Supersize This!

As everybody knows by now, it was announced earlier this month that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded to none other than the European Union.

This can only further burnish the luster added to the Prize when it was presented to Barack Hussein Obama back in 2009.

Both these momentous occasions were simply the latest in a long series of distinguished recipients, who include Al Gore (2007), Mohamed El-Baradei (2005), Jimmy Carter (2002), Amnesty International (1977), the United Nations and Kofi Annan (2001), Yasser Arafat (1994), Desmond Tutu (1984), and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (1985).

“But Baron,” you say, “none of this is news! Everyone knows the Nobel Peace Prize jumped the shark decades ago. Why, it’s become a dumping ground for progressive political hacks — as designated by progressive political hacks in Norway!”

And indeed it has. But let’s not give up on the much-maligned Prize just yet.

An unidentified entrepreneur has come up with an idea to merge Commerce with the Pursuit of World Peace ’n’ Justice:

Free Nobel Peace Prize!

If he’s willing to throw in a free 20-ounce Diet Pepsi, I just might take him up on the deal…

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

9 thoughts on “Supersize This!

  1. This has to be a typo. I’m sure the only prize the EU would get is Dhimmi Appeaser of the Year??

  2. Pepsi for all

    Former Norwegian PM, as well as former Pepsi consultant might think about the idea and throw in a word

  3. Something to Observe…

    There is an idea here about what
    may have really happened at that island last year. Quite intriguing, really.

  4. Something to Observe commenter:

    I tried, but it’s all too mysterious for me to figure out your meaning.


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