Two New Wins for the Mosque Busters

Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation reports two new successes for his organization in their efforts to stop the building of new mosques in London.

Great news for freedom lovers everywhere, we have won two more battles against mosque planning applications in London.

90-92 Chingford Mount Road, Chingford Islamic Society mosque, REFUSED!

Chingford Islamic Centre

Waltham Forest Planning Committee voted unanimously to leave mosque applicants praying in the street!

Despite intimidation and scare tactics by mosque supporters, our Man at the meeting stood his ground and busted another mosque. A crowd of mosque supporters packed into the Waltham Forest Council Chambers in what seemed like an attempt to intimidate any opposition to their application. They shouted at our Man during his speech and hooted at the local Councillor as she spoke against the mosque. Read the full story from our Man-At-The-Meeting here.

Zia ul Ummah Foundation

7 Carlisle Road, Brent, Zia Ul Ummah Foundation mosque, REFUSED!

We get the message out and WE WIN!

We won this fight without going to the Planning Committee. Huge local opposition to the proposed mosque was spurred on by a targeted Law and Freedom leafleting campaign in the neighbourhood surrounding the mosque. Hundreds of people wrote letters, sent emails and posted complaints to the council website, vehemently opposing the proposed mosque. The application was refused by the Planning Officers under delegated powers on the 9th November 2012. Read the full story here.

For further information visit Law and Freedom.

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3 thoughts on “Two New Wins for the Mosque Busters

  1. Protect Innocents! Stop the Muslim military invasion of Britain, Europe and the Free World!
    MUSLIMS CALL THEIR MILITARY COMMAND CENTERS, MOSQUES: 40,000 Iran agents in Western Hemisphere Now hidden in Latin America, awaiting ‘operations’ against U.S.
    “We must get ready for global operation. … Our fellow fighters are present in all five continents of the world. … An international jihad must be provoked; we must fear no one.”

    The Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence division runs operations out of mosques.

    Those operations include recruitment, reconnaissance and transfer of arms and cash.

    This source also verified then that all Imam Ali Mosques are controlled by regime intelligence operatives and that the cells are well placed in Europe and America for terrorist acts…

  2. Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan, explained the function of mosques.
    Erdogan: The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    The Quran teaches hate, violence and mass murder of non-Muslims and commands Muslims to wage jihad against non-Muslims and conquer all nations.

    In a dreadful act of treason many millions of Muslims have been imported into our countries by our leaders, in order to facilitate jihad and Islamic conquest of our nations. It is the greatest betrayal by nations’ leaders in all of human history.

    “The whole of Europe will become Islamic. Like the army of the sultan we will conquer Rome.”
    − Former Turkish Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan, June 2002

    Join and Support EDL and British Freedom in the fight for FREEDOM for Britain and the Free World!

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