“O Allah, Destroy the Jews”

At Friday prayers last week, Mohammed Morsi — a “moderate Islamist” and friend of President Barack Hussein Obama — joined in a prayer for the destruction of the Jews.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Is this why American Jews tell pollsters that they will vote overwhelmingly for Mr. Obama in next month’s election?

6 thoughts on ““O Allah, Destroy the Jews”

  1. Here in the U.S. it seems that American Jews are more afraid of Christians trying to help Israel than they are of Islamists trying to destroy Israel…

    … no, it makes no sense to me either.


  2. I can’t figure them out either. But, I bet GOD can……They can’t bs Him. I think that they are hoping that the lion eats them last—like useful idiots, and …judenrats.

  3. No, they are not hoping that the lion eats them last. They don’t believe in the lion. They don’t want to believe in the lion. Like the rest of the the Multi-cultis they prefer to think that, except for a few violent extremists, everyone in the global village wants essentially the same thing. And driven by an unconscious refusal to face the fear of Islam. The truth is too horrible to face for the multi-cults.

    Psychological defense mechanisms make people stupid and are irrational.

    As a defense mechanism, it’s called “denial.” As people used to say, “Denial is not a river in Egypt.”

    The problem with unconsious defense mechanisms is that, by definition, they are unconscious. And people will deny that they are acting in this unconsious way.

    Same thing goes for the “Christian rats.”

  4. Like the rest of the Multi-cultis they prefer to think that, except for an extremely tiny minority of Jewish financial and political terrorists like George Soros who must NEVER ever even be called Jewish terrorists, everyone in the global Judeo-Christian religious village wants essentially the same thing.

    Ironically, the same very few Christians who FINALLY acknowledge that Muslims have VASTLY different goals and methods than Christians completely reject the REALITY that Jews also have VASTLY different goals and methods than Christians.

    Moreover, the ONLY reason that no one will acknowledge this truth is the SAME Multi-culti white ‘guilt’ that drives all other Multi-culti interactions whereby whites are to blame for all of the world’s evils whereas Muslims, blacks, and Jews are completely blameless victims.

    To wit, did the idea and impetus to import the entire non-Christian violent uneducated – and primarily Muslim – third world to Europe and America originate and perpetrate with Christian Multi-cultis or Jewish Multi-cultis?

    There’s your difference between goals and methods, right there, if you are willing to look REALITY in the face without flinching and cowering in a white ‘guilt’ corner.


  5. I guess we didn’t know that Ted Kennedy (the architect of 3rd world immigration into the US), Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Woodrow Wilson and countless others are really Jews! These Jews are everywhere! Just read the muslim websites and they will tell you.

  6. Egghead,

    After you have displayed an amazing ignorance about Jews and Judaism in your previous posts, you now expect us to believe that you know so much that you know what motivates Jews and not just some but all Jews? Amazing. I don’t know why I even bother to respond. An fixed idea is a fixed idea and all the rational reponse in the world is wasted.

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