Stupidity Worse Than Hate

Belshazzar's Feast, by Rembrandt, 1635
Belshazzar’s Feast, by Rembrandt, 1635

Stupidity worse than Hate
by Takuan Seiyo

On December 5, Fjordman published an article at FrontPage Magazine entitled “Internet Hate and Double Standards”. Among others, Fjordman links to an allegation by a “science historian,” one Vidar Enebakk, that a group of people stand behind the pseudonym Fjordman, rather than a single, courageous Norwegian who has taken this nom de plume.

This reminds me of the famous scene in “Spartacus.” The slave revolt has been squashed; the warriors — once slaves — now chained again. They sit dejected while a herald is reading the proclamation of the victorious Roman general, Marcus Licinius Crassus. “Slaves you were,” he says, “and slaves you remain”. He then promises that the lives of the captives will be spared, on the condition that they identify “the slave Spartacus.”

Kirk Douglas, who is Spartacus, stands up. But the two men chained next to him stand as one. “I am Spartacus,” shouts Tony Curtis. “I am Spartacus,” shouts the other. “I am Spartacus,” shouts a third one. Hundreds of the defeated, facing now death by crucifixion, stand up in turn and proclaim, “I am Spartacus.”

In this vein, if it pleases Monsieur Enebakk, I am Fjordman. I am sure a few hundred others in several countries will stand up and declare, “I am Fjordman.” All reviled opponents of the New World Order, who refuse to be Multicult’s slaves.

Enebakk posted comments to Fjordman’s article in which he accuses the Norwegian writer of providing major inspiration to the mass-murderer Breivik. He then asserts with unwarranted confidence that Fjordman “said a lot of stupid things about civil war and our political elites being traitors to be held accountable for their betrayal.”

One could only wish the science historian knew something of the kind of history that dispels the fog of conformist stupidity. Starting with the Bible: the greatest historiography book of all time that, not too long ago, was on every bed stand in Norway. For what Mr. Scandiprogressive is throwing at Fjordman is what the Israelite or Judean crowd was saying about every prophet warning about the consequence of bad mores and attitudes that had taken hold.

When Jeremiah warned King Zedekiah and the Judeans not to fight the Babylonian army, or else there would be disastrous consequences, they threw him into a well, fought the Babylonian besiegers, and lost half their population, their temple and their country in that war. When Jesus pleaded that they change their ways and render to God and Caesar what was due, they accused him of blasphemy, delivered him to Pontius Pilate, didn’t change their ways, took up arms against Rome, and lost their country and half the population, again.

There are at least a dozen such stories in the Bible, and there is Cassandra in the story of the fall of Troy (e.g. in Aeschylus’s Agamemnon). These events must have happened, and they have all been written up for posterity’s benefit — so that we not repeat the same mistakes.

In the modern era there are dozens more cases, particularly with respect to the ruling elites’ persistent ignoring of the warnings going back a hundred years about the nonviability of Socialism. The classic example of this eternal stupidity is in the revilement and political isolation of Winston Churchill for the ten years preceding 1939, because of his warnings about the dangers of Nazi militarism. And then comes a bunch of Comintern/ Gramscian socialists for whom the Bible is a laughingstock, Homer is nothing compared to Rigoberta Menchu, and Churchill is just a dead white male imperialist. So they take us back to where we were 2600 years ago

What Fjordman and several other clear-seeing thinkers are saying, myself included, is not to encourage people to wage war but to warn against the ruling elites policies that will bring war. We are the anti-war crowd; the Enebakks are the warmongers. Moreover, while the Snatchers-in-charge persecute the warning prophets, Nazi movements are sprouting all over under their noses. The stronger the Progressive rulers clamp down on Fjordman & Co., i.e. the reasonable, thoughtful opposition, the greater the power they bestow on the renascent Nazis.

As to accusing the ruling elite of treason, it’s not the accuser who should be brought to account but the regime that commits the treason. Just so that we don’t get confused, treason has two universal meanings. The second one is “betrayal of trust or confidence.” Ruling elites who on account of their folly deliver their peoples to the present and future woes of Islam-infused Babylon with all social capital destroyed and most of the material and cultural ones too, betray their nations’ trust. That’s all there is to it.

The book of Daniel describes a great feast in the court of the Babylonian king, Belshazzar. Sacred vessels pillaged from the Temple in Jerusalem are being profaned — vessels that would not have found their way to Babylon, had the hard-hearted Hebrews listened to Jeremiah. Then, a writing appears on the wall: “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Uparsin.”

Belshazzar calls his necromancers but no one is able to decipher the meaning of this strange inscription. Then Daniel is summoned, he interprets the four words as a prediction of the end of Belshazzar and of Babylon too. Belshazzar then rewards him handsomely and promotes him to a high position. That night, Belshazzar is slain and Darius the Mede takes over his realm.

Is it too much to ask of 21st century soi-disant Norwegian compassionate Progressives that they treat their Daniels with at least a small part of the courtesy and gratitude that a 6th century BC Babylonian tyrant showed to his interpreter of the writing on the wall?

Afterword from the Baron

Apropos at this point is Robert Hunter’s retelling of the biblical story of Daniel, from his album Jack O’Roses:

Book of Daniel
by Robert Hunter

Calling down the gods of gold, silver, stone and wood
The mighty king of Babylon, the proud Belshazzar, stood
Drinking glory to himself as though he were a god
When an armless hand appeared among that party crowd
Came drifting through the window to write upon the wall
Four words that didn’t make much sense at all

The king turned to his friends in fright, in frenzied desperation
But not one soul among them could make interpretation
The queen said: long ago there was a wise man in this land
Why don’t you send for Daniel? He could read them

Daniel walked in bent but tall, spat upon the floor
Let me see these words… well, hmm — yes… I’ve seen them before
They simply mean your days are numbered; fact, they’re even run
You’ve been judged in the balance and found wanting
Your royalty is just a gift — your father learned that lesson
By losing both his kingdom and his reason

So great in pride he was cut down, driven to the field —
Lived there like a wild beast until his pride did yield
And when the king, your father, achieved humility
He was restored his kingdom and his sanity

And though you knew all this to start, you humbled not your heart
The writing on the wall commands your fall!
Old King Darius that night slew Belshazzar
Appointed Daniel prince and first adviser
The lesser princes being jealous, drew up a decree
Allowing prayers to no one but the king

They caught old Daniel dead to rights, down upon his knees
Threw him in the lion’s den for breaking that decree
Daniel walked among them safely, by his faith protected
The king said: This is just what I expected
Now you who brought me Daniel may kindly go yourselves
Into the lion’s den — see how you fare there

What shall be the end of this? How shall it pass away?
Get up, old Daniel, never mind, get up and go thy way
Further words are closed and sealed until the end of time
Many shall be called, each in his season
In wickedness of pride is lost the light to understand
How little grace is earned and how much given

14 thoughts on “Stupidity Worse Than Hate

  1. Today I saw an article where a lesbian in Canada is trying to take legal action against a Muslim barber who refused to cut her hair. Although humorous, it reflects what is yet to come in Western nations who embrace Islam. Phase one of stealth Jihad is to be friendly and grateful for having asylum. Phase two involves demanding more rights, mosques, halal meat, separate facilities for women, and sharia laws enacted. Phase three is total takeover and implementation of Sharia as is happening in Egypt today. Will history books reveal the 17 nations of the EU becoming part of the OIC increasing their numbers to 74 Islam nations? Liberals, socialists represent sheep among wolves. Liberty means the sheep get a vote not to be eaten. Websites such as this one are sounding out the alarm for the sheep to arm themselves against the wolves before it becomes too late.

  2. The Facilitators of Multicult

    What the accusers refuse to see is what really made Breivik go mad, which was the situation and the outlooks on the ground which were created by the facilitators of multicult. Breivik grew up with multicult, and felt this on a daily basis, from childhood on.

    Hadn’t Breivik been working on his “project” far longer than Fjordman has been writing, in the first place?

    Looking into the language and the tools that Breivik used, one may notice that they were taken from the islamic cult. He used the islamic tools turning them against the facilitators of the same cult.

  3. I am Fjordman and so are my cats and two of my goldfish
    ncyrOt 70(the third has to be muslim, it swims around in ever decreasing circles randomly attacking anything it bumps into).

    Seneca II1/2, ish 🙂

  4. .
    I am not sure we should be preaching the defeatism of Jeremiah. Nor am I sure we should be preaching the peacenik saying of Jesus.

    I think instead we should preach the more assertive sayings of Jesus, like:

    Bring those before me, who would not honour me as their king, and kill them in front of me. Luke 19:26 if I remember correctly.

    Now that is more like it….

  5. You are far from alone! I have faced off these people for nigh on forty years. Today like you my voice, or rather writings are ignored in the Wilderness. I am not so much ‘Spartacus’ as Agricola the famous Roman Governor of Britannia. My Emperor doesn’t like my views so I must be nice to him, tell him things he wants to hear, then fall on my sword like a good Roman officer. You are wasting your time dialoguing with these people….

    Even when the barbarians are in the gate they will like Honorious worry about their chickens. Do what I do write what you like and damn them to hell…

  6. I am also Fjordman, living in the USA in Florida. Matt Bracken is my name. And the Fjordman inside of me sees our own Quisling traitors and other domestic enemies very clearly for what they are.

  7. I am Fjordman if all I have to do is stand in chains to die beside him. If there is any danger of history recording me as the author of things I have not the ability to write then I am not Fjordman as much as I would be.

    Given that, I AM FJORDMAN.

  8. I wish I could claim to be Fjordman, but actually I’m…FARTACUS!! (Just ask my wife.)

  9. I have a friend who still queries whether Breivik is mad. How else could he have got his message across he asks.

    Now we are beginning to wonder whether he was working for the Left as he has seemed to have enabled to acceleration towards a Marxist totalitarian Norway.

    He must know what his immediate legacy is as he sits in his prison cell. I wonder if he is pondering on what his ultimate legacy might be i.e. if he has brought Norway to this then perhaps he has brought closer the day when the multicultural dream might run its course.

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