The Grievance Tyranny

Asle Toje is the author of the op-ed ‘Does Thomas Hylland Eriksen Exist?’, which was published here (in translation) last week.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an op-ed about free speech by Asle Toje which was published over at yesterday:

The grievance tyranny

by Asle Toje

As demanded by the author, this article has been removed.

2 thoughts on “The Grievance Tyranny

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that none of the anti-Christian artists are complaining about the ban. The fact is they probably support Islam just like most Leftists, Gays and Feminists do.

    And these groups don’t give a rats a** about free speech. They despise it. They hate the fact that people can mock them and their lifestyles and there are no repercussions. They hate it that people are openly allowed to disagree with them.

    So it’s a natural they’d support any group who wants to end free speech. It’s in their totalitarian blood. For they have the blood of Marx, Lenin and Stalin coursing through their veins.

  2. Islamophobia is the term constantly used as a means of
    disarming reasonable criticism or inhibiting critical discussion

    of the Muslim religion and is frequently equated with anti-

    Semitism in an attempt to downplay the Holocaust and

    minimize the dangers of lethal anti-Semitism.

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