Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/4/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/4/2012When a line referee at a Dutch soccer match made an unpopular decision, a group of 15- and 16-year-old culturally enriched “youths” — members of one of the teams — attacked him and kicked him to death. Three suspects have been arrested, and police say there may be more.

In other news, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was forced to flee the presidential palace in Cairo after a crowd of angry demonstrators gathered around it and attempted to breach the barbed-wire barrier. Police fired teargas and fought back against the mob. A Muslim Brotherhood spokesman said there were fewer than 2,000 protesters, whereas sources among the demonstrators said there were 100,000.

Meanwhile, the offices of the Golden Dawn political party in Athens were bombed, but no injuries were reported.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/4/2012

  1. Regarding the ‘Dutch’ footballers who kicked the linesman to death because the disagreed with his decision – this kind of behaviour isn’t restricted to ‘Dutch’ footballers. There must be tens of thousands of local league footballers (like me) in Britain who dread matches against teams of culturally enriched ‘Brits’. The natural aggression which is part and parcel of most sports has the added ingredients of race/culture/religion to keep the pot boiling.

  2. Regarding Lord Bilimora and Britain’s immmigration policy – what is the owner of an Indian brewery doing in the British House of Lords? – I am of the opinion that he and his fellow Indians/Asians will not be happy until they have driven out the indigenous English completely or at least become the majority as in Fiji.

    They are almost there in Leicester which will soon have an Asian majority. This is the same Leicester where indigenous councillors in the 1970s put appeals in the newspapers begging no more Asians to go there until the first of their compatriots had been settled, all to no avail. They were obviously just on a land grab.

    I am just amazed by the arrogance of those from the Sub-continent who think they can dictate our immigration policy after only being here for 50 years. They will say that the British were arrogant in India. Does this mean that colonisation is their aim after all? We obviously taught them something then.

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