“I Don’t Feel Safe in my Own Country”

There are 3,000 wanted criminals at large in Oslo. They’re out there, presumably committing more assaults, rapes, and murders, and there’s nothing the police can do about it.

On any given day, most of those convicted criminals who are supposed to show up to serve their jail sentences fail to appear. Those who do turn themselves in are first-time offenders and relatively minor criminals.

The following news clip from Norwegian television does not mention ethnicity when discussion the above issues. However, the crime statistics for Oslo show that the vast majority of serious crimes — especially rape — are committed by culture-enrichers. And you’ll notice that the minor criminals in this report who do their duty and show up to serve their sentences are ethnic Norwegians.

Readers are left to draw their own conclusions.

Many thanks to Steen for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:04   The room (jail) is made ready for new guests, the question is if they will show up.
0:12   Morning meeting in jail. Here the day is planned, who is leaving and who is coming.
0:19   Today’s arrivals: six persons, three verdicts and three fines.
0:25   What will the day bring? every second criminal does not show up.
0:35   How can we plan, when we don’t know how many will show up, that’s the problem.
0:40   Surprised if nobody shows up?
0:44   Not really.
0:48   Pimping, human trafficking, rape, rape, trafficking, bodily harm, trafficking, rape, rape, rape, rape, blah blah — it’s “long as an evil year”.
0:59   A single man, he is the only in the Oslo police only working to trace wanted criminals.
1:06   It’s very easy to be a criminal and wanted in Norway, there is little risk of being caught.
1:11   20 years ago we were 12 policemen doing this. If you were wanted, you were caught immediately.
1:20   The number of criminals on the loose has exploded.
1:24   Many are suspected or convicted of violence, rape, drugs, and even homicide.
1:30   His job has become impossible.
1:34   My main frustration is working with this list, and no one is being caught, a lack of resources. Every year there are 1,000 more names on it.
1:47   (Raped girl) It will never be the same as before. I’m scared s***less.
1:55   A prisoner in her own flat, she never opens a window and seldom goes out.
2:02   No one should have a life like mine.
2:08   In the darkness she paints and struggles with her misery. Irene was beaten up and raped in her own living room,
2:17   but the rapist has still not been caught.
2:20   Now he is also charged with five other rapes.
02:23   They interrogated him; why did they not lock him up then?
02:34   Sometimes I imagine that I see him, then I get panic attacks, I think I’m dying.
2:44   Self-portrait with a somber view.
2:48   She had a full-time job and a higher education. Now she has become a welfare client.
2:52   I may recover some, but there is no rule of law for me.
3:00   I don’t feel safe in my own country, in my own flat.
3:08   and I don’t know if that will ever pass.
3:10   Had they locked him up, I would at least have felt that I had won.
3:17   We have the motivation and the competence to catch anyone, anytime, anywhere; all we lack is time and resources.
3:31   The chief of police admits they are not in control anymore.
3:34   The hunt for wanted criminals is not a priority.
3:38   What will that do to people’s sense of justice, that there are so many wanted criminals now?
3:35   I assumed its worrisome, as it is for the police.
3:52   3,000 wanted in Oslo, over whom we have no control, and who commit more crime. I assume the population is not satisfied.
4:13   Hallo, hallo. I have come to do my time.
4:20   One law-abiding first time criminal has arrived.
4:25   People like him usually show up, but multiple offenders do not take it that seriously.
4:36   Here are the files about those who have not turned up.
4:41   That there are so many, what do you make of that?
4:44   There should be none at all.
4:49   Two who did not show up when they should.
5:00   It was Christmas, I have two children and a wife and I wanted to be with them.
5:03   I was not through with my ‘raid’, I’m struggling with alcohol.
5:13   In reality it is of little consequence whether they show up or not, so if they chose otherwise, it doesn’t mean all that much.
5:30   A work day in prison is near the end, and again prisoners did not show up.
5:36   No, today only one of six showed up,
5:40   and even more criminals are at large without any great risk of being caught.

6 thoughts on ““I Don’t Feel Safe in my Own Country”

  1. The era of letting someone else defend you is at a end thanks to the Muzzies. Now it’s up to the men and women of Norway to defend themselves. It’s abundantly clear the police are being put on a tight leash so as no to offend the Muzzies and their Leftist supporters.

    Get a pistol or shotgun, get ammunition and practice shooting until you are comfortable with the weapon.

    If you don’t know where to begin find someone who does know how to shoot, a gun club would be a good place to ask.

    If you don’t want to use a gun at least have pepper spray to fend off attackers at your flat. Grizzly Bear spray works good for this. You can clear a crowd with one of these canisters.

  2. And most of the idiots will still vote for the same politicians who caused the mess in the first place.
    Paris Claims

  3. By what streach of whose imagination can this be termed a “justice” system?
    Clearly, Norway and I are on different planets, though a generation ago we chose the same pistol (Colt 1911–.45ACP).
    At least I still carry mine.

  4. It’s interesting to look at this murder map in London. It stretches back to Victorian times but if you turn off all of the types of murder weapons except guns it is noticeable who is murdering (virtually un head of until quite recently).

    It’s clear that knives follow the same pattern.

    As a Londoner I was disappointed that ‘the community’ didn’t demonstrate when a little girl of 5 was gunned down and permanently disabled or a 16 year old cut down and died in a hail of bullets in a chicken shop in the east end, but they did see fit to riot when an armed thug was shot by armed police (after they warned him they were armed and he pulled a gun on them).

    Murder Map

  5. For the mediocre to stand out (and rule) it is imperative a very low IQ average population. Therefore any means would do for a socialist (epitome of mediocrity) to reach that goal e.g. massive inmigration policy and islamization. The unintended?consequences will be the shrinkage of the white middle class and along with it the disappearance of the democratic society sustained by it. The final result being some sort of moronic brownish populace and on the other side the politburo members, and the oligarchs russian style. That is cool, assuming you are one of them…otherwise prepare yourself for the nightmare. This is only the beginning

  6. I really have no respect for the Norwegians, they seem to be a very helpless and gutless people. I’m sure there are exceptions.

    But most just love to be stuck to the government welfare teat for life and it has made them stupid and weak.

    And people wonder why too much government is bad for the people. Because it makes you stupid.

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