Remember the point of all this gun control brouhaha. It is designed to take the minds of low information voters off the fact that our debt has risen SIXTY PER CENT under Obama. When BHO was a senator in 2006 he orated from the floor of the Senate:

The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that “the buck stops here.” Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.

Indeed we do deserve better. But we didn’t get it. And we sure do have signs of leadership failure everywhere we look. Somehow Obama wasn’t able to get this erased from the record. So he’s throwing his own guns shows as a distraction instead.

17 thoughts on “Explosions and Guns

  1. The gun safe is too inefficient; if this guy broke a window to enter she would have been a sitting duck (well, except I imagine this chicky is well versed in street fighting and might take the guy’s arms off anyway).

    Why don’t they equip guns with the best brands of immobilizers (like those on cars)? You cannot fire them unless they are within 6 inches of the transponder in your bracelet. While the guy is still figuring out that he’s just ripped off a gun he can’t fire, you pull another one, similarly equipped with immobilizer out of your purse, brassier or sofa cushion, and give him 5 seconds to skedaddle.

  2. I may be the last person on Gates to have noticed this, so please forgive my naivete, but did you notice that she didn’t work the slide? I just realized in the last couple of years that TV and motion picture actors NEVER work the slide before they shoot. There seems to be an unwritten code of screen behavior that the good guy or the bad guy never want to give children the key piece of information that you have to cock the weapon before you shoot. And good for them. I just feel a little embarrassed that I never noticed it before, even though that was one of the primary reasons I bought a semi-automatic rather than a revolver.

    • Actually, Judenlieber, I have seen countless times on TV shows and movies various people (cops, spies, criminals, etc.) cock their gun — not only once, but more than once; which is absurd. Such crime & espionage thrillers actually use the cocking device as part of the drama: The cop cocks his gun to signal to the viewer that he’s really ready to shoot now, as he slowly walks into a dimly lit room where the criminal might be….

      He enters the room, sees no one… A sound from the far end of the room: He hides, then gains a vantage on a ladder to go up one flight, rounds a corner, sees a door — pushes open the door, then cocks his gun again (as though he hadn’t cocked it before)…

      And so forth.

      • Hesperado, I stand corrected on the slide issue. I have to admit that the only 2 crime dramas that I have ever watched regularly both starred Tom Selleck, who I and my wife both like. And Magnum P.I. was on in the 80’s. Mostly I stick to science and history documentaries.
        As for carrying a round in the chamber, that is something I would never do. I’m too fallible to not rely on that extra safety measure.

  3. Judenlieber, Many people choose to carry a semi-auto pistol with a round already chambered. In that case no need to rack the slide. If that bad guy didn’t faint (which in real life they won’t) all she would have had to do is squeeze the trigger.

    • Not quite. Look at 1:33 in the video. She still had to put her finger ON the trigger. Purely as a deterrent, however, her position sufficed. The perp was not looking from the side and certainly would not be deciding in that moment whether she could fire in 0.1 sec or 0.5. Personally, I’d have my finger on the trigger.

  4. Most semi-autos, including Glocks, should be kept “cocked and locked.” Round in the chamber, hammer cocked, and safety on. That’s how I keep my 1911; that’s how my wife keeps her Bersa. Take off the safety and pull the trigger. No need to rack the slide.

  5. I’ve seen several comments on this video to the effect that the woman should have fired. Just remember, corpses are damned inconvenient. Even if she gets a self-defense ruling, she’s going to need a lawyer, and her case may go to a grand jury. That can get expensive. If you don’t have to shoot, don’t do it. Shoot only when there’s no other option.

  6. Did you notice that “Gunny” was the paramedic that said “somebody picked the wrong girl”? I just love that guy. My husband met him in an airport a few years ago and got to shake his hand.

  7. It’s better to have a gun and not need it, than need one and not have it. Or, I suppose like India give the women hot chili pepper spray and a knife. I live outside a small town in southern Ontario and my heart beat wildly when I heard that 3 houses away, an armed intruder, remember handguns have been illegal in Canada since the 1930s, broke in a week ago, and put a very sick cancer patient to the floor while he stole his pain medication. Of course say the cops, someone knew how sick he was, but what a lowlife. I have chili sauce, bad saucy words and a truncheon, but really I’d prefer a Glock. Remember, I said it here. What a sad state of affairs for all of we ordinary people who only want to live and let live.

  8. What I reflect over is that in the USA everybody seems to have entrance doors that open inwards!

    Here in Sweden entrance doors allways open outwards.

    In my house that is the case, and also the door frame is made of 20×15 cm steel reinforced wooden beams. The door in it self is made out of a steel bar center (four protruding bars locking in to the doorframe) and and outer and inner layer of solid wood. The lock is an Assa 2000 security lock.

    And this is in a very calm and quiet suburban area!

    I would like to see anyone try to go through that door- including the police.

    On the other hand- I have windows, and a back door…

  9. What happens when your door opens outwards? You have to chase the door always when it isn’t an intruder? Hey, if it works for you, fine. I have time to grab my pepper, my knife and my truncheon. So far it has only worked, nicely, on a charging pitbull. Cheers.

    • You can have both: a locking storm door, with window and anti-mosquito screen for the warmer months, that opens outwards, and an inner one, with peephole, opening inwards. This should also have a deadbolt lock, something the young lady in the video lacked.

      But both you and the young lady in the video seem to have the proper self-defense mindset, which is important.

  10. Just a reminder that this really is a commercial meant to sell guns to gurrls. The finer points must needs give way to the propaganda aim of selling firearms to women. Thus, while this young woman is extremely attractive, she is neither seductive or a vamp. She’s not one of those blond bombshells letting go with a barrage of firepower thru a window and blowing the perp away.

    This is your sister – with a cool gun safe that most women wouldn’t have seen before – and she reluctantly but swiftly goes for her Glock when the guy’s intentions become clear.

    Obviously the message is: “you, too, can do this, girlfriend”.

    Reality doesn’t intrude unnecessarily, nor is it abandoned completely.

    A good commerical imho. Not loud, not intrusive and full of memorable static images. Whoever put this together knew what he/she was doing.

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