Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/5/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/5/2012There were more clashes outside the presidential palace in Cairo as Muslim Brotherhood supporters attempted to dislodge protesters who oppose the actions of President Mohamed Morsi. As many as five people were killed, and hundreds were wounded. Mobs in Ismailiya and Suez set fire to the offices of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In other news, the local council in East London turned down the planning application for the Tablighi Jamaat mega-mosque. However, there is another, higher level of authority to which the mosque’s backers are expected to appeal.

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5 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/5/2012

  1. Jihad – A good cause?

    Jihadist Ubaydullah, Profit’s Ummah, has been net gambling on foreign games, out of Norway, which led the local police to assume he had been taking the amount of close to USD 900 000 illegally out of Norway.

    – A muslim gambling!?
    Local islam expert Kari Vogt explains the seeming contradiction between being a good muslim with gambling which is seen by islam as Satan’s work. As long as it is for a good cause, Satan’s work, or gambling, is fine with adherents of islam. That good cause, of course, being jihad, dawa and such.

    The boy(27) had only recently, in June, quit his dayjob and moved out from his parents’ to dedicate his time to the Profit’s Ummah.

  2. The great young chess player Magnus Carlsen

    Thought I saw you had something on him the other day, but am not capable of finding it at the moment. Then, got this old link, which leads to a no longer existing Aftenposten link..


    Ibsen, Munch, Heyerdahl … and Now Magnus Carlsen

    A teenager from a picturesque valley just outside of Oslo is on his way to becoming one of the world’s best-known Norwegians, after he emerged over the weekend as the best chess player on the planet.

    — Hat tip: Fjordman [Return to headlines]” (old link)

    The news
    Magnus Carlsen is outdoing the very biggest chessmasters. Just wanted to add these pics of
    the very young Magnus genious at the chessboards.

  3. Magnus Carlsen
    Norway, and pressing the greatest talents in the same mold as the average

    Thanks to Lahlum in the above VG link, Magnus was brought to competitions which according to the Norwegian rules and regulations, Magnus was far too young to take part in. The crucial point is that had he not been elevated to competing with players above his own age, he might have gotten tired from the lack of competition and challenge, and the chess world might have lost a soon-to-be great player!

  4. A propos Ibsen, and the mold

    Ibsen’s Peer Gynt was far too excessive and out of ordinary proportions to fit the mold, so he was to be melted and redone to become a good ordinary button.

    Was this also Henrik Ibsen’s clear feeling of his own self, not fitting in in his native Norway, so he had to go abroad to breathe and write?

  5. “Sex scandals” at Norwegian labor party
    What to do?

    Due to recent “sex scandals”, in particular the “elderly” Roger Ingebrigtsen’s with a, then, 17 year old girl of the youth party, the AUF youth get to have their own playrooms at annual meetings, party conventions etc, where the youth get to play PC (personal computer:) games, watch movies and enjoy candy.

    It must also be said, that at Utøya, the youth have had access to free condoms for possible emergencies, according to a comment from one of the young party members.

    Ingebrigtsen is now on a sick leave, abroad, in the South of Europe, according to the MSM, to escape the same Norwegian media.

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