Asylum Emergency in Dortmund

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Dortmund and surrounding areas in Germany are being overrun with asylum seekers. Not only is there no sign of a lull, but the rate of arrivals is increasing, according to local reports.

Many thanks to Hermes for this translation from Der Westen:

Immigrant wave in Dortmund — hundreds in emergency shelters

Dortmund immigrants

[Photo caption: Processing point for asylum seekers in Dortmund Hachenev. Numerous immigrants waiting for help in front of the registration office and the surrounding streets. Residents are worried.]

Dortmund. The situation at the processing point for immigrants in Dortmund-Hachenev has sharpened. The shelter is full, as is the second one belonging to this complex in Derne. It is an unbearable situation for asylum seekers and residents as well. The immigrants will be located temporarily in sport halls.

350 came just in one night. This is exactly the number of immigrants the center in Hachenev can accept at the initial reception. In spite of having one more shelter in Derne, which has long since reached its full capacity, the conditions are turning dramatic at the processing point for immigrants in Hachenev. It is an unbearable situation for asylum seekers and residents as well. Yesterday a ban on receiving more immigrants was declared. At the worst times, the shelter was hopelessly full with some 880 people. Two cases of chickenpox made crisis management harder. There is a risk of infection. The crowd of immigrants was accommodated yesterday in sport halls

“The number (of immigrants) doubles daily”

Town councilor Wilhelm Steitz is resigned. “I have no explanations and no assessments at all.” The wave of refugees, which has been increasing since August, had formally overrun the city in the last days — “It doubles almost daily.” And it is not only Dortmund which is affected. All reception centers are in the same situation: “In Karlsruhe there are already tent cities”. Asylum procedures in accordance with the regulations are no longer possible. Only crisis management. 300 beds are set up n the early evening in the Brüggmann sport hall. The fire brigades, the St. John’s ambulance brigade and the German Red Cross call the quick establishment of the emergency shelter an “averting of danger”.

“Nobody will have to spend the night in the street,” fire brigade member Dirk Aschenbrenner says. Those refugees who were left stranded in the morning at the doors of the reception center get minimal standards here, rations of food and emergency care. Meanwhile, the city public health department puts great effort into taking blood tests from all refugees and arranging vaccinations. Yesterday in Derne, today in Hachenev. Chicken pox, which is a children’s illness, can be very dangerous for grown-ups with no antibodies against it. Pregnant women and old men are especially in danger

Emergency measures for 24 hours

The healthy ones are given the vaccine — and if possible, transferred the same day to other compounds on the outskirts of Dortmund. It has been promised that capacities will be made available, and together with this, a third reception center will be set up in North Rhine-Westphalia. The emergency measure of the camp beds has been approved only for 24 hours. “After this, proper settlements must be created,” and the responsibility for this lies with the government.

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6 thoughts on “Asylum Emergency in Dortmund

  1. From what I can glean, masses of asylum seekers have been streaming into Dortmund, Germany since July of this year. At the risk of sounding sarcastic, I wonder if a court decision on July 18th, stating that asylum seekers must receive more money than before, has anything to do with this state of affairs?
    The problem seems to be no effective borders under the Schengen Treaty, and no visa requirements for the Gypsies coming from the east.

  2. I’m afraid the invasion is now in full swing.

    Europe and UK are screwed, Australia is under sustained assault and the USA don’t seem to care about their borders.

    Sorry to be negative but unless some politicians grow balls and do something, the West will be gone within the decade with virtually no resistance. Forget 2040 or later, it’s now.

  3. The tipping point has got to come… Are Western governments deliberately pushing towards this point or don’t they see its approach? Which is it?


  4. I’m afraid it’s time for a hard decision. The situation is akin to the Muslim jihadists who located on houses and hospitals, knowing that killing them will mean killing civilians.

    The refugees have placed themselves in a situation where there is no longer a possibility of providing them a reasonably soft landing.

    The most important obligation of the governments involved is to provide strong border controls, with the authorization to shoot invaders who evade all barriers. Second, the governments have to have a place in the outside where they can dump invading peoples. It is desirable, although not strictly necessary, that the dump sites provide a reasonable chance for the refugees to maintain themselves.

    However, the absolute first priority of any government is to maintain the safety of its own population. There is no such thing as an ethical government that cannot maintain its own internal security and its borders.

  5. There are no Western countries left with strong border controls. The U.S. is about the first to be totally swamped by Hispanics, Somalis, Arabs, Asians and every other illegal who get on a plane and come here. Many are actually brought in at taxpayer expense(Somalis, Iraqis, Afghanis) to live their lives in free homes(Section 8), free medical, free food, pocket money for the rest of their lives. The Mexicans get it by default.

    Both political parties are responsible for it. The Democrats do it for power and hatred of Whites. The Republicans do because it ensures their businessmen supporters have a unlimited supply of cheap labor. Why do you think Romney was dead silent on secure borders, evicting a couple million illegals and visa abusers even though our economy is in shambles and work is hard to find?

    Feh, both parties are full of wealthy traitors.

  6. You say IW that the ‘tipping point’ must come but it is not at all certain that ANY such point in time
    will come. This is not the 1930s
    waiting for the seemingly inevitable
    war to end all wars. We live in a completely different age where because of overwhelming physical
    comforts and the fracturing of
    nation states, no reaction from the old nations of Europe is predictable.

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