Fjordman: Internet Hate and Double Standards


Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at FrontPage Mag. Some excerpts are below:

Geir Lippestad was the primary defense lawyer for the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. After the trial ended, he apparently couldn’t resist the urge to act like a Social Democratic politician for the Labor Party — which is exactly what he is. Lippestad claimed that the Internet alone was responsible for creating Breivik, and wanted children to be warned against “Internet hate” in school, by which he seemingly meant all those who oppose Islamization.

He admitted that there are “great tensions” in Europe at the moment, but linked these exclusively to unemployment. Yes, economic troubles may well contribute to the current crisis, but what about Islamization, mass immigration, Multiculturalism, or the fact that the native peoples of an entire continent, especially the western half of it, are being systematically deprived of their security, their dignity, their culture and their homelands?

In November 2012, Lippestad participated alongside far-Left activists such as Tor Bach and Lars Gule at a conference about “Internet extremism” arranged by the Norwegian National Crime Prevention Council (KRÅD), a government agency working under the Ministry of Justice. Also present were members of the police such as Vegar Martinsen and Ole Hortemo, who wanted to be “ a searchlight “ into the dark corners of the Internet, where hateful people spread their propaganda. Geir Lippestad also announced that he would soon brief EU authorities in Brussels on how to contain the Internet radicalization that allegedly created Breivik.

Lippestad specifically highlighted me as one of the dark, dangerous and seductive totalitarian voices that need to be contained, and suggested that Gates of Vienna is a website that openly encourages violence. Similar claims have been echoed by Sten R. Helland — a communications advisor and former Labor Party politician who at his Twitter account has publicly called me a “Fascist” — as well as by the science historian Vidar Enebakk, who despite his scientific training has published totally unfounded and highly unscientific conspiracy theories that a group of people are behind the pseudonym Fjordman, not a single person.

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10 thoughts on “Fjordman: Internet Hate and Double Standards

  1. We never learn from history, it seems. First, people turn away from God, and then evil takes over…Lenin, Hitler, and now modern Western ‘liberal’ fascists enabling murderous Mohammedanism.

    God bless brave counterjihadists like you, Fjordman. Gladelig Jul og God Nytar!

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    Anonymous said…

    “Yes, economic troubles may well contribute to the current crisis, but what about Islamization, mass immigration,…”

    So they (ie the establishment) focus on the economic issues and neglect to mention the social in Norway too! Funny that! That’s exactly how it is in Great ([dung]-heap) Britain too.

    I listened to BBC radio5 phone-ins twice this week. One programme focused on the shortage of housing, the other focused on the crisis in the welfare state. Get this:- immigration wasn’t mentioned once, by either compare or phone-in!

    My guess is that the same farce is being played out throughout Western Europe.

    What a coincidence.


  3. Can one of you clever people tell me if I got this right. In 1917 we had the Russian revolution the releasing of Marxism’s spirit from hell.

    Then we had the deregulation of the banks which caused the economic collapse, at its worst in Germany.

    Along came Hitler vowing to sort out the economic collapse and fight Marxism. Well Germany did recover and Marxism was halted at Berlin.

    However, perhaps the bankers then were a bit too eager because they seem to have done it back to front. This time they have done it the right way round. First you create a Marxist Europe with the ECB in which nationalism is history and people and capital can pass from country to country without let or hindrance.

    Then you flood the banks with toxic assets leading to a collapse causing financial ruin all over the Continent. Bingo, everybody in Europe is in hoc to the banks just working to pay the interest on the debts the banks have created. And since nationalism and resistance and ethnocentric groupings equates racism nobody can rise up and resist.

    Today Britain’s chancellor tells us that we have six more years of austerity and he is again going to slash benefits and target pensioners. Difficult for us to take him seriously since he is a multi-millionaire. I can’t believe that Cameron, he and the rest of them were not in on the bankers’ coup, as were Gordon Brown and Clinton. Does this mean you only get to lead a country if the bankers let you?

  4. Interesting point about the banks. It puzzles me that not too long ago the taxpayer was bailing out the banks yet know we are in debt to them.

  5. Here are a few of the exhortations to hatred and murder — from the Koran

    Infidel or Unbeliever = Jew, Christian, Sabean, Idolator, Polytheist, Atheist or Pagan.

    This is just a sample of Koranic hatred, because I missed out all the general threats and hatreds, and got bored by chapter 22. This is the entire problem with Islam, because the Koran is a book of hatred and war, with some 500 verses wishing non-Muslims to be maimed, tortured, killed or sent to the fires of hell.

    The Koran is, quite simply, the most hate-filled book ever published. Indeed, Westminster politicians agreed that this hatred was completely unacceptable and set about trying to ban this evil book. However, when they discovered that the quotes I had given them came from the Koran, there was mass panic in the corridors of power, and a screeching U-turn was made. It was then claimed that the Koran could not be banned because it was not subject to the laws on incitement to hatred and murder.

    Who says it is not? Where does it say this??

    Verses from the Koran…..

    1. … a grievous punishment awaits them. 2:5, 2:104, 2:174, 3:176, 3:177, 3:178, 3:189, 4:56, 4:138, 5:36, 9:79, 9:90, 9:96, 9:101, 9:114, 10:9, 10:69, 10:95, 10:101, 13:34, 14:2, 14:29, 16.63
    2. … shall be inmates of fire, 2:39, 2:82, 2:167, 3:131, 3:150, 3:192, 4:56, 4:116, 4:145, 6:129, 8:13, 9:17, 9:63, 9:68, 10:9, 10:27, 11:15, 14:30, 22:8,
    3. Fight against the unbelievers until idolatry is no more, and god’s religion reigns supreme. 2:193
    4. Muslims, fighting is obligatory for you, even if you dislike it. 2:216
    5. Say to the unbelievers. ‘you shall be overthrown and driven into hell, an evil resting place’. 3:10
    6. Those who make war on god and Muhummad … shall be crucified and have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides. 3:34
    7. They shall strive to get out of the fire, but they shall not. A lasting punishment awaits them. 3:37
    8. The unbelievers shall be sternly punished in this world and in the world to come, there shall be none to help them. 3:58
    9. The reward for the unbeliever will be the curse of god, angels and all mankind, and under it they will abide forever. 3:88
    10. Lay hold on the unbelievers, and kill them wherever you find them. 4:91
    11. The unbelievers are your inveterate foe. 4:101
    12 As for the unbelievers, if they offered the whole earth to redeem themselves … it will not be accepted from them. A woeful punishment awaits them. They will strive to get out of the fire, but they will not. A lasting punishment awaits them. 5:36
    13. Who will receive a worse punishment from god? Those who god has cursed and transformed into apes and pigs, and those who serve the devil. 5:60
    14 Those who turn away from the Koran shall be sternly punished for their indifference. 6:157
    15. God said … I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the tips of their fingers. 8:12
    16. Make war on the unbelievers until idolatry ceases and god’s religion reigns supreme. 8:40
    17. The basest of creatures in the sight of god are the faithless and those who will not believe. 8:55
    18. Let not the unbelievers think they will get away … Muster against them all the men and cavalry at your command, so you may strike fear into the enemies of god. 8:59
    19 Muhummad, rouse the Muslims to arms. If there are twenty among you, they shall vanquish two hundred. And if there are a hundred with you, they shall rout a thousand unbelievers; for they are devoid of understanding. 8:65

  6. Here are the rest of those verses of hate from the Koran….

    21. When the sacred months are over, slay the idolators wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them and lie in ambush everywhere for them. 9:5
    22. Make war on the leaders of the unbelievers. 9:12
    23. Make war on the unbelievers, god will chastise them at your hands and humble them. 9:14
    24. Fight those to who the scriptures were given, and do not believe in god and the Last Day … until they pay the religious tax in absolute submission 9:29
    25 Muslims, if you do not go to war, god will punish you sternly and will replace you by other men. 9:39
    26. Make war on the unbelievers and hypocrites, and deal harshly with them. 9:73
    27. As for the unbelievers, scalding water they will drink, and for their unbelief a woeful punishment awaits them. 10:9
    28 They shall be bound with chains. They are heirs of the Fire and shall abide in it forever. 13:6
    29. Punishment awaits the unbelievers in this life, but a more grievous punishment awaits them in the life to come. 13:34
    30. Do they not see how we invade their lands and diminish their borders? 13:40
    31. Woe betide the unbelievers, for they shall be sternly punished. 14:2
    32. Hell will stretch behind the unbeliever, and putrid water he shall drink … Death will assail him from every side, yet he shall not die. A harrowing torment awaits him. 14:16
    33. The unbeliever will burn in hell, and evil will be their fate. 14:29
    34. On that day you will see the unbelievers bound in chains, their garments will be pitch, and their faces covered with flames. 14:50
    35 God will gather the unbelievers on the day of resurrection, prostrate upon their faces, blind, dumb and deaf. Hell shall be their home: whenever the flames die down, god will rekindle them. Thus shall they be rewarded because they disbelieved. 17:98
    36 For the unbelievers god has prepared a fire which will encompass them like the walls of a pavilion. When they cry out for help they shall be showered with water as hot as molten brass, which will scald their faces. Evil shall be their drink, evil will be their resting place. 18:29
    37. On that day, god shall lay bare Hell before the unbelievers, who have turned a blind eye to my reprimand and a deaf ear to my warning … We have prepared a Hell for the unbelievers to dwell in. 18:100
    38. We will call the unbelievers to account in company with all the devils, and set them on their knees around the fires of Hell. 19:70
    39. Know that god sends down devils to the unbelievers, to incite them to evil. The day will come when we gather the righteous before the Lord, and drive the guilty to hell in thirsty hoards. 18:87
    40. If only the unbelievers knew the day when they shall strive in vain to shield their faces and their backs from the fires of hell; they day when none shall help them. 21:39
    41. If anyone thinks that god will not give victory to Muhummad in this world and the next, let him tie a rope to the ceiling of his house and hang himself. 21:15
    42. Garments of fire have been prepared for the unbelievers. Scalding water will be poured upon their heads to melt their skins and that which is in their bellies; and they shall be lashed with rods of ireon. If they try to escape, they shall be dragged back and told, ‘taste the torment and the Fires’. 22:19
    50. Muslims do not take the Jews and Christians for friends. 3:28
    51. Muslims, do not make friends with anyone but your own people. 3:118
    52. Muslims, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends. 5:51

    This last quote is a letter from Muhummad to his cousin, in the Koran. Nice man. Nice religion.

    60. May the hands of Alu-Lahab perish. May he himself perish. Nothing shall his wealth and gains avail him. He shall burn in s flaming fire, and his wife, laden with firewood, shall have a rope around her neck. 111:1

  7. Anon @ 12:29 & etc.

    I admire your diligence. I could never have slogged thru the fever swamps of Islam’s bible. But Norway has no problem with the Koran. It’s criticism of their great suicidal project that makes them run screaming from the room. But murder & sadistic mayhem? Not so much.

    How strangely, selectively blind are socialists.

  8. Searchlight is part of the ‘anti Fascist’ movement in Britain and Radicalism and New Media Research Group Nottingham University ” has developed a notable specialism in the politics of the contemporary far right, both in Britain and across the world. This has included analysis of the growth and plateauing of contemporary social movements, such as the English Defence League, that have cultivated new communities of support primarily via new media communication. It has also helped to foster new networks of practitioners and academics at its various conferences, details of which can be found on the group’s website. “

    “there is little doubt that a new neo-Nazi party could emerge in British politics to replace the BNP, as has been evidenced by research by the Searchlight Educational Trust which identified that “There is popular support for a sanitised, non-violent and non-racist English nationalist political party.”
    So apparently now,resisting the Islamification of Europe in a non-violent,non racial way makes you a neo nazi,these people are irony proof.
    Then of course there are the boots on the ground, United Against Fascists,who are vice chaired by a right wing religious extremist of the Islamic Forum of Europe,and their bully tactics of suppressing dissent and protest.

    This suppression of dissent seems to be,in varying forms, Europe wide and such matters will only get increasingly heavy handed if the EU gets total control and forms its army and Internal Security Services.Project Indect being but one of their visions.
    An ISS will need an internal threat to justify its existence.How very Soviet Empire.Guess who that will be,those ‘misunderstanding ‘Islam and those ‘fascists’ that oppose them,probably.
    The Islamification of Europe (or the Europeanising of Islam) as the Network of European Foundations reports in its 5 point plan for the formation of a European Islamic school is best represented by Britain.Tower Hamlets a shining example of integrated multicultures in Europe.(Andrew Gilligan on Tower Hamlets ) They like their ideological brethren at UAF and Spotlight seem to think Islam is what they project onto it and that it will play along with their multiculti Utopian fantasies,meanwhile Islamists must look at these naive idiots and laugh at how weak and submissive they appear and how ripe Europe is for plucking.

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