The Last Spasms of the Common Euro Diplomacy

The mainstream media, especially in Germany, are now openly discussing the end of the euro, and the futility of the current attempts by the EU leadership to save the Eurozone “at all costs”.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating this article from last Saturday’s Die Welt:

The euro blows up in Europe’s debt crisis

The declarations of Merkel and Hollande were the last spasms of the common Euro-diplomacy. Political Europe has exceeded the limits of its capacity. Very powerful centrifugal forces are active.

During the last week it became clear that political Europe has exceeded the limits of its capacity. The common declaration of the French president Hollande and Chancellor Merkel about “doing everything possible in order to protect the Eurozone” was nothing more than a desperate rearguard action.

Because already in the third paragraph of the declaration it became clear how far apart the individual euro states, Germany and France included, are from each other in their perception of the crisis. It states that each of them has to “fulfill their obligations in their areas of competence”. One could understand this as a capitulation. Everyone has to see how to manage alone.

Increasing centrifugal forces

These are the last spasms of the common euro diplomacy. Agreements are found only on the surface, but below it powerful centrifugal forces are working, which increase steadily. One day Mario Draghi, the head of the ECB promises to give more help to bankrupt countries, and the next Finance Minister Schäuble takes the declaration back. Greece demands more time while new reports about the failures of the Greek government arrive daily and German politicians openly demand that the country leave the Euro.

A Spanish Minister speaks not about the problems of his country, but prefers to ask for more money from Germany. And regarding the tools, (direct or indirect bond purchase, help for banks and saving programs), there’s also no unity.

The euro is dying in the south

The German government has in fact a minority position only in the council of the ECB. But if one adds the eastern EU members, the situation looks very different. A deep divide between the north and the south. It’s only a matter of time until the moment arrives when we must be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that the thing is over.

The industrial sectors of the north and the south have not moved towards each other in the last eleven years, but rather they developed away from each other. And under these conditions the common currency makes no sense.

4 thoughts on “The Last Spasms of the Common Euro Diplomacy

  1. ChristianInfidel says:

    Fantastic!– as best my fallible human intellect can tell. This is the sort of thing I have been hoping and praying for– unless God knows something else to be better. I hope things go badly enough quickly enough to help unseat Obama, while they are at it. Down with the Eurozone. Down with the undemocratic destruction of Europe.

  2. It was always obvious that Britain and America would break up the European Union Project, once they considered it was almost as powerful as they are.

    It is nothing personal from Anglo-America, because they would do the same with the Country or group of Countries that were second to them.

    This is why it was nothing personal, but it was just business to Anglo-America, and this is proved with the LIBOR Conspiracy, where Anglo-America destroyed the Free Market that they hypocritically championed, because they do not have friends, but only Interests.

    We do not know what other schemes Anglo-America has used, but their Corporations are keeping their Money in offshore Accounts, and they will bring that Money back to Anglo-America to rebuild Anglo-America after they have destroyed the Economies of the rest of the World.

    The American People should thank Russia for not allowing the United Nations Arms Treaty from being negotiated.

    The America Democrats want to take over America, just like Hitler did with Germany, and make the People work in weapons Factories just for food and lodging in Concentration Weapons Factories Camps for the Third World War against Russia.

    We should realize the enormous capacity of America’s Industry to produce Weapons, and Eventually, America will be able to bribe or pressure Russia into agreeing to Disarming the American People, and this will happen more easily with the American Democrats rather than the Republicans.

    We all know that Continental Europe needs to spend less Money on their Militaries, because of the Global Financial circumstances.

    There is no threat to Continental Europe from Russia, and the only ones who could and would cause trouble in the future are Britain and America, but especially America, and their Muslim allies in the Balkans and Cyprus, and other parts of Europe, who will use their strategic position and strength to increase their Global Dominance.

    America has its issues with their Finances, and need to close down some of their overseas Military Bases, and the obvious ones are those on Continental Europe.

    The Left globally are the Natural Allies of Muslims, because they both mistreat their women like Hillary Clinton who accepts mistreatment, and they both like Non-traditional sex like Harems, which Bill Clinton lusts for, and other types of Non-traditional sexual acts.

    What is needed first is for the Kumanovo Agreement to be scrapped and Germany can tell America that they will Veto everything that NATO wants to do, until the Kumanovo Agreement is scrapped.

    America needs to present a timetable for withdrawing from Continental Europe completely and permanently, and Continental Europe Must Not Miss This Opportunity to protect themselves from further Anglo-American and Islamic Intrigues and Double Dealings.

    The signing over of Camp Bondsteel to Serbia is something that America has to negotiate with the Serbian Government.

    Lithuania needs to implement the SAA Agreement with Serbia that it Promised to do months ago.

    The Global Economic and Financial and Historical situation is such that the European Union needs to ask America as a friend to leave Continental Europe completely and permanently in order to preserve Peace and Prosperity in Europe.

  3. Nope the EU is self-destructing despite a mass infusion of money from the U.S. since 2008.

    Also the people of Europe didn’t want it, it was imposed on them by the political elites. This is why there are no tears being shed over its slow death.

    The good thing once the EU is dead is that the European states will be able to assert control of their borders again and not have to obey the race replacement polices imposed by their EU overlords.

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