Open Thread for Debate Number One


Color me surprised; I stayed through all of it. Probably would’ve bowed out early but it was too much fun watching Obama, who has ducked doing anything hard for a few years now, having to stay there and take it. His lack of conditioning was obvious.

A Focus Group Facilitator says he’s never seen anything like the swing toward Romney during the debate. Per the Focus Group, even those who voted for BHO last time will go for Romney this turn.

It was like watching the businessman give a Power Point presentation to the Absent-Minded Professor. The latter was busy searching his class notes for the missing information. Or as the Dems would say and have said: “the Vampire vs. Eye Candy”. Obama will need a transfusion at the very least, not to mention some treatment for those fang marks.

No, Romney wasn’t perfect, but it was a rout nonetheless.

Next week will be fun: Ryan the Policy Wonk vs. Uncle Joe-in-the-attic. My bet regarding strategy is that Ryan will have to sidestep Biden the Buffoon’s shtick. That isn’t as easy as it sounds.I would love to be a fly on the wall during Ryan’s prep sessions. Biden’s? Enh. I’d already seen enough of him before he was elected.

Like most of you, I’ll look in on this performance on occasion, though I don’t think much of the whole process. My preference would be a one-on-one sit down. On the other hand, I guess we’ll get to see our President naked, without his teleprompters. Not unprecedented, just rare. Remember when he promised to give them up? Still holding your breath or have you added that one to his list of things he never quite got around to doing?

Here’s the C-Span link for the debates. Tonight’s is coming from Colorado and will focus on domestic policy.

If you’re not absolutely glued to the debate and don’t happen by during that time frame, just leave your summary comment after the party’s over. Or tomorrow. Or the next day. Whatever you have to say is surely going to be more interesting than anything the talking heads will spout.

There’s a twist, if you’re interested: a Lie Detector device which claims to be able to tell from voice alone whether or not people are telling the truth.

As usual, the regular rules hold: courteous civil, etc…

4 thoughts on “Open Thread for Debate Number One

  1. I am afraid that if I watch this debate, it will turn me off to Romney. I already decided on the lesser of two evils. Just hope he is not McCain.

  2. Obama was and is a product of social promotion and a press that treated him with kid gloves. He’s never had to endure a nasty campaign or face opponents who could really debate him. The press never grilled him(including Fox). So he’s grown soft and arrogant and he paid for it tonight.

    What happens after this ought to be interesting. Will Obama toughen up or just continue to skate.

  3. Interesting the Obama-media is down-playing his performance. Before and after the debate.

    Only reason I can think is that if they down-play Obama enough it lessens the overall impact of Romney’s performance. Thereby making Romney look more mediocre in context of Obama’s fail.

    It also sets up the potential for the Obama-media to lawd Obama’s next performance regardless of how he actually does. Giving the impression of Obama coming from behind. So pay attention to the news-spin after the next debante.

    Or, maybe it’s just about making Obama look pathetic so that people feel sorry for him and vote for him anyway…

    In the end, though, many people will vote for Obama just because they don’t want to see our first black president fail. After all, Obama is our first truly African-American president given his father is black African and his mother is white American. It sounds racist of me to say that, but I’m not the one basing my vote on either candidate’s race.

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