“No One Was Asked”

In March 2012, as reported here at the time, a film crew for the Christian Action Network visited London and other European cities to take footage for a documentary about the Islamization of Europe.

While in London they interviewed four anti-sharia activists: Tommy Robinson, Paul Weston, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, and an English patriot who writes under the pseudonym Seneca III.

CAN has kindly made some of their video files available to us. The following video is the first of a series excerpted from those London interviews, interspersed with apposite clips from interviews with Anjem Choudary and Abu Imran of Sharia4Belgium.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

The complete footage from London will be included in the final CAN documentary.

4 thoughts on ““No One Was Asked”

  1. I do not understand why the British people allow polygamy for Muslims when it is illegal for native Brits. This just doesn’t compute. Why did the electorate allow this? And, to pay benefits and put these people up in expensive housing on the taxpayer’s dime is simply beyond me.
    I read Mr. Weston’s recent post and I had a hard time believing it. How is it that a polygamist family can live in a one million pound home while the taxpayer is just getting by? This really is insanity. What is wrong with or, what distracted them to allow their country into this rediculous situation?
    On another note, since I have mentioned Mr. Weston’s recent post, how does a National Insurance card translate into mansions in Romania? I am an American so I am not familiar with the terminology. Does the NI card mean direct cash payments? Because “insurance” means something different here in the states.

  2. Ever since the Norman Conquest the English have developed a psyche of not challenging the authority of the Norman/British establishmen as the consequences would be too dire. They rely on the one brave leader to save them, hence Oliver Cromwell. We are still waiting.

    Individually they are terrified of rocking the boat and being called nasty names like Islamophobe or Racist. Tommy Robinson, from his real surname, appears to have Irish blood. They tend not to be so compliant.

    William Hague, our foreign secretary, who thinks the Arab Spring is a wonderful thing, called the English a potentially very violent people. We are but they know that it is very easy to keep us down. We mutter in dark corners, not in church of course, because then we would be called unchristian even if we are talking about Christianity being eradicated by Marxism and Islam.

    Yes, it is totally insane as Paul Weston has said. When Enoch Powell made his rivers of blood speech the dockers marched for him and an opinion poll showed that the vast majority agreed with him. But over the last 45 years we have been subjected to such a terror campaign and our numbers are getting rapidly fewer by the day as we are replaced in our own country that we don’t know what to do. Like most other Europeans, as I have said before, we are like rabbits frozen in the headlights of an oncoming motor vehicle that is about to crush us.

    As regards a National Insurance number, once you are issued with one you have access to all benefits and free medical care, even, apparently, for those whose numbers are fraudulent.

  3. Thank you, Paul, for telling the world once again that we were never asked whether we wanted mass third world immigration into this country. Neither presumably were our cousins on the Continent or in Scandinavia. When Enoch Powell spoke about the lunacy of it in 1968 he was sacked by that apostle of the New World Order, Edward Heath. At that time of Powell’s speech most people agreed with him. Once he was sacked they learnt the lesson that if you do not want to suffer the same fate you keep stumm. And so it has been ever since as we are gradually replaced and pushed out of our homeland.

    It is the same with the European Union. We were asked – after a highly biased campaign – whether we wanted to remain members of the European Common Market, a modest free trade area. We were brainwashed into voting yes and those opposed were branded as lunatics.

    Since then, as was originally intended, we have been led by treaty after treaty into a Marxist totalitarian police superstate. Countries which were allowed the privilege of voting on various treaties either were told they had got the answer wrong when they voted no and had to vote again and vote yes, or their no was simply circumvented behind closed doors.
    Democracy in Europe died the day the orginal Common Market was formed.

  4. To second anon, you say we don’t know what to do, but we have a choice that makes doing something
    unattractive. We can either stand up like men and sort the problem,
    whatever that entails, or we can
    go home, turn the telly or Wii or computer on, and sit in outright luxury while the country or continent is stolen from under our very noses.Most Brits seem to find the second option more palatable and they embelish it with either complete denial, or by attacking the messengers who come to wake them up.In a way we are victims of our own success.

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