Set up for a Blasphemy Charge?

Rimsha Masih is a fourteen-year-old Christian girl in Pakistan who reportedly has Down’s syndrome. She was arrested two weeks ago on a blasphemy charge after she allegedly burned pages of the Koran. She has been denied bail up until now, and is still in custody.

Hundreds of Christians fled her neighborhood in fear of the collective reprisals that routinely follow accusations of blasphemy against Christians in Muslim countries.

In a new twist to the case, an imam named Khalid Jadoon Chishti has been arrested after a congregant at his mosque told police that he planted the burned pages of the Koran in Miss Masih’s bag. We can only pray that these latest revelations provide enough evidence so that the girl may be freed.

It’s important to remember that the arrested imam may not even have broken any laws under sharia. According to Islamic law, there is no crime — not even burning pages of the Koran — which cannot be forgiven if committing it serves to advance Islam. Mr. Chishti’s reported motive — to drive Christians out of the country — is considered a duty under sharia. A strict interpretation may render his deeds quite legal.

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2 thoughts on “Set up for a Blasphemy Charge?

  1. Imam Chishti is in trouble, going by your account of Sharia law. Thing is, his acts do not serve to advance the cause of Islam.

    The natural human reaction to defiling a holy book for the purpose of framing an innocent little girl of very little understanding is—drumroll—revulsion.

    If he had not got caught, he might have been able to argue that hey it worked so no crime. But then he wouldn’t have had to defend himself at all.

  2. The ‘ cause of Islam ‘ my foot, an
    entire ideology that is totally sick from beginning to end does not have a cause. Ebola fever has more cause than Islam.

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