On the Campaign Trail in Leighton Buzzard

Kevin Carroll, the co-founder of the English Defence League and the vice-chairman of the British Freedom Party, is running for Police and Crime Commissioner in Bedfordshire in next Thursday’s election.

Below is a video of an interview and a campaign walkabout with Kevin that was posted today in Leighton Buzzard Observer (Leighton Buzzard is a town in Bedfordshire to the west of Luton):

Here’s the article that accompanied the video:

In the second of a series of profiles on Police and Crime Commissioner candidates, British Freedom Party candidate Kevin Carroll outlines why he is right for the role.

“I want to be the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner because I am the right man for the job. I’m local born and bred and passionate about my county and its people. My family all live here, it’s where my heart is.

“I am heavily involved with the community and always fighting someone’s corner, seeing that justice is done. I do a lot of work with local youth getting them off the streets and into boxing gyms, which is perfect for teaching self-respect and respect for others.

“Good discipline is crucial in keeping young people away from crime. We have to remember that the young are not the enemy, they are our children and grandchildren, and they need guidance, mentoring and most importantly hope.

“With all the ongoing problems in Bedfordshire the last thing the people need is another job-seeking career politician. I may be just a humble carpenter but I’m a resilient and formidable individual, strong-minded and focused. This will enable me to take on the job of representing the people of Bedfordshire in holding the police to account.

“I never shy away from hard decisions. If there is a problem, I find a solution. I am a real ‘grab the bull by the horns and get the job done’ type of fellow.

“My one overriding instinct is to protect and safeguard our children’s and grandchildren’s futures, to give them the safest and most prosperous environment possible. For this to be accomplished the people don’t need weak career politicians, they need a Mayor Giuliani type like me.

“My home is Luton, which I love dearly. I’m very well known there and it’s common knowledge how outspoken I am against terrorism and extremism. I simply will not tolerate them.

“I also believe that anyone caught carrying a knife should go to jail; zero tolerance should be shown in this matter.

“I intend to ensure that there is fair policing, a level playing field no matter what your race or religion; liberty for all, special privileges for none.

“I despise bullying and injustice, both of which I will tackle robustly if elected.

“There are lots of issues that affect the honest, hard working Joe and his family that need to be addressed, and I intend to do just that.

“I promise the people of Bedfordshire this: I will not let you down, I will not fail you.”

3 thoughts on “On the Campaign Trail in Leighton Buzzard

  1. Anyone reading this blog who is eligible to vote really needs to get out and do so.

    Well done to Kevin for getting up off his behind and doing something positive.

  2. The Filth are bound to try at least one more trick prior to
    the election but it would be great if he got the job. All those
    Luton marchers in the EDL must remember to vote.

  3. By the sudden change of enthusiasm for Mr Carroll by the store keeper when told he was an original EDL member, I would say the MSM have been fairly successful in its campaign to demonize what should be to the casual observer, a patriotic movement.

    I sincerely wish that those who have chosen their path with which to demonize their own countrymen, when the time comes, get what they truly deserve.

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