The Islamic Inferno

The United States expended blood and treasure over the course of an eight-year war to bring “democracy” to Iraq. One of the “freedoms” the liberated people of Iraq now enjoy is the right to incinerate homosexuals — as prescribed by Islamic law.

This video footage is very disturbing, so I’ve placed it below the jump. Readers who are sensitive to violent imagery may want to avoid watching it.

Many thanks to Nonie Darwish for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

7 thoughts on “The Islamic Inferno

  1. Hmmm… I don’t remember any of the folks at Chick-fil-a doing that sort of thing.

    Liberals, take note – and for once in your lives, stand up against an enemy that actually wants to hurt your kind, rather than wasting your energy spewing vitriol at those of us who merely disagree with you.

  2. Absolutely horrified. It must be 400 years since anybody was treated this way in Europe. Chinese communists used to throw people into the fireboxes of locomotives and we had better not mention the Nazis.

    Gays today, Jews tomorrow and Christians next. Interested to hear the BBC had a muslim woman presumably, Zubeida Malik, reporting from Homs on the plight of the Christians there and the BBC actually acknowledged that St Paul was converted on the road to Damascus.

    Apparently the perpetrators are from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and elsewhere. You will probably find that some are from Europe, especially the UK. Presumably though they are Sunnis. Christians are being punished for supporting Asad who protected them.

    Perhaps the Liberals and the Left need a conversion like that of St Paul before it is too late. I will certainly pray for that. Incidentally, as action and re-action are equal and opposite, I am thinking of wearing a cross around my neck, hidden under my shirt, to show my defiance of the state-sponsored persecution of Christians by David – this is a Christian country – Cameron and the Cabal of Marxists at the European Court of Human Rights. I wonder how long it will be before it is illegal to wear such a symbol in public at all or have one of those fish symbols in the back window or your car.

  3. Don’t expect the White Leftists to even care. Most are grotesque self-loathers who long ago abdicated their moral compass for a Marxist ideology.

    Look, they don’t care when Gays, women, or Jews who are their allies get worked over by Muzzies. So why should they care Arab Gays getting burned alive.

    Bottom line with Lefties. If something does accord to their dogma it doesn’t exist. Mentality wise they are no different from Stalin, Mao or the Ayatollah Khomeni.

  4. Dear God,How long are we going to tolerate this obscene death cult?
    Islam is the faith of the stupid,the thuggish and the bigoted.

  5. Some Pakistanis were arrested recently in Derby for distributing leaflets calling for gays to be hanged from lamposts. I wonder what would happen in the multicultural utopia that is 21st century England ( see our rainbow olympics opening ceremony ) if gays were actually treated in this way here or hanged from lamposts. How would the sheeple react? Would they just continue to remain silent for fear of being labelled racist? How would the Labour party react? Doubtless they would say that the perpetrators are not like the majority of ordinary peaceful muslims. Would pink Brighton adopt a siege mentality? Interesting>

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