Wanted in Algeria

Arfan Bhatti and Omar Cheblal

A culturally-enriched fellow named Omar Cheblal, currently living in Norway, is wanted in his native Algeria for gunrunning and terrorist activities. Since he began enjoying the hospitality of his Norwegian hosts in 2006, Mr. Cheblal has joined a Salafist group that is notorious in Norway for threatening to kill politicians and Jews, vowing to establish an Islamic state in Norway, and sending its members overseas to train for jihad and fight in Libya and Syria.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about the case of Omar Cheblal, and includes this introduction:

The article from today’s Dagbladet concerns a convicted criminal asylum seeker from Algeria. The individual in question, Omar Cheblal, is a member of the radical ‘Norwegian’ Islamist organization ‘The Prophet’s Ummah’. It turns out that Cheblal’s native country of Algeria has caught wind that he is hiding in Norway and they want him extradited so he can face criminal charges. It should come as no surprise that the Norwegian authorities are reluctant to deport him out of fear that he could face torture if he is sent back home. Or maybe they aren’t all that concerned at all. Maybe it’s just a charade.

The article claims that VG, the newspaper that broke the story, received information from anonymous sources claiming that the Algerian authorities have initiated proceedings against Cheblal in order to get him extradited from Norway. My guess is that these anonymous sources are Labor Party MP’s wanting to bring media attention to this particular case so that they can come across as capable and effective when Cheblal is deported and show the Norwegian public that they are capable of combating radical Islam in Norway. Confidential information is regularly leaked to the media in Norway by members of the elite. All the moral scruples about such practices fly out the window if they think that they will benefit from it.

The Prophet's Ummah

The ‘Prophet’s Ummah’ has received lots of media attention lately and ordinary Norwegians are very vocal in their disgust over the authorities’ feeble attempts at stopping these bearded apes from making very overt threats against Norway, so it’s fair to assume that the politicians feel that they need to show some initiative and score some cheap political points.

However, it doesn’t bode very well that the police and the PST are on the case. Readers of GoV probably remember that a representative from the police in Oslo delivered a very cowardly and disgusting apology in a mosque in Oslo at the height of the unrest over the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ trailer. The fact that neither the police nor the PST has shown any interest in preventing members of this extreme organization from acquiring hunting licenses which will enable them to legally purchase hunting rifles is yet another indication that the intelligence community and the police in Norway are pretty much useless.

Another thing to consider is that for every Cheblal that is successfully deported, ten new ones arrive and are granted political asylum by a very naïve and cowardly government.

The translated article from Dagbladet:

Spokesman for Islamist group wanted in Algeria

Proceedings have been initiated against Omar Cheblal (46), a member of the organization “The Prophet’s Ummah”, with the intent of having him extradited from Norway.

Oslo (NTB): According to an article in VG [Norwegian tabloid newspaper] Cheblal was arrested in Morocco in the 1990s and sentenced to 15 years in prison for violating the country’s weapons laws. According to the Moroccan newspaper La Gazette, Cheblal was involved in smuggling weapons to the Algerian Islamist organization GIA.

After serving ten years in prison in Morocco, Cheblal was pardoned and released. Shortly thereafter he traveled to Norway, where in 2006 he was registered as a resident at the Vang asylum centre in Valdres. He then relocated to Oslo where he later that year was arrested in the possession of 15.6 grams of hashish. In court he confessed to selling one gram of the drug for Nok 100.

He has been unsuccessful in obtaining a permanent residence permit, but has managed to avoid being sent back to Algeria out of concerns that he could face torture there.

Extradition requests

A source with intimate knowledge of the case has confirmed to VG that Cheblal is wanted in his native country and that Algeria has requested that he be extradited from Norway.

“Algeria has requested that he be extradited as he is convicted and wanted in connection with a crime. I am not familiar with the details of the Algerian request,” the source says.

Cheblal refuses to comment on the information.

“I’m happy to talk to you about the Prophet’s Ummah, but not about that matter. This is supposed to be confidential information,” says Cheblal to VG.

The Police Security Service (PST) is familiar with the Moroccan verdict, but director of communications of the PST, Trond Hugubakken does not wish to comment.

Instruction case

According to VG’s sources the Norwegian government has initiated an instruction case [direct translation – I’m not familiar with the equivalent English legal term — translator] which will be passed along to the departments responsible for processing asylum applications. This means that Minister of Justice, Grete Faremo (AP-Labour) will make a final decision as to whether Cheblal will be allowed to remain in Norway or not. Her department has the power to instruct the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) and the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) to expel foreign nationals that pose a threat to national security.

According to official UDI legislation a number of conditions can result in an instruction case such as being affiliated with groups that engage in extremist actions and which are involved in the illegal arms trade.

The Department of Justice does not wish to comment on the matter, but communications advisor, Andreas Lorange says that the government keeps a close eye on individuals arriving from conflict areas.

Involved in a conflict with the mosque

Up until recently Cheblal worshipped regularly at the Islamic Association’s Mosque in Oslo, also known as the Rabita Mosque. According to the leader of the congregation, Basim Ghozlan, Cheblal stopped worshipping there after expressing support for a more radical line during a demonstration in support of the uprising in Libya. Ghozlan also says that Cheblal accused the mosque of being an “ally of the disbelievers.”

“He hasn’t set foot in the mosque since then. Nor has he ever held any official position or had any official duties there,” says Ghozlan.

The PST and the police have joined forces in order to combat radical Islam in Norway. The leader of the organization ‘The Prophet’s Ummah’, Arslan Maroof Hussain, also known as Ubaydullah Hussain, was remanded on Friday for a another two weeks. He is accused of having made threats against Norwegian Jews and journalists as well as embezzling Nok 5 million.

Two other members of the organization, Arfan Bhatti and Mohammad Mohyeldeen are currently in Pakistan and Syria. Both have posted pictures of themselves carrying weapons on social media networks.

8 thoughts on “Wanted in Algeria

  1. Only of tangential relevance, I know, so apologies for this :
    Tomorrow, 11th November, is what we term in England and the rest of the UK, Remembrance Sunday. Every year, many people, particularly those representing the armed forces, are on the streets selling poppies. It’s a national tradition that both demonstrates a degree of respect for those of our forefathers who gave their lives for us, and provides some money for those organisations that give support to our service men and women. That’s in way of background for those who are not familiar with our tradition. My point is this : Lord Norman Tebbit some years ago used the term ‘the cricket test’ to express his concerns about the loyalty of immigrants to our country. Mainly because most of the pakistanis still support the pakistan cricket team rather than the English team. He was and is spot on about where their loyalty lies. However, I propose that there is an even more apparent sign of where the immigrants (not just restricted to muslims by the way) loyalties lie because on my walks through shopping centres near to me, I can honestly say that I didn’t see one immigrant wearing a poppy. Now, I also saw many white (possibly indigenous people) not wearing a poppy, but I would have expected to have seen at least a noticeable percentage of the incomers demonstrating their assimilation/integration into our society be recognising the importance of such a symbol at this time of year. There was not one.

  2. @ John in Cheshire
    I am Irish from a “rebel county”. My parents brought me to Canada in my early teens, the beginning of my great adventure. I had little difficulty assimilating into Canadian culture, although English, at the time, was my second language. I had every reason, as a function of classical education to want to. I earned my place on the local high-school Canadian football team 2 weeks after arriving in Canada. Early days, I was subject to a fair bit of cultural ridicule due to my accent (although that had largely been neutralized through elocution prior to my leaving Ireland), my style of dress and sometimes my civic and cultural beliefs. I survived it and learned from it. I believe one must earn ones spurs in any new environment. I have grown difficult to offend and few things offend me more than moral cowardice and political correctness.
    Canada celebrates “Remembrance Day”, in honour of those of the Empire who gave their service, if not lives, to promote and maintain Empire, as a function of WW1. There are organisations here that sell poppies for all the reasons you mention. I have never worn one. I respect the beliefs of those who do and do not interfere in their entitlement to do so. I do however understand the feelings of those who were incorporated into Empire against their will and why they might not find the symbology of the poppy as moving as you do. I know a lot about said Empire as many, many Irishmen died for it, either through being pressed into service to the Empire or having little choice but to enrol due to lack of employment opportunities. This did not mean we all thought the Empire as sterling as our British neighbours.
    Remembrance and the poppy are contentious symbols of WW1 which I personally do not feel was a war to protect culture and freedom but rather the collision of competing empires. WW2 was different. The British Empire was in decline and needed help in confronting evil and totalitarianism. It was a war to protect our shared culture. I strongly endorse and support England’s role here. Most Irishmen did also. Was there ever a better man to lead this than Winston Churchill? Will there ever be another?
    I love Italian women and wine. Ditto for the French. I support Israel and Jewish culture. I despise Islam and its “cultural enrichers”. I love English humour and generally prefer the company of Irish, English, Scottish and Welshmen for banter, although I enjoy the company of most civilized people. I have spent Saturdays with Americans in bars reveling in college football and spilled tears over the Toronto Maple Leafs. Manchester United’s performance can enhance or torment my weekend.
    Those of us from the British Isles have much in common but also have diverse cultural traits that we protect to maintain our individuality. We all benefit from this. A current irony of the Irish-English relationship is that the founders of the EDL, Lennon (Robinson) and Carroll are first generation Brits of Irish parentage. I have as many English cousins as I have Irish and even more Canadian, as well as a few from other places on the globe.
    To be continued…

  3. Part 2
    I wear something symbolic on St. Patrick’s Day. I do not expect anybody else to do similar; although I quietly delight in the obvious pleasure much of the rest of the world derives from this day. It appears Irish culture and people travel well. I will not dispute our peccadillos.
    The intent of Islam and its delusional adherents is not to assimilate. Its intentions are to undermine and destroy all our institutions and beliefs and replace them with the uniform barbarity that is Sharia. Concern yourself more with your leaders who enable it than with the absence of the poppy on the mobile prison that is the Burkah.
    Our fight has been made all the more difficult with the re-election of Barack Obama. Fully 50% of the American population does not appreciate the damage this imposter will wreak on America, and by extension Israel and the west, in the next 4 years. Was there ever a better practitioner of Taqiyya?
    We talk much here and eloquently about the dangers western civilization faces. It is easy to become despondent. I continuously come here, hoping for suggested contrarian action. History shows us that civil disobedience accomplishes little in the long run.
    We Irish fought the British Empire through armed rebellion century after century until we became a free people. Millions of us died from starvation and execution in the process. The French revolted only when they were dying in droves on the street from starvation while their monarchs ate cake. America revolted over taxes. Their Republic survived the brutal retaliation of its overlords and thus began the “Great Experiment”. This now is in grave danger.
    If America succumbs what happens to the rest of us? I fear the worst while hoping we will unearth new leaders of the ilk of Churchill, Padhraigh Pearce, Michael Connelly, George Washington, David Ben Gurion, my countryman Chaim Herzog, Ariel Sharon, Raoul Wallenberg, Claus Von Stauffenberg. I am selective here in my choices as I rely on memory and admitted bias. There are so many others.
    We do have Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller, Tommy and Kevin and I believe the true American will emerge when we need him. We have become complacent. A friend of my mother told me after my mother’s death that she said that she brought us to Canada because she feared what her sons might do if we remained in Ireland.
    My fear is that Islam is so entrenched and protected and enabled that it will take revolution from us to defeat it. We may need to first take down our own leadership before we can take on Islam. Do the elite not realize that Islam will devour them, eventually in turn? Do they seriously believe they can control Islam through World Government? The docile west perhaps, but not the snarling evil that is jihad and Sharia. They miss a prescient reality. The rabid denizens of Islam have a different motivation. Muslims “love death more than we love life”. I wonder how many Irishmen they have encountered.
    The elite believe they can control the people through individual disarmament and evolving technology. Everything spoken, written and eventually thought is captured through technology. I wonder if the reason we comment anonymously is the fear of these very things.

  4. Good ramble MM, I also have tried to look at the obvious
    disconnect from the Super-Elites led by The Rothschild cartel, on the massive danger to EVERY Non-Moslem. The only idea I’m going with is that the Elites believe they can
    avoid the death cult heading towards us like a tsunami. Do they know something we don’t ?

  5. To Max Modine?

    “I am Irish from a “rebel county”. My parents brought me to Canada in my early teens, the beginning of my great adventure.”

    Further down;

    “my countryman Chaim Herzog, Ariel Sharon, Raoul Wallenberg, Claus Von Stauffenberg.”

    Max, I am confused sometimes but my critical thinking skills are not impaired. Were your “countrymen” fine rebels from Ireland?

  6. ” Since he began enjoying the hospitality of his Norwegian hosts in 2006, Mr. Cheblal has joined a Salafist group that is notorious in Norway for threatening to kill politicians and Jews, vowing to establish an Islamic state in Norway, and sending its members overseas to train for jihad and fight in Libya and Syria.”

    Bouteflika, president in Algeria, is also speaking of installing sharia in Algeria.

  7. Good eye mate, except I said “countryMAN” Chaim Herzog was Israel’s 6th Pres. He was born in Ireland. I have a sprig of maternal Jewish blood in me. The others are heroes of other ethnicities and causes. The Irish invented the word “cause”. Forgive me my literary foibles as English is my second language and we Irish decided, eons ago, to speak and write English the way we want as against how the Brits tried to make us. We are a contrarian lot. We can tell stories that defy time in history and delivery and use invention along the way. We like to think we took their damned language and improved it. It is said and generally accepted that the purest “English” is spoken in an area known as “The Pale” south-east of Dublin. There is a great story in that also.
    You will notice the same cant in some of the product of James Joyce, Brendan Behan and Shane McGowan. I went to the same boarding school that begins Joyce’s “Portrait of the Artist”. There is “code” in much of the English writing of Irish literary giants. We needed to be careful how we said what we said. Sometimes my accent comes out when I write.
    But to set your mind at ease: I am equally capable of abusing Irish-English, Canadian-English, American-English, Australian-English, Kiwi-English, Indo-English and at short notice any other combination you can imagine. My accent is less obvious when I write in Gaelic. I can write staid, grammatically correct, prose like most but I stir my creative juices by “mixing it up” a bit. The English dictionary is expanded more by Irish abuse of English than any other form of punishment. The counties associated with “rebel counties” of Ireland are Cork, Kerry and Donegal. Up the Republic!!

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