The Triumph of the Anti-Racist Will

In T.H. White’s novel The Once and Future King, an inscription over the entrance to a fascist anthill reads: “EVERYTHING NOT FORBIDDEN IS COMPULSORY”.

In Modern Multicultural Norway, “racism” is most assuredly forbidden, so that “anti-racism” has now become compulsory in the schools.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends a translated article about the latest innovation in Norwegian progressive pedagogy. He includes this note:

This article talks about the new anti-racism course which will be introduced to the curriculum of Norwegian schools in 2013.

This is very frightening stuff indeed. Now it’s finally official: no form of public dissent will be tolerated in Norwegian schools anymore. Everybody will have to ‘get with the program’ or be ‘punished’. It looks like Gates of Vienna, Fjordman and other Islam critical individuals are set to receive the full wrath of the ‘Left-wing Norwegian unity school’.

The translated article from today’s Aftenbladet:

Anti-Racism to be placed on the curriculum

Norwegian teachers will have to undergo training in anti-racism.

“We can’t prevent another Breivik, but we can help young people to take a stand,” says researcher Rolf Mikkelsen.

“This is going to be one of the most complicated achievements in Norwegian schools,” says Rolf Mikkelsen, a researcher at the University of Oslo, to the newspaper Klassekampen [“Class Struggle” — a communist newspaper].

Mikkelsen has been selected, along with others, to put together a training course this autumn for the “prevention of anti-Semitism, racism and undemocratic attitudes” aimed at teachers and school administrators.

As of 2013 Norwegian schools will offer half-yearly courses which will cover topics such as anti-Semitism, racism and other peer-related prejudices, democratic awareness, critical thinking and conflict resolution. The Ministry of Education started working on the project in the spring of last year, but the terrorist attacks on July 22 gave it a renewed relevance. Six million NoK has so far been allocated to the course, which will run for a three year period.

“Obviously the attacks on July 22 have made this course extra relevant, and this is a fact which is highlighted in the course. It is exactly the type of extremism that we want to prevent,” says project manager Peder Nustad of the Norwegian Holocaust Centre.

The Ministry of Education first awarded the assignment to the Norwegian Holocaust Centre, but in the wake of media disclosures earlier this year of the ministries’ lack of proper procedures for grants, the ministry decided to subject the assignment to a public tender. The Norwegian Holocaust Centre, The Wergeland Centre and the Department of Education and School Research at UIO (University of Oslo) eventually won the tender.

9 thoughts on “The Triumph of the Anti-Racist Will

  1. Anyone remembering the Reichstag fire just now …??

    That was all the excuse the Nazis needed. Game over shortly thereafter.

  2. Thanks Baron for pointing out exactly what separates us. No more “unity” nonsense. We must resist the thought of ever unifying with the back-stabbing totalitarians who brainwash our children with their own permission.

    Let there be cleavage!
    I will not join your cult!

    The multi-Cult works to gain power using the manipulative systems, which the Baron has been describing.

    (VERSUS those of us who wish to have a society with the least manipulation necessary.)

    Multi-Cult Plan Action Plan:

    1. Superficial rights
    (redistribution of wealth)
    2. Superficial education (indoctrination)
    3. Enforcement, police, military

    But a successful Western society has to be like this:

    1. Natural rights as social norm
    See “Fannning Ourselves”
    2. Real education with no brainwashing allowed. See this article.
    3. Enforcement, of natural rights only

  3. Full Baha’i indoctrination

    Unity in Diversity enforced by rigid indoctrination

    the 2nd coming of Isa (baha’u’llah) breaks the Cross and ends the Jizya

    (vangrungy aka. 2ndcomingofISA)
    – yes I am using that handle on Discus. It drives muslims crazy.

  4. Prevention of anti-Semitism, don’t make me laugh, I thought that the rampant anti-semitism in Norwegian schools was the work of Muslims; but that any attempt to stamp it out would be racism against Muslims so teachers turn a blind eye. Just remember that only Europeans can be racist and only Europeans can be anti-semitic. How will the Marxists get over the fact that virtually all the anti-semitism in Europe these days is the work of Muslims, who can even deny the holocaust with imputy and wish the rest of us to do the same.
    So anti-semitism and anti-white racism are acceptable because the Jews have been nasty to Muslims and whites have been nasty to everybody. All other races are whiter than the whites, if you get my meaning. I have a theory that the EU’s next move will be to make xenophobia punishable by imprisonment which will make any comment on mass immigration hate speech and any criticism of the EU, especially its German master, xenophoic and hence punishable by law. If this happens then the Marxists will have achieved their aim of a total suppresion of free speech.

  5. This mania is not just restricted to Britain or Scandinavia…

    Here in Poland, at the annual Woodstock music festival (happening this week), an “anti-racist football championship” is due to take place, organised by the “anti-racist” organisation “Nigdy Wiecej” (Never Again). This organisation has had, in the past, members who painted racist graffiti, in order to win awards for washing it off – and once gave an “Anti-racist of the Year” award to one Simon Mol, a refugee from Cameroon who was also a poet, “anti-racist activist”, and serial HIV-infector of women. Polish women. (he ignored the many black women around him) When they wanted to use a condom, he accused them of racism. And so – by some estimates – over 50 Polish women were infected. Deliberately – since he had known he was HIV positive for several years previously.

    Such are the “anti-racists” lauded by organisations such as Nigdy Wiecej. And such are the organisations which are supported by the government, and even given the task of training stewards for the Euro 2012 football championships which took place earlier this Summer.

    Yes, anti-racist will is triumphing. And not just in Scandinavia…

  6. That is a disgusting story Green Infidel. I did not know of it, so thanks for the info.

    How could these Polish women be so ignorant. AIDS is rampant in Africa.


  7. Critical thinking???? Oh my days. Just make sure you’re critical of who we tell you are the bad guys. Or else.

    People need to protest against the indoctrination of their children.

  8. How utterly ugly that “anti-racist” story from Poland!

    But would you be surprised? Hardly. Getting to understand how Evil works by now. But of course, nevertheless, so more important to post and talk about.

  9. A few years back, Africans, protested so much about “racism” that information campaigns about how to protect oneself against HIV were cancelled by the Norwegian Health authorities, which fits well with that Poland HIV “anti-racist” story.

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