The Failure of the Metropolitan Police in Walthamstow

Tommy Robinson in Walthamstow

The above photo — a screen shot from a video — shows English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson speaking to his supporters from the window of a police van in Walthamstow yesterday afternoon.

“But, Baron,” you say, “why was Tommy sitting in a police van? Why wasn’t he standing on the platform speaking to the crowd at the demo? Was he arrested? Did he break the law?”

Those are all good questions, and none of the answers reflect well on the Metropolitan Police or the British civil authorities.

Tommy Robinson, a leader of the supposedly ultra-violent EDL, was taken into police custody for his own safety, because the London police were unable to protect him or the other EDL leaders from people who were trying to kill them.

He was not arrested. He broke no laws. The leftists and the Muslims threw bricks and bottles at the EDL, but they weren’t arrested, either.

Funny about that.

The police were evidently short-handed, and found themselves unable to protect law-abiding native English citizens from the rampaging violence aimed in their direction by anarchists and Muslims. You’ll notice, however, that the Metropolitan Police had ample resources and staff to take photographs of the EDL demonstrators.

That’s right: they couldn’t protect peaceful citizens from being pelted with bricks and bottles, but they could take pictures of them with the most advanced photographic equipment — photos which will presumably be used against the “fascists” later when the opportunity arises to charge them with a “racially aggravated public order offence”.

That’s what policing has come to in Modern Multicultural Britain. As the British Freedom website says: “Freedom of Speech RIP”.

Here’s the video of Tommy speaking to the EDL from protective custody:

This is a report sent in by an EDL supporter who arrived early in Walthamstow yesterday:

The situation in Walthamstow was an absolute disgrace. There was a huge amount of violence, but only from the Left and Islam.

We were at the meeting point, and there were some 500 Islam/lefties just 15 feet from us. Bricks, bottles etc were thrown, and one line of police which gave way at some points.

All violence came from the UAF and the Muslims, and the police arrested no one.

They kettled the main EDL group away from the leaders. We were outnumbered, the main EDL march told to go home and we did. But it took half the night, and we were detained and searched and warned.

A British Freedom officer at the demo was kettled in with other protesters near Blackhorse Road station until late at night. He witnessed the following:

  • A man bleeding from deep gashes to the head (believed to have been inflicted by Muslim protestors) in clear view of dozens of officers, offered no medical aid, not even basic first-aid.
  • A heavily pregnant woman kettled in and detained with the others and released only after dark. (There were reports that she had been vomiting, having being denied access to water and toilet facilities for many hours .)
  • People forced to remain on their feet for eight hours or more.
  • Water and toilet facilities agreed by the police only after angry and vociferous protests from the crowd.
  • People complaining to police officers of chronic pain due to not being able to relieve themselves.
  • Others, unable to contain themselves any longer, forced to endure the humiliation of urinating or defecating in full sight of the crowd, in a busy public place.
  • Searching of individuals taking many hours longer than necessary, with only a handful of officers deployed for the task, whilst dozens of others sat on the kerb drinking water or stood idly chatting.
  • Individuals who, having been searched and found clean, were arrested, handcuffed and put into police vans.
  • Reports of women left by the police in unfamiliar locations in dead of night.

And another report:

The cops have changed tactics on us. We were kettled from 1pm till 9.50pm, at which point they arrested all of us on breach of the peace, handcuffed and driven to King’s Cross and then de-arrested.

The demo site was attacked by 300-400 Muslim youths throwing bricks and glass bottles; we weren’t allowed to go near it. A lot of pissed-off EDL right now.

The purpose of the operation seemed to be to demoralize the rank-and-file of the EDL and thus discourage them from attending future protests.

The main group was detained until late at night so that many of them missed their rail connections. Some of them had traveled a long way to get to London, and were stranded:

Got taken to King’s Cross had to make my way to Victoria only to find by the time we were let off the bus and de-arrested the last train home had gone.

I’ve read some reports that Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll “abandoned their troops” and left the scene. But this is untrue: they were forcibly separated from everyone else by the police, supposedly for their own protection. I’m told by a reliable source that Kevin stayed up all night in central London taking care of the people who were stranded there.

For a more detailed account of what happened in Walthamstow, including photos, see Skittles Truth UK Blog. As you can see, the UAF intended — and in at least one case, succeeded — in doing major damage to EDL supporters. The man with the nasty head wound was offered no medical care — presumably because the police were too busy taking photographs of “racists” to spare any personnel for such a trivial task.

So it’s come to this. The rule of law has effectively vanished in the UK. Critics of Islam are fair game for the lefty thugs and the mujahideen.

And the police, for that matter.

If you want to protest the Islamization of your country, you can expect no help or protection from the authorities — whose salaries you pay with your taxes.

Nope. You’re on your own.

13 thoughts on “The Failure of the Metropolitan Police in Walthamstow

  1. The IRA started their liberation struggle over a lot less.

    I think police behaviour like that has to be seen as a criminal threat to the safety, peace, law and good government of Great Britain. They are pretty much daring the more extreme members of the EDL to take up arms and fight for their freedom. I mean, are these cops dumb, or are they secretly hoping to provoke a race war so they can join in?

  2. “to take up arms and fight for their freedom”

    What arms are you talking about? The Brits gave up theirs decades ago.

  3. I note anonymous 9:49 sarcasm and would remind the commentor that there is a greater variety of weaponry available to those who choose to seek them out than there are in firearms.

    But more to the point, let us hope that rule of law can still prevail above that of civil war.

  4. I think it is very important that you show this. Really unbelievable that it has come to this. Remember the good old fashioned bobbies of London? That was not so long ago that they were really in the streets of London.

  5. I’m an optimist, if the masters of the Police want so badly to intimidate the EDL from marching then clearly marching in huge groups
    upward of 50,000 is the way to go.
    EDL needs all the support we can give.Can the leftards and Islamic retards get 50,000 onto the streets?
    I don’t think they can get anywhere
    near it.

  6. These ‘cops’ are the politicised gestapo of the new world order. I know that sounds conspiratorial and I thought so myself when I heard it. But it is happening in Canada, US and Europe where police are protecting armed gangs of mozlems from smaller groups of un-armed non-mozlems. The police will soon find themselves in the middle. I just remind myself of the banners at that London mozlem rally:’UK Police go to hell’.
    When the muzzies feel more confident, and this is moving much faster than I thought, the police will be bashed too.

  7. Islam-adoring, freedom-hating British leaders have abandoned all semblance of being a free nation.

    Upon reading the shocking details of how our brave, patriotic EDL and British Freedom heroes were treated by the police, it reminded me of the Holocaust. That’s how Jews were treated by Hitler and his vile God hater Nazis. The only difference is that our patriotic EDL and British Freedom heroes were not put on trains to concentration camps.

    It appears that top ruling elites, the police, Muslim jihad fighters and leftists met together and held meetings on how to deal with Britain’s patriotic freedom fighters who oppose the Muslim conquest of Britain, and came up with this vicious strategy.

    Ruling elites, the police, Muslim jihad fighters and leftists are determined to make the British people submit and surrender to Islam. NO SURRENDER!

    Treasonous leaders and police spit on the grave of Winston Churchill. They spit on the graves of every British, American and allied heroes who fought and gave their lives in the Second World War so that we could live in safety and freedom.

    Why are ruling elites having British military fighting in other countries? It has nothing to do with freedom and human rights! UK leaders are rabidly opposed to freedom and human rights!

    Winston Churchill: We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender!

  8. I don’t know how big the hard Left and anti-EDL forces are in England but if they are anything like the Leftist/progressives found in the U.S. they won’t be able to put more than a few thousand in the field at a time.

    Yep that’s it on a local basis. Anything larger takes many months to prepare for.

    Remember OWS? Well it happened during summer break for college students. When break was over all the dead beats went back to class.

    If the EDL can rally more than 2000+ it will cow their opponents. 5000+ and the police will get the message, ‘play nice with us’.

    But if all the EDL can muster is just several dozen to a few hundred(which looks like the case). Well they’re going to have the stick taken to them.

  9. “Treasonous leaders and police spit on the grave of Winston Churchill. They spit on the graves of every British, American and allied heroes who fought and gave their lives in the Second World War so that we could live in safety and freedom.”

    No, the EDL spit on their graves by saluting like Nazis. The EDL failed in E17, less than a thousand of them were here. You came to stir up trouble and you found it.

  10. Let’s think back to when the EDL got started – way back in 2009… as I recall, their very first protests were met by massive, and violent, opposition from both UAF and “Asians”. Before they even had a chance to show themselves to be “violent”. Which leads me to believe that this is not some incidental campaign by “naive students” in the UAF to discredit them. It seems like a sophisticated effort to quash something new, before it even has a chance to grow! Probably with some considerable financing, from somewhere in the Middle East…

    And what would happen were one of the EDL protesters to get killed by one of the flying objects? Would there even be any significant coverage, let alone sympathy? He’d have marched with the EDL, which would mean that he’s an “evil racist”. The worst thing one can possibly be in New Britain.

    And so there likely won’t be much coverage in the Guardian of “police brutality”, like there is every time a black youth gets called names while stopped and searched in one of London’s “melting pot” areas.

  11. What was really needed in Walthamstow: video. Lots of it. Documenting every bit of brick-throwing, faeces in public places or kettling of pregnant women…

    Put together in a youtube video, with some suitable music to go with it – and with only a mention at the end that it’s the EDL that’s concerned.

    Most Guardian-reading office-worker types, or even more run-of-the-mill football-playing types, haven’t a clue that this type of thing is going on. A video like this might just be what opens their eyes…

  12. Multiculturalism was brought in to further fracture the working class.

    Most political parties in the UK are run by the middle classes, most notably the so-called ‘labour’ party. The EDL is probably unique in being an expression of genuine working class opinion and acitivism.

    As such it will be viewed as a mortal enemy of the entrenched political class in this country, and will be destroyed. The only problem for the liberal elite in this country is to ensure that the destruction is carried out without creating any martyrs and therefore w/out creating an upswell in public sympathy.

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