Fjordman: Monitoring Islam-Critics in Norway


The following essay was published a week ago at FrontPage Mag, but was eclipsed by the announcement of the verdict in the Breivik trial. Meanwhile, it has been translated into German and published at Europe News.

Some excerpts are below:

LO, the influential Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, has intimate — some say organic — connections to the ruling Labor Party. Together, the two organizations have arguably made up the country’s most important network of power for generations. Sections of LO will from 2012 on donate half a million kroner every year to the Norwegian Centre against Racism to combat right-wing extremism. “To be against the Multicultural society, as Breivik says, is nothing other than what Hitler espoused,” says Leif Sande, who represents one of LO’s subgroups.

Kari Helene Partapuoli, leader of the Centre, which already receives millions in direct state support annually, says the money will partly be spent on mapping international networks opposed to multiculturalism. Partapuoli earlier warned against the dangers of “subconscious” racism, stating that there is a racist in all of us. She didn’t explain what kind of mental exorcism will be required to drive out our racist inner demons, however. Shoaib Sultan, the former General Secretary at the Islamic Council of Norway, currently works for them as an advisor on how to deal with extremists who oppose the colonization of their country through mass immigration.

In late 2011 there was a demonstration against racism at Youngstorget in Oslo arranged by LO. Its powerful national leader, Roar Flåthen, promised that the labor unions will fight relentlessly against racism and intolerance throughout society and in the workplace. “We want a Multicultural society. This is enriching,” he told the crowd. Flåthen is also a politician for the Labor Party and sits on the board of A-pressen, a large national media company partially controlled by LO that is the whole or partial owner of dozens of local or regional newspapers.

The leaders of LO have been known to consult with — or, as critics claim, instruct — the Prime Minister on how to deal with certain sensitive political matters, especially when the PM comes from the Labor Party. Although a few critical comments can be heard about this, by and large this state of affairs is considered acceptable in Norway.

Post-Breivik, writer Øyvind Strømmen has been hailed as one of the country’s “leading experts” on the counterjihad movement, which triggers roars of laughter from those of us who actually know it well. He has even lectured for the police plus Minister of Justice Grete Faremo from the Labor Party on how to increase surveillance on the Internet of alleged extremists who are critical of the Labor Party’s immigration policies.


A disturbing pattern emerges here: Mass immigration, including Muslim immigration, will continue as before, but the authorities will clamp down harder on critics of these policies. Peaceful anti-Islamists are treated in almost the same way as militant Muslims, and surveillance of Islam-critics is intensified. This seems to be the sad, although not entirely surprising, trend in several Western countries. This is occurring at the same time that Western governments are supporting the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and facilitating the international spread of Islamic sharia law.

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7 thoughts on “Fjordman: Monitoring Islam-Critics in Norway

  1. We may as well have monkeys in charge of our nations future. You can’t blame the savages. They see a huge opening and they are instinctively “going for it”.

  2. How ironic

    LO, by Roar Flåthen, gave as a 50th anniversary
    gift to Jens Stoltenberg a boat, in 2009. On the morning of 22 July Norwegians were discussing whether this was a good idea, and whether or not, Stoltenberg was to pay tax on this gift, like a normal citizen would.

    This gift came just as another problem, after several of his ministers had been showered with Afghan rugs, and other gifts not reported to the tax office.

  3. Firstly, I wonder in which culturally enriched part of Oslo Mr Flathen lives. If he is like most British politicians and even those running the BBC it will be far away from the multicultural areas that they wax so lyrical about and in which they have condemned the English working classes to live.

    Mr Blair has a 40 million pound mansion in the countryside to live in now. However, I have reached that conclusion that that obscene individual was certainly no socialist but invented a product called New Labour as a means of making himself a multi-millionaire. I gather that some democrat politicians in the US have done the same.

    However, the main point is that Mr Flathen says that they (ie the Left) want a Multicultural society because it is so enriching. This is it. They do but their electorates never did and still don’t. As Lady Jane Birdwood who fought multiculturalism 30 years ago said, “We were never asked”. No, we were never asked because they knew we would say no. The globalizers want it to turn themselves into a world-wide plutocracy through cheap third world labour. The Marxists want it because they have this childish idea that when we are all mixed up together and those terrible whites and their European Christian Civilisation are history then the world will enter a new golden age.

    How did we ever allow these immature people to brow beat us with Leon Trotsky’s invention of racism and political correctness and seize power.

    I suggest that they look beyond the shores of the Europe and countries of European settlement and ask themselves why their third world is so backward. They cannot go on blaming Europeans. Most of these countries have been independent for over half a century and are still impoverished and corrupt. India can afford to send a probe to Mars and yet expects European Christians to continue to cough up to keep its starving alive because they don’t give a jot about them.

    These Marxists are just like spoilt children. We want it so you have to hand over your countries to our childish ideals, which can only be realised by turning once free and democratic countries into Marxist totalitarian police states.

    Why can’t we just tell them to grow up and ask where they would have been if their ancestors had not had the inventive genius and the work ethic to provide them with the standard of living which they and their compatriots enjoy today.

    We should turn round and tell them to stop bullying us and brainwashing our children and grandchildren into agreeing to their own racial and cultural suicide. Like the Wizard of Oz, if somebody just stood up to them they would crumble. But when, as in England, all the main parties are party to the Marxist one world agenda and have terrified their populations into silence with the possibility of a knock on the door from the local police, something that used only to happen to enemy aliens, what can we do? Now the enemy aliens have our politicians in the palms or their hands and it is the indigenous protestor that is likely to be thrown into prison.

  4. Questions for Leif Sande: How does the fact of someone being against multiculturalism make him/her a right-wing extremist? Are you saying that Saudi Arabia is full of right-wing extremists?

    Questions for Kari Helene Partapuoli: How did you arrive at the conclusion that there is a racist in all of us? Is the racist in you still there or have you rid yourself of it and if so how? When your friendly, neighbourhood Shoaib Sultans become a majority and force you into a burqa, and they will, whoya gonna call?

    Questions for Roar Flåthen: How much money is the current enrichment costing Norway? When you say “it’s what we want”, do you mean it’s what you and your 850,000 members want or what the 5,000,000 people of Norway want?

    It seems to me that the three above should stop living off the backs of others and get proper jobs. That aside, the bad thing is that when the young, white Norwegians now are old and dying from the inevitable abuse, they will not be able to come back here to do what their parents should have done today.

  5. You may want a multicultural society but others oppose that vision. That doesnt make them morally or intellectually inferior, evil, or insane…to have the full force of the state used to spy on them, to make lists of those who need to be rounded up and disappeared or sent to insane asylums or harrassed by the police.


  6. Culture minister Anniken Huitfeldt allegedly has said that “you’ll get multiculture whether you like it or not!”, addressing the Norwegian people

    Here (blond), with former LO leader Valla

  7. Multiculturalism is the socialist form of discrimination that happened in veeery old days,when people were divided in categories like slaves, citizien etc…
    And socialism is the creepiest ditactorship. Because is based on total freedom (only if you are a leftist), apparent social justice (In Italy we never had socialism, so, many of my compatriots think socialism bring social justice, i had to explain waht is in true this ‘social justice’) so there are almost no poor people because of the welfare. People in a socialist country live in a dream and don’t rebel, at the point that even punishement is smooth. But is a candy and sugary ditactorship, and i find it scarier than classical bloody ditactorship like nazifascism and communism (and islam, of course).

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