Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/9/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/9/2012Anders Behring Breivik, the Butcher of Utøya, has written a letter to the Norwegian authorities complaining about the conditions he is forced to endure in his suite of prison rooms. He says that he is not able to use a moisturizer in his bedroom, that he is sometimes served cold coffee, that he is not given enough butter for his bread, and that his windows lack a good view. He maintains that such conditions violate his human rights.

In other news, thousands of Salafist protesters gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo to demand that shariah become the basis of all laws in Egypt. Meanwhile, the Egyptian Attorney General has ordered that all porn websites be censored.

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8 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/9/2012

  1. OT: As Lawrence Auster notes: ”A reader reports that the blogger Vanishing American has vanished suddenly, stopped responded to any correspondence, and her blog dropped off at a strange point in the news.”
    She has posted and corresponded with several here (IIRC, via email with Fjordman). Anyone with any information (PLEASE no speculation) visit her blog and leave a comment.

  2. Breivik is really rubbing the authorities noses in s***. Couldn’t happen to a better group of clowns.

    Well I should call them clowns as it’s a insult to clowns everywhere. Perhaps the labels of retards and lunatics are more appropriate. Because from the looks of it, one of the first victims of the PC/MC mentality that so defines the Left and their followers both wittingly and unwittingly is the loss rationality.

    Leftists in many respects are educated barbarians. They may have went to Harvard, Tufts, etc. But at heart they are modern day Vandals and Visigoths who seek nothing but power and to destroy their enemies. One only had to watch the emotional hysterics that defined much of the MSM when it came to Romney. Or go to the various Leftist blogs that are nothing but the hour of hate on 7×24 schedule.

  3. On Brievik… a saner society he would have been permanently silenced months ago.

    And to YIH…many bloggers drop off the radar when they decide that to continue blogging is jeopardizing their liberty.

  4. There is supposed to be a certain humane standard and respect due to the anyone in prison, no matter the crime, whereas the individual is meant to be reconstructed to becoming a person to be reintegrated into society.

    What is described by Breivik in his letter, looks more like a constant harassment. Combined with isolation, it may look more like torture over time.

  5. @ Anon 12:47, who said:

    …whereas the individual is meant to be reconstructed to becoming a person to be reintegrated into society

    Seriously? Breivik? He killed 77 people in cold blood, including walking down the shore line to finish off any who were merely wounded.

    How would any society go about devising a method to “reconstruct” someone like that?

    For some crimes, rehabilitation and return could be viewed as the ethical thing to do. In this case, it would demonstrate a complete lack of any moral compass.

    Not everyone who goes astray can be rehabilitated; for some criminals any attempt to do so would damage the larger culture.

    This person KILLED 77 people. Those dead cannot feel his pain; they are past the bite of handcuffs or the indgnity of cold coffe or the boredom of the poor view from their coffins. Compared to the plight of his victims, these indignities are paltry.

    Then there are the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, etc., of those dead people who are left to attempt to “rehabilitate” their own lives, trying to find a way to live past the huge hole Breivik inflicted on their remaining days. So there are hundreds who lives have been irreparably and deeply damaged by this criminal.

    Then, peripherally, there are the other victims: people he named in his odious “manifesto” who were scapegoated by Norway simply because this criminal mentioned them.

    The victim I know best, Fjordman, didn’t take a mortal blow by any means, but I cannot imagine having to live in exile, away from my own country, just because some criminal admired my work. His life was shattered & then he was chosen as national scapegoat. Wouldn’t have happened if nice nice Norway had punishnments grave enough to fit the crimes.

    You don’t pick up the shards of your former life and continue on as though nothing has happened. Rebuilding will be a long slow process but even doing that successfully will NEVER undo the lasting damage.

    “Humane standards” are applied to fully human people. I’m not sure Breivik fits into that category. It’s too bad Norway -nice, nice Norway with its now-exposed nasty shadow side – doesn’t have the death penalty. If nothing else, perhaps this amoral self-absorbed complainer has permitted them to see the limits of their much-vaunted ‘humane’ system.

    If these deprivations of which ABB complains are torture, then the man is simply too sensitive to live among us mere mortals. I suggest another planet, somewhere more aligned with his sensitive soul. Somewhere out of this solar system.

  6. Hi Dymphna,

    Think about it another way:

    The commenter above just wants to get Breivik a hot cup of coffee whereas you want to send him into outer space!

    Neither hot nor cold coffee will bring back the dead or ease the suffering of friends and relatives.

    However, petty prison slights would seem to indicate that the goals of Norway’s prison system are torn between rehabilitation (hot coffee) and punishment (cold coffee) – and your third idea of incarceration (luke warm coffee) to protect the public.


  7. @ egghead–

    Outer space is simply a possibility for someone who is so easily pricked by the hard realities of prison lie – cold coffee being a harsh test of his mettle, obviously.

    A friendlier envirnoment, far away, would seem a more humane solution.

    Just a helpful suggestion for this man and the country which is now picking on him.

    No doubt the Human Rights Commission is working through those 27 pages he sent them.

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