Murdered for Refusing to Move to Turkey

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A Turkish husband in Germany shot and killed his wife because she refused to move to Turkey with him. He then killed himself. The entire incident occurred in front of the family’s three children.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating this article from Berliner Zeitung:

Family drama in Kreuzberg — Man shot wife and then himself

Berlin — A 40-year-old man shot his wife and them himself in Oranien street-Kreuzberg. The children must have witnessed the crime. The precipitating incident for this crime was a dispute over the possibility of moving to Turkey.

He never felt at home in Germany; he wanted to go back to Turkey. But she did not want to leave Germany. On Tuesday evening, Attila U. Shot his 39-year-old wife Turna, and then himself — all in the presence of their three children. The drama happened just before 22:00 in the third floor of a residential building in Oranien Street-Kreuzberg.

The children — 18, 12, and 10 years old — ran in panic to neighbor’s flat opposite them. Then the 12-year-old phoned the firefighters and told them that their father had just shot their mother and himself.

They were cousins

Two emergency doctors were able to bring the father back to life for a while. But he died shortly afterwards in the Friedrichshain hospital. The children went to live with their grandmother. The family of the deceased lives nearby, in Oranien Square.

Homicide Department No. 2 of the criminal investigation office has undertaken the investigation.

The autopsy of the two deceased was concluded in the afternoon. It was stated as a result that Attila U. killed his wife with 2 shots in the upper torso. He shot himself three times in the chest. The pistol had been illegally bought by him. According to the information given by the prosecutor’s office, the 40-year-old had no weapon license. “It is still not clear where he got his weapon from,” legal spokesperson Martin Steltner said. “The motive for this (act) was of a personal kind”.

Neighbors and acquaintances say the man and the woman used to quarrel. Attila U. was of a choleric nature, and also insanely jealous. He and his wife were cousins. Their marriage was arranged by the two branches of the family in 1993.

After this he moved to Berlin with his wife. But according to information given by acquaintances, he never felt at home in Germany. He wanted to move back to Kaysery in Turkey at all costs. It is from the capital of the province of the same name in Cappadocia that his family came.

But his wife wanted to stay in Germany. Turna U. Grew up in Berlin, just as her children did, none of whom wanted to move from Germany. One day Attila U. allegedly asked his parents whether they would accept them in their home. But they accepted only on condition that the children too must move there. But this was emphatically rejected by Turna U. and the children.

Attila U. scraped by with a variety of jobs. He was mainly a cab driver, and he also lived on welfare payments. He was not unknown to the police. Last years he was sentenced for physical injury, among other charges, and fined.

He was also given an order of punishment for embezzlement. They would have had a fourth child three years ago, but this child died shortly before birth.

From that moment, it seems that their relationship began to get worse, and they began drifting apart from each other

Sympathy for extremists

In recent times, the (political) attitude of Attila U. began to turn more and more extreme. This is clearly evident among others on his martially-designed Facebook page. Among his likes there were the Grey Wolves [Turkish extreme right party] as well as the also extreme right “Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi”

His wife Turna was supposedly forced to behave as a “proud Turkish woman”, and Turna, who just two years ago still wore her hair uncovered in the street, had to hide it under a headscarf.

In spite of this they tried to appear as normal as possible in public. She brought the children every morning to school, and after that she used to buy some sesame rolls at the bakery located directly opposite their home. And she also often drank a coffee there. They were seen on Tuesday at around 19:00 in the supermarket. Three hours later, Turna was dead.

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10 thoughts on “Murdered for Refusing to Move to Turkey

  1. “…they tried to appear as normal as possible in public.”

    What an interesting comment!

    What does ‘normal’ mean?

    Is ‘normal’ a value judgment?

    Is Islam abnormal? How so?

    In Islam, cousin marriages are normal.

    In Islam, arranged marriages are normal.

    In Islam, head scarves are normal.

    In Islam, jihad groups are normal.

    In Islam, honor killings are normal behavior!


  2. Aside from the tragedy that he couldn’t accept a supposedly loved one having her own will (which we know is so rampant in Islam that this case sadly is rule rather than exception), at least he was someone who drew the right consequences of his being unhappy in the foreign land and wanted to go back home, instead of rallying and rioting to have his host country changed. That at least should be a good example for his ilk.

    How fittingly, only a day earlier this find was published on the “Axis of Good”:

  3. #1:
    and it`s “normal” too that cultural enrichers do possess firearms in Germany, whereas the denizens face severe punishment for possession thereof which lead to a total disarmement of the population.
    Who said this: where firearms are prohibited, only the bad guys will have them?

  4. @K from Germany:

    Thanks for your link. It helps a great deal when these items are made ‘clickable’ since readers often can’t take the time to paste in a new window-

    Where are the Happy Muslims?

    That was a clever list. I mean clever in the way their information was presented. No extra verbiage.

  5. I do not see any relation between the drama and Islam. The man was not even maybe Moslem. Who knows?

    One day in the future, when I read on newspaper that a german man living in Turkish Riviera killed his wife who does not agree to return back to Germany, I won’t think that all Germans or all Christians are killer or unhappy. Should I?

    Happy Turk in Germany

  6. Ah Tanner Ern,

    A Happy Turk in Germany should be calling themselves a Happy German unless the word Turk is simply a code for the word Muslim in which case you are a Happy Muslim in Germany – and why do you avoid saying that? Could it be because you are a big fake who knows that the family in the story are indeed Muslims living in a typical Muslim way?

    As any Muslim would know, the fact extended families from two vastly different countries arranged their children’s marriage AND that the husband grew up in Turkey while the wife grew up in Germany is evidence that all involved were Muslims.

    The fact that the husband Attila (who one can only presume was named after the vicious Turkish barbarian Attila the Hun) forced his wife to wear a headscarf is evidence that the husband was Muslim.

    The fact that the husband’s family insisted that the husband bring his children to live with him in Turkey as per Sharia Law that the husband ‘owns’ his children after a divorce is evidence that all were Muslim.

    The fact the the husband Attila murdered his wife in an ‘honor killing’ (again condoned per Sharia Law) because she refused to move to Muslim Turkey is also evidence that the man was Muslim.

    Honor killings are specific crimes committed by specific people for specific reasons. Sharia law imposes the duty on Muslim men, starting with husbands, fathers, and brothers, to control their wives and children as familial enforcers of Sharia Law for the benefit of Islam and Sharia Law to continue as the law of the larger Muslim community.

    Sadly, Islam instructs Muslims to physically abuse and murder women and children for disobedience to Sharia Law. Such Muslim murders are called ‘honor killings.’


  7. Egghead,

    I will continue calling myself Turk until such people like you understand that not all Turks are Moslim.
    I will continue calling myself Turk until such people like you do not ask the next question as “you do not look like German, where are you originally from?”
    I will continue calling myself Turk until it does not matter where I am from.

    Even if I am a fake, is it a crime to live among muslims in a typical muslim way? What percent of Germans do not rent their properties to Turks? 80% or? What is typical Muslim way? Are they dirty? jobless? homeless? not educated? do not speak German?

    Go help yourself and educate them, clean them, find a job or home for them. They are a part of your country who worked together with you to build it.

    Sharia law is forbidden in Turkey. Honor killings are crime. Forced marriages are against law. Maybe your country is doing something wrong on them. Name “Atilla” does not make me, muslims or Turks guilty. You do have more in common with them than I do!


  8. “…is it a crime to live among muslims in a typical muslim way?”

    Yes! It IS a crime to live among Muslims in a typical Muslim way!

    Islam is merely a cross-border criminal syndicate started by a violent pedophile mass murderer, thief, and coward who Muslims copy as their ideal man. Yuck!

    The worst thing that the criminal Mohammed steals is the souls and minds of Muslims.

    Mohammed implemented Sharia Law to prevent Muslims from thinking for themselves – and seeing and then stopping their own criminality based in deep sinfulness.

    “What is typical Muslim way?”

    You know the typical Muslim way very well. The typical Muslim way is to mistreat all women and children and non-Muslim men. The typical Muslims way is to physically and financially victimize non-Muslims while falsely claiming to be victimized by non-Muslims.

    “Go help yourself and educate them, clean them, find a job or home for them. They are a part of your country who worked together with you to build it.”

    Muslims should help themselves – by abandoning Islam which wrecks Muslim countries. In the same way that Muslims did NOT civilize or build their own countries, Muslims did NOT help build the West.

    Who wants to immigrate to Muslim countries? NO ONE!

    Who wants to escape from Muslim countries? EVERYONE.

    Even Muslims want to escape from Muslim countries which shows the true character of criminal Islam.

    If you want to be a Turk, then go live in Turkey.

    As you must know if you are a Turk, modern Turkey is quickly devolving into a backward Sharia state – which is why YOU want to live in non-Turkish non-Muslim Germany….


  9. Not much to say if you believe islam to be a crime. I am not in a position or have much time to defend Mohammed, I’m busy reading Martin Luther who wrote “I would kill a thousands Turks; in a year this would amount to 350,000 Turks” (Vol 54; 40).

    I don’t know who wants to immigrate or escape, I did not talk to everyone. Half of the Britons are ready to escape from England in a few days, a survey says.

    “If you want to be a Turk, then go live in Turkey”

    If that is all you can say, why don’t you ask thousands of Germans living in Turkish Riviera what is their reaction on this saying?

  10. Comparing the actual crimes of Mohammed to writings of other religious leaders is comparing apples to oranges.

    Islam has tortured, maimed, and murdered BILLIONS of Muslims and non-Muslims over 1,400 years – more than any other religion.

    Indeed, had the Turks stayed in Turkey instead of aggressively trying to conquer Europe, Martin Luther might have had less to say about the Turks.

    “On War against the Turk (German: Vom Kriege wider die Türken) was a book written by Martin Luther in 1528 and published in 1529.[1] It was one of several pamphlets and sermons by Martin Luther about Islam and resistance to the Ottoman Empire, during the critical period of territorial expansion of the Ottoman Empire in Europe, marked by the capture of Buda in 1526 and the Siege of Vienna in 1529.”

    Wikipedia about Martin Luther: On War against the Turk

    I am unconcerned with ‘Germans’ who live in Turkey. However, I am concerned that Eurabia will see populous Muslim Turks overrun and ruin Europe in modern times.

    The Britons never wanted to leave their country until immigrants moved in and ruined it for the indigenous people.

    The Britons who want to leave England are hoping to flee the disaster being created by the immigrants – particularly the Muslims with eyesore mosques, aggressive terrorists, and creeping Sharia Law.


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